Epic Cycling on Ice

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    Epic Cycling on Ice
    Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome bike with circular saws instead of wheels that can easily ride on ice - icуcycle 😂
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    1. Some Guy

      What if u fall?

    2. 송경근


    3. 3loscarito Arteaga

      Es pero que un poco de todo vea mi comentario y saludos si lo ves

    4. Oldboy -

      Awesome, um, why does this have so many dislikes? I am confused....

    5. ChiTownTino

      Sir why were you on the ice when you fell through?

    6. Stephen Dickens

      Better hope that is very thick ice, to many times in a circle and something could give.

    7. Hoyshanuk

      False Title fast forward to last 30 seconds of video for actually cycling on ice.

    8. Smiley Doge3449

      4:18 my anxiety went📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈

    9. Zahid Awan

      ویلے لوگ۔۔ نکمے کام۔۔۔

    10. Ravi pandu

      Keren bang

    11. I am a Cat

      alternative title: how to lose your leg in 2 days

    12. jon p

      Check out ayden Palmon channel jumping fire pit

    13. nasir uddenn


    14. Yusuf geming

      Gak bisa basa inggris

    15. Aqil prayoga

      Ngebayangin kalau jatoh gmana itu akhh

    16. Lock MacGregor


    17. Edrich Reigne Malan

      pls subscribe to his channel

    18. Eskil Erichsen

      Or just buy spike tires

    19. NME 316

      creative way to break the ice

    20. FR - A

      wow i can use this as fun log saw machine

    21. Papiya Karmokar

      R y

    22. Riff Farhin


    23. Matthew Paxton

      Aokiji be like

    24. qiwe drummer


    25. Busy Jimbo


    26. YALUMBA

      We're living in the era of imagining

    27. Aiden Witmer


    28. Strange Brew

      I wouldn’t ride in a circle too long..you might end up swimming.

    29. Andrew Faeh

      You could also just buy a tire with spikes - just as effective on ice and a lot less effort !

    30. Heili salem Hernández Álvarez

      Es ya genial 👍👍👍

    31. Lucas games

      congratulations on the bike

    32. Carlos León

      Eso fue muy cool y acabas de crear una bici de hielo

    33. Carlos León


    34. WixxoYT

      *doomguy has joined the chat*

    35. Allen Renzo Marasigan

      normies: oh cool a guy riding a bike in ice weebs: oh so this is aokiji the member of black beard pirates?

    36. Squaly Cactus


    37. zad zed

      i though it was a big pizza cutter at first

    38. James Talton

      Click bate. 4:28 to see what you came here for.

    39. Fear Mazi

      my dumb self would still try to wheelie 😂🤦🏾‍♂️

    40. Jake Ruppert

      Imagine foot braking on the back wheel

    41. T G

      Nice timberlands

    42. Sam 31


    43. Kenish Penish

      You know you can just do this with a regular road bike...? No need for the whacky wheels.

    44. Karthik Devuluri

      Imagine, cycling it straight through the balls of your math teacher. Ugh!

    45. Xablau TV

      Se ele cair se corta todo kkkk

    46. Johnny Regularhand

      Wheel guard for safety? Nahh

    47. Ollie Scopes

      I feel braindead😂

    48. Matthew Morris

      Pretty dumb but okay

    49. Adrian Sanchez

      Caerte en esa bici no es una opción

    50. si entong

      Kegelincir sedikit abis tu bokong😂

    51. Liam McIntyre

      Slips off back of bike

    52. JK Ellis

      I wouldn't feel comfortable riding a bike with sawblades for wheels.

    53. kusatchi boi

      this is what ancient egyptians had

    54. Drip Smoke

      Yea, try not to fall buddy.

    55. Ясен Пень

      жопой сядешь на такое колесо и тебя два

    56. Kjohn034

      He looks confused. There are no red lights or stop signs to blow through on the ice.

    57. Baas Dino

      Hello youtube recommendation squad

    58. paula alves

      esse é brabo

    59. Gabriel Calixto

      Ya n

    60. Wren Woodall

      I got an ad before this for cookies and cream Twix and trust me there not good

    61. Krisna Haidar

      imagine that things hit ur balls

    62. Joshua Castillo

      Imagine playing “don’t wimp out” with this bike. It’s exactly what you think it is.

    63. piki Hariyanto

      GG batt anjing

    64. Eric Melanson

      probly get next to no resistance from the snow, awesome

    65. 시바휘바ShibaHyvaa

      Wow bicycle on ice good idea

    66. Kobe Nguyen

      Nice ice-cycle.

    67. scott jenkins

      Something about his hand movements & motions totally creeps me out!!

    68. Leeague


    69. Johan Vonk

      Am I the only one who noticed that the front "wheel" is the wrong way around?

    70. XXX X

      Chúc mọi người đang xem thật nhièu hạnh phúc❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    71. 悪趣味なラクシュミー

      Judas Priest Painkiller album cover. Now we know he is real.

    72. Dunkan Winter

      if you fall into the wheel you will end with a bigger line in your butt xD

    73. Vicinitrix

      Don’t fall....

    74. LimedBeat

      Can I try this at home?

    75. lis

      This is stupid. If you fall, you are going to be badly injured or dead.

    76. LimedBeat

      So no one gonna talk about that insane transition

    77. Der CrysisBZ

      quite honestly this video should be flagged for the influence of endangering other people with this kinda influence.

    78. Tempuri

      Imagine when he was riding he accidentally touched the wheel/blade while it was spinning. Ouch.

    79. Ming Kui

      NA said he

    80. Michal Kaftaniak


    81. Fe Adjarani

      Great idea💯💯💯

    82. Ryan Sherwood

      very cool... but was it cheaper to ruin your wheel than buy a new axle?

    83. Fred Gervin M.P.

      I would wind up killing myself, it does look fun.

    84. O'Connor Kerry

      Nice job

    85. DXMcoreTCK

      Ojala no te amputes un dedo o una d tus piernas

    86. Eduardo Soares

      Não seria mais facil comprar os cubos das roadas separados em vez de desmotar toda a roda . vaiter que comprar outro par quando o inverno acabar. mais valeu rsrs..

    87. Joaquin’s World

      everyone: imagine if you fall on that? me: wait isn't that what Jason was talking about in that one studio c sketch?

    88. shoto todoroki

      Imagine falling off that bike and the tire hitting your leg or when you're riding the bike, your leg accidentally hits the tire.

    89. Bryant Floyd

      I've heard of people painting on a saw blade but never did I think it could be used as bicycle wheels.

    90. PacTy GaMes

      Imagine if he runs over someone

    91. Victor W.

      Imagina da um grau nessa magrela

    92. Pay for ipads


    93. xxxclash_ clans

      Image falling 😳

    94. chapin yoker

      Next video comverting a hair dryer into a flame trower

    95. 하늘사랑


    96. Christian Mack Odinson


    97. brahem Ktoo3

      الو على

    98. Free Fire manda manda


    99. Yama Fanboy

      Bet he has no issues at all getting motorist to give way when they see him coming.