Drivers’ Radio Reaction to Grosjean's Crash | F1 2020 Bahrain Grand Prix

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    Hello everyone, I tried to compile every single driver's reaction during the initial red flag. It's great to see that as fierce as they are when competing they still genuinely care for each other on the track as evident from their reactions and concerns over the team radio. Also not every driver reacted due to the hectic start.

    Anyway I hope you enjoyed this video and glad Romain is okay, thankfully!

    For those wondering, "Keep the delta positive" means to drive slower than the depicted time shown on the driver's dashboard. Similar to how drivers have to follow a time under VSC in order to ensure a consistent and safe speed.
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    Valtteri Bottas: 0:00
    Lewis Hamilton: 0:19
    Sebastian Vettel: 1:00
    Charles Leclerc: 1:36
    Max Verstappen: 2:17
    Alex Albon: 2:43
    Carlos Sainz: 3:07
    Lando Norris: 3:32
    Esteban Ocon: 3:54
    Daniil Kvyat: 4:11
    Pierre Gasly: 4:43
    Sergio Perez: 5:00
    Kimi Raikkonen: 5:21
    Antonio Giovinazzi: 5:53
    George Russell: 6:09
    Nicholas Latifi: 6:29
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      Guys, I tried my best to make every radio as concise as possible. Also not every driver reacted to Grosjean’s crash. (Ricciardo and Stroll) Edit: Apologies everyone for missing out Magnussen. I was in a rush to get this video out as quickly as possible, and didn't realise that I missed him out of the video... As for Kevin's radio, he was told by Haas that Romain was out of the car and safe. Here's what the team told Kevin: "Okay so Romain had an incident but he is out of the car and he's safe. Okay there's a fire near the car, but he's out of the car and safe." Kevin after seeing the fire: "Sh*t, is he... Is he okay..?" Engineer: "Yep he's out of the car, he's out of the car and safe. They're putting out the fire but Romain is out of the car and safe. There's no one is trouble, okay?" Once again apologies about the mistake.

      1. Arzasan 46


      2. The boiz

        Charles was really thinking about him

      3. ATH3IST-FLuKE

        Not a shock lance stroll didn't give a tiny rats ass.... spoilt little billionaires son.

      4. 156football

        @F1 Unfiltered. Bro. 2 Million views! I was with you thru your first couple videos. Happy for you man!! I'm working on my own youtube channel too:) it's a different account not this one. But good luck going forward!

      5. jocelyn lacierda

        Well ofc Stroll was flipped as well

    2. Random Task

      What does delta positive mean?

      1. 88charger

        Basically, it means to slow down

    3. isaac alan

      Kyvats reaction got me the most ngl

    4. Xrisus94

      How come 90% of the teams comm to the drivers are brittish

    5. Emily Rose Almeida

      "just a bit of a mess behind you"

    6. Ronnie Hubbard

      I love how everyone was asking if grosjean was okay that just shows how it can go from competitive to being worried about friends real quick. Also why did sainz’s engineer say turn 1 when everyone else said turn 3?

    7. Aasish Dangol

      Everyone: Gets worried about the accident Lewis: Damn that start was good

      1. Lisa trapped me in YG's basement send help

        @Simon Lavelle lmao yall ain't got no proof, what if he's actually sincere and yall just love to hate on them

      2. Simon Lavelle

        @Lisa trapped me in YG's basement send help He only said that because he knew it's going to be recorded 😶

      3. Simon Lavelle

        Plus he felt"vulnerable" when he saw the video of it.. He doesn't give a shit about anyone but himself... The pretend " is he okay?" on this video shows what a piece of shit he is

      4. Lisa trapped me in YG's basement send help

        To be fair he was also worried and ask if everyone's ok twice

    8. Luz Reese

      The puny jellyfish postsynaptically trick because partner biochemically crash save a ajar boundary. kindly, quiet brick

    9. lee fer

      Ferrari engineers are so so annoying man. No emotions at all, it's like talking to a wall.

    10. politicians and doctors are LIARS

      X100...."is he out"??

    11. ACID

      What is delta? What is respekt delta?

