DISCONNECTED with Alec of Technology Connections, Sally Le Page, and Arun from mrwhosetheboss

Tom Scott

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    Alec, Sally and Arun join me at the top of the virtual tower for a game where it doesn't matter if you're wrong... as long as no-one calls you on it.
    AD: White Light provided the SmartStage studio facilities and crew! You can find out more about their technology here: tinyurl.com/y7dxo2gz
    And disguise connected up all the (virtual) moving parts! Learn more about the latest disguise xR solution: web.disguise.one/xrtech
    ALEC: fiblock.info
    SALLY: fiblock.info
    ARUN: fiblock.info
    Host: Tom Scott
    Question Producer: David Bodycombe
    Set Designer: Mat Hill
    Format: Labyrinth Games / Pad 26
    For White Light:
    Andy Hook
    Harry Greenfield
    Alex Loftie
    For disguise:
    Peter Kirkup
    Lead Camera: Luis Quiterio
    White Light Technical Crew:
    Fraser Carr-Gomm
    Sirus Fernandes
    Joseph Lock
    Composer: Benjamin Squires
    Editor: Michelle Martin
    A Labyrinth Games / Pad 26 Production
    © Pad 26 Limited MMXX
    I'm at tomscott.com
    on Twitter at tomscott
    on Facebook at tomscott
    and on Instagram as tomscottgo

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    1. Tom Scott

      Pull down the description for links to Alec, Sally, and Arun's channels! In hindsight I should have probably called this "Heat 2", because we're working towards a Grand Final...

      1. speck

        *"Heat 2," (The comma goes inside the quotes)

      2. Stephen Hallahan

        I love tech connections! this was a great idea for a game show. Great work Tom. Cool technology for the adaptive green screen effect too. Thank you for your hard work and the content you produce!

      3. Mat Smith

        Same as everyone else. Finally a mid roll advert I actually enjoy (!) and yes Alec has become a well known voice in our household and we are all big fans. Really enjoyed this unexpected crossover of youtubers!

      4. TimerChannelOfficial

        Make a celebration for 3 million subscribers Tom!

      5. Anthony B

        So I’m sure the formula for the game is somewhat proprietary, and I don’t want to steal your game or make money off it, but I would like to play with my friends. Is there any way the set of questions could be made available? Or, perhaps some guidance on writing questions? I’m not an expert like Tom seems to be 😅. Anyone’s advice welcome

    2. Calamity _

      They should have put floaters as the outro (the outro or technology connections)

    3. Mr. Random Guy • 32M views

      I love Technology Connections, probably would be my favorite channel if it weren't for CollegeHumor.

    4. Generation Edge

      I was waiting for Technology Connections

    5. thatONG

      Narita is Chiba !,!?.?!,!?

    6. Astérisque

      And this, people, is why we have subscribed to Tom Scott.

    7. Barnabás Oláh

      12:58 foreshadowing :D

    8. Deval Maheshwari


    9. Naved Hasan

      Here for arun

    10. angel

      rip sally

    11. Tree the oak

      Like the editing goof at 12:56

    12. minecraft is the best

      isnt that the fear of love, just guessing. phobia thing

    13. Vishal Gupta

      Love the captions though

    14. Ben Garland

      I feel like this game has a lot more to give, we just need more cunning guests, really build the tension :D

    15. Ben Garland

      Hey Scott, I bet its a lot less stressful now your hosting rather than playing :P

    16. Infin

      How do you make the subtitles change colours to reflect who's speaking? I want to many my content more accessible but I can't figure out how to do it

    17. Matt Pannell

      Well, it’s an eye opener, the person of the year according to Time is purely based on politics. It has nothing to do with society. It has nothing to do with people who actually affect our life. It’s only interested in those that don’t. Nice.

    18. Mazaroth Speaks

      FIblock replaced the discovery channel. Smart content came here to roost after reality tv.

    19. justinl458

      I watch both mr whose the boss and technology connections.

    20. TGAM123

      12:59 foreshadowing

    21. 家樂

      narita airport isnt in tokyo..

    22. Eric Davis

      i love how this is made

    23. Cobwal

      SPOILER «Even Trump?» 😂 15:18

    24. Some Waterfall

      Love it when Sally just says: BALLS!!

