Dream Team Reality TV Show...

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    Dream Team Reality TV Show...
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    If the Dream Team had a reality TV show, this is probably what it would be like...

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    1. Bautista Causillas

      Dream: Oh so you bought a new pet george! George: Yes! Dream: what is it? George: I adopted a cat! "Cat": Woof Dream: George, that's a dog. George: Oh Sorry it's not my fault having Colorblindness

    2. TheGreat PastaMan

      Vip: could I have a tart and caviar? George: *brings a car and a milk carton the size of a dinosaur* Vip: I asked for a tart and caviar.... George: sorry I’m colourblind Vip: sorry I’m SUING

    3. Shark Laptop

      Dreams "friend" 💚💙😨

    4. Jamie Rothwell

      This video is so funny! XD

    5. -オレンジキューティーlove

      its the dreams 'fRieNd' for me 0:36

    6. Amciu Zawadzka

      Apple vs lasania 🤪

    7. Kelvin Huỳnh

      Is this is a official channel that Dream made ?

    8. RosePlains

      i saw the anamatic

    9. Farhana Fatima

      Is it just me the design looks like mumbo iskall and uh grian's sahara shop?

    10. Sultan hamster hamster

      iM cOlOrBliNd tOo

    11. demian taylor

      i kind of wanna watch it

    12. Genyvine Meryence

      Bruh..George tho😂😂😂😂😂

    13. HunterPlayz

      Pls make a whole series of this lol

    14. Isco _

      Some of those are really good some of them are really bad...this one was a good one

    15. Ibrahiem Miller

      just found this channel its very funny

    16. ZeroOverZero

      Like how friend on George’s description is in quotation marks lol

    17. Brooklyn’s Edits

      Can you get me an apple? Ok, here’s lasagna



    19. Shadow teal Betancourt

      It’s funny

    20. The Beast

      Part 2 pls

    21. limar gaming

      I sub

    22. 24k Mxge

      AWWWWWW I felt bad for George

    23. Fenix

      F in the chat for George 🙏😢

    24. billooned

      Dream he has speedran life 100 times Bbh absolute nothing to see here Gorge uhh color blind

    25. River Michael

      Nobody mentioning the fact that for George’s part it says “Dreams “friend”


      Wait so he thinks lasagna is a Apple wow maybe George is actually food blind what you mean he's actually not color blind his food behind

    27. Dellfin Willson

      Ai love you dream

    28. Macintosh C84


    29. ItzFrostGamer

      Badboyhalo: george can you get me a apple George: yeah BBH: george this is lasagna George well I didn't know that I'm colorblind BBH: ynduxb wha? Apples are round you moofin head

    30. SpeedingPacman

      *points to a tree* George: LOOK DREAM, ITS A NETHER PORTAL Dream: *sigh* here we go again

    31. Susannah Tussing

      we need more. | V

    32. Magaly Vargas

      are we going to ignore it said “dreams ‘friend’ ”

      1. Magaly Vargas

        For george

    33. Coco cook

      Aww George we love you


      **George drives** Hits an old lady George:I was colourblind

    35. Anastasia Slamniuk

      We all know why they called George Dreams "Friend"

    36. The God of Space


    37. LilyMC

      I thought this channel was to upload clips or something like that... I was wrong

    38. •Honey•

      Song? Lol

    39. Lili Monarch

      Yk, Dream said he edits most of his videos. Meaning he most likely edited this one... including the descriptions of !Dream and !George. 🤔

    40. Cheeto The Cheetah

      " dreams "friend" " XDDDDDDDDD

    41. The oofstirs Brothers

      Make this a thing

    42. Alicja Soroka


    43. The_S1moon

      Is he shape blind?

    44. Muhammad Ali

      I love you dream😍😘

    45. Muhammad Ali

      I love dream

    46. Yo Bro

      I still dont understand why bad is mad at george as apple looks exactly like a lasagna

    47. DiamondGamer823

      Y’all saw George’s description right? Dreams “friend”

    48. Phoebe McCleary

      why is George's description Dreams "friend", are they like enemy's or something? I seriously missed something

    49. Hailey Racine

      Why it feel like a real reality show though

    50. golden flamezX

      Its ok george

    51. ItzIrishbutterfly

      Dream: GEORGE! George: what? Dream: LOOK AT THIS! George: what? Dream: ITS SUPPOSED TO BE GREEN George: ... It is green.. Dream: ITS BLUE YOUR NOT EVEN COLORBLIND TO BLUE! The leader of the dream team: Sometimes I think george exaggerated his colorblindness just when it's conveniently Badboyhalo: yeah george last night I ask you to get me an apple and you got me lasagna George: it's not my fault I'm colorblind, okey? Badboyhalo: ITS LASAGNA IT LOOK NOTHING LIKE AN APPLE Dreams "friend": I just don't understand why everyone hates me just because I'm colorblind

    52. Nitin S

      Dream team = Earrape Team

    53. bing ilejay

      Green Always fits Dreams colour :) and diarrhea is not green it just means that your food went down 2 fast or I could be :o

    54. AshXYZ

      The way he ended the video and George is just like WATCHASAYFOO and walks forward 😂😂

    55. TubboOnBedrockX

      colourblind colourblin colourbli colourbl colourb colour colou colo col co c co col colo colou colour colourb colourbl colourbli colourblin colourblind (before you say that it’s not spelt colourblind I looked it up and it was spelt like that)

    56. Darsana dache

      We need a part 2...............

    57. The Pokebuddy

      We need a full series of this show

    58. Lourdes Neris

      this should be a real series

    59. Rachel Tracy

      0:36 dreams "friend" so what is it impinging 😏

    60. elham sarmastzada

      Can someone tell me... is George actually colour or actually blind

    61. UnCreative Account

      George Dream's " fRiEnD"

    62. •Ally_Roblox•

      Dreams “Friend” All the Dreamnotfound shippers including me ✨: Yea friend 🙄🙄

    63. KimmyKants23

      I love how bad says losonya

    64. Deuteronomia

      Why would BadBoyHalo choose an apple rather than lazagna? 😭

    65. Dale Eastham

      Yeah Gogy, Last night I asked you to give me an Apple And you got me A TANK

    66. Why don’t we :D

      The Dream kardashians

    67. Little nameless Gacha

      Dreams "Friend" ;_;

    68. LilacWolfieLily ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

      George *Dream’s “friend”*

    69. Kawaii_Kat


    70. BTS ARMY


    71. Tahsan Zahid

      Plz we need another episode of this

    72. Clarisse Salarzon

      Lasagna is better Dan a apple because its delicious

    73. Joaquin Marcus

      while the entire dream smp is at war george: builds off cam

    74. myelene cagsawa

      0:21 hmm its not color blind its shape blind!

    75. Veks

      I want to make this a real thing


      Its bluzonia it looks nothing like an Apple 😅😅😅😅

    77. aaa randomer

      Poor george

    78. dan is a rat

      minecraft but George is blind

    79. Hydryx

      George is blind at this point

    80. Hydryx

      George just doesn’t know what an apple is ok leave him alone

    81. Mr Randomly

      My favorite show of all time

    82. Anna Dorokhova

      George: *Is colorblind* Dream: "And I took that personally"

    83. The Unknown Master Is Me

      Sapnap just sitting there like :|

    84. Janiya Oaties

      Bru we need series of this 🤣🥱

    85. Sleazy

      part of me wants this to be a real series lmao

    86. Your local Mincraft player

      I would rather have lasagna then a apple

    87. Milk Box

      Dreams "Friend" 😂😂

    88. That One Idiot In The Comment Section

      Can't think of anything funny to say with this one

    89. Skuly Boy

      can you make this into an actual show

    90. lil pig plays

      Thos is like that one show sister wives that my mom watches to go to sleep

    91. Sahil Parvez

      BadBoyHalo: Last night I asked you to get me an apple and u got me Lazonia🤣🤣

    92. Sara Seedall

      Dream IS THE BEST!!!!

    93. Blasty

      i might need an extended version of this

    94. Shahidul Islam

      hey no worries bbh lasagne is delicious

    95. Nixon Masih

      Poor George

    96. Disrrpt

      Can you make an entire Video out of this 😂

    97. Naruto Uzumaki

      Drems "friend"????

    98. Sarahi Sanchez

      We need more of the reality TV !!!

    99. Dream's Step Sis


    100. creepata _

      Dream's ✨"friend"✨