Do we Need Nuclear Energy to Stop Climate Change?

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    Do we need nuclear energy to stop climate change? More and more voices from science, environmental activists and the press have been saying so in recent years - but this comes as a shock to those who are fighting against nuclear energy and the problems that come with it. So who is right? Well - it is complicated.

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      1. kikhuy

        @Calvins Carvings. electric

      2. kikhuy

        @Calvins Carvings. no

      3. CMDR PLKarmann

        Given the recent success of sustainable fusion reactors, shouldnt that get a video too?

      4. Selena White

        @11 11 what do you mean, there is no climate change? Why do you deny ACC? Even climate change sceptics accept that natural climate change exists and the GWPF accept the Earth has been warming.

      5. Noah G

        @11 11 👏👏

    2. Symbol Spade

      The answer: Thorium reactors More Thorium in ore 3× more Thorium than Uranium in earth's crust Needs a helper to actually release energy When shit hits the fan you can remove the Thorium from it's helper 200× energy 1% waste than Uranium You can't make a nuclear bomb from Thorium

    3. Arjuna Delhy

      When all govt ridoff nuclear power still begun redivivus.Madam Slodovskaya Curie will apleased.We hope that nuclear power plant to help us but how we rid off all nuclear waist???I-am sure the new generation of laser maybe will solved that problem.Who knows how science will bring is clean energies for our future.We only hope TODAY tomorrow is an enigma.

    4. blue het

      I think we can start whit nuclear then swap to wind energy. Bc if we use water that can effect bad water animals but whit wind we can make it wizout effect to life. I mean we can bild it somewhere is no trees so we can a bit effect only insects but still we dont go effect em a lot.

    5. Rando Rand

      People dont want nuclear power plants bec they Are afraid.

    6. Davyd Souza

      O vídeo é muito bom. Se tivesse legendas em português eu poderia indica-lo para os meus alunos :(

    7. Platzhalterxy

      In germany its the green party which cried the loudest because of climate change that lobbyed for shutdown of nuclear powerplants

    8. Bro Gamers

      ok did anyone notice the pokemon Magnemite in feels so good to see that in years good video mates keep going

    9. Joyce Dominguez

      Send this to the government and karens

    10. Dawson Carlisle

      Statistically speaking, nuclear energy is the safest energy!

    11. Gaming Dragon

      there is no harmless method every power method we can use can and will damage the environment. and even if we did stop polluting it's too little too late now.

    12. Oleg Lyasota

      What can you say about nuclear waste and spent nuclear fuel? At the moment, nuclear waste is only stored in storage facilities and processed in small quantities.

    13. Jerwin Cruz

      Renewables lead us to space technology

    14. Julia Dias

      Do both!!! I beleave on doing

    15. Skipper G44

      From Software product placement

    16. Düşünen Yiğit !

      I think renewable energy sources will have been exponentially high for the next decade and the objection to nuclear power necessarily will be wipe out , so countries such as Australia and Arabia which has a convenient place to set up solar energy must take some responsibilities to overcome this problem . We shouldn't forget this "we didn't take over the world from our ancestors , we just borrow it from our children. Today's world will be home for them as it does for us now".

    17. Leandro Parmejani

      Legendem em português do Brasil, pleasee

    18. adoni don

      Ramp pump...

    19. Titanius Anglesmith


    20. flimsyjimnz

      WW2 we had *The Dam Busters* WW3 we'll have *The Reactor Dirty Bombers*

    21. Emar Fentemel

      great video

    22. Napoleon ball

      Very smart I hope I get smart as you

    23. Milkman69ner


    24. VHS

      7:00 For Netflix adaption demon tricky

    25. Ark Again1

      A bit misleading. Obviously nuclear can afford to carry the Earth into the future. You would need a stronger argument to debunk such a claim.

    26. Mrfoo2002

      Why the heck do the climate change videos get less views when they are the most important???

    27. Chris Angel

      I really really want to have a nuclear power plant here in the Philippines, but with the political issues here it is impossible to happen

    28. ネヨナジ

      Nuclear energy is the only completely independent and reliable energy source. Regardless of climate change, there WILL be natural disasters and phenomena that can and will have a deleterious effect on the less reliable choices of wind, water and solar. A spaceship will have to use fission (and hopefully fusion) in order to operate in the future.

