Dr. Oz Jeopardy! Guest Host Exclusive Interview | JEOPARDY!


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    New episodes of Jeopardy! continue this week with guest host Dr. Oz!

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    1. MasterFace222

      Wow, even past Jeopardy! contestants agreed that they didn't like Dr. Oz hosting.

    2. Hey Beaches

      Them ears tho lol

    3. Goatlady Gletha

      He was the best!! Hire this guy now!😁

    4. Goatlady Gletha

      My husband and I loved having Dr. Oz as guest host ! You should hire him right now ! He has done the best job of all the guest hosts so far. I felt he had been hosting Jeopardy the whole time, he was such a natural at it!

      1. obviouslygrilled

        Is your husband Dr. Oz himself?

    5. RailPony

      This is not to dis any of the executive choices BUT WHEN DO WE GET ONE OF TREBEK’S RECOMMENDATIONS?!?

    6. Brian Ahier

      Dr. Oz did a wonderful job hosting Jeopardy. Much better than Katie.

    7. Jessekig

      Go wax poetic somewhere else Oz, maybe back on planet creepy where you came from.

    8. Liam Dowell

      Dr. Oz as a guest host, not a good look Jeopardy


      I picked a good time to not watch Jeopardy...

    10. Jeff McLellan

      Snake Oil Salesman...

    11. lex samuel

      Dr Oz is doing a great job. hope they can keep him for good !

    12. jan sherer

      Horrible host. Condescending to women. Rude and arrogant.😣🤬

      1. Kevin Chau

        This guy sucks big time! Can't wait to see how Aaron Rodgers does as Guest Host!

    13. TisEyerish1

      I didn't come to this video to listen to that jerk. I came to protest his ever being invited to use the same podium as Alex Trebek used. He is an insult to Alex's memory and I highly doubt that they were ever the friends that Dr. Oz claimed they were his first night as guest host. I watched the show the first two nights he was on and couldn't stomach him. His Reign of Terror is almost over (it's Thursday of his second week as I type this) and I can't wait to tune back in on Monday. I hope the Powers That Be at Jeopardy are paying close attention to how little this man is liked and how he absolutely should never host the show again, in any capacity.

    14. Tumbleweed 420

      This guy is a clown!!

      1. Kevin Chau

        Aaron Rodgers is the best Guest Host! Dr Oz sucks

    15. TODIA Think

      What HAPPENED?????? Did Alex Jones turn it down????

    16. Ray Hassan

      Oz did a good job. So many religious kooks selling holy water and non have been investigated. All advertising should be questioned

    17. ken karwoski

      All negativity aside please about Dr. Oz's role of guest hosting, I remember when Dr. Oz debuted his show in 2009; in Season 26 of Jeopardy!, they did a whole category with Dr. Oz and I remember it!

    18. ken karwoski

      I thought that Dr. Oz did a GREAT job guest hosting Jeopardy! on his first week and I'm not saying anything negative about him as for Katie Couric, I'm not saying anything negative about her either and I thought she did a good job guest hosting despite our politics our different and it's still Jeopardy! to me and everybody just enjoy it, they'll be a permanent host for Season 38, it's yet to be determined!

    19. Barbara Case

      I know many people may not like Dr. Oz but I have to tell you in my opinion he has done a very good job as a guest host I don’t think he would give up his show anyway to do with this project but he’s been respectful to the contestants he’s been respectful to Alex and I think it’s time to stop slamming him what he has done on his showWas not correct or respectful but in this position I believe he has done a darn good job

    20. Stuffed Animal Mania


    21. Juan Valdez


      1. kevin heatcoat

        Dr Oz Stinks

    22. Karl

      Looks like Jeopardy is not acknowledging it's viewers concerns, about Mr. Oz! This is the down fall of Jeopardy! Good by!🖐️

      1. Bleb

        LINGUO *IS* DEAD

    23. Matthew Galbraith

      Pseudoscientist is now the host of Jeopardy smh

    24. Acid Drive

      imagine thinking you’ll get aaron rodgers and you end up with the snake oil salesman

    25. Michael Pollack

      Dr. Oz is a stain on the reputation of Jeopardy, and an insult to the legacy of Alex Trebek.

