Eurovision 2021: Grand Final Split Results (Reaction)

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    We discuss the results of the Eurovision 2021 grand final two weeks after the show. William and Suzanne were on-the-ground in Rotterdam, while Oliver and Jonathan were watching from the comfort of home. Switzerland's Gjon's Tears won the jury vote, while Italy's Måneskin took the public vote. We discuss them and other favourites including France's Barbara Pravi, Malta's Destiny, Ukraine's Go_A and Iceland's Dadi Freyr and Gagnamagnid.

    Eurovision 2021 final results

    1. Italy: Måneskin “Zitti e buoni” 524
    2. France: Barbara Pravi “Voilà” 499
    3. Switzerland: Gjon’s Tears “Tout l’Univers” 432
    4. Iceland: Daði og Gagnamagnið “10 Years” 378
    5. Ukraine: Go_A “Shum” 364
    6. Finland: Blind Channel “Dark Side” 301
    7. Malta: Destiny “Je me casse” 255
    8. Lithuania: The Roop “Discoteque” 220
    9. Russia: Manizha “Russian Woman” 204
    10. Greece: Stefania “Last Dance” 170
    11. Bulgaria: Victoria “Growing Up Is Getting Old” 170
    12. Portugal: The Black Mamba “Love Is on My Side” 153
    13. Moldova: Natalia Gordienko “Sugar” 115
    14. Sweden: Tusse “Voices” 109
    15. Serbia: Hurricane “Loco Loco” 102
    16. Cyprus: Elena Tsagrinou “El diablo” 94
    17. Israel: Eden Alene “Set Me Free” 93
    18. Norway: Tix “Fallen Angel” 75
    19. Belgium: Hooverphonic “The Wrong Place” 74
    20. Azerbaijan: Efendi “Mata Hari” 65
    21. Albania: Anxhela Peristeri “Karma” 57
    22. San Marino: Senhit feat. Flo Rida “Adrenalina” 50
    23. Netherlands: Jeangu Macrooy “Birth of a New Age” 11
    24. Spain: Blas Cantó “Voy a quedarme” 6
    25. Germany: Jendrik “I Don’t Feel Hate” 3
    26. United Kingdom: James Newman “Embers” 0

    Eurovision 2021 public vote results

    1. Italy: Måneskin “Zitti e buoni” 318
    2. Ukraine: Go_A “Shum” 267
    3. France: Barbara Pravi “Voilà” 251
    4. Finland: Blind Channel “Dark Side” 218
    5. Iceland: Daði og Gagnamagnið “10 Years” 180
    6. Lithuania: The Roop “Discoteque” 165
    7. Switzerland: Gjon’s Tears “Tout l’Univers” 160
    8. Russia: Manizha “Russian Woman” 100
    9. Serbia: Hurricane “Loco Loco” 82
    10. Greece: Stefania “Last Dance” 79
    11. Sweden: Tusse “Voices” 63
    12. Moldova: Natalia Gordienko “Sugar” 62
    13. Norway: Tix “Fallen Angel” 60
    14. Malta: Destiny “Je me casse” 47
    15. Cyprus: Elena Tsagrinou “El diablo” 44
    16. Albania: Anxhela Peristeri “Karma” 35
    17. Azerbaijan: Efendi “Mata Hari” 33
    18. Bulgaria: Victoria “Growing Up Is Getting Old” 30
    19. Portugal: The Black Mamba “Love Is on My Side” 27
    20. Israel: Eden Alene “Set Me Free” 20
    21. San Marino: Senhit feat. Flo Rida “Adrenalina” 13
    22. Belgium: Hooverphonic “The Wrong Place” 3
    23. Netherlands: Jeangu Macrooy “Birth of a New Age” 0
    24. Spain: Blas Cantó “Voy a quedarme” 0
    25. Germany: Jendrik “I Don’t Feel Hate” 0
    26. United Kingdom: James Newman “Embers” 0

    Eurovision 2021 jury vote

    1. Switzerland: Gjon’s Tears “Tout l’Univers” 267
    2. France: Barbara Pravi “Voilà” 248
    3. Malta: Destiny “Je me casse” 208
    4. Italy: Måneskin “Zitti e buoni” 206
    5. Iceland: Daði og Gagnamagnið “10 Years” 197
    6. Bulgaria: Victoria “Growing Up Is Getting Old” 140
    7. Portugal: The Black Mamba “Love Is on My Side” 126
    8. Russia: Manizha “Russian Woman” 104
    9. Ukraine: Go_A “Shum” 97
    10. Greece: Stefania “Last Dance” 91
    11. Finland: Blind Channel “Dark Side” 83
    12. Israel: Eden Alene “Set Me Free” 73
    13. Belgium: Hooverphonic “The Wrong Place” 71
    14. Lithuania: The Roop “Discoteque” 55
    15. Moldova: Natalia Gordienko “Sugar” 53
    16. Cyprus: Elena Tsagrinou “El diablo” 50
    17. Sweden: Tusse “Voices” 46
    18. San Marino: Senhit feat. Flo Rida “Adrenalina” 37
    19. Azerbaijan: Efendi “Mata Hari” 32
    20. Albania: Anxhela Peristeri “Karma” 22
    21. Serbia: Hurricane “Loco Loco” 20
    22. Norway: Tix “Fallen Angel” 15
    23. Netherlands: Jeangu Macrooy “Birth of a New Age” 11
    24. Spain: Blas Cantó “Voy a quedarme” 6
    25. Germany: Jendrik “I Don’t Feel Hate” 3
    26. United Kingdom: James Newman “Embers” 0

