Endless Taco Most Beautiful

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    Tacos are becoming quite a thing. Last time the comments were full with funny taco jokes, haha! Yours Is An Empty Taco, Endless Taco Most Beautiful, you name it! This Fan Friday we talk more about food and more random questions! Hope you like it!
    Comment your questions and perhaps I will answer yours next time!
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    1. Floor Jansen

      Tacotaco 🌮 or pizza? 🍕

      1. Ana Lúcia Pinto

        I love pizza 🍕

      2. Galadwen85

        And we're waiting for you in Italy! Can't wait to see you live again!

      3. Gooberslot

        Taco pizza

      4. Eric Todd

        Maybe try soft shell tacos!

      5. xfortunesquex

        Yes 😉

    2. Ray Haar

      I just want to see my badge in the comments for the first time.

    3. K Maj

      LoL thank goodness you like pizza

    4. ธนภัทร เกิดปัญญา

      I love your neightwish & floorJansen

    5. iiwxlfie

      2:42 till i lIkE pIzZa

    6. iiwxlfie

      I feel like im the only child on here .,.

    7. Esther van den Brom

      pannenkoeken met poedersuiker EN stroop... that's the best

    8. Ronnie Official

      Pleaseeeeee return to Italy.....you we'll have good pizza and good wine too 😹😁✌️

    9. Dutch Eve

      Yaaaaaasssss pizzaaaa!

    10. rasgmx

      Hi, I´m Mexican and I ask you NOT TO EAT THAT TACO BELL SHITT! Come to México and eat REAL tacos, I bet you will LOVE THEM (just as much as we love you!) Adios

    11. D. A. V.

      I wonder/Hope: Did Nightwish ever showed their appreciation for your support and contribution to Nightwish?

    12. Garry Mazza

      Miss Floor..Ive watched Ghost score at Wacken 100 times...your voice slays me...

    13. S.R87

      Will nightwish ever come to Greece for a concert ????please say to Tuomas 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏want so badly see you live

    14. Viktorija Kaminskaite

      Do you like camping? Have you been camping?

    15. Lore Goossens

      I never heard you rap, can you? Try pls?

    16. SarahHammershoey

      Floor, please please please considder a cup of virtuel coffee with Elizabeth Zharoff. The woman is so talented, and clearly worships your skills. It would be an awesome conversation to watch.

    17. inthemouthofmadness

      Red wine or white wine? What is your preference Floor?

    18. ILLEAGLExxx

      Who else was holding their breath on the Pizza question lol?

    19. The WaffleFett

      ENDLESS TACO MOST BEAUTIFUL is the greatest statement to have ever been uttered in the history of existence! I want this on a SHIRT!!!!!!!!!

    20. Suzanne

      I hope i can meet her some day she is amazing and so down to earth and looks like a fun person so be around.🥰

    21. Pedro Serrano

      My question, where can we buy old vinyls of After Forever that have your permission to be sold? I would like to complete your discography but paying the royalties to the right persons.

    22. Augusto Devandas

      Floor you look like celtic woman, do you have irish blood? I guess you better have tortilla, tacos have meat .

    23. Ghost

      if you like Pizza Finland have Pizza-taco Kotipizza.

    24. Adriana Soto

      Do you know anything about Costa Rica? Would you like to perform here?

    25. Leggendar

      If endless taco most beautiful, then pizza love score?

    26. Evangeline McDowell

      Which metal singer would you like to sing live with during the upcoming year?

    27. Whisper In The Wind

      Question: Do you read any book now? If yes which one?

    28. Antal Bojtos

      I saw the title and really got my hopes high to hear you sing a part from "Endless forms of most beautiful" but with tacos.

    29. Rafael Costa


    30. Rodrigo Cazares Ortiz

      I don’t actually have a question. I just want to say thank you. You don’t know what you and nightwish have done to my life but, in a short way to say, did bring happiness, joy and motivation, so thank you.

    31. Luigi Rinaldi

      The pizza moment was amazing 👍👍

    32. blka4

      My question: do you like play games?

    33. Camille Le Josne

      You Should try to meet Cristina from Lacuna Coil, i'm shure she can can give you the bests spots for pizza's in Italy! And you may be singin' together ;) (I'll would choose a pepperoni one ;):] Love from Normandy ^^

    34. Rodrigo Gama Brambila

      😍 It’s sooo lovely to watch your videos. I started listening to metal because of YOU. The first metal song I ever heard was Monolith of Doubt (imagine for how long I’ve been following you), and it totally changed my perspective of music. I still can’t get over “Black Tomb”... yet not only are you a phenomenal singer, but also are you a very nice and even comedic person. Truly lovely to watch this 😍😍👏🏻👏🏻

    35. Jason Orton

      Lol have you had taco pizza? Yes it's a real thing.