    29. Transfixed

      Modern nuclear plants are so good that they can burn the waste from old plants as fuel! It's tragic that there isn't enough public knowledge and political will to build nuclear in western countries :(

      1. Kaizer_Ian

        It's all solely due to Chernobyl sadly. :/

    30. Eric Hirzel

      Demand is increasing because increased quality of life requires greater energy. Then of course there is population growth. When I grew up in the 90’s, there was serious consideration to slowing population growth. Are we still working towards this goal, or ignoring it as a lost cause? Are we unwilling to consider a static population? Or does this violate some powerful instinct in too many people?

    31. PC Life

      0:00 - 0:04 : Yes. The End.

    32. Cop Car

      This man should be the president of the whole world.

    33. Nolinjst15

      Problems like these are times when I wiSh tHE Tony Stark exists so that he can bring his arc reactor creation to the world as its finest renewable energy to ever existed. Too bad it’s only in the fictional world….. *Smh*

    34. Chris Miller

      In this argument over nuclear vs renewable vs fossil fuel we forget about the technologies that are low cost that can clean the air of the pollution we create. We don't need to make a nuclear waste land, we just need to clean up after ourselves.

    35. Erob

      Soon I will save The World by producing energy with Socks and Carpets

    36. Polar Scape

      7:53 It looks like the Avengers 😂

    37. Abby Honaker

      So I’m going into ninth grade and already thinking about my life decisions lol. I’m thinking about being a nuclear engineer and find a way to deal with the waste but I feel like I would fail miserably because I’m not that smart. Any tips? Also good video!

    38. Soren Axelson

      Rather than having batteries, you could just use nuclear plants as a backup for whenever renewables are being inconsistent. Using Uranium as a battery is much more cost effective than using lithium.

    39. Aiya Stanley

      Dr.Ayomede has the permanent cure for Hepatitis B, What a great product i must say seriously

    40. fight2 keep

      The population of birds on earth 🌎.compared to all species on earth 🌎.GREAT FUTURE EPISODE

    41. Dikshitha Karunaratne

      So , we are very developed in the technological field but NOT ENOUGH !!! Thank you very much Kurzgesagt for everything.

    42. MoeTazou Unixic

      7:54 SMW Reference

    43. SortaJunpei

      Greta Thunberg needs to watch this

    44. You Do not see me.

      Are you one of the birds

    45. rybakawalarz

      Go fossil global climate change with additional CO2 from humankind emmision are not confirmed

    46. pay_ 87

      Haha you guys like Sekiro? 01:46 😋

    47. Nldgzmn

      Just imagine a world leader watching in this channel

      1. I'm NoT NoT GaMeIaC MaNiAc

        "change of plans Germany we are making more power plants cus a youtube video said so"

    48. Ayush Routray


    49. Bharathball Animations


    50. Blaming Pig456

      I was wondering, what if we set up manual turbines? like we just make huge factories where people just manually turn turbines for a job

    51. Pagi Parthiv

      Ok I see a mistake here. Have you guys considered the energy consumption per population growth and area? Because small country with small amount of population and area have very less energy consumption so they need fewer and fewer nuclear plant and also can run without nuclear , using renewable energy. Also the climate to support wind, sun , tidal energy is different .AS PER THIS VIDEO I CAN SAY THAT ANTARCTICA IS THE MOST GREEN ( NOT CONSIDERE POPULATION, DEVELOPMENT, ENERGY CONSUMPTION, CLIMATE OR LAND):) oh and yes the other developed country was shown has done their part of pollution in early 20' to 90'. Now blaming still developing or non devloped country for climate change. There are so many problems here you haven't considered. This is not about which is better ENERGY!! This is about how much efficient it's to switch to them and most importantly the effect on climate of that

    52. James Henry Smith

      No. Now that they are saying UFOs are real, We can use the free energy perpetual motion overunity power plants now!? The school girl built the John Bedini free energy motor over 8 years ago now. And there are many others, like the Perendev motor, Newman motor, Stanley Meyer water powered car, etc.! And the one with the wheel of v gates and the cam lifter. And the George Green magnet free energy motor. A city in Switzerland was powered with one. Or one of many thousands or millions of others. They've existed since 800 BC or earlier, especially from the 1400s on. They've been being patented in the USA since 1799, when a "permanent magnet mill" was patented! Of course some are fake so they have to test.

