Element Skateboards "Jaakko and Eetu" Video

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    Trading off unthinkable NBDs and combos beyond comprehension, Jaako and Eetu pull off one of the best-shared parts ever. Rewatch 100 times and you still won’t understand.

    Music featured:
    "SATAN IN LOVE" performed by Emilia, written by Belfiore, Bellini, Balducci,
    (P) Warner Music Finland, a Warner Music Group Company

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    1. Repolia Robinson Jr.


    2. William Vahter

      Suomen poikad 🤙🏼 love from Estonia

    3. seiom jvony

      that 50 nollie flip was insane

    4. Christenby

      Awesome skating, but the music really sucks.

    5. Vilho Alajääskö

      suomi mainittu! Torille!

    6. A. Sakari Konttinen

      Emilia... 😁

    7. weslei Coimbra

      save guys, give me a hand on my channel check my skateboard 

      1. seiom jvony

        Gah dayum

    8. dustin Bastianelli

      Way to put the street back in skateboarding. Raw, uncut, n knarly. Hell of a video boys, keep it up!

    9. Joshua Gutierrez

      Right u ether

    10. Hart Bensley

      Sup nice vid

    11. Marbles And 45's

      song is sick, skaters are dope but Element is clearly dying. these guys should jump while they have a chance.

    12. ROOX G

      how does one get that fucking good at skating ?!!

    13. Gabriel lee


      1. Gabriel lee

        @dolita windo off course

      2. dolita windo

        So legit

    14. Olegan Moskin


    15. Brian Sandoval

      Chris Gregson se quedo p3nd3jo con unas tomas

    16. Karvapallo


    17. Monsieur Tranquille

      So nice to watch, the right tone

    18. Kelvin Menendez

      Fresh af!!

    19. dolita windo

      Skaters like Jaakko don't come around very often. Literally everything he does is gold.

    20. scherbatzky21

      OMG such dope gz

    21. McSoi

      Gah dayum

    22. Sizwe Ribisi

      Skate 4?

    23. Eetu Väinämö

      Love this. Finland is top class skateboarding🔥Perkele❤

      1. Eetu Väinämö

        @dolita windo i think this is shooted before epidemia.

      2. dolita windo

        These guys should be wearing two masks and in lock down!!!

    24. Coma

      Absolute SHREDDING on Helsinki and Tampere spots.. I have never seen anything like this done there

    25. Curro Ballesteros


    26. john kenneth landoy

      So legit

    27. DAS C

      damn...ultimat boardcontr. ! AMAZIN

    28. sky high

      Is it me or do I feel like I just watch a old school skate video

    29. Donnie Darko

      I hope nine club reviews this!

    30. DaBul Dabz

      This video is nuts! The music and the the terrain I love it 🍻

      1. bssni touir

        Horrible filming

    31. Javier Hernandez

      The leve of combos and tricks rises up with this dudes for real !!

    32. soniyu ziuy

      howww is Jaakko that good

      1. bssni touir

        Greetings from Finland!

    33. Bård Boye Rosseland

      If i might say so myself, perkele satana helvete vittu.

    34. Jay Brooks

      Now im a fan of Finnish Pop Music. Greetz, Jorma

      1. soniyu ziuy

        Muito loko ⚡

    35. Chuckmoney

      Someone at element needs a raise

    36. William Bell

      4:34 That is one of the most convincing 360 kickflip ever.

    37. Stephen Sk8well

      These guys should be wearing two masks and in lock down!!!

    38. Michal

      the song is so sick

    39. Some Guy

      Some of the coolest skating I've ever seen

    40. bennbo

      they needddaaa leaveeee

    41. sannio komi

      The thrasher intro by far the weirdest I’ve seen so far

    42. Orson

      Quick feet

      1. sannio komi

        OH MY GOD that intro so crazy !

    43. Z3R0

      *grinds some random ping pong table*

    44. The Gloves Made

      Greetings from Finland!

    45. ae store89

      Horrible filming

    46. Ben Horgan

      So awesome

    47. Aluemies

      where is that spot on 3:40

    48. Bolia Fops

      Skaters like Jaakko don't come around very often. Literally everything he does is gold.

    49. Anderson santos

      Muito loko ⚡

    50. Dyann Janae Wen

      What kind of sorcery is this?

    51. Sebastián Carrasco


    52. Alejandro Quivira calvo

      Roll Up croquet backsmith down....what a f@#k

      1. Bolia Fops

        Can we confirm that that last one from jaako was ride on 50 double heelflip out?

