DISCONNECTED with Jaiden Animations, Ellen Rose and Hank Green

Tom Scott

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    I invited Jaiden, Ellen and Hank to play a trivia quiz! The sort of quiz where you can get away with wrong answers... if nobody spots them. And since they couldn't be there in person, I've got a massive virtual set. Too many wrong answers, and our players will be Disconnected.
    AD: White Light provided the SmartStage studio facilities and crew! You can find out more about their technology here: tinyurl.com/y7dxo2gz
    And disguise connected up all the (virtual) moving parts! Learn more about the latest disguise xR solution: web.disguise.one/xrtech
    JAIDEN: fiblock.info
    ELLEN: fiblock.info and fiblock.info
    HANK: fiblock.info
    Host: Tom Scott
    Question Producer: David Bodycombe
    Set Designer: Mat Hill
    Format: Labyrinth Games / Pad 26
    For White Light:
    Andy Hook
    Harry Greenfield
    Alex Loftie
    For disguise:
    Peter Kirkup
    Lead Camera: Luis Quiterio
    White Light Technical Crew:
    Fraser Carr-Gomm
    Sirus Fernandes
    Joseph Lock
    Composer: Benjamin Squires
    Editor: Michelle Martin
    A Labyrinth Games / Pad 26 Production
    © Pad 26 Limited MMXX
    I'm at tomscott.com
    on Twitter at tomscott
    on Facebook at tomscott
    and on Instagram as tomscottgo

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    1. Tom Scott

      A brand new game show series! Four episodes, one a week. Players' channels are in the description and cards, and two companies gave studio time, software and crew for free to make it happen: pull down the description for more. (Oh, and in the final round, when I say "I can't see the list"? That's because I only get to see it once someone's challenged!)

      1. NOMASAN

        you know someone's a JaidenAnimations fan... when you actually know Tofu.

      2. Krish Kalra


      3. Shrooblord

        this is great! thanks! watches like a classic TV show but with celebs I actually know and care about x)

      4. Sana Farhan

        @mikey Maybe you dont know what the date is probably

      5. Trashcan69

        i never expected a collab with Jaiden and You.

    2. TheBestLettuce

      The captions are colored based on who's speaking?? I didn't know that existed

    3. Pabllo Ryan T. Lima

      "It renders the scene from the exactly right perspective" 13:18 Bruh moment

    4. WhatTheFridge 1o1

      I was like "wait Ellen as in ox?" And I was right!!!

    5. Divansh Singh

      ellen and hank explaining planets jaiden: wat

    6. Soudia Ziyani

      When allen said "im assuming a Decimeter is a hundred meter " 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔 GAME OVER Fun fact : a decimeter is 0,1 meter

    7. scoot

      missed opportunity to say boysenberry

    8. rageagainstthebath

      Poland has had monarchs, Poland has a puppet president, but these days Poland is a dictatorship, which is a kind of monarchy, isn't it? Greetings from Poland, while I still can browse the Web.

    9. Varun Gupta

      Trust me, no one in the states uses yards or meters; we use the freedom, which is the distance a bullet travels after being fired from an M1911 six feet above the ground pointed 50 degrees up on a windless, dry day.

    10. pablo sanchez

      I had to Google the peacock question, i was amazed

    11. Wouter van Wel

      the netherlands kinda incorrect since we we aren't ruled ny the royal family

    12. membou

      Arnold Schwarzenegger as The Penguin would be an epic casting decision.

    13. Virtrial

      Why didn't Hank say Brynei :'(

    14. Peanut Butter

      This should definitely have more views!

    15. Ben Weaver

      Mr. Tom Scott. unless you are a diver from the 1930's, no one uses furlongs in the US. We have a variety of occupational units of measurement. Furlongs are on boats or industrial supplies, usually for boats. We use inches, feet, yards, and miles day to day. We would use metric before a furlong.

    16. Fimy32


    17. Nick Mirambeau


    18. A G

      “I was super drunk, thank you” -hank green 2020

    19. FireTaniumZ

      In high school tye phrase "is that a challenge?" Means something very difference

    20. Lord Muushii

      Cambodia still has monarch

    21. Siegfreid Percival

      This is a very Slytherin game.