    12 points awarded by the juries
    9: Switzerland - Albania, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Israel, Latvia
    5: France - Ireland, Netherlands, San Marino, Spain, United Kingdom
    4: Malta - Australia, Norway, Romania, Sweden
    3. Italy - Croatia, Georgia, Ukraine
    2. Bulgaria - Moldova, Portugal
    2. Greece - Cyprus, France
    2. Moldova - Bulgaria, Russia
    1. Albania - Malta
    1. Cyprus - Greece
    1. Iceland - Switzerland
    1. Lithuania - Italy
    1. North Macedonia - Serbia
    1. Portugal - Czech Republic
    1. Russia - Azerbaijan
    1. San Marino - Poland
    1. Serbia - North Macedonia
    1. Ukraine - Lithuania

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    1. ranovich

      No word on the highest note record break by Eden from Israel?

    2. bikerchick261

      100% the UK deserved to be at the bottom. (Maybe not nil points but definitely deserved 26th.) Trumpets and a white guy with cornrows. Bell ends and racism; you can't say it wasn't a perfect representation of the UK right now.

    3. SL

      Please react to BLACKPINK, is the biggest girl group in the world with 62.3 million subscribers on youtube

    4. Amber Smeulders

      Zero points does not mean that these countries got 0 votes overall. It means that they just did not get into the top 10 of combined votes of any country. If you phrase it that way it is basically saying that they all got any position between 11-14 in any country which is not that easy. So they did get votes but just not enough to get on the board.

      1. Amber Smeulders

        I am talking about the televote not the jury vote obviously.

    5. Amber Smeulders

      It makes sense that Victoria is the mother of the group since she was the one who made the band in the first place. So she obviously has a big role in why the band is so big and why they are so close together.

    6. Ray Moore

      Suzanne is everything. I could listen to her all day. She just shines a brighter light on everything.

    7. Eda Kovaci

      Who are these people that talking here , we waisted our time to listen to their very shallow thoughts . Their are kids that likes the rock songs , and this girl it’s very annoying when she talks and talks about colors and nothing

    8. greeko25

      I really feel bad for the Netherlands 🇳🇱. He was so poignant and vocally perfect

    9. dany rose

      Guys, with a band like Maneskin, there was none for anyone. The European people have remedied the inability of judgment and incompetence of the juries. I often wonder what world jury members live in. hahaha

    10. Amy Kelly

      William's facial expressions watching his sister....🤣❤😅❤😂❤

    11. Cameron Clark

      Just want to say thanks to the polish jury for placing UK 11th... Everyone else put UK near last 😂

    12. Evan Bic

      18:05 😒😂😶

    13. Nathan Perez

      It's pretty obvious what's going on with all that talk of "Top 2" like c'mon guys. No one EVER talks about top 2. Just say you didn't like Gjon's Tears and wanted to skip talking about Switzerland and save us the trouble.

    14. Jim W

      San Marino was just too weird in the staging and for the supposed hype around Flo Rida I would suggest that 90% of the voting audience across Europe had no idea who he was.

    15. Toallín-Lumostark

      You forgot to mention Switzerland! The jury winner and my personal favourite that night. Such an amazing performance.

    16. Onewxrld Music

      We need the crimes !!!!

    17. Tom Vogt

      In terms of the split results, the jury vote pretty much went to the form book in my eyes: Switzerland, France and Malta rewarded the most! In terms of the televote, glad to see the acts bringing something different to the table being rewarded like Italy, Ukraine and Finland. But also really poor results for the likes of Malta, San Marino and the UK felt really disappointing and harsh! Overall I think one of the stories is that poor vocals were not tolerated this year - by juries or televoters. 3 of my favourite songs of the year were Latvia, Ireland and the UK.. but 3 of the worst vocal performances were from those three countries, and they each came last in their Semis/the Grand Final. It's a shame because all had great songs and I love Samanta, Lesley and James.. but the standard was so strong this year!

    18. Armadeus

      not too many thoughts, other than the fact that belgium was in The Wrong Place if you know what i mean

    19. marky fox

      Swiss winning the jury vote needs to be talked more. it was a really great result for swiss. plus, they are also one of the fan favourite, but i guess he’s not top two, so you guys don’t talk about him as much? lol

    20. Sargis H

      Where is Deban?

    21. Karen Eggenschwiler

      I think this year`s results were amazing! I live in Switzerland and we were so proud of Gjon :)

    22. Karen Eggenschwiler

      Great commentary :) Love you guys :)

    23. viktoria rose

      uh yeah kinda sad yall went the whole video without really talking about gjon aka the jury winner? like...?

    24. G P

      The problem with Malta and San Marino was that they were trying too hard and as a result their performances felt cold and pre fabricated in a year with so many performances feeling extremely personal and true to the artists. It’s clear that this “made for Eurovision” songs that used to sweep I the 2000s are now recognize for what they are, disposable music.

      1. Khan

        Yeah like måneskin just went out and poured out talent and passion

      2. Marko_B

        That is EXACTLY the truth. 100% feel the same way

    25. zamarco

      I hope for next year there will be the return of the orchestra and to overcome the tight deadlines for the changes it is enough to make two identical stages while a singer sings in the other stage they prepare everything for the next one so you have time to make all the connections

    26. g e o

      I really think that what Manneskin has achieved is just like any other year. We have to remember Lordi in 2006 and Dana in 1998 and Conchita in 2014. This is Eurovision. Progressive and conservative hand in hand in full harmony.