    36. Francisca Vielma

      so.... cabernet sauvignon, merlot, carmenere, syrah, other,?, or maybe all of them?

    37. thomas m. tordel jr.

      Happy Birthday..- close enough? :)

    38. Tony

      pizza and wine!

    39. Dallass

      Q: Do you think, you could play Amunet's role at The Flash?

    40. Paulo Vieira

      Do you like football? And if you do, which team are you a fan of?

    41. Jorg Kuijt

      A long time ago, I had a discussion with some friends of mine about this question: If you have to choose one dish to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be? I chose Boerenkool met worst.. My friends tried to meta it by saying Indonesian ricetable (lots of different stuff..)... But ..meh...nothing beats boerenkool met worst....

    42. MadalinaU22

      Dear Floor, I have the feeling that the taco thing is going to stick a long time. Better get them what they want, otherwise you will have to make a song about it.

    43. Pedro Ivan

      I have a question, do you have a unfulfilled dream?

    44. Marcos Gabriel

      My question: If Pinocchio said "my noose is gonna grow right now", what would happen next?

    45. Luisa Schüppel

      Have you ever tried kebap? If yes, did you like it?

    46. StarSword C

      My question: If you could get Nightwish to cover any After Forever or ReVamp song, which one it be?

    47. Edwin R.

      Taco taco, burrito burrito, taco taco, burrito burrito

    48. Zetsu XD

      Any chance of Floor Jansen Ft. Simone Simons in 2121? ;-;

    49. shahrizal ijat

      Hai....nice too meet u..i'm from Malaysia.....

    50. Chris A.

      How about chimichangas, then? Hey, since we're talking about Deadpool, what do you think of Ashes by Celine Dion for your next metalized cover?

    51. Василий Климов

      My question: How did such a gorgeous woman like you come about !? I love you, Floor! )))

    52. Lasse

      Ghost Love Taco

    53. Gh0sT_PATRIOT11

      Not a question, but just wanted to say I only have known about you for about a month, but you have easily became my favorite vocalist... your range is absolutely insane. Thank you for being you!

    54. Iberiana21

      KHACHAPURI! 1000%

    55. Roel Hodzelmans

      Could you please do me a favor? Just one extra hug for Marko? No words, no pressure, just an extra hug from someone he holds dear.

    56. James Seiler

      After watching this I made Taco's for supper. LoL 💩💩💩💩💩💩

    57. Joshua Swartzell

      Thanks Floor. These videos always brighten my day.

    58. Jadeancekhaz

      @ floor are you going to have pizza with with gee anzalone in italy, when you have pizza? 😜🍕🍕🍕

    59. Persephone Sephiroth

      My Question - Who would you love to collaborate with that you haven't already?

    60. Julian Aguilar

      serious question why do you think some artists fall into drug abuse?

    61. M JJ

      Question: what cover do you think could be a big challenge for you?

    62. nutella drifter

      So do you like chimichangas (and do your wounds heal instantly)?

    63. nevarmaor

      My question is ... How could 10 people dislike this? Ok seriously ... Other than the voice, what is your favourite instrument?

    64. SteveNL

      Q: Are you and Hannes listening to eachothers music?

    65. Antero Jokinen

      If you could star in a movie, what kind of movie would it be? Fantasy, action. drama etc.

    66. Keite Gularte

      I just love this.

    67. InIcarus

      If this doesn't stop soon, whenever someone searches for tacos (or any food soon I guess) it'll only show results from Floor Jansens channel.

    68. Elio


    69. Lee Jordan

      It was so heart warming to hear you laugh, Thanks for the Fan Friday, take care and stay safe

    70. mig valdi

      Un sugerencia si es posible: subtítulos para los que no entendemos mucho inglés hablado pero entendemos un poquito más escrito, por favor.

    71. Anthi pap

      What about Greek food? 🇬🇷

    72. Tom Hrelec


    73. Ryan Prentice

      When the world starts back up and you find yourself in Los Angeles find a good Taco Truck and get Carne Asada street tacos. Best ever. Google that...

