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    No other Z3 can spit fire, lift itself up, shoot, Smoke and deliver biscuits at the flick of a switch.
    Make sure you check out the new series of Top Gear with Freddie, Paddy and Chris on BBC One, Sundays at 8pm - or on BBCiPlayer here bbc.in/38Tc3JN
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    1. colinfurze

      What a Car, the flamethrower nearly took the front off haha, so what else could we squeeze in this beast and can you spot the card Stig in background of one of the shots.

      1. Will leffert

        Ejection seat

      2. Will leffert

        Ejection seat

      3. Chris Storer

        Maybe you could replace the front bumper cover with metal sheeting and high temp paint instead?

      4. ColdManJenkins

        I would love a front and back camera system, something like the cars from day breakers maybe? give it night vision too so its extra spy-ish

      5. Leo Raymond

        i've been trying to make a screw tank in a game but I do t know how a screw tank works can you possibly help?

    2. DjTittieMilk

      "are those freakin sharks, with freakin lazer beams attached, to their freakin heads?!" -Dr.Evil

    3. enigma cars

      License to grill!!

    4. Skyline Av services

      Youve got to much sponsors. Was expecting better tbh

    5. Jacob Waisner

      qq Colin how many of those shirts do u have

    6. Isaac MacKenzie

      You need to make the tri-toon boat from Waterworld.

    7. Stick Ninja

      He scratched the floor

    8. robin vanderwaeren

      you better eat that chicken

    9. Number8of10

      Why do I feel like this was pretty safe in comparison to some of his other gadgets?

    10. jaded

      next, make old pickup run on wood gas

    11. Nathan Does Air Traffic Controlling

      POV: you are here to check out Colin's voice from the Mr Bean: Diamonds Are a Bean's Best Friend

    12. Bliksem

      Why are you flogging a dead horse, Collin? The new Bond film died from terminal wokeness before it was even released.

    13. Gary booting_co_uk

      Colin Furze - the man with the golden pun !!!!

    14. magnus lazib

      you sould make the ultimate military vehicle

    15. laskin riubn

      Colin deserves to be in the next bond film. An actual mad inventor in Q's workshop.

    16. A cute Dog

      It’s not a biscuit it’s a cookie

    17. Leonidus Satanus

      Oldman kolin. You inginering head.

      1. laskin riubn

        I love you bro 😊😊😊😊😊😊

    18. Will Payne

      10,000 internet points to anyone spotting the relevance of the music in the slo-mo biscuit footage.

    19. Leeana Lane

      you are a loon.... keep up the good work

    20. Adam Heywood

      "Mr Government, can I mount guns on my car?" --"Sure Colin, go crazy" "Lmao already did"

    21. Michelle Poe

      Who came here after he was on the Channel 9 today show in the AU?

    22. Jack Robke

      thats a cookie not a biscut?

    23. misolou fout

      The shark finally has a frickin‘ laserbeam attaches to its head

    24. Mark ODoherty

      He was on australia tv

    25. Jake Stribling

      I just saw the car on the news in Australia

      1. misolou fout

        Are you a self taught engineer

    26. Killian O'Reilly

      MAN you should turbo your drift trikes haha

    27. Andi

      Hi Colin, have you ever tried to build the Turbo Encabulator?

    28. fierfox 1011

      You should make power armor from fallout 76 like the excavator power armor

    29. Lukas Stipp bmx

      Fully functional eh? Idk bout that radio 😂

    30. Brian Prusa

      Nice work Q, I mean Colin.

    31. lars boerma

      hmmm collab with The Spiffing Brit? Atleast you got the tea brand right

    32. Motivational Art

      I love you bro 😊😊😊😊😊😊

    33. Kata FiX


    34. kishenkoolskills90

      You need to join the Top Gear team, it would be great to watch it

    35. Sam Halsey

      Shame you bought Yorkshire Tea www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-52978990

    36. Rhombus

      I’m very disappointed there is no num plate flipper thing xD

      1. annag cocl

        you deserve alot more than 11 million subs congratulations on making the famous james bond car pierce Brosnan will be proud :)

    37. Александр Барсуков


      1. annag cocl

        My condolences. Today is a tough day for the British monarchy and the citizens of Her Majesty.

    38. Atharv Patil

      Man! Miss his Ace Ventura's style of laughter 😎😂

    39. František Mucha


    40. grindAR2007 d

      Are you a self taught engineer

    41. TitanTubs

      6:35 Oi matey you've scuffed up the cobble way! Now they know you're a Spy!

    42. Agent86

      Channeling His Cheech n Chong

    43. Mason Malone

      i wish it was so edited and child oriented. I use to really love watching your videos.

    44. toijg avnnr

      imagine having a girl over and while making out in the car she wants to turn on some music but instead she get hit by a flying biscuit

    45. Gaming Guy 207 Campbell

      Hey @colinfurze in your last video with the trucks and fireworks don`t you think it would have been better to set up with ShootFireFly you can trigger the FireFly control box from your mobile with there app they have you may wanna watch there tutorials on how to set it up and how it would work I have this system myself shootfirefly.com/ for your next Firework display if you are gonna have one.

      1. toijg avnnr

        Good video as usual Colin, but arent bond cars supposed to look good?

    46. Noobmaster 69


    47. Rusty Potato


      1. Rusty Potato

        *shakes knive* "Mmm very nice"

    48. Sir Walter Raleigh

      It needs a boxing glove out the side to deter car thieves.

    49. shane mason

      Did u get food posoning off that chicken

    50. shu aïb

      Louer ça ar moi do

    51. Иван Иванов

      My condolences. Today is a tough day for the British monarchy and the citizens of Her Majesty.