    27. jack davies

      speaking on how destiny may not have come across too strong with her performance as she didn’t write it, but victoria from bulgaria wrote hers and for whatever reason that didn’t come across to televoters either.

    28. Se Ru

      Gotta love Suzanne

    29. David

      There were no doubts had to win, they went beyond general esc standards.

    30. Jack D

      The idea that San Marino (and Malta for that matter) are tanked in the televote because they are small is nonsense. Malta came 2nd in 2005 (100% televote) and 9th in the televote in 2013. Iceland got support from all over Europe and they are an isolated island with a population below 300k. The interval act idea is also nonsense- San Marino came 9th in semi 2- people just didn’t rate it

    31. Katia V

      Switzerland was the best 👏👏👏

    32. cjip1

      Regarding juries, can you actually see how each jury member voted? On the website there is a breakdown by juror listed as 'a' 'b' etc and a separate list in a "random order" of who is on the jury but I don't see where it says that x person voted in x way?

    33. Lisa Lehto

      Måneskin are the ABBA of today!

    34. snier91

      In the past 5 years none of the winners were pop and there is nothing new or progressive in glam rock.

    35. Scheherasad

      Gijon Tears reminded me a bit of Loreen´s Euphoria , I mean his moves+it reminded me a bit of Arcade(but his song from last year did sound much more like Arcade ) Malta sounded for me like she wanted to cover Netta´s winning song. The french song reminded me a bit of Edith Piaf . Most times I don´t like (ESC ) copies. I love Italy, I never heard a rock song in italian language before +I never heard a combination of a rock song with rap.+i love Go_A I never heard folk song with techno beats before. Italy+Ukraine were my favorites this year but I wished the win for Italy more because they waited so long for a win.

    36. D ESC

      Italy really deserved it😍😍BUT I'm a bit sad about France not winning🥲🥲

    37. Daniel Ali

      I think the results on the night seemed pretty fair and about right overall. I would have loved to see Cyprus do abit better as well William. My biggest disappointment is how the UK is blaming anything but themselves for the poor showing. If we don’t change our attitude and dare to be bolder then we will never climb the leaderboard

    38. CH 99

      Why didn’t you mention the Jury Winner Switzerland? You even put him in the Thumbnail. They are slaying ESC since 2019 but you never really talk much about Switzerland in your channel, is there a reason for that?

    39. LEI. Ale Ro Ni

      127K subscribers on june 7 The numbers are really going up up. Keep up with the good work!!!

    40. Ruby Starfire

      just wanna point out that despite getting 0 points, Germany's average placement among the televotes was decently high at 17th, compared to Spain, UK and the Netherlands who all had average placements around 23rd (Jendrik was actually quite close to scoring points in some countries)

    41. Brenna

      I don't appreciate the Gjon's Tears erasure in this video. All this talk of "top 2" like HELLO Gjon was there as well in the top 3 and he WON THE JURY??? WHY ARE WE NOT TALKING ABOUT THIS?

      1. Katia V

        I am asking the same question?

      2. Cassi0chan

        I'm also disappointed that they didn't mention Gjon at all. Really not okay.

      3. CH 99

        I feel like wiwibloggs doesn’t really like Switzerland nor Gjon’s Tears in particular sadly.

    42. AndreasEUR GER

      What did I just watch? 47 minutes of nothing but “yeah, it’s a shame it didn’t do well” and ducky doo whoever Instagram account?

    43. Lukas Manchult

      Where is Deban guys? We need him to bring some realness cause you r getting a tad boring

    44. Amaan Storm

      18:09 Williams face is the HIGHLIGHT of this video!!!! His reaction to Suzanne's "Hi Everybody" just kills me 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    45. Mohamed Hammoud

      Can we discuss how poorly Azerbaijan did? Am I the only one shocked?

    46. Kat Welham

      I voted for Cyprus along with Italy so yeah. It was in the UK so it didn't help Cyprus although Italy a bit.

    47. Annemarie889

      Lithuania were very overrated by televote imo, and Malta overrated by jury . Any one from the top five could have won this year, such a high standard. But delighted for Italy. They will go down as one of the greats

    48. Tafkanik

      where is Deban?? :(

    49. Jack O Donovan

      It is very interesting to look at the difference in performance of the automatic qualifiers. From the top 2 to the bottom 4. It does show that being an automatic qualifier isn't the core problem but it's the quality of the entry. Even looking at the televote rankings of the bottom 4 in every country, Spain as an example was always 20-26th in every country's ranking apart from Portugal where even there they were 15th. It was a similar thing for the UK where they were constantly low in the rankings,.even in Ireland where they were 20th. As well on the flip side looking at Malta, the change in their televote performance from the semi final to the final, looking at their performance in each country's televote ranking, Malta was consistently 11th-15th and so close to getting points so it's possible the early running order was detrimental and coming after Russia. I am thrilled to see the diversity of the top 10, even the top 5 alone consisting of 4 non english language songs is fantastic. So many different genres from Italy to Finland to France to Ukraine to Iceland.

      1. jackosumene

        I'dlike to know each total televote ranking: but how did you get them?