      1. kevin heatcoat

        Dr Oz Is The Worst Jeopardy Host Ever And Alex Trebek Was Way Better Than Dr OZ And We Are Stuck With Watching Dr Oz As A Jeopardy Host Ewww Gross.

    26. uwkidstos

      Face it, when Alex Trebek died last year due to losing his battle with cancer, I only watched Jeopardy! until the final episode with him hosting. After that I quit watching the show for good. Without Alex, the show is not the same. With many guest hosts, they do not match the level of talent that Alex had. Now with Dr. Oz hosting the show, this made the show even worse. The only game shows I watch now is Wheels of Fortune and Family Feud. If Jeopardy! comes on next, I change the channel to watch Rick Steve's Europe on PBS instead. Then I go on a local channel called Buzzer to watch re-runs of another game show that Alex hosted and that game show is called Classic Concentration and another good game show with Alex Trebek. Let's put it this way. Jeopardy! game show is pretty much dead without Alex. It is just not the same without him.

    27. Ken Flint

      James Holzhauer should host Jeperdy....Dr Oz...what a joke

    28. Thor2021 Ishere

      A person that pushes bogus medical advice should not be on a show like Jeopardy. He's a better fit for Family Feud.

    29. Elvi U

      I would watch Elon Musk host

    30. Ronald Martin

      You know what else is a good? Critical thinking skills. They come in handy when disproving pseudoscience...

    31. Christopher Eubanks

      Next month stone cold Steve Austin

    32. Gregory McGilvray

      This joke of a MD with no credibility whatsoever is also a Muslim and from a country that hates christians and also an enemy of the US, so send him back ASAP!

    33. Everett Hobbs

      Two weeks of this person is two weeks too many.

    34. Victoria Cabrera

      My whole family is boycotting Jeopardy for as long as Dr. Oz is hosting! We don’t need someone who has insensitive and inaccurate assessment of the pandemic to take over the beloved Alex Trebek!

      1. coupe deville

        you have a-hole family?

    35. D M

      He shouldn't be hosting this show send him with Vana. Katie curic not acceptably either. No one is good enough

    36. Fox McCloud

      In regards to Dr. Oz- "Because of what happened just before the commercial, I would like to apologize to all blind people and children."

    37. Fox McCloud

      Is this Jeopardy! or a SNL sketch?

    38. Priscilla Duron

      I think chris Harrison would be perfect for jeopardy

    39. Tinas Guy

      All this outrage doesn't make sense. Especially after Katie Couric hosted! Come on man!

    40. Master

      This man is a failure!! Get rid of him!

    41. crackerjack9311

      Can we get someone else, perhaps maybe this time we don’t pick a fraud.

    42. KGshowfan2017

      I lost any respect for this guy a long time ago but will still watch, he's only guest hosting and the producers are probably well aware by this time that fans are not happy about this choice. These are not live shows so there is no replacing him. Just going to focus on the game & contestants. Hang in there folks, we can survive this too!

    43. Marie Kano

      Listen after Alex died jeopardy died with him. No host can ever compare to the great trebek

    44. Denis Tobar

      This man just wants legitimacy after years of clickbait, lies and dangerous medical “advice”

    45. Jacob Marcus Petersen

      I have been watching Jeopardy for decades. As guest host, Dr. Oz is by far the worst of them all. It's like watching Dr. Rand Paul argue with Dr. Fauci about the efficacy of wearing masks.

    46. David Rounds

      The woke left is after Oz, watch Jeopardy everyday he is on.

    47. TheFallingFlamingo

      What a fucking disgrace. Time to pretend this show went off the air because I don't want to think about how much of an insult it is that this is who was chosen to be the *great* Alex Trebek's replacement. Shame on *ANYONE* who had a hand in this decision. Despicable.