    22. Owen Brown

      Rip Salmonberries and Huckleberries

    23. Uli Schmidt

      12:29 it was batman returns that had the Penguin, who was played by Danny Devito

    24. koopanique

      Tom's dream is clearly to do television and not FIblock

    25. Andrei Mirt

      Hank: Why would anyone know the national bird of India? Everyone: It's because any one out of five is Indian, therefore they know it.

      1. Causeablewe57

        None of them are Indian.

    26. anomie nous

      What no, Tom. "Guys" is plural - you don't say 'this guys,' you say 'these guys.' I would expect the linguist in you to know this.

    27. Name Pending

      tom: what's the planet with the hottest average surface temperature me: don't answer mercury jaiden: mercury me: mmmmmm

    28. Lauren H

      3:58 between that and not wanting to dab on camera as a joke, i think tom lives if perpetual fear of being gifed

    29. Jessica Lensman

      I was waiting for Hank to say Huckleberry :(

    30. Typically Thomas

      I absolutely loved this and was rooting for Ellen all the way. She's brilliant

    31. SomeoneXD

      nooo jaiden

    32. Spiffy _

      Quick question, what does "(!)" mean in the captions? Like in 1:11.

    33. Alex Dupaix

      Congrats, Ellen. I was surprised to see you here, but always a pleasure!

    34. Fireblademaster 321

      Remember when we thought this lockdown was going to last 2 weeks?

    35. Peter Murphy

      Why where they both on 2 in the second round?

    36. David Bunge

      I think that The Penguin was played by Danny Devito.

    37. FRfalcone

      is that the dreamatorium?

    38. cannon

      I'm really confused. I thought a lot of the questions they got wrong were common knowledge.

    39. Ninja 2nd


    40. Ninja 2nd

      Bruh Colored Subtitles

    41. Isaac Hutchison

      How did neither of them think to say cranberry??

    42. Adam Myers

      I actually knew a couple of these! Not enough I could’ve hypothetically won, but still. Also, that’s a super cool LED set setup!! Very cool to see Ellen and Jaiden, though I only know Ellen from outsideextra and not her own channel

    43. Negative Elite

      The only reason I know hank is because of scishow

    44. herksku

      "I'm assuming 1/8 of a mile is a decimeter" Furious European noises

    45. Youlia Hadzhidimova

      I'm impressed with Ellen's bluffing. :o I thought lying was invented during the Among Us streams, but this is actually from before those.

    46. Tsksksktsk

      Jaiden's network of friends is so wide

    47. Wacky Animations

      I love the planets and when my fav creator of the three said “mercury” I died inside

    48. Raua

      Me, a swede, hearing "Finland": Screams at the screen about independence over 100 years ago. I love Finland, nice people

    49. Gwen

      LMAO of course this video is an excuse to show off the set you're on, haha. or rather, if you set out to make a video about this screen stage, what better way to do it than a youtube game show?

    50. Bloodhands Fin

      Poland has a monarch, Jesus christ

    51. dixon481

      I can't believe I only just found this! Such a bizarre crossover! 3 people I love that I never saw being on a show together!!!

    52. Abbas세훈

      12:42 well i also disconnected 👋😂

    53. Joaquin Marichal Iraola

      06:54 beeing a big fan of scishow scishow space and eons. I got goosbumps when Hank flexed his knowledge of the solar sistem

    54. Oretal

      Congrats Ellen!


      Banana is a berry

    56. AB - 04ML 837324 Churchville PS

      I only know jaiden

    57. deadly melody27

      I immediately knew the Norville Rogers one.... i expected someone to get it!!

    58. ChiliSheepや

      lmao a decimeter-

    59. Leon Poot

      1 mile = 8 dm... slowly losing faith in humanity here.

    60. Ian Reynolds

      Fun Fact: Poland's current reigning monarch is Jesus.

    61. Garrett Hicks

      13:27 "From the camera's perspective, [the shot] looks perfect." Meanwhile, Tom is standing with one foot on the air beside the catwalk.