      1. serdy ximi

        What's top gear?

    52. Chloe ASMR

      you deserve alot more than 11 million subs congratulations on making the famous james bond car pierce Brosnan will be proud :)

      1. Chloe ASMR

        @serdy ximi hes worth more than that.

      2. serdy ximi

        Colin is the Jim Carey of engineers.

    53. 4Real

      imagine having a girl over and while making out in the car she wants to turn on some music but instead she get hit by a flying biscuit

    54. Gery Boros

      *"Officer I swear to god it's all stock"*

    55. HalfLobster 5384

      The glove box only fits a glove. I’m fucking crying.

    56. J 3 Shoes

      love the damage done to the road caused by the disc.

    57. Fire_Fox07

      i wonder if colingfurze watches anime... if you do maybe make half hot half cold from my hero academia?

    58. David Miscarriage

      fun fact: Furze means farts in german!

    59. serdy ximi

      Imagine filling your car up at a petrol station and the person next to you is filling their CD player up with rich teas

    60. pebee


    61. Josh Whiddett

      Good video as usual Colin, but arent bond cars supposed to look good?

      1. serdy ximi

        Can u add more stuff in future?

    62. Nightcore Bendy The Dancing Demon

      Try make own Cerevo Dominator that can actually shoot

    63. ASHO

      Didn't know Top Gear still exists

    64. S Rice

      Looking like a Cheech and Chong movie with the smoke 💨 💨 💨 out

    65. Seemore Butts

      OOoooh!! Has the council seen the marks you left in the cobbles?

    66. Anthony Ryan

      Colin is the Jim Carey of engineers.

    67. sonny B

      What's top gear?

    68. Dean Platt

      Hey Colin, This is absolutely awesome with you building your very own Bond Car! 😊👍

    69. Avremi Rapoport

      So whacky. And i love it!

    70. Keeffeland Videos

      Can you make a rasengan and or a chidori

    71. misuyy fong

      I love how he always carries a knife in his pocket

      1. John DoDo Doe

        Illegal here. People have gone to jail for having a box cutter in their car.

    72. Ginge Jones


    73. Mattheq

      Builds a biscuit launcher, but then just fills it with rich tea. Not even choccy dijjies!

      1. misuyy fong

        Yorkshire Tea in the boot = Britishness level is over 9000!

    74. CowGoes Moo

      This is so awesome, I remember when you first came on FIblock. Now look at what you have done and how far you came. So awesome to see someone build bigger and better things everytime.

    75. William Renz

      RIP James Bond

    76. InjusticeGods_YT

      Can u add more stuff in future?

    77. cwuzii

      So piling your own tyres is meant to help you get away but make the car behind crash? That’s the most retarded thing I’ve ever heard.

    78. Forever Computing

      That radio is hilarious. It's not for the UK market at all. Just countries that drive on the other side of the road.

    79. Jonah Pyman

      I always forget about this channel, and then maybe once a year I get to happily remember it and return to see all the brand new crazy shit he’s made while I’ve been gone, love it!

    80. hans hubert

      what a crazy dude. he put the steering wheel on the wrong side

    81. KarmaCadet

      a hidden button in the gear shift that fires crackers from the CD player... this is by far the best use of a CD player in 2021.

    82. TGR Tiger

      If our world has zombies, I am not strange why did you survive?

    83. Nestler

      How do you get so much money for all of this? I always wondered because, is the money from youtube enough??

    84. FreeKing Awwsome

      ₮Ħ₳₦Ԟ ¥ØɄ ₣ØɌ ₮ĦɆ $Ħ₳ɌɆ @colinfurze

    85. Marni

      Lol brilliant 👍

    86. fimbles101

      Its costs £159 quid a year for a TV Licence to watch BBCI player. They removed the free option for over 75s this april. Watching without a licence is a CRIMiNAL offence. Just a heads up. :)

    87. Roseline Thornguard

      Bickies from the stereo, bloody classic 👍

    88. annag cocl

      Yorkshire Tea in the boot = Britishness level is over 9000!

    89. Cian Nugent

      Just released u are so like Jonny rotten

    90. Vincent Biagioli

      think the stig was wondering "how am i supposed to eat this?"

      1. annag cocl

        You're the right kind of crazy, love it!

    91. Being Happy

      I suppose activating the flame thrower while driving wouldn't be so great for the vehicle.

    92. thatdeadguy05

      Your crazy ideas make my day

    93. Crab-69 Gaming

      I wanna buy your house hehe

    94. Christoff Andersen

      is this site dead

    95. liam taylor

      Big up Kendrew barracks

    96. emil gheorghe

      James Bond-W

    97. Richard Shawver

      You got it backwards. Flame throws Deploy to the rear or you can't deploy while driving. Then chasers must run through the flames not you. Auto load shotguns for forward firing. Solenoids for triggering. Improved oil slick use a dual tank system dual spray system oil over water. Result is a much slicker surface. You don't need the pivot wheel. A trap door to rear deploy caltrops. A line tapped into the exhaust system at the rear of the catalytic converter. Spray in oil. Heat plus oil instant dense smoke screen. Forward firing non-guided rockets.

    98. Spencer Marchant

      Colin! I need your help, me and my dad brought a ride on lawn mower for £60 from the 80s and we wanna make it into a trace mower, I wanna see you do the same! As we have no clue where to start 😅

    99. MysticalMelon

      I wish the rear of the car could add a smoke emitter with firecrackers/spark emitters as a distraction, would’ve been sick with the rotating wheel at the back

    100. MysticalMelon

      I was seriously not expecting the chicken to actually look golden brown and perfectly edible, I was expecting a blackened burnt chicken. Guess Colin is a expert cook too lol