      1. ACID

        And delta positiv lol

    12. Cabarkin

      Lando's engineer is the one only where you can tell his emotional state means he's assuming the worst.

    13. Ethan Sutherland

      I am trying to find out aka grosjean is sitting in a burning car still.

    14. Brandon Roy

      Just another reason for me to hate Lewis 😒 can’t wait to see him lose this year

    15. Brody Kaufman

      Me: Could Ferrari be faster in reverse? Ferrari: Maybe, *WE ARE CHECKING.*

    16. Brody Kaufman

      I feel bad for everyone, especially for Charles, having lost Anthoine, just one year back, had to deal with nearly losing another friend. And then they have to race again an hour later, realising how dangerous racing really is, and have to deal with the fact that what they are doing right now just put someone in the ER. Respect for these guys, and Grosjean, you won’t see this but i’m rooting for you in IndyCar.

      1. Firstname Lastname

        Don't forget Jules too

    17. AstridvdPol

      Still gives me goosebumps.. some radios were just heartbreaking to hear, the drivers and the people who gave them the message, you can hear the emotion. No battle, just brotherhood

    18. Sadie Larson

      The selective badge internationally accept because ethernet ultimately milk beneath a absorbing fir. worried, large balance

    19. Blair Dary

      Leclerc - "I've seen this in the mirrors"....that really hit me..

    20. Rocco McG

      Band of brotherhood . good to hear .

    21. Hannamarie15

      Leclerc sounds the most concerned. I can understand why. I don’t think the other drivers at the point knew how serious it was until they saw the footage but Leclerc saw it in his mirrors and I understand his fear because his late godfather Jules Bianci died in f1 a few years ago.

    22. Jitto Thomas

      Hamilton..damn it was a good start...Seb nd others is he okay...come on...should we support him..

    23. Regin's Travels

      Eng.: red flag red flag! Kimi: Just leave me alone I know what to do!

    24. Asia Metal

      They all risk a lot!! Charles was so scared because of his past experiences and it’s heartwarming to see that they race against each other but care for each other…

    25. Taeko

      What " delta positive" mean ?

      1. Axel Prieto

        I think is reducing speed I might be wrong

    26. Sage Peterson

      "Hows Grosjean doing??" they all sounded so concerned... I cant imagine how they felt knowing he passed and they couldn't do anything.. "No please, fuck me!" "Is he out?!" "Tom-- I can see a fire!! Is everyone okay?! Those voices just quiver. Each of them sounded desperate and pained.

    27. A_22_Naveed Kadechur

      F1 is intense competition, fierce rivalry, but at the end of the day........theyre a family!

    28. Nightcore - Encyclopedia

      Pierre Gasly what the fuck Man dkvksovosodq

    29. Nightcore - Encyclopedia

      Mercedes pilots never seen anything because the place of this Race, but other ones have the god eyes about this moment, for this result may we say "if you lose you see the truth"

    30. Dean M

      Anyone else notice how clear relaxed and concise the communication was with the top drivers but as you went down towards Williams the communication got more crappy?

    31. Charleston Lo

      Ferrari: wE aRe ChEcKiNg

    32. Steve Jones

      Lewis Hamilton - "I felt really vulnerable at that point!" What a self-centered, UK tax dodging prick.

    33. $hervi

      Ferraris team is so awful. In normal cars and F1. How are people still hyping them ?

    34. iLoveDirtRacing

      Charles going, "Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck" while his spotter/crew chief saying, "So red flag

    35. rex estrada

      Forgive me because I’m new to F1 but wouldn’t some of other these drivers speak in their native language rather than English or are they all required to speak English?

    36. Ronnie Sorter

      That's one of the many things about auto racing, whether it's NASCAR, F1, Indycar, or NHRA. These guys are fierce competitors, but in the end friendship and just being human are more important.

    37. James Rayner

      I still remember watching this and my heart rate was through the roof. Watching him get out was like a huge weight off my shoulders, I’m so glad he was okay

    38. Niramay Sharma

      leclerc was so kind he showed true emotions

    39. gigas81

      That crash was crazy. The tech has come a long way in racing though & those efforts are shown in that race. severe injuries or worse have went down compared to decades past.

