EPISODE: The Final Episode

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    An entire year and 6 episodes later...we are finally finishing this Baby Project series. Thanks for coming along. Enjoy!
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    video edited by: @nickisnotgreen
    thanks for watching!
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    1. p p

      the end of an era

    2. voodoosleeper

      I love that the video of Leah punching her car got more and more deep-fried with each video.

    3. Zach Genis

      You should make screw tony merch hahahahahahahha i would buy

    4. slimey keez

      dababy episode lesgoooooo

    5. Savannah Slape

      Thanks, Kurtis. That clapping bit made me laugh so hard, I woke up my husband.

    6. Gaia

      Boom clap punch him in the wrist Beets so good Nananananana

    7. Ashley Obrien

      You missed the perfect opportunity to say GOo- GOo gaanja

    8. Ella Gwen

      Kurt, it seems as if the extra greeting had some pain behind it

    9. winter

      very emotional moment i cried

    10. trying my best

      I'm sitting at school watching this video. the very MOMENT you typed out "skunkfuck" I had to supress so much laughter "sloppy Joe the lizard" did not help

    11. Joe Hutz

      What is the intro song?

    12. Kally Rocha

      dude you’re so funny, i always lose my shit

    13. AKA Chicken Nuggets

      I’m so glad I found his channel right now because if I followed this story for over a year I would kill someone

    14. Emily Bates

      Super... super fast build mode

    15. RavenMcClaim999

      Dude, the like to dislike ratio is something to be proud of Kurtis

    16. Joshima M

      You should definitely play is it love. Or do a video on what an extensive universe it has

    17. Sarah- Michelle Mease

      16:44 what WAS that noise?! Lol I'm wheezing with laughter.

    18. Maggie Whitmore

      now that's an epic chungus moment

    19. Ms. Chicken Animation

      I told her to be gentle I want that Willy wonka special I know I’m not a gentleman

    20. Leah Walder13

      now that’s an epic chungus moment

    21. Vids by Marie

      You look so tired of the intro . This looks forced. You know u can change it up it’s ok. We love u for who u are and the content not for the extra greeting

    22. Hlootoo Thunderhammer

      Tony literally brought hateration and holleration upon that dancery, and thus failed the vibe check...SINISTERLY.

    23. Kawaii_Ems

      Please do another another story from episode your videos make me laugh and make me feel better

    24. lmao oaml

      honestly, kurtis you make the best lesbian content on youtube no cap

    25. Danny

      12:24 - 12:49 killed me! Usually I just laugh in my head when I watch FIblock videos but you actually made me laugh out loud with that part.

    26. Sizz Rizz


    27. Samuel McGreal

      We want a sequel

    28. Happy Fruit


    29. bigassfish 24

      The only thing I care about is watching kurtis hair grow istg

    30. eowyn robbins

      13:11 Yes, I did look this up....

    31. Maia Marchesani

      ALMAB we all know what that means now thanks to Kurtis conner

      1. Maia Marchesani

        I kind of want to know how much money he spent on alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll those gems 💎

    32. PledgeFudge

      Goo Goo Zaza

    33. Jessi Dowell

      My favorite part about this is how he said fuck the police and he was an ally to the LGBTQ community the entire time honestly I love this man so much

    34. Audrey Andersen

      kurtis u have to play sims mobil and make ur own family and stuff!! it would be sooo funny!!!

    35. Hannah Auletti

      Tony a little homophobic 👀

    36. Georgia M

      now that’s an epic chungus moment

    37. komminata

      i want to know exactly how much money he spent on diamonds for this series

    38. Pineapples

      Goddamn, that “alright, read the room” while la bamba or whatever played in the background… That broke me

    39. donni smith

      can we just talk about how it took kurtis a year to complete this story 💀

    40. platypusnoiz93

      For there always being icy roads, these kids never seem to dress for it. Also, there should probably be at least a little snow

    41. XoRedStaria

      This has been a year old series and it's finally over holy hell

    42. Rachel Carstens

      I've been watching this story from the beginning and still have no fucking clue what's going on

    43. Shycu


    44. momako

      I dropped out of fourth grade to support my nannas drug business, that means you know the epic highs and lows of highschool football

    45. A Girl

      Now that’s an epic chungus moment

    46. Amber Kempert

      Now that’s an epic chungus moment

    47. deckie

      Oh hey that's Stella Artois, Flanders second best beer! Belgian homies, drink Jupiler instead. Louvain beer is only second best.

    48. zacky hughes

      how much money did you spend on this series

    49. Aliens Baby

      now that's an epic chungus moment

    50. Pink Mountain

      what is the opening tune i must have it

    51. Millie Jones

      I can't live without the "folks, 👏🏼"

    52. alyssa rae

      is it bad i wanna try to make a bong out of a plastic baby's head now?