    50. Kamal Bağırlı

      For the whole video I was waiting for them to mention Bulgaria, and was very happy when William said it at the end :) It was such an amazing and magical performance

    51. Tone Haslum

      I voted 5 time for Spain, but the rest of my vote went to Italy. They were amazing.

    52. Child of Apollo

      The fact that everyone is so against Moldova surprises me really. It's a good song, come on. The vocals were decent and the beat immediately captivates you. The visuals were not the best comparing to the music video but also weren't as boring as many other songs in the final... That's totally understandable for me that it finished in the middle.

      1. zizi

        It was not bad at all, it's just most people strongly prefered that similar type of entries like Serbia, Cyprus, Azerbaijan and San Marino, way more than they liked Moldova, so they think those should have been placed higher than Moldova.

    53. NCN Ned

      I will give a few reasons why Malta flopped with the televote: 1. The staging was mediocre. 2. Outfits were fine(the silver one) to horrible (all pink). 3. All female pop bangers cancel each other (Malta, Cyprus, San Marino, Israel, Azerbaijan and even Greece). These songs were too familiar. 4. Neta already won with that song and message.

      1. Athena Prescott

        Also, being early in the running order + televoters in the final are less friendly to microstates than semi- finals because more general audiences are voting. Whereas, hardcore fans make up a lot of voters in semi finals and they are more willing to vote for small countries

      2. jackosumene

        Agree with your number 3...

      3. snier91

        It’s a neta knock off, that is why they did so bad

    54. Rian

      I think this year, especially with the televote, authenticity and uniqueness were very important factors. If you look at the televote results, the Top 9 songs were all (co-)written by the artists themselves. I think that speaks to a need from the public for something different! And I hope to see more of it in the coming years :)

      1. Mariette Τ.


    55. Enrique Huevos

      What a horrible ESC winnner, probably one of the worst. how they won can only be explained by the sexual energy they exude, the only time I hear it on the radio is at the charts, no station plays that song (or is it noise) here in my country !

      1. Enrique Huevos

        @Srdjan Savic I could live with a 2nd place.. still talk to me within a year

      2. Srdjan Savic

        And yet Spanish televoters had this 'horrible' song as their 2nd place.

      3. Rose Tyler

        It's okay to not like it, people have different taste. I, on the other hand, I'm so happy they won i love the song

      4. trildi

        Come on, if you call Italy noise, then we can call Spain forgettable and boring, something that has been heard hundreds of times before. You just sound butt hurt, sorry :)

    56. jackosumene

      4chansons du Top 5 sont chantées dans la langue maternelle des artistes: il est peut-être là, l'avenir de ce concours, non? Le "tout anglais" et le "tout pop" sont peut-être ringards?

    57. Nikola Vujnović


      1. Rose Tyler

        You think wrong because they weren't. Croatia was robbed, they were in top 10 with both juries and televote and didn't qualify. Serbia didn't appeal to non balkan countries plus there were better songs that theirs. People don't vote for their 10th place but first two. Their ranking was expected

    58. janeyre82

      I totally agree with Jonathan about the Netherlands: they were actually the only 0-point entree that I didn't expect to see in the bottom at all, but I can't really say I didn't see it coming, and even before the first semifinal took place I was asking for someone to explain me what was so wrong and unpleasant with that song for it being so low in almost every top 39 available on FIblock.

      1. janeyre82

        @A. G. Well yeah, you might be right... Though with Surinam we're not talking about a properly non-European context in historical terms... including the language of the chorus. European music is full of experimentalisms looking outside of the continent for inspiration... Would be really disappointing if this were 'per se' a reason for getting no points.

      2. A. G.

        @janeyre82 Ukriane is a good example because no matter how foreign it might sound to most people outside Ukriane , it still instantly sounds like a song that you can easily place in Europe. That was not the case with the Netherlands this year and that might be one of the reasons why the song was so low. I really enjoy the Netherlands this year, but there was very little there to connect the song with the voters.

      3. janeyre82

        @A. G. Hmm... I can't agree with that. Every single local culture inside of Europe itself is virtually 'foreign' for the rest of it, which didn't keep Ukraine from being the second must voted... by the public.

      4. A. G.

        That song was too foreign for an average European voter.

    59. SylvieTheCuteSylveon

      I don't know if this is just me, but literally most of the songs that I love the past 2 Eurovisions (that were not cancelled) did poorly 2019: I thought Keiino from Norway was the best, I also thought Bilal is the best entry from France up until 2021, but besides that my top 10 included Portugal, Ireland, Armenia, Finland, Georgia, Romania, Belarus and Spain. With Belarus being the only one qualifying placing 24th an Spain being an auto qualifier placing 22nd, everyone else were non-qualifiers 2021: Latvia, Romania, Czech Republic, Croatia and Ireland are non-qualifiers, with Ireland being my FAVORITE entry, are non qualifiers. Then there's also San Marino, Senhit queen being 2nd for me, placing only higher than the countries with 0 televote points. However luckily this year I did better with France, Switzerland, Ukraine and Finland being in the top 10 that's in Europe's top 10

    60. Ardika Pradnya

      William brought up an interesting point about artists writing their own song. At the end, people today champion authentic ARTISTS, and the diverse top results are representing that. The number of fabricated pop performers in this year's contest created a downfall for these pop acts as well, they don't stand out, looks generic AF, and at the end people don't vote for them. (You guys are mentioning about the silver dresses. YES. they even all dress the same. Not a good look!)