    48. Jim Brown

      I'm really looking forward to seeing how Mayim Bialik (played Amy Farah Fowler on "The Big Bang Theory" and is a real-life neuroscientist!) does. She should be great!

    49. AllMyLoveAlways 2HIM

      We love you Dr oz and your wife also

    50. ken k

      the vast majority of doctors only care about money. If you think that Mainstream Medicine is totally honest then you're a fool!

    51. Pink Rain

      I'm curious!

    52. EveryCrazyDay

      I love Jeopardy. But whoever decided to have Oz host should be fired.

    53. Meno Passini

      Can I have Oprah's co artists hosts of Jeopardy for $400. Who are? Dr. Oz Meghan Harry Dr.Phil Suze Orman Wayne Dryer

    54. Y McGhee

      I'll be going a week without Jeopardy. Maybe more. Who booked this slippery character??!

    55. Dany Rizk

      Listen People, whoever's going to replace Alex Trebek will not be mr.trebek.So plz, wether u, I & everyone like it or not we will have to put up with whoever is chosen to be host. &PS: PLZ, relax!, it's called "GUEST"host for a reason,!? fans don't want him,. *SO OBVIOUSLY THE JEAPORDY PRODUCTION TEAM won't put a host that fans don't want!!. It's the whole point. it won't be Dr Oz.

    56. Austin


    57. Joe 4386

      All the hate for this guy, but the people who are hating voted Biden and Carmelo in for president and Vice President of the US u people are insane and the reason this country is going to shit.

      1. ken k

        I agree. Liberal heads are exploding.

    58. Beckett

      I think Alex was keeping the snow flakes at bay. The questions seem more “ woke “ less academic

    59. jjdvideo

      He's actually a very good guest host. Ken Jennings was good also.

      1. Kevin Chau

        I think Dr Oz sucks as Guest Host! Ken Jennings is definitely the best

    60. DjLovesl

      I want ken or mike. That being said. I'd be ok. He ran the game well. Katie had a hard time getting board finished. Just my oppinion. And fyi... i will not get into fights or respond to mean comments like how can you agree with oz on the show. He held himself well. Period end of stories ty :)

    61. Dudes Macdougal

      “I’ll take Con-Artists for 1,000 please” “Answer: Snake oil salesman and charlatan who has no business hosting this show?” WHO IS DR. OZ Get this clown off of my favorite show

    62. Mitch

      Well if he's considered a "quack" then I guess every health expert and fitness person in the world would be considered a quack bc they follow the same eating healthy, living clean rule he does. There are plenty of doctors that would rather give supplements or suggest changing your diet before giving man made pharmaceutical drug that have a whole bunch of side effects and leads you to taking more drugs. So if eating healthy and taking vitamins means he's a quack then I guess a whole lot of people are quacks including me. Some people are ridiculous. Smh

    63. Tobias Birmingham

      Ridiculous reaction!! Dr Oz is just fine! You were all cheering him when he was on Oprah!! Now what?! Such hypocrites!!

    64. Aiden Perdue

      Ok but like he’s a million times better than Katie couric

    65. Lettie Riel

      Dr. Oz personality is much better than Jennings

    66. David J

      The categories are : Things that don’t really make you healthier, Violations of the Hippocratic Oath, Famous Con Men, People who only care about money, Deception and lies, How to anger loyal fans and tarnish a legacy in two weeks.

      1. Jim Brown

        YOU SAID IT!

    67. Chris

      Dr. Oz is a dangerous charlatan and has no business near Jeopardy. Disgusting.

    68. TenorMan96

      Dr. Oz hosting Jeopardy is like Jake Paul hosting Wheel of Fortune

      1. RailPony

        Did it happen

      2. Ricky moen


    69. Marvin Martion

      Oz must go ! Now! He sucks!

      1. Kevin Chau

        This guy sucks! Willing to watch Aaron Rodgers Guest Host tho

    70. Kevin

      This is sacrilege of the highest order. This fraud should never be in a place of learning and education such as the set of Jeopardy. Unbelievable, and a complete disgrace to Alex Trebek and the show whether they were friends off set or not.