    53. dr phil’s sugar baby

      pls do another cause there’s way better episodes lmao

    54. s i p p

      *leah punches her car*

    55. dr phil’s sugar baby


    56. hailey cagle

      one last kiss? i only know last first kiss

    57. Isabella Delacruz

      ⬇️This is how many times kurtis made a dababy joke

    58. alli

      Since my middle name is Jo, I would be called Sloppy Joe by this Tall guy in 6th grade....I still will never understand why he bullied me with the name "Sloppy Joe", literally you could've done better Ethan..

    59. SOXIETY 34

      24 hours straight? My family would’ve broke that thing💀

    60. brynna mae

      Kurtis, shut up.

    61. Insert Username

      Tony has not passed *the vibe check*

    62. Priyankara Priyankara


    63. Tessa Newman

      I literally binged each episode in one day... I don't regret it

    64. Sophia Garthoff

      episode caused the pandemic

    65. alstroemeria

      kurtis, the mustache is quite disturbing. you should've put a tw before the video started

    66. loli _

      17:39 man says the word come and instantly dies

    67. Lea

      kurrie my love, i ordered a sweatshirt and i’ve been waiting since march 6th for a shipping confirmation ):

    68. Empathy Says

      Someone tell Kurtis he’s still got David Dobrik listed in his channels

    69. Leah Walder13

      Me in the final video✨

    70. Jess Mess

      You should do another

    71. Charlie Damcevski

      kurtis can you do another tiktok watching session please thank you love you

    72. Masion Chicken


    73. sleepy

      You should definitely play Choices, has a lot of really good books that came out a while back, even though there's diamond options, the books they have are genuinely fun and exciting to read.

    74. tiwo victorious

      Lowkey Kurtis has this Justin beiber vibe on his face ...istg


      This is kind of personal, but you've put yourself out here for everyone in the world to watch you and make observations of you. So, I was wandering about that nose ring. Why is it on one side? Does the left side mean that someone is G@why or straight? Is the middle mean yourself bi? Does the 👃 💍 collect buggers making it hard to breathe? Do you breathe through the right side and use the left side as a bugger collector? I hope it's a fake ring that you take out when your right side is stuffed up. Good luck collecting buggers.

    76. Big Nuts

      Kurtis Connor more like Curtis Konnor I don’t know if this is a hot take or what I just had to get this is off my big ol chest🥵

    77. uh oh

      Dude I’m lovin your 80s-ass music lately

    78. Angelina Cottone

      Hey, Kurty boi! What's going on?! Why haven't you been posting as consistently?!? But seriously, man what's going on? I'm worried about you 😓😟

      1. Raina Raina

        He said he's working on a video that's gonna take long to finish so that's why

    79. Ryan Kelly

      I thought Tony and Spencer where going to start making out after they talked it out during that “fight”, lol / that steroids storyline came out of left field

    80. Orangejuice 15

      Why would Tony be driving if Kurtisssss was the one picking him up? Plot hole

    81. ameerz

      ive said this before, but ive always thought it was almost impossible to become kurtis's editor bc he always does a fuckton of edits for his videos, but this was rly well-made. good job, nickisnotgreen

    82. negative creep

      i am begging you please watch birdemic it is a cinematic masterpiece and i would love to see your reaction

    83. b a s s i c

      One day, Episode will hold us all hostage for diamonds

    84. Travis Nault

      its almost been 3 weeks since i had a extra greeting, plea burtis 🥺 👉🏻👈🏻

    85. Eva B

      Love you kurtis

    86. Soft-Spoken Summy

      Kurt Boy please make a video where you react/comment on a reality TV show called Below Deck, I think your reaction would be really funny lol 😂

    87. negative creep

      kurtis saying “oh yeah hittin that whip” will never not make me laugh

    88. G S

      my eight year old sister saw this and said “whos the rat man?” and everyone clapped in the grocery store. MERRY CHRISTMAS and the college interviewers cried tears of joy.

    89. Sarah Scott

      If I live in Kurtistown and Kurtis is the mayor, he lives in Canada. Does that mean that I live in Canada because I live in Kurtistown?

    90. cuddlyxstylesxx ily

      i want jacob lol

    91. Almond Jack

      Can anybody help me end door abuse At #EndDoorAbuse2021

    92. Jacob Watson

      You look like a cargo shorts dad

    93. jaegerhardt

      God please do another one

    94. Kathleen Knox

      The way you edit is like you've peeked into my mind... The sinister vibes edit has me crying. Thank you.

    95. Eva Gutierrez

      Kurtis when’s the collab with Ally Hills? I need it in my life. Y’all have such similar humor I think the video would be 👌👌

    96. vampire fangs

      7:37 YES *GASP!* weed.

    97. Alex Rodriquez

      Hey Kurtis if you're on the lookout for a cringy pick up artist that's super manipulative and maybe racist to make a quick video about, look up David Bond

    98. Rian Morgan

      kurtis PLEASE react to Sharktapus vs. Pteracuda it’s the worst movie i’ve ever seen

    99. Andee Nichole

      my hello fresh code doesnt work :(

    100. Priya Shekinah

      Bro please where's the new fucking video