    61. Ardika Pradnya

      I think American performing in a Eurovision track is not that much of a problem for people as long as it's a song that connects with people. It's the same issue with famous singers representing a country. People don't care about who they are and where they from, as long as the song is good enough for them

    62. Arne

      Malta will never win

      1. janeyre82

        Well, surely not by boosting odds

    63. Dreamer

      Interesting to see whether Italy will need to face the host country curse 🤔

      1. Dreamer

        @Srdjan Savic Except Emma 2014 🤣

      2. Srdjan Savic

        They won't because they use San Remo as their selection method, so we are guaranteed to get a quality entry from them.

    64. Wynneception

      I agree with William re the zero points. It’s a competition. People can train their whole life for the Olympics and get a DNF because they start a split second too early or get a zero because they don’t complete a routine. These are adults and I think it actually sets a good example for kids at home to see the likes of James Newman getting zero points and handling it with such class. It’s not the end of the world if something like that happens. His song has gone on to get radio play. That’s a more powerful lesson to me than giving everyone participation trophies which is ultimately the exact same thing as zero points anyways but just moving the bar higher

      1. yinloveyang

        Hmmm if i knew people would vote for Spain i'd give it almost all my votes but i was sure they wouldnt so thats maybe the reason why it got 0 points everybody was soo into certain entries and i just knew it would happen like that... like Italy sorry too overrated in my opinion like i have to admit while watching their performance i was on my mobile phone because it didnt have any big impact on me long before the contest lol their other song Torna a casa is better... that i dont know now if i will ever vote in the next years cause it seems like im always in minority... well introverted people are in minority😔.

      2. MrM R

        Not to mention that doesn't even mean he did bad, you could be 11th in every country and that's still a zero

      3. Eurovision Temple

        Plus if you apply to go to Eurovision you should expect what the possibilities are for what could happen to you, this means you have the possibility of getting 0 points. If you can’t handle the heat then get out of the kitchen. James Newman was amazing with how he handled the 0 points, as well as the other 3 countries

    65. BetwixtTales

      Willam, you're getting really good at pronouncing Måneskin correctly. 😃 👍

    66. dariakr

      I just think that Adrenalina wasn't good enough. I was never really hyped about the song. FloRida ok, but he didn't make the song that much better. For me, the song wasn't just good enough. I never understood the hype. So I think the song deserved the spot it got.

    67. enriqueali

      I've said it before: the standard at the top this year was so high, any of the top five would have been a deserving winner.

      1. Henning Rinne

        Iceland because all were disappointed after think about thing but it’s not possible to compare songs. I think would have enjoyed this more without think about things. I think he got votes because was recognized from 2020. I loved booth his songs, they can sing, it’s something new and it’s a good song

      2. m4cc663

        replace iceland with finland and i agree

      3. TMDGCMCT

        Hmmm I agree with 4/5 of them! I really just can’t see Iceland as a winner although it was a cute performance

    68. Julia

      love your channel but: not a single word about Switzerland?

      1. Srdjan Savic

        @DaOneFame A mess, yeah right.... Would like to see you get up there and do better. But it's always easier being a keyboard warrior....

      2. Mariette Τ.

        @DaOneFame a mess who came 1st with the juries (for NO political reasons. It's... Switzerland, you know) and 165 points from public? A mess??? 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

      3. DaOneFame

        Well he was a mess so no need to discuss that..

    69. furkangoth

      The problem with je me casse I think is that it didn’t feel organic with Destiny. The last part suited her especially the bridge and she showed her voice but in other parts it felt like she was trying too hard to act sassy when it wasn’t really her personality. All of my love was a better suited song for her.

    70. Onewxrld Music

      I was sad for North Macedonia for not being in the final. Vasil Garnaliev is breathtaking and the biggest friend of Wiwibloggs besides Sergey Lazarev.

      1. Rose Tyler

        This is a song contest and his dated song didn't deserve to qualify. Simple

    71. Onewxrld Music

      Europeans love English and sing even when they cannot speak the language or conduct a decent three minute interview in English , yet snub the ones singing proper English. The English could snub Europe and send them a song in Gaelige, Welsh or Scots. Even a song in Punjabi or Greek or Spanish.

      1. m4cc663

        ok? Europeans don't ''love'' english, it's just the common language for most people in the world to speak. Before English became the main language it was French and before that Latin

    72. BenjKr ESC

      France, only country in the top 3 of both jury and televote

      1. DaOneFame

        @trildi many countries were first with televote but didn't win so....

      2. trildi

        Italy was 1st in the televote and 4th with the jury (i.e. 2.5th place). France was 2nd with the jury and 3rd with the televote (i.e. 2.5th place as well). First with the televote deserves the win :)

      3. DaOneFame

        Deserved winner definitely!

    73. Onewxrld Music

      About genres, Eurovision was open to country music with the Dutch acts. I also remember Germany and Texas Lightning.

    74. Onewxrld Music

      For Flo Roda. perhaps Euroivisionaries were voting to exclude any interest by US in Eurovision. And Americans were so cynical the same way against Eurovision.

      1. MrM R

        I guess Flo Rida isn't that big of a name in Europe after all

    75. Onewxrld Music

      Jeangu Macrooy brought in Surinam into Eurovision. Tis was a very Surinam act including the music, the rythme and those on stage. This should be applauded. Like when Stella Mwangy sang some Swahili in Eurovision

    76. Onewxrld Music

      James Newman is a class act and the darling of the show.