    53. Mathys SANTERRE

      I’m french and i still love kurzgesagt

      1. devada.mp4

        what does being french have to do with this

    54. mime {NRG}

      en mexico tambien tenemos luz no mams

    55. Phantom4545 45

      People complain about nuclear waste lmfao... where tf do you think they come from? That’s right we mined it from the ground... now we store a much less radioactive material that’s sealed back into the ground and now there is a problem??? Lmfao

      1. Kaizer_Ian

        And more and more of that nuclear "waste" is re-usable in modern reactors

    56. E meme is a disgrace to the meme community

      I actually support nuclear but you fail to understand why people are against nuclear. Air pollution happens slowly so if a place becomes unviable for living people still have a chance to migrate . In case of nuclear you are already gone even before realising. Also the aftermath of nuclear accidents stay for hundreds and thousands of years. Air pollution is still way easier to counter by setting down multiple air purifiers.

    57. Imanol Casares

      Two months and this still not subtitle in spanish

    58. Psychx

      A solution for the nuclear waste problem has to be established and made commercially viable (looking at you, various fast breeders)

    59. Billcypher 383

      Can we have an actual interview with one of the scientist?

    60. Dash Speed

      This man spittin facts

    61. Strom Clark

      Love that you bifurcate the video into fact and opinion. I love it. Keep it up!

    62. sakedrinkr

      nuclear is better from what i understand. The batteries and storage that would be needed for the renewables would create alot of pollutants and would need to to be replaced just as much as anything else equipment wise. Also, do we have a good way for getting rid of or dealing with recycled batteries, all of the components? I'm on the side of more hydroelectric and nuclear. Wind turbines seem more space and environment demanding, animals and all involved.

      1. devak

        Yes, we can recycle batteries

    63. Sulaiman Atreshe

      Of course we need more nuclear energy to save the world But not under the hands of dumb ppl who will blow it up like that day

    64. Rez Volf

      Nuclear is a epic solution

    65. Ryan Harvey

      95%of the arctic is gone 30% of the world's reefs have bleached 30% of the world's forests are gone and were running out of fresh water the reality is that climate change is the end of mankind and theres no stopping it

    66. Games of All

      We just need to make fusion cores

    67. raul maximo

      The message i get from this video is: Diversify, Diversify, Diversify our Climate Risks! (which is good strategy of course)

    68. MrMonsterHunter 808

      People who fear nuclear energy and not fossil fuels are in the same camp as those who think vaccines are government trackers but still own cellphones.

    69. Austin Horne

      ANSWER ------> YES

    70. CP Sna

      I have some hope for nuclear fusion

    71. wilsooon99

      Much rather have nuclear be used for power than bombing people

    72. Caleigh Tilson

      Nuclear waste is a problem that we need to solve, but fossil files are a much more imminent disaster

    73. The OxyScape

      6:11 Hey look, it's the Sator square! Love the little Easter eggs

    74. Asha Malla

      Why is a pokemon in the video

    75. Flxppy

      ive always wondered why we just dont shoot nuclear waste into space with spacex rockets

      1. Roman rat

        It’s a lot cheaper to bury under bedrock and seal it with cement and lead

    76. Pototo101

      If humanity went extinct wouldn’t the nuclear power plants would be like a if we die your coming with us scenario for earth cause nuclear power plants need constant monkteirng

      1. I like History stuff

        Hopefully yes

    77. Annex ~

      Humans suck, I just wish I were a fucking bird so I didnt have to deal with this stuff

    78. Twitch_StarLord_

      They couldve made this a war hero movie with those superhero animations apart from the birbs lol

    79. Tee Sense

      Yep, we’re doomed.

    80. Tee Sense

      Doesn’t that shit have half life?

    81. Addicti0nz1

      Just make Elon Musk in charge of energy world wide

    82. WildBill22360

      How are electric cars charged? In some areas, many areas, 84%, from fossil fuels. How are businesses and machinery going to run off it? That crane battery would be the size of two cranes. Still recharge by fossil fuels though. "Hydro will work in scale"....You have a thousand mountain fed rivers to plop down around the world? What is population of Sweden? Hold on entire SW US, we have more rivers coming evidently.

      1. devak

        The point of electric cars is that you can recharge them from non-fossile sources, which you can't do with a regular petrol car.