    71. Eric Leach


    72. Christopher Pratko

      Hundreds of people complaining, thousands thought he did a good job...He's better than Katie Couric.

    73. Kheiran K

      I'll take "go fuck yourself Dr.Oz" for 1000 please.

    74. memyselfeye Tallent

      The host has to be gay loving liberal to make it. The world cannot have a conservative Christian Dr as host even temporarily.

    75. Feras Angel

      wow a quack is hosting what a shame

    76. Ernie H

      this guy promoted and sold POOR choices of dietary supplements to help, in his words "heal" ...... if he's as bad of a host as he is a healthcare professional, watch out jeopardy you will be off the air

    77. Irondre

      This man is a fake TV doctor who promotes unproven, dangerous ideas. Shame on you Jeopardy for choosing him as a guest host.

    78. Isabelle Bien-aime

      What a wonderful opportunity for you, Dr. Oz!!! I think you will do great!!

    79. Chris Sheehan

      I really like dr. Oz as a person and as a host. Having said that I still want ken jennings to become the permanent host.

    80. HOYHOYproductions

      Can someone tell me why he’s being hated on?

      1. Hey Beaches

        Just google dr oz 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

    81. Shar Me

      He has a good voice for it. Not sure why people are upset because i dont watch his show. Its just a game show

    82. Cynthia

      I thought Dr Oz did great, if people don't like him, don't watch, it's that simple.

    83. clf215

      As long as we’ve seen the last of Katie. She was flat 😑

    84. Abhai Sawkar

      Oh lord...

    85. Marcus Jones

      🤔 he need to sit his ass down some where n go save people lives at the hospital

      1. Marcus Jones

        He talks too damn much 🙄🙄🙄🙄

    86. Cows Against Capitalism


    87. Matt Waller

      Is he trying to sell his magic beans?

    88. Nicholas Bundy

      Tell that hack fuck to get off the stage, thanks.

    89. kurtis allen

      Important for jepardy to have someone of middle-eastern heritage as a guest host

    90. twister man

      I don't understand why people are hating this I don't like him or anything but I don't really know him and I want to know what he did wrong

    91. d k

      Seriously? Dr Oz? Come on....

    92. TheHaratashi

      Why would they put that quack on the show? Now the show has lost it's reputation.

    93. Hyatt

      Just read that NYT article on this. What the hell is going on? Why is there an uproar against Dr Oz? Did he say something about BLM or Jews?

    94. shocktrauma85

      I had to hear all the butthurt conservatives bitch for two weeks about Katie Couric. I think she did a decent job. But I won't watch this cretin. I'm sorry to the contestants I am going to miss. But best of luck to you. I'll be back when Rodgers hosts.

    95. Colin

      Disrespectful to have this snake oil salesman as host.

    96. Joan Lynch

      I cannot believe that any body would not like Dr Oz as the host. He is terrific. Grow a brain, haters!

    97. Oghyeah Oo

      What's the answer? You have one job.

    98. SWS-Vlogs

      Dr. Oz don't seem to know what to with himself anymore.

    99. Oghyeah Oo

      First time I EVER EVER willingly changed the channel from Jeopardy; humanity..ugh, humanity. In other news: Just kidding...

    100. Packersfan107

      Hell no not Dr Oz and Hopefully they don’t pick Jerry Springer he’s trash in my opinion Ken Jennings did pretty good while Mike Richards he did ok A Better Guest Host would be like hmm maybe Tom Bergeron he would do pretty good though if he really wanted to do it I don’t know about Howie Mandel but he’s ok to be honest Bob barker well he too old to host a game show and he would rather live in his home and enjoy retirement Pat Sajak would do good although he did host back in 1997 as an April fools Joke Meredith Vieira well she did pretty good on WWTBAM so I guess she could but it would be really up to her but if you have a host that you think would be really good at hosting jeopardy your welcome to say it