    74. James

      I was wondering a lot of comments are in the UK media about the lack of support for UK artists and Venues. What is the Dutch / Finnish experience through the pandemic regarding support for the arts?

    75. Flutter Hoof

      In stead of calling it 1 Minute Fan Friday, wouldn't it be an idea to just call it Fan Friday?

    76. Valerio Martino

      Which are your favourite wines?

    77. Steph smith

      Floor, can we hear your version of Eva please.

    78. Aleksandar Radovanovic

      I love this small stories, you are great 😊👍♥️

    79. Sandra Hänninen

      The taco glows white on the mountain tonight Not a taco to be seen A kingdom of tacos And it looks like I'm the queen The taco is howling like this swirling storm inside Couldn't keep it in, taco knows I've tried Don't let them in, don't let them see Be the good taco girl you always have to be Conceal, don't eat, don't let them know Well, now they know Let taco go, let taco go Can't hold it back anymore Let taco go, let taco go Turn away and slam the taco I don't care what they're going to say Let the taco rage on The taco never bothered me anyway It's funny how some tacos makes everything seem small And the tacos that once controlled me can't get to me at all It's time to see what taco can do To test the tacos and break through No. Taco. No. Taco. NO. tacos for me I'm taco Let taco go, let taco go I am one with the taco and pizza Let taco go, let taco go You'll never see me cry Here I stand and here I stay Let the taco rage on My taco flurries through the air into the ground My taco is spiraling in frozen fractals all around And one taco crystallizes like an icy blast I'm never going back, the taco is in the mouth Let taco go, let taco go And taco will rise like the break of dawn Let taco go, let taco go That perfect taco is gone. :( Here I stand in the light of taco Let the taco rage OOOOON The taco never bothered me anyway. :)

    80. vjPulp

      I like how you say "sonething" instead of "something" ;-)

    81. 夏侯桀

      yes!!!!!!!!!! PIZZA GANG RIGHT HERE!!!!!!!!!

    82. Alee Santos

      Brazilian fucking pizza >>>>>>>>>>>>> any other

    83. Trev

      It's been solved.. Pizza is the greatest food on earth. Suck on that taco's

    84. TomicaCZ

      Just saw Bless the Child (Wacken 2013) and wondering whether you can still put on the piercing or if is the hole in your nose already sealed. By the way amazing show... Bless the Child was song of my teen age :)

    85. Sarah Hölscher

      Now a question... What is the best Dutch word and what is the best word in Swedish? Although in fact these are two questions. 😂

    86. Sarah Hölscher

      Waiting for the day the people stop the taco thing, Floor is right, they do not taste good at all.

    87. hatsiepatsie

      Question ?! Would you consider a autobiographical book about your experience in life.?

    88. Marcelo Bassalo

      Which After Forever song you like the most?

    89. Redelboy M

      Future lyrics if I May - "Kindness of seven wolves chords minor seas abyss poet's echo music to chess, Sixth is just a Dawn".

    90. LillyDaSilva

      After seeing the video of "Sancta Terra" with Epica - did you guys ever thought of going on tour together and being something like a guest singer in the other partys performance? I bet that would be really awesome ❤

    91. Tamara de graaf

      Dank je wel weer Floor. Ja dat blijft lekker pannenkoeken met stroop soms en 's winters (zeker in Zweden) boerenkool met worst 🙂 Fijne nieuwe week alvast en weer veel liefs uit Nederland 😘

    92. Bert Hermans

      Hello Floor, Lagavulin 16 or 12?

    93. LillyDaSilva

      Aside from being part of Nightwish, do you have your own favorite band which you love listening to? Or perhaps bands you can only listen to when you're happy or sad or angry etc.?

    94. Vero Van Schendel

      You could always cover the pizza song from André van Duin!

    95. Vero Van Schendel

      I have 2 best days in my life ;)

    96. Vero Van Schendel

      Boerenkool met vegetarische worst?

    97. Dennis Cruz EX JW VICTIMS SUPPORT

      Have a wonderfull weekend everybody!!! Big hugs

    98. Michael Goff

      “Everything is Awesome”? Does this mean we can expect a cover version of the classic Lego Movie song? That would be awesome!

      1. Sandra Hänninen

        Oh god 🤣🤣🤣

    99. Jarry Kalajan

      My question is Mettalica or megadeth?? I will die happy if i see you singing a Megadeth song ^^

    100. Timothy X

      The "hands moving over your ears"... To check monitors, check hair, automatic hand movements of all of those?