    62. Will MakeContentOneDay

      I was playing along and I would’ve won lmao I rly wanna be on this show now

    63. Clockwork Kirlia

      Brilliant concept, and a fantastic set! Don't know why I didn't watch these seven months ago.

    64. eco plays

      Hottest planet: Venus is CORRECT me: are y’all saying the sun isn’t a planet

      1. eco plays

        @Hãmz አልጋህ ስር ነኝ what I’ve heard: Jupiter has *blah blah blah* moons You: gonna F up this guy’s mind rn

      2. Hãmz አልጋህ ስር ነኝ

        Wait until you learn about the moon being a star

    65. Jian Shen

      This super hilarious. Trivia n funny

    66. Levi Jaeger


    67. Wired Wrong

      Hayberry was a thing in like 90 BC according to Goggle, Berries picked when it was time to harvest Hay. They also lacked Cranberry, Salmonberry, Huckleberry, mostly loads of others.

    68. Rian Antony

      Subtitles are *on point*

    69. Stealy Wheely Automobiley

      i think the funniest part of this is that strawberries aren't berries

    70. Astérisque

      We need another episode, please Tom!

    71. Barbara Harrison

      The learned teller neurally wave because crow contextually pump unto a brainy sagittarius. cloudy, ordinary kick

    72. General Grievous

      I knew so many of these!

    73. Charles Snow

      Congrats to *spoilers*!!! I cannot believe I just now found out about this show. Three of my top favorite FIblockrs on the same video. Amazing!

    74. Lee Birchenough

      i love hank green.. i only just found out the movie, "paper town", is based on the book wirtten by hank

    75. VV CC

      the software and equipment going into making this show is seriously so incredible. i get so excited to see the commercial breaks because its just fascinating

    76. SporkDog

      The decimeter had me going wha? I was going wait no deci is 10 and centi is 100?

    77. LucasWerewolf

      No one said Norway, we have a King and Queen as well! D:


      Me as an india: jaiden, do you need me to ship a peacock to you?

    79. HoppingSnake290

      life good 👍

    80. ActualZyra


      1. Trí Đức Lê Phan

        YEA IKR, especially in the Scooby-Doo part, the substitles were even covered partly in order not to give us spoilers a few seconds ahead. The colored substitles are amazing, too.

    81. GeeklingNo1

      *Cough* dingleberry...

    82. Lovette idk


    83. Chance Janiel

      When Ellen said "I think decimetre is 100 meters" I was like: "Oh my f@king god, Ellen, that's a f@king DECAMETRE!!"

    84. Yonish

      I can't believe hank lost on a show that seems like it was literally made for someone with his specific interests

    85. Fake Name

      me sat there at the end, yelling i’m friends with the prince of nigeria

    86. Funny Memes

      Jaiden and Hank are one of my favorites.

    87. Pacific A. Dorodchi

      Me:i finally see jaidens faceeeeeeee.

    88. Me is ok Ok?

      3:15 "That's a good peacock call" ~Tom Scott

    89. o7

      ah that new screen technology is used in the mandalorian

    90. Meinard Voskamp Composer

      You should do this with unknow creators instead of well known. Or mix it up with some wellknown for the clicks

    91. Me

      The most infuriating bit is remembering Americans use Imperial Measurement

    92. Kshitij Joshi

      4:30 : redditors are gonna go mad

    93. Simon Hill

      This was extremely awkward but honestly I think it added to it

    94. snow budgie

      who is tofu? i only knew who ari was

      1. Am_Yeff

        Second birb

    95. Tiger Art

      i was surprisd to see jaiden and ellen

    96. shivam mishra

      Im glad Jaiden knew about India's national bird

    97. Gembly

      nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo jaiden

    98. Elizabeth Anne

      Jaiden:I wAs BuSy BeInG bOrN lmao

    99. Andrew Lofthouse

      I so enjoyed that. Poor Alan got rinsed 😂

    100. Andrew Lofthouse

      I so enjoyed that. Poor Alan got rinsed 😂