    83. GO9

      Just sterilize every life form that emits CO2 👌🏼

    84. Facundo 2870

      Buen video.

    85. William Asston

      Most importantly, renewable energy is reaching the physical limits of reality in terms of efficiency and throughput. nuclear is so far from its peak that generation 4 reactors are only just getting designed and are forecasted to be implemented in the next few years.

    86. Xemperz

      3:40 yes, sweden 🇸🇪

    87. yeah right

      How much greenhouse gas i emitted by the things we do Making things 31% Pluggin in 27% Growing things 19% Getting around 16% Keeping warm and cool 7%

    88. DataEntity

      Sounds hard, let's go extinct instead.

    89. The mysterious R

      could Biofuel be a contrabution to gasoline?

    90. Amogh b

      tiny drops make the mighty ocean...

    91. RealRunningDog _

      We need nuclear, there is no doubt that it isn’t safe but over fossil fuel?? Ofc but renewables should eventually take it all mostly.

    92. Terlin1466

      So heres a problem that Elon musk actually pointed out. We have HUGE power issues. Why? Because we have very primitive power still. I'm not talking about coal or nuclear i'm talking about Battery's. Did you know the only competition to a battery is a combustion engine? Energy supply and demand is a whole SYSTEM in place to supply citizens with power on demand. But that demand and supply changes all the time and that power is NOT just sitting around waiting to be used. IT has to be generated ON THE SPOT. This is something most people have NO IDEA about. So a huge solution to helping the climate is real investment into A new contender to battery's and combustion engine and increased investment into making better battery's. Because even the best battery today is not even Equal to a Ancient combustion engine. A battery loses power and energy over time still as all you phone holder who keep their phone longer then 1 year will know what i mean about decaying battery's.

    93. Alvagame

      Not only nuclear energy will help with the Climate change, it is safer

    94. Shawn Harris

      Here's a fun fact. The fastest growing middle class in the world is on the African continent. Could you imagine a world where everyone lives in a full to almost developed country? Could you imagine the amount of resources we would need for that?

      1. Shawn Harris

        @Some_Doofus Two cars, a three bedroom house with a yard and a few pets. That's the American dream in Ethiopia.

      2. Some_Doofus

        This is why the current developed nations urgently need to sort out their shit and develop good, sustainable strategies to run their countries so the developing nations can follow our lead.

    95. Lu Zhang

      The “quack” thing at the end is pretty funny.

    96. Ragneir

      The problem with fossil fuels is whoever is in charge right now is reaping the benefits and will not be around anymore when we get to pay their dues. The newest generations are being given a broken toy after the older ones screwed it up, and the time to fix this is rapidly going away :/

    97. Givrally

      Honestly, I may hate a lot of things about living in France, but damn am I proud of my country's choice of nuclear use.

      1. Dutchman 2002

        @Eldor503 yep, green parties are usually the most stupid and un-nature friendly, and very political

      2. Eldor503

        Well they were not built for this purpose at all, but thanks to them we are indeed one of the cleanest country and people start to slowly realize it. Unfortunately there is our retarded """"ecologist"""" party, which spreads anti-scientific bullshit on nuclear energy. They weigh only 5%, but this is enough leverage for politicians who don't care about science or long term (so all of them, Hollande, Macron, Mélenchon...) to try and reduce the share of nuclear in our electrical mix in order to grab those 5%. Sad to see, although it's starting to very slowly move in the right direction (for example Mélenchon was heavily criticized when he told that he would close nuclear plants and invent some magical science-fiction energy to replace it).

      3. Marcus

        We are proud of our country !🇫🇷🇫🇷

      4. 去り際のマカロン

        It works in France because France is connected by land to the whole of Eurasia and can flexibly transmit electricity in and out the country. It is still cool though:)

    98. Sandhya Srinivasan

      i think renewables are not going to hold us now, so we should use nuclear, eliminate fossil fuels, and then start thinking about renewables.

      1. devak

        There's simply not enough capacity in the world to build them. For over a decade, the nuclear industry has struggled to build them on time, and on budget, and it's still not a solved problem. You can't just say "twentyfold all nuclear energy in 20 years" and seriously expect it to work.

    99. Satyanarayana Kode

      Is it just me or does 8:22 look like an anime