DISCONNECTED with Vanessa from Braincraft, Kati Morton and Jarvis Johnson

Tom Scott

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    Vanessa, Kati and Jarvis are the final three players on the broadcast tower, playing a quiz where if you bluff well enough, you don't even need to know the answers.
    AD: White Light provided the SmartStage studio facilities and crew! You can find out more about their technology here: tinyurl.com/y7dxo2gz
    And disguise connected up all the (virtual) moving parts! Learn more about the latest disguise xR solution: web.disguise.one/xrtech
    VANESSA: fiblock.info
    KATI: fiblock.info
    JARVIS: fiblock.info
    Host: Tom Scott
    Question Producer: David Bodycombe
    Set Designer: Mat Hill
    Format: Labyrinth Games / Pad 26
    For White Light:
    Andy Hook
    Harry Greenfield
    Alex Loftie
    For disguise:
    Peter Kirkup
    Lead Camera: Luis Quiterio
    White Light Technical Crew:
    Fraser Carr-Gomm
    Sirus Fernandes
    Joseph Lock
    Composer: Benjamin Squires
    Editor: Michelle Martin
    A Labyrinth Games / Pad 26 Production
    © Pad 26 Limited MMXX
    I'm at tomscott.com
    on Twitter at tomscott
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    1. Tom Scott

      Next week: the Grand Final, with the three winners coming back for a champion-of-champions show. I've never used a Premiere before, but I'm tempted just this once...

      1. Help this asian.

        @Anthony Rutherford breh

      2. Malcolm

        wait, seaweed is s protist, not a plant. . .question flawed, dislike JK, but it is a protist I think

      3. Alexander Johnson

        I can't believe Vanessa can lie so convincingly...

      4. Günter v. G.

        if you have 3 winners from those, you can make a winner's winners final and start spinning an infinite cycle from there.

      5. Space noodles

        Don't do it. Don't let yourself get corrupted by sin

    2. Richard J Pollard

      It would be nice if the BBC or ITV would pick this up as a new game show.

    3. Nathan Schroeder

      "Turks and Caicos is in the Indian sea." That hurt me.

    4. Amazing Toad

      Them: talking about bagpipes Me, a history enthusiast: THEY’RE ROMAN!

    5. Chantal Bellmont

      I live in Calgary, it does sound weird but we hosted the Winter 1988 games

    6. timpat73

      Jarvis is just the missing link between commentary channels and educational channels

    7. Caden Moss

      Bruh I’d’ve said Athens for the final round😂

    8. whateverdefeatbadstuff co

      Vanessa is a mastermind

    9. whateverdefeatbadstuff co


    10. Niko Rose

      7:57 as a Scottish person who plays Clarsach (not pronounced Clarzog btw) I’ve never rolled my eyes more

    11. Ally W

      Vanessa is so ruthless and with her game theory, Never I want to be her enemy 😳

    12. RichardM8422

      Brit pronouncing Caribbean wrong. :(

    13. Samuel Somes

      This is the best thing I've watched in 2020

    14. samuel alfaro

      [SPOILERS] Tokyo would have been a very good answer for the last question.

    15. YOUNES BAv0UP

      vanessa keeps an eye on her screen ;)

    16. Earthtear

      High five to those who knew what a clarsach is despite Tom murdering the pronunciation.

    17. Topsyturvy10

      I'm so bitter that neither of them said London. The 2012 Olympics were PHENOMENAL

    18. Peanut the Lion

      I really want someone to very hesitantly say an answer they know is absolutely extremely correct, just in the hopes they can knock two people down at once.

    19. Donut_Hog

      Jarvis was trying his best.

    20. Microage

      How can you not know about 70s rock bands?!

    21. Max B


    22. Bob octopus

      I wonder if i wouldve known the rock question and what it was

    23. Nicole Cai

      Vanessa: I love Canada Me, a Canadian: *happiness noise*

    24. One Two Late

      I clicked the second I saw jarvis and tom colab

    25. RageUnicorn

      I'm always like "I'd choose this question, or I'd like to hear it at least" and then the candidate chooses the other question

    26. Surprised Pikachu But Vampire

      I feel personally attacked they didn’t choose Greek mythology

    27. Lord Syntax

      vanessa is a cheater, keeps searching of screen. goes through the series

    28. Kyler Chin

      I'm rooting for Jarvis!