    25. June Doggish

      Alec is really smart. He's just such a professional on his channel.

    26. Tim Murray

      Seeing Technology Connections warmed my heart

    27. Benjamin Esh

      TC Alex kicking butt!

    28. Madly Jumping Exo

      I'm so happy Technology Connections won, I love his channel

    29. konjeti arnav

      I only watched 2 of disconnected videos and both the times only because of Mrwhosetheboss and Jaiden. And both the times I was disappointed.

    30. mahbub rahman

      Petition to make this an actual television show Sign Here⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇

    31. RageUnicorn

      Aren't most currencies tied to the US Dollar since they went off the gold standard

    32. Jorge Cruz

      Love this stuff. Best Crossover content since "The Avengers"!

    33. Techy Kid

      I felt my heart crack when Arun lost... he’s the best...

    34. loveableterror

      Alec is so amazing

    35. The Pointless Company

      12:26 weird flex but ok.

    36. Hello Bye

      The video about toasters is in my recommended. THEY CAN READ OUR COMPUTERS!!!

    37. John Doe

      >even Trump downvoted immediately

    38. TheDestroyer55e

      arun with the airpods

    39. Lucas-jay Woodbridge

      Lovely continuation error where Sally is shown with one bar before the reveal that it was wrong 😂

    40. Robbie Hatley

      To be more accurate, Narita airport serves the town of Narita, and the nearby city of Chiba, in Chiba prefecture, Japan. Narita also serves as a "backup" airport for Tokyo, much as Ontario (California) serves as a "backup" airport for Los Angeles (California). But Narita airport is 75 miles (a 2-hour bus ride) from Tokyo, so it's not Tokyo's airport, no. Tokyo's airport is Haneda International Airport, inside the city and prefecture of Tokyo, about 5 miles from city center.

    41. HeinrichDerTote

      Still, best advert ever...

    42. Alaka Daspatnaik

      I love Tom Scott!!!!!!! Computerphile vids too

    43. Gacheru Mburu


    44. General Nickles

      The intro should've been "on today's show, racecars, laser, aeroplane's. Ok that's a lie. It's also a ducktales reference."

    45. alfieinnit

      Put this on itv 1,000,000 kwid eeeeeasy

    46. Amcsae

      This was awesome!

    47. WhiteTylerPerry

      Dude this was fun. I'm gonna check out more episodes now

    48. Zeubermage

      I LOVE Technology Connections, I was so happy to see Alec was on the show! Great episode!

    49. Pineapple road

      And because I was unlucky enough to find out about this "show" from a spoiler comment, I already know who the winner is

    50. Ckc dillpickle

      Smart stage looks very similar to what Epic Game's has.

    51. ItsMeHarry

      12:58 just noticed the bar was down before the result was revealed, gotta love the odd goof here or there

    52. Brutal Kangaroo

      Alec !

    53. Alicia Florizone

      Even Trump => :/

    54. Alexei Navalny Is In Prison Because Putin Is Weak

      Alec is by far the least annoying out of the contestants.

    55. Steadfast The Renowned

      Who is here from the comment section on Alec's video on touch lamps?

    56. game showman

      I feel like this game isn't as much bluffing about being right, but more bluffing about being wrong so people go for your answer and lose.

    57. Amanda Ahoko

      Tom is such a good game show host

    58. kairon156

      I've been meaning to watch that air-conditioners video.

      1. kairon156

        @drego5 I've enjoyed his content for a while and I've seen that video after. Good stuff.

      2. drego5

        It's worth it. They all are, really.

    59. Mib


    60. IndigoGollum

      So did you abandon the idea of dropping them off the tower when they lost?

    61. Intrepid Atlas

      is that Matt in the chair at 9:13?

    62. TheOfficialCzex

      Alec is relentless, like his Twitter.

    63. uchenna ohaegbulam

      This tells you kids all your favorite FIblockrs are dumb😂

    64. Selim

      I thought that the stage was going to be a greenscreen, that solution is far more interesting though

    65. zeezaa

      cmon no Zimbabwe dollar?

    66. רפאל כהן

      If the name is UGLYophobia, it's probably not the fear of being ugly...

