Emojli: Behind the Scenes and Why You Should Never Build An App

Tom Scott

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    emoj.li - Emojli, our emoji-only messenger, has launched! Today at Electromagnetic Field, the UK hacker camp, Matt Gray and I gave a talk about how it was made, why it was made, and why we never want to build anything like it again.

    MATT: mattg.co.uk - @unnamedculprit
    ME: tomscott.com - @tomscott

    Ten Illegal Things To Do In London: fiblock.info/face/videot/pYN6nZ6GoaWYd3o.html
    Chess Clock Jenga: fiblock.info/face/videot/jIeSenGUgKWpYX4.html
    Breaking the News: fiblock.info/face/videot/p2unja5zgHGbpaQ.html

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    1. LionHeartSamy

      🆓🅱️🅾️🅾️🅱️💲 and 🆒🅱️🅾️🅾️🅱️💲, huh?

    2. naila sarah

      ”Exactly what I needed.” " *𝐢𝐨𝟏.𝐁𝐔𝐙𝐙* ' " ”Did it help you too?” '03:20' 垃圾。 -Lord

    3. madelyn corrick

      '00:96' ”this is the thing u need.” *𝐢𝐨𝟏.𝐁𝐔𝐙𝐙* ' ”Am I right?” 垃圾。Lord

    4. Joachim

      You guys are amazing...

    5. Dragongaga

      They correctly observed in 2014 that the world was in an App bubble. The sad thing about that is, that this bubble is still blowing up and hasn't burst yet

    6. Steel prime King of Dabbleyoo


    7. Talon Greenlee

      You sound like you want to put this app up for adoption

    8. -Kakao- Katze


    9. Cyan Platypus


    10. Eric Praline

      I like how they pronounced iOS

    11. Corex

      24:13 The sudden camera tilt... It tilts me

    12. Alucard Sakura


    13. NFSHeld

      Windows Phone runs Internet Explorer. So it technically doesn't even run HTML. Or CSS. Or JavaScript.

    14. Crystal S.

      What an amazing social experiment good lord

    15. Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz

      I love the internet.

    16. Maxb0tbeep

      I OOOOOS

    17. 96fps_from_mars

      I just realized that this is going to be 10 years ago and just a couple more years. Damn.

    18. Danielle Murnett

      Corporate needs you to find the differences between messaging app and emoji only messaging app. Lesbian bottoms: :pleading::pleading::pleading::pleading::pleading::pleading::pleading::pleading:

    19. Professor Bear

      I know nothing about code and yet still I am enthralled

    20. Olivia Carter

      I want a picture of his shirt

    21. jenny death

      this is the nerdiest stand-up comedy routine i have ever seen

    22. Flemming Pedersen

      There is a emojli app on the app store owned by Alan Hardman. Wonder if it is the same or a remake?

      1. facts and reveals

        @Flemming Pedersen no problem, ik what you meant

      2. Flemming Pedersen

        Maybe... as far as I can tell this version was launched in 2019, also when I said "App store", I meant "Play store", sorry about that.

      3. facts and reveals

        15:50 I think is the same person being talked about

    23. Priultimus

      Wow. Had they had this idea just a couple months later, some their problems would be solved. Twitter's Twemoji came out in November, and easily could've solved some emoji based problems like licensing and stuff. Unfortunate.

    24. Angry Ted

      👁👃👁 👄

    25. Wilfried Klaebe

      as for "you cannot converse with Emoji": (aubergine)(peach)(?) could be seen as an invitation to... activities...

    26. Sonal Agrawal

      Tgey remind me of Bill and Ted

    27. UGU Zach


    28. Turm

      someone has made an app with the same name and the same idea behind it so i think someone has stolen your idea

    29. Ben Little


    30. Epic ML

      2021: FIblock: HAVE THIS VIDEO FROM 6 YEARS AGO :D

    31. MemeDelivery

      Tom could've been a star comedian

    32. Julia Weber

      Got a 5G protection shield ad just before this video. I can't.

    33. Nirvana fan


    34. aleksander Okonek

      The oval modem chronically rinse because throne neatly notice between a pointless wash. taboo, honorable boy

    35. Christopher Ellis


    36. nosakie


    37. 90% Of everything


    38. Just Some Gamer - Gaming And Stuff


    39. ˢᶦⁿᶦˢᵗᵉʳ ᴾᵒᵗᵃᵗᵒ

      Cutest couple

    40. Lila D

      Very funny talk well done

    41. JayBeh Kay

      18:28 *intense listening faces engaged*

      1. a

        That made me exhale air from my nose

    42. Faseio Lasec

      Sometimes I wonder if Tom just has 20 identical red shirts in his closet.

    43. Talia


    44. Liggliluff

      The "no under 18" sign: 🔞, is technically wrong, if you follow the traffic rules used in Europe and other places in the world. That is a prohibition sign. A round sign with a red border, with an optional diagonal red line. There are two types of prohibition signs: - Showing a thing or action you can't do: 🚭🚯🚳🚷📵 Past this sign, you simply can't do that, like: smoking, littering, using a bicycle, access for pedestrians, using a phone. - Showing a number, or a number related to a thing. Past this sign, you can only be up to that number and not exceed it. The common is just a number, meaning maximum speed. A number plus a unit of weight, meaning maximum weight. A number and for example the length of a vehicle, meaning maximum length. So this sign: 🔞, it either means a maximum speed of 18, in whatever unit the country is using. ...or, since it's about age, maximum age allowed. There's a second sign that tells you what you _have_ to do past it. It's a blue round sign with a white border and white symbol. If these where blue and white instead: 🚭🚯🚳🚷📵, then that would mean: smoking mandatory; littering mandatory; path only meant for bikes; path only meant for pedestrians; phone usage mandatory. If there's a number, then that means you need to be at least that number. So just a number is usually about speed, so that's the minimum speed. Number plus unit of weight is minimum weight, and so on. So a minimum of 18 years of age is a blue round sign, white borders, white text that says "18 years".