      1. DaOneFame

        He is amazing for sure

    77. Onewxrld Music

      Austria got zero when they organized the show after they won. Exactly like Netherlands this year.

      1. Athena Prescott

        @Pala Hubog They didn’t deserve to be bottom but I can also understand why the Jury had different songs in their top 10s (high quality year) and I don’t think it was televote friendly unfortunately :(

      2. Pala Hubog

        @Athena Prescott i actually liked Home and Netherlands entry this year but youre right, theyre def not winning material but i think they also dont deserve to be in the bottom esp Netherlands

      3. Athena Prescott

        @Pala Hubog Not necessarily. In the past 10 years 4/10 songs have come top 10. Taken By a Stranger (2011) When the Music Dies (2012) Cliché Love Song (2013) If I were Sorry (2016) and I feel Grow (2020) had the opportunity to crack top 10/definitely do better than BOANA. I think host countries that don’t want to host again sometimes send songs they know won’t risk winning - for example there was no way Home (2019) would been a contender to win again. That thought process causes host countries to do poorly imo.

      4. Danny62

        Israel didn't do much better in 2019

      5. Pala Hubog

        if Italy gets last place next year (or a 0), then, s it safe to say that it is somehow the default that the hosting country places in the bottom?

    78. Onewxrld Music

      It is a mystery for the bottom zeros. Just exactly how many VOTES did they get to have a zero final result.

      1. Ruby Starfire

        escextra had some articles about that and they noticed that germany actually had decent average placement (just no top 10s) among the televotes

      2. jlhabitan50

        Just no enough to break into any country's televote top 10.

      3. Nathalie Borek

        i voted for Germany

      4. DaOneFame

        Yes! Exactly!

    79. Onewxrld Music

      You should revioew two zeros collaborating in an English version of the Spanish song. The adorable Blas Canto and James Newman in a duo of "I'll Stay". My heart just pounded for the two. I know Blas is a great fan of Barabra. Hopefully they will have a new single together.

    80. Amanda_lyn 90

      The comment about the public didn’t want an American to win, it sounds similar to a previous comment back in 2016, saying that they didn’t want Australia to win

      1. Scheherasad

        I think there would have been less problems with an unknown American but bringing in a known star like Flo Rida looked (for me) like they thought he has still so many fans in Europe and they all would vote for him. It looked(for me) like they wanted to buy the victory. Celine Dion was nearly a nobody when she won ESC

      2. Amanda_lyn 90

        @Foffo Dude Flo Rida

      3. JB Loucks

        @Foffo Dude Flo Rida probably.

      4. Foffo Dude

        Who is the american?

    81. Texaslawhorn

      My husband is a private school choir teacher in Washington, DC, and he had his high school students watch this year's contest and vote on their favorites. Here is what his group of American teenagers liked best: 1) Sweden 🥇 2) Portugal 🥈 3) Malta 🥉 4) Cyprus 5) Serbia 6) Spain 7) Bulgaria 8) Norway 9) San Marino 10) Israel 11) Iceland 12) France 13) Greece 14) Finland 15) Azerbaijan 16) Belgium 17) United Kingdom 18) Italy 19) Switzerland 20) the Netherlands 21) Germany 22) Moldova There were also four songs that received zero points in their ranking: 23) Albania 24) Russia 25) Lithuania 26) Ukraine He also teaches middle school, and while the upper school kids didn't like Ukraine, the 7th graders loved "Shum."

      1. Texaslawhorn

        @m4cc663 As I have delved deeper into Eurovision and Eurovision fandom I have learned that tastes definitely vary. This year songs that were widely popular I couldn't stand, and certain performances I loved others thought undeserving of a place in the final. It's definitely interesting seeing what various age groups and cultures prefer.

      2. m4cc663

        damn those kids have no taste in music

      3. Texaslawhorn

        @Rose Tyler good question about San Marino. I personally loved the Senhit-only version as much if not more than the one with Flo Rida. Portugal being second is something I would not have guessed. I loved Lithuania and the Roop, but most of the students thought it was too weird. I really like the Roop's quirkiness. I don't know if I would have thought that, though, when I was a teenager ☺

      4. Texaslawhorn

        @trildi Yes, I thought the same thing when I saw the results. I was pleasantly surprised though when I heard the 7th graders enjoyed Ukraine as much as they did. "Shum" was one of my favorites.

      5. Texaslawhorn

        @enriqueali My husband said he did feel that his students are the type to not really branch out of their comfort zone yet in terms of music. Hopefully, some of them will start to appreciate other languages and cultures as they grow and go to college. I also hope they continue to watch Eurovision. Most of them did enjoy watching the show, and they loved the postcards.

    82. Miguel Gomes

      Were's Deban?

      1. Srdjan Savic

        He was in Albania for Kenga Majike which had its final on the 29th of May and this video was filmed on the 30th. So he had likely only just gotten back to the UK or was still in Albania when this was filmed.

      2. janeyre82

        That's definitely a good question 😁

    83. W

      I can‘t understand what you guys see in Italy, such disappointing entry! Finnland‘s entry was far better especially their stage performance! Switzerland and France have so much better and would have deserve the victory. And remembering the 1991 ESC in Italy what a chaotic show, so be prepared!