    67. matieking

      I swear sauerkraut is mode from white cabbage, not just cabbage. But i guess you can give it to her

    68. panda4247

      the technology looks cool. However as the resolution is finite, when there is something not strictly horizontal or vertical (like Tom's chin profile at 10:47) then we can clearly see how it covers different rows/columns of pixels, and the background becomes aliased/jagged. Then it looks weirder than a good greenscreen would in the same situation.

    69. meowgoesthedog

      7:04 Arun challenged incorrectly but didn't lose a bar of signal? Maybe I missed one of the rules

    70. Mule The Donkey

      I was confident tokyo wasnt the capital xD thought the real one started with k, and maybe ended with ito, i think that was an animate character from SAO, not a city xD

    71. Charles Warwick

      Wasn't the phobia pronounced incorrectly? If the root for pain is algos, I wouldn't have thought the accent would be on the A? If it was the presumption would be a prefix a (without) rather than part of the word algos? Fun pedantry here, but I think that's par for internet. (Edit Apparently others in the comments also noticed this, I'm only significantly late)

    72. That Dean Boy


    73. NiGHTcapD

      Alec is an *excellent* "bluffer".

    74. Rebel Timelady

      I am pleased with who was crowned winner. :D

    75. ShadowDrakken

      Fun fact though, Panama's official currency is the Balboa, but it's 1:1 with the US dollar and they print/mint almost none of it and instead just use American bills and coins. Also fun fact, Panama City is an awesome place to visit :D I loved staying at the Hard Rock Hotel there both times I needed to bounce out of Honduras for to reset visa.

    76. turtlellamacow

      The spellings algophobia/algiophobia make sense etymologically. "Agliophobia" is attested online, but only on questionably credible sites, and I suspect it's a typographical error that has propagated through "lists of phobias". A rematch is in order!

    77. Yash Mehan

      6:53 iirc isn't guanine a Nitrogenous base and not an Amino acid ?

    78. Deeptanu Dhar

      12:58 The signal bars of sally glitched

    79. Cybelle Motherwell

      5 family friendly youtubers doing advertiser approved content

    80. YEETMAN5656

      I would have said Tyler blevins for the time question l

    81. 607

      I love the question subject choices. :P

    82. 607

      Folding phones? Like... flip phones? :P

    83. CreativeJamiePlays

      Anyone notice at 12:50 Sally drops a bar then gets it back at 13:02 before loosing it legitimately?

    84. methbreath

      12:58 shes already on 1 bar, before the real answer was given.. kind of a spoiler *peperage*

    85. Eden

      I only knew time magazine's person of the year 1938.

    86. AT Watkins

      This show is a blast to watch! Great fun!

    87. Frank Reading

      I totally thought Alec just tanked the point loss in order to get rid of Arun :p I found him a bit of a goof in this, like trying to challenge after a challenge was already made!

    88. Parker R

      I was half-expecting for Alec to just pull out a toaster or something and start talking about it

    89. Elijah Watson

      This would make a fantastic low budget TV game show. Skype in guests with smallish prizes ($1000 or so).

    90. Tim The Dim

      Can't Disconnect Technology Connections

    91. Necate

      Dissconnected! Presented by AT&T

    92. AirLancer

      Alec's luck stat is maxed out.

    93. Snowy Penguin

      I never imagined two of my favorite creators would be in the same video.

    94. dannyboio37

      Alec is such a awesome FIblockr been watching him from the beginning

    95. Mike Florea

      Why does Alec look 10 years younger than in the Antique Toaster video? Eat your cereal.

    96. Pumpkin Sprout Arts

      Bts got time magazines person of the year so that's seven answers in one haha

    97. Ilya Dyachuk

      Even Trump...

    98. Marco De la o

      Even trump??? ABSOLUTELY.

    99. RJBCollege

      Is it a small world? Not the set, I mean FIblock. People I follow keep cropping up in videos by other people I follow. Then again, lots of those are people I follow because of this at some point in history I guess. I suppose the set is very clever but the strong pink colour cast is somewhat offputting for me. Enough of that, good concept for a game.

    100. Alejandro Ortega

      Technology Connections and Tom Scott? I might just ship you (in a FIblock, nerdy kind-a-way don't worry) right now!