    45. ripon rip

      But I did build an app, it’s on scratch

      1. Ethan Bennett

        You can't make apps with Scratch...

    46. Ron_MD

      haaaaaaaaaaaaa 2014 yes......................

    47. Chrystla

      wait wait wait- "partly in the lounge, partly in his tent" _my dirty mind is totally not reading too much into that_

    48. Yugi3844 - Overwatch Highlights

      666.666 views, 6 years ago, and my comment will be the 666th???

    49. Ross


    50. gentuxable

      "Oh my god that's content we can use it"

    51. oJacko

      Love watching Tom's talks and pretending I know what he's talking about.

    52. Ass

      is audio crackly for anyone else?

    53. Chixen Leg Jo

      Why is tom always in a red t-shirt

    54. Charte


    55. CoolTomato

      they literally predicted the rise of electron apps way before it was popular

    56. satyamedh hulyalkar

      I am watching this while making my app in android studio lel

    57. chasedig


    58. iminni

      Basically if they had waited a couple more years for emojis to be widely supported, it would have been way easier to make.

    59. Mr. Hat

      What's Yo?

    60. Fire Walk With Meme

      Ah the dark times before mongodb, node and nativescript

    61. Murilo Bezerra

      10:33 it takes tom less than 1/2 of a second to go from calm chill dude to panic mode his abilities are too evolved

    62. The Afr0

      Hearing someone say welcome to 2014 sounds weird now

    63. Jan Dieken

      🏠🅰️🦙🦙🅾️ ✝️🅾️♏ 🅰️📝🐶 ♏🅰️☎️☎️ 👩🏻‍🦰🐇🐘🐘☎️ℹ️🆖🥗 ♀️🐇🅾️♏ 🇩🇪

    64. Litespark


      1. Ross


    65. Keren K

      I love that this talk is just 30 minutes of Tom being pissed

    66. MulletMan

      You should have coded that they get a message on the screen if their preferred username is already taken, then you could have avoided hundreds of emails

    67. Beatrice Kvammen

      "Huh, I wonder if emojli is still available..." "OHMYGOD YES IT IS" "The reviews are so low, what happened?" "Oh, it's broken... Who's Alan Hardman?"

    68. Catherine M


      1. Mr. Hat

        @Catherine M 🆒

      2. Catherine M

        @Mr. Hat 👍

      3. Mr. Hat

        Did you just tell the entire story of emojili in emoji?

    69. strndr


    70. Larry Lentini

      You know tech support isn't mandatory, you can just let the app you don't care about have bad reviews.

    71. Jones Norgay

      welcome to 2014

    72. weesalikesmilktea

      "Are we going to do anything?" "No." *high five*

    73. Kushmoosh

      Good to see the bloods n crips have made up

    74. PhonieZ

      sad this closed

    75. Julie Dimond

      Went and looked at the website, which still has the terms and conditions and privacy policy available, and y’all definitely did a smart thing when you added the Service Suspension clause to the TaC

    76. медведь

      This was so LITTY!!! 🥵🥵😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    77. Chip Henderson

      4:50 i think tom has PTSD from this

    78. vinny me

      this whole app seems like if your grandma went on life support and you have to stay awake for weeks to hold her oxygen mask on... (and then sell her)

    79. Ellenor Bjornsdottir


    80. Jyrik Morgul

      "Registering costs 35 pounds" got me for some reason

    81. MatAle Albiach

      As a PHP developer I am really offended... Nah, I am not, php with a good firmware keeps being the quickest to develop. When they make a quicker language I will change. Python is picking my interest, but I think I will give it 2 years more to get a bigger community of people posting tutorials to do basic things and a good plugin/vendor/packages/equivalent rooster

    82. Matthew Kuehl

      Tim Magazine is awful

    83. Michael Ibrahim

      You've already told us that anything with emoji in the title generates way more clicks than usual. I'm not falling for that! Oh, wait...

    84. Nikoapp SMUGGRED

      why only on iphone

    85. René Jossen

      Oh how the world has changed

    86. Yep Its Me

      Wish it was still running. Would download 😂

      1. AMoliski


    87. a human

      Can never stop loving these blokes

    88. BPEmma

      this is the worst thing to ever hapen to anbodey ever

    89. Rohit Pai

      I still love php

    90. MetaParalysis

      Did you get a help page? I think that will work

    91. MetaParalysis

      oof it's closed

    92. boiledelephant

      "I'm reasonably certain in the security of the stuff we're storing..." *[raucous laughter from audience of hackers]*

    93. Glaive

      Obviously that second, bootleg Emojli was made by alternate reality versions of you and Matt.

    94. Jed Williams

      Umm audio engineer anywhere

    95. smurfy

      4:44 As the person who did register the smiley face account, I apologise

      1. ashtar

        @hette Van Der wal "guys look i'm a redditor the big funi 69!!!!"

      2. Luigi Mario


      3. Pappu pistaul wala

        you monster.

      4. lukesfridge

        @DR4G0NSN4PP13Z 699th like

      5. DR4G0NSN4PP13Z

        669th like

    96. SuperMaDBrothers

      Who else thought this was John Tron. You have no idea how much I hate that guy and how relieved I was when I watched this video

    97. Casey Chapone

      It doesn’t exist anymore **sad emoji**

      1. Jade Stevenson


    98. Uli Schmidt


    99. Uli Schmidt


    100. tkearney

      ‘welcome to 2014’