      1. Mariette Τ.

        Oh! I have my worries for RAI too! I remember the 1991 show and it was really a mess. Even the hosts couldn't speak in English! 🤦🏻‍♀️ 1992 in Sweden was far away better and so all the Irish shows that dominated the 90's!! 😁 Well, many many years passed since that moment so I'm hoping for a better and more organized Contest! The Dutch people set the standards REALLY HIGH this year! Let's see if the Italians can come close to this! I want to be optimistic! 🙏🏼

      2. Mariette Τ.

        I'm in love with the Swiss entry and I was rooting for it like crazy BUT I can't complain about Italy. Let's be honest! 😁 I understand that rock is not everyone's taste ( I adore it 😁) but the guys really slayed. The energy? The dynamism? The sex appeal? The vocals? Everything was on point. I think that even if somebody doesn't like rock, really can appreciate at least the quality of the Italian entry. I'm surprised when people are throwing shade at it!

      3. Louise

        I still don't like the song but the band definitely have star power and I like them as people, just not their music. Hopefully it's not a completely mess next year 🤪

      4. janeyre82

        Hmmmmm... jealous ??? 🤣🤣🤣

      5. cristal caos

        Ehi boomer Finland bad copy of american rock band, France and Switzerland, boring,boring,boring

    84. Caiden Weber

      I’m sorry, but San Marino ended where it should’ve. The music video was great, but the live performance was a little messy and Senhit sounded out of breath.

      1. Srdjan Savic

        I'm sorry but in no way was Moldova which finished 13th better than San Marino and objectively the song and performance as a whole was way better than Say Na Na that achieved a better result.

    85. Ioannis Agourzenidis

      Biggest crime: The favourites cancelling each other out in the jury

      1. Dreamer

        France places Italy 11th, it is so close to get a point

    86. James MacColl

      Where were the tigers? There are no tigers.

      1. macias9

        On the wall during the blue segment, there were also rabbits but the camera shots never showed it, u can see it on live on tape

    87. MarF

      I like both France and Italy (my fav was Switzerland btw), but I have to disagree to all these people who saw modernity in Maneskin, they are pretty similar to 70's rock icons in behaviour, style and music. Btw, congrats to Italy 💕

      1. MarF

        @Mariette Τ. that’s true, I love the style of 70’s rockers😍! And for your winner, t a s t e 👏🏼😌

      2. Mariette Τ.

        @janeyre82 Beastie Boys (rap and rock) 😉 However, even though my favourite was also Switzerland, I am extremely happy with Italy's win. They're going to bring classic 70's rock back in fashion! I mean there anything better than that?? 😉💙

      3. MarF

        @trildi the best performance and the most modern stage in my opinion was Switzerland. France was classic but beautiful. Italy was beautiful, too, even if i am not a fan of rock, they are so talented✨

      4. trildi

        @MarF Still more modern than chanson!

      5. MarF

        @janeyre82 Rap was born in the 70’s 😉

    88. Pandatrix

      12:29 was unpleasant period. Regardless where You watched. I do agree it's unfair, the top 10 voting system is unfair.

    89. Ambrose bear

      Gjon’s Tears is my winner.

      1. DaOneFame

        @Edita Glambaitė Mahmood didn't win but his career is definitely very good, so could be, we'll see

      2. Edita Glambaitė

        @DaOneFame 165 points is still a lot (6th-7th place together with The Roop). also, you don't need to be the winner of eurovision to be liked by people. lots of artists in lower places did well in their careers, I'm sure Gjon will too. peace ✌️

      3. DaOneFame

        @Mariette Τ. Well, it didn't finish top 5 with televoting for a reason definitely

      4. Mariette Τ.

        @DaOneFame with a song like this and with a vocal perfectionist like Gjon...NO. Nobody would just make a cheap copy of Mahmood and Duncan (🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️). Nobody would like to destroy that song! This was a VERY artistic performance and it was characterized as AVANT GARDE for a reason. I completely understand that it's not everybody's cup of tea. Just like a museum of modern art is also not everybody's cup of tea.. And it was really pleasant that the song did extremely well in the televoting. Personally, I think that was the best staging EVER for a song in this genre. It fitted the song completely. But this is MY taste of course!

      5. Edita Glambaitė

        @DaOneFame well, maybe some of the moves seemed that way, but since Gjon said that it is a warrior song, the movements in that part fit very well.

    90. Funny Girl

      no need of el diablo. nothing I would miss in music history

    91. nagia ch.

      I was surprised that the juries preferred Switzerland over France honestly. She got more votes from the public than the jury which was totally unexpected imo and it was what ultimately ruined Barbara's chances at victory. She was never gonna win the televote but if someone told me before the contest that she had managed to come 3rd in it, I'd be sure she was the overall winner. I'm glad everything worked out for Måneskin in the end though. I loved France, it was my second place but Italy was such a breath of fresh air. Their performance felt like an actual concert, they're very charismatic and have a captivating stage presence despite their young age. Plus it seems like they can achieve broad commercial success. As far as the rest of the results go, Malta and San Marino failed to appeal to the general audience even though they were hyped for months inside the esc bubble. I liked Je me casse, I found the televote result too harsh but the juries overrated it. Performing so early on especially after Manizha who had a similar, yet presented in a far more authentic way, message and the oversaturation of female pop songs didn't do it any favors. Adrenalina was the classic fan favorite flop. Bulgaria deserved better but I wasn't surprised. It was squeezed between Finland ,Lithuania and Ukraine in the running order and unlike them the song lacks immediacy. The commentators in Greece didn't even mention the story about her father so it's not like the photo would touch many people either without the context. I also hope that in the top 10 crimes video of William and Deban there is some serious discussion about Moldova because William was too diplomatic on the semi final video. Something shady has definitely taken place here.