    29. The Pointless Company

      It's Jarvis Johnson *GOLD™* time.

    30. NasHwaN KiNG

      Hi, I want to come abroad. You can help me

    31. Zachery Jequinto

      What I wish they did was to have a final round where they have a lightning round thee more they get right the more time they get to promote themselves

    32. DMAN’S VIDS

      Hi Tom, Uilleann pipes are pronounced "ill-in", and it's Irish for elbow, because the air bag is pumped by the elbow during playing. Yours, Ireland.

    33. TheDestroyer55e

      in every single one of these videos, i know only one of the people i them.

    34. Ned Mononymous

      Oof that cell phone tower joke by Jarvis was aggressively unfunny.

    35. NvWest

      I normally only leave nice comments but not too happy to see Kati there tbh

      1. Nicolina R.


    36. Your Subconscious

      I used this in my English class, and they loved it. So thank you. Now I will disconnect myself. ciao

    37. Avory Faucette

      Uillean pipes, for interest, are pronounced "illin'" (like villain). I'm not Irish, but I studied them, as well as tin whistle, at UC Cork!

    38. oceso

      kind alove this but i, close to suicide so dont consider my opinion just in case lmao

    39. Stephanie Halim

      i only know mostly winter:(that they missed) past- pyeongchang lilyhammer torino salt lake city nagano sapporo,future-beijing.summer:tokyo(future),

    40. aryst0krat

      What a cooperative bunch in this heat!

    41. Misslovedog __

      It's amazing to me how confident Vanessa was in that bluff, like wow

    42. atbk808

      vanessa rules

    43. F r e e A s s a n g e


    44. Matt Taylor

      How long has you mom been dressing you Tom?.

    45. Just Some Gamer - Gaming And Stuff

      Kati looks like Simone Biles a little bit

    46. Michael Brunner

      I love Jarvis' vids.

    47. Gacheru Mburu


    48. Jokebox133

      Rhett and link would be great on this show with another few pairs like smosh and someone else

    49. sirprintalot

      Jarvis Johnson and Tom Scott is quite a combo.

    50. 4 and 6

      *Jarvis is really trying his best*

    51. Obi Wan Kenobese

      Jarvis..sounds familiar, where have I heard that name before?

      1. Caconym

        No relation

    52. Aagantuk


    53. a ghost


    54. Krishna 7

      Can Tom actually see them?

    55. Úna Parkinson

      When you're Irish and Tom hasn't looked up the pronunciation of cláirseach

    56. HaniiPuppy

      It's "Clarsach", pronounced exactly the way it's spelled, where the "ch" is the same sound as in "Loch". It sounds like you're saying "Clarzok". Also, it's not specifically Irish, it's gaelic - it's also part of Scottish and Manx musical history.

    57. Rayres

      I knew Turks Islands were on the Caribbean, but Vanessa bluffed so brilliantly I started doubting my own knowledge.

    58. SonOfFurzehatt

      Seaweeds are not plants. They are a separate Kingdom of life altogether. Plants are the specific subset of algae that made the transition to life on land.

    59. Angus Noble

      A clarsach is ALSO Scottish Also not even slightly pronounced that way.

    60. Seda Nelle

      Carrageenan has a hard G

    61. MrDodojo

      Can we get a third person view of this?

    62. zipWith

      shoulda gone with Tokyo, easy way to trip up an opponent :D

    63. j.p.

      Does Ellis count as a city the olyimpics were held at ?

    64. Emily Janet

      This is the most supportive and collaborative iteration of this game yet.

    65. iceiceisaac

      That chick on blue is definitely cheating

    66. Pantomath

      I apologize Tom been following u for years and I wasn't subbed for some reason, wops

    67. Destructificial

      Is it just me, or is there a smudge on the camera? Best visible at 0:41 / 0:58, riiight on Tom's lav mic.

    68. Sky Shoesmith

      The stage is just so cool!