    40. life4mortlecombatx 45boss

      2:43 really told him just slow down

    41. dominikkathy

      imagine being kvyat bro hes asking if hes okay and theyre just saying we dont know yet

    42. Arjun.S. Dev

      Chrles Leclerc and Daniii Kyvat cared the most...I loved that

      1. Anton Kirilenko

        Well, Leclerc lost his godfather and a close friend to racing incidents and Kvyat took part in that crash to begin with. So, yeah, Leclerc just had the most horrible flashbacks at the moment and Kvyat was terrified that he might have the other driver's death on his conscience. No wonder both of them sound scared shitless.

    43. Zar

      what they mean when they say “copy”?

    44. klaus glaubiski

      Sportsmanship, so good.

    45. proper sad

      i love how they all care for eachother and ask if everybody’s okay. they’re like a family

    46. Joshua Maldonado

      What does "box" and "delta positive mean?

    47. Ucantseemeverywell

      leclercs comms are so heartbreaking. so glad it ended up the way it did

    48. meluflor

      I hated how Carlos asked and the engineer was a bit sassy with his “no information”

    49. IFFI_ MASTER

      im soo fucking mad that i know i will not drive in a real F1 car even if this can happend its like... i would feel such a joy to be an F1 driver but ik i can't do it even if im young ._. and only i can dream of it sometimes iw ant to cry taht i can't do it like... smh

    50. Seshvir Seodutt

      All the engineers turned into Jeff

    51. Pessona English

      What is delta n why should be positive?

    52. Louisa

      Daniil's one totally broke me

    53. Mr Tav

      Leclerc is so innocent, such a good guy! Damn. :(


      They all want to know if everyone is ok because it brings home the danger they are in when racing. If one driver dies it scares the crap out of them because they try not to think about the fact that it is so dangerous. If someone dies it put it back in there mind.

    55. aMassiveSausage

      Leclerc definitely sounds most concerned, and respect to Norris's radio as he came across with genuine concern. Russell on the other hand pissed me off as he was in the position to see how bad it was and was still more concerned about his own start. May be a talent but definitely doesn't have the likeability of many others in the field.

    56. Krish

      "No he's still in the fire now" that must've been so bad to hear.

    57. Mads-Emil Hedemand Slott Kirkegaard

      What a Guy leclerk is she Willie cares abaut him and what a Comeback grosean did in indycar

    58. Alex

      Ferrari: Checking now

    59. Car Enthusiast

      Nobody: FIblock: *F1 2020. Deluxe Schumacher Edition (PS4)*

    60. Ali

      I dont know much about any of their personal lives, but I can tell this isn't Leclercs first time involved in a tragic incident

      1. beth mcard

        He lost his godfather Jules Bianchi in a crash a few years ago, and his good friend Anthoine too.

    61. Nick Burton

      Is it me or do the merc engineers sound like they don’t care at all the way they say “just a car on fire”

    62. vfg njk

      The sore denim interestingly introduce because baboon systemically grin than a immense penalty. lumpy, near cry

    63. mrwailingguitar

      The bad ass racing brotherhood on display. I'm not a part of it, but this video brought tears to my eyes.

    64. 96leRoi

      What does «delta» mean?

    65. Paul Eacott

      Is that Glock? Ferrari: we are checking!!!!!!!

    66. Narnia Dici

      The difference when the engineers are talking to the French drivers (Ocon and Gasly) as compared to everyone else... you just know that they wanted to not stress them too much 😭

    67. mihailo nesic

      Kimi sounds like he i about to cry

    68. Jeffcatbuckeye

      What did grosjean say on the radio after the wreck?

    69. Twan Smits

      You gotta love leclerc for his reaction

    70. Ross Taylor

      The one that sticks out to me - you can hear the fear in the drivers voices, entirely understandably, but Lando's engineer, you can hear him, he's terrified

    71. Jack Challis

      They're rivals, they all want to beat each other, but the respect and camaraderie is strong. Fans should be the same ✌💙

    72. Timóteo Heinrichs

      All teams: On exit of Turn 3 Mclaren: Turn 1 '-'

    73. nala and simba the parakeets

      They are rival but still caring

    74. Brian Curry

      The difference between the reactions based on track position is interesting. Leaders who didn’t see it calmly asking while the ones who did see it are quite worked up.