    53. fluydez


    54. Dan Wilkins

      Never heard of these guys but this part was sick asf

    55. Plant Forge

      Some of the most creative and stylish skateboarding I've ever seen!

    56. huttio srreu

      howww is Jaakko that good

    57. metal mark

      And fast too!

    58. Jon Via

      DAMN...that music, these tricks, this fashion...I LOVE IT!!! BTW, check out my music!!! =)

    59. Teodorus Diky Permadi

      OH MY GOD that intro so crazy !

    60. Rusty Shackleford


      1. huttio srreu

        Thanks guys for this

    61. Champagne Babygurl

      5:28 what!!!!!

    62. Don Joewon Song

      Absolutely loved this!!!

      1. Teodorus Diky Permadi

        Yeah djs

    63. vestal19

      What in the wizard of oz?? 1:40

    64. Cock_Huge lp2


    65. Visionz

      Only people they got left

    66. Ian

      Can we confirm that that last one from jaako was ride on 50 double heelflip out?

    67. Dan O

      5:28 wtf😳

    68. derchie

      Manni to flip through bush kept me rewinding a few times... The whole Part is amazing!

    69. Samuel Gallegos

      Was it just me or did half of these spots have garbage run ups

    70. Allan Khorsheed

      anyone know the name of the type they used for the titles?

    71. u short lol

      now I can be proud of finland

    72. Straight Outta Bd

      so creative

    73. gtoss chddy

      "Hey, Rick.. that bottle should of been made of candy... Hey, Rick.. maybe try to do a real trick.. Heeeeeeey, Rick." - lil pu k

    74. Mikolaj Kasperczak

      Thanks guys for this

    75. Scam Likely93

      No one would be mad if thrasher gave Jaako the European SOTY.

      1. gtoss chddy

        Just ok for me oh it's element... Makes sense 😏😏👊

    76. Car Los

      One of my favorite videos now , very nice

    77. Mikayla Is A Windmill

      top tier skating and top tier filming 🔥🔥 well done!

    78. Jackie Treehorn

      East coast heads always complaining about having shitty spots. Then this video happens...

    79. Brian Grimm

      the shuv nose manny firecracker @4:39 .... whhhaaaattttt???!!!! Insane 🤯🤯🤯🤯 that would be terrifying to try

    80. MF DOOM that's a super villain!

      ill shit

    81. Lil Phone Bill

      Most creative/technical skate video of 2k21 imo

    82. Its Conan

      Jaako's style is craaazy

    83. mijuo roui

      howww is Jaakko that good

    84. Nicolas Medialdea

      3:33 seriously wtf

    85. 3Sskaters

      What an amazing part, congrats!!!

      1. Fabian Skt

        @Skatebord Gang será ?

      2. Skatebord Gang

        sai daqui 3s vocês andam por mídia thrasher é rua!

      3. Fabian Skt

        Vc por aqui Diego safado

    86. Arthur Valenzuela

      One of the sickest videos I've seen in a long time Great music, and just the sickest skateboarding all together Good shit 👏

      1. Arthur Valenzuela

        @mijuo roui in deed😁

      2. mijuo roui

        Classic finnish song

    87. used condom

      wow! that was fvcking dope! those two put in some work

    88. Kyle Evans


    89. T Mazz

      Well This was a tall order of HELL YESSS! with a side order BOOYA!

    90. Joana Pereira


    91. Dill Pickle

      Just ok for me oh it's element... Makes sense 😏😏👊

    92. ward zala

      Street de chez street

    93. E E

      Guys at thrasher your great but what is up with the music choices?? I have a feeling who ever is editing is not a skater. I’m assuming mostly skaters watch these videos so maybe you want to pick music that some would actually want to skate to? It’s just completely off? Speed tempo of the subject needs to be considered? Even the quality of specific tricks and riders style need to sync up with music?Wishing the team the best and I mean no disrespect it just seems like a massive disconnect?

      1. we1kkonen

        VAHVA ERI

    94. Corey

      ELEMENT is done. This proves it. Low budget.

    95. MeanOnToast


    96. Léonard Debia

      4:35 look like a Skate 3 tricks 👌

    97. Semente de Maçã

      took 40 minutes watching this... 4:32 soooo crazy good and underrated

    98. Semente de Maçã

      3:52 I wonder how this was filmed?

      1. Pe Dvetrus

        Pretty fucking well

    99. Juke Box Cody

      song has I am the Globglogabgalab vibes

    100. Alexander Bertallo

      Well done guys! Much love from Switzerland