    69. Timothy McLean

      9:25: "Oh, it's the harp on my crest in CK3! ...and the beer too, I guess..."

    70. AmyMialee

      really surprised that this isn't a greenscreen

    71. Malcolm Parsons

      What is wrong with the text rendering on this show?

    72. big_mood

      A clarsach was originally found in Scotland, no? Its our national instrument and we are always taught it comes from Scotland. Can't find any definitive answer though so I'm feeling rather deceived.

    73. I eat Banana skins

      cláirseach and Uillin were both pronounced incorrectly Cl-our-shock (soft K, use the back of the throat to pronounce it) Uh-lin

    74. Ceiri Tudur

      Vanessa was definitely looking down at answers

    75. Frostyblade 88

      As an Irish person a cláirseach is Irish for harp. The question is worded very awkwardly but this was good

    76. Mahon Hughes

      Uileann pipes are pronounced like "ill-in" pipes

    77. Tyler

      Jarvis was trying his best!

    78. Luke Rogers

      Something I never thought I’d see: Jarvis Johnson in a Tom Scott video

    79. 607

      Amazing performance from Vanessa! I'm rather surprised that London and Beijing weren't named for the Olympics. xD I was thinking of Amsterdam myself, because I live in the Netherlands, and I have heard that the letter 'P' to designate car parking spots was invented for that event.

    80. BBT

      Looking for someone to get am answer right and purposefully make it sound like a bluff

    81. we are all the same person

      Ice King from _Adventure Time_ is the only reason I know what a muumuu is 😹

    82. Andreas Stjerneklar Kristensen

      Jarvis' joke about being in a tower but losing signal made me laugh way too hard

    83. eli Dowling

      This is a well put together show but I feel like it really lacks the educational aspect of your other shows. the thing that has made your gameshows so fun is having little bits of elaboration on the answers and this simply lacks that. Allways a fun watch, but not something id ever come back to like citation needed and some of your other shows

    84. Oddish

      Loving this gameshow :)

    85. Albert Martí

      I might be wrong, but doesn't it look like Vanessa is cheating?

      1. i need meds k

        OMG IT DOES LOOK LIKE THAT like towards the end especially???!!!!

    86. Yih Tat Tan

      I think the grand finale of disconnected will be a showdown between you against the great Tom Scott himself. Your categories are 1. Amazing places or 2. Things you might not know

    87. Lang Kuoch

      Vanessa, we love you too! Sincerely, Canada

    88. Klarigi

      Tom: "Turks and Caicos are in the Caribbean Sea." Me as a geography nerd: *SCREAMS*

    89. QuannanHade

      Asking about the Irish cláirseach while using an English pronunciation of the Scottish word is a little bit rude. Otherwise, I love this series Tom - keep up the awesome work.

    90. Mike The Swede

      This Show just exists to make Tom

    91. MainBlag Banner

      I just realized that Tom walks into a dark room with a light-gridded floor before the environment forms around him. Tom has a working holodeck and hasn’t told us.

    92. Charalampos Koundourakis

      Vanessa is sharp! Betcha she's a good boardgame player.

    93. bschuss1

      Feels awkward that the competitors weren't introduced at all... I have never seen them before, and I have no idea who they are :D Jarvis seems to be super chill though, and Kati's smile is just the cutest thing :D at the final list I had the feeling Vanessa might be cheating though, constantly looking down to the same corner. Might just have been checking her feed though, so I'll give her the benefit of the doubt ;)

    94. Zekemeout

      Vanessa is such a badass

    95. Gert van den Berg

      The one strategy I would expect more of is giving a correct answer in a very doubtful way... (But I don't think I would be able to deliver a wrong answer as confidently as some people on here...)

    96. Rob Kettridge

      Would love to see a full Tom Scott episode on this tech rather than just the small ‘ad breaks’.

    97. MaxArceus

      When you split up what would be a regular video, and post it as advertisement bits in other videos.

    98. Sean Scott

      Seaweed is not a plant.

    99. Patsonical

      Cities that hosted The Olympics? I'm amazed neither of them said ATHENS!

    100. malachi Ledford

      I clicked because of Jarvis.