      1. DaOneFame

        @Srdjan Savic and why it didn't happen with other countries? Are you saying that Serbia is the only country in Europe which has neighbours?

      2. marky fox

        @trildi don’t you feel weird the fact that Moldova got 8 sets of 12 pts, yet failed to win the televotes in SF2. not to mention 4 out of 8 countries who gave them 12 pts in SF, places them very low in televoting in final and gets no points from the 4 countries. if you want to compare this with destiny, which also flops in televotes, don’t you think at least they would’ve been awarded some points like Destiny did? personally i like the song, but the fact that it has 8 sets of 12 pts beating the sf2 televote winner finland, is a little weird.

      3. Srdjan Savic

        ​@DaOneFame Serbia got most of its views from its neighbours (Slovenia, Croatia, North Macedonia + Serbia itself) and countries with large populations of Serbian diaspora ( Austria + Switzerland). It was trending at number 1 in those countries pre- contest. Not a surprise that it was those 5 countries that gave Serbia 5 x 12 points in the televote (60 of the 82 televote points Serbia received in the final).

      4. nagia ch.

        @trildi Moldova got 8 12 points in the semi. That's a crazy number. To put it in context, the only songs that have got this amount of 12 points in their semi were Portugal and Bulgaria in 2017 ,both of which ended up getting huge scores in the final as well. Iceland and Finland only got 3 and 2 sets of 12 points each and they were the most popular acts in the semi (and they were also very successful in the final). Most of these countries that gave Moldova 12 points in the semi didn't give Sugar a single point in the final. I understand that wiwibloggs may not feel comfortable discussing the matter in depth since they don't have actual proof that sth shady happened, but imo it's pretty obvious.

      5. DaOneFame

        @trildi Actually, for example, Serbian song 'Loco Loco' was second most viewed on youtube and was a big hit but it finished after Moldova which is strange.. Serbia was 9th with televoting but only 21st with juries.... Moldova was pulled in by juries though

    92. Michael Copare TC

      Suzanne...'I don't know what to say that i haven't all ready said'....Proceeds to talk without breathing for 4 minutes...

      1. DaOneFame

        Hahaha she needs her own show definitely

    93. Anhel Raykova

      Fun fact: all people in this video are from countries which got no points in this Eurovision.

      1. Snowshowslow

        @enriqueali You really don't need native English speakers to be able to have a conversation in English. See most FIblock channels. So what's yóur point?

      2. enriqueali

        They're all native English speakers, and Wiwibloggs is an English-language channel, so I fail to understand what point you're trying to make

    94. Funny Girl

      radiofriendly is so overrated. to hear radiofriendly music, put on the radio. to hear something different - let's wait for a show like this. one does need some input of something extra.

    95. Shabnam A

      After Azerbaijan became 20th, I made sure that politics completely occupied Eurovision and I decided not to watch it again, I do not plan to waste my precious time on it again. But I'm happy with Italy's win.

      1. Scheherasad

        @trildi I loved the Cleopatra song but did not like very much Mata Hari

      2. Shabnam A

        @UCaujP433c7fEBOoFToPSpDw Azerbaijan is the only one of the few countries that were robbed this year. P.S: As I wrote above, it is MY OPINION and I don’t think I have to ask for a permission to express it here. And I don’t have to share the same thought with you or others. Our music tastes are different but it doesn’t justify you to insult someone’s work. Learn how to respect. Why do you try to embed your views in my brain? If you don’t like that song, don’t listen then. Who cares?!)

      3. Shabnam A

        @alicia martinez de paz I'm not a fan of mixing politics with music. Also, I am not that interested in the comments made by those who do not know enough about political issues. What is reflected in the world media and the facts are always different, whoever controls the media can control the brains of you and people like you so easily, but never me.

      4. alicia martinez de paz

        It that was true Israel and Azerbaijan wouldn’t even qualify

      5. Shabnam A

        @trildi This is your opinion. I don’t think so, and it would be better if you write this as a comment instead of writing it to me. Ok? Thnx

    96. Funny Girl

      I don't find the system how the points are delivered (first excitement with the jury and then the telvoting points distributed like 'bombs') are sooo great and the best for television. The contrary. I never felt comfortable with it. I find it harsh for the low pointers to receive the points like that. I can life with the end results. But I don't like, how they distribute the points. that is just horrible. And it makes me to skip the final show next year. I will watch pre-shows, rehearsals, semi-finals - but I don't want to see that again, what happens in the final. I never liked this way of presenting the points, since they introduced it. but this year - I was so sick of it. Don't want to witness that again.

      1. Funny Girl

        @Pandatrix it's better to skip it all in all and do something different with friends. as not everybody is watching anyway. It's enough to see the final endresult on the website. I rather not step into that roller coaster

      2. Pandatrix

        watch up to point distribution then?.. It takes place very late anyway 🤷‍♀️

    97. Josue Salazar

      yes, Malta, Cyprus, and San Marino...I believe they deserved to have higher points and place better.

      1. Buster Burn

        Why they were so shallow and generic. And the public and juries obviously saw through that

      2. DaOneFame

        As many other..

    98. Chris Gisler

      I love your channel a lot, but why didn't you talk about Switzerland winning the jury vote…