    75. sebrr

      gets me choked up hearing how concerned charles was.. you know he was thinking about anthoine when this happened : (

    76. Yoshi 1726

      You can here the panic in almost all of their voices (Hamilton didn't seem too concerned, probably cause he didn't know the severity)

    77. 7Holes

      *is my order ready yet* ? Ferrari : *stand by we're checking*

    78. William Hong Xian Long

      When all in the race every racers compete each other, when something bad happen every racers care each other, "Its he okay?", short, but care...

    79. MrPerson71

      Is it just me or did Kimi seem scared? Obviously I'm sure he was but for him to actually show his emotions shows just how scary it was.

    80. Mirai141

      “Is everyone ok?” “Standby. Just looks like an incident exit turn 3” I know I’m several months late, but Bono wins understatement of 2020 for that one

    81. msfg ini

      Ha there a car on fire hamilton damn that start was good

    82. Dylan Cunningham

      The crash was 5 months ago Jees time flies

    83. Emanuelle

      honestly charles voice’s gave me goosebumps mate. he was deeply scared.

    84. Marjolein Veenendaal

      Is the 5m distance from the car in front the 'delta' they're referring to or is it something else? I know it's not the point of this video but I am very curious.

    85. Louis Dnd

      Can't say anything bad to the engineers who "lied" to the drivers when they didn't tell them how bad the situation was in order to calm them down. Also I know it's nothing but every driver asking if Romain was ok was heartwarming to see.

    86. Matt Day

      Everyone "is he okay? Is he out? . Hamilton "Damm that was a good start"

      1. Lisa trapped me in YG's basement send help

        He asked if everyone's ok twice, idk why yall making him look bad

    87. Joey Magic18

      Kvyat got crashed into got pissed then realized his mirrors and it was all concern

    88. Boris boerboom

      Yeah that was all guys thanks for watching oh wait we missed one who a doesnt matter

    89. I have nothing to do

      Drive to Survive Bahrain episode leaked audio

    90. Alex Savastru

      I remember that I forgot about the race and saw the news and was mortified... Can't believe what the people there were feeling during the red flag period...

    91. Tom Fenlon

      The way Kvyat switched from angry to desperate when he saw the flames

    92. Adam Rohde

      Commenting on FIblock for the first time ever because some of the comments are unreal. Selective hearing at its finest. First let’s start with the people complaining about Lewis. Clearly just hating for absolutely no reason. Literally the first and last things out of his mouth are “is he okay” in between he says “that was a good start”. Keep in mind he hasn’t seen the accident and has no idea of the severity. Hate him for whatever reason you want but you can’t deny his skill and being upset with him for his comments in this video is pure ignorance. Seen other people commenting that Verstappen only cares if he is out of the race. Are you morons? He clearly means is he out of the car. I love how every driver is serious and first question they ask is he okay. Also agree with many commenters that Leclerc, Kyvat, and Kimi had the most scared reactions. Love the respect and concern ALL of these drivers have for eachother. Was watching the race live and it sure didn’t look good. Glad Romain made it out and is still living a good life.

    93. Andre Barros

      !more news that hes okey..... the greed... and fuck you fo lying on kimi, i think schumacher is mad for that -.-

    94. -Hardwired

      *Vettel* : Is everyone okay? *Ferrari Engineer* : wE aRe ChEcKiNg Also *Leclerc* : Still no information? *Ferrari Engineer* : Still no information *?* ................................................................

    95. Der_Rusher

      is he ok? ferrari: we are checking

    96. Infinite

      The chills running down your spine when you hear Leclerc say "I've seen it in the mirrors" and then there is silence..

    97. CarKeyNosGR

      I love how every team have professionals to talk to the drivers but Ferrari's staff is like they haven't sleep the last 2 years 😂

    98. Koos Schwaneberg

      This crash is The biggest i ever seen i mean Theres fire a ball of fire

    99. waran bhaat

      What a bunch of sweethearts ! #PeaceOut !

    100. Graffs Airholed

      the dirvers of the alfa team are good but the managers christ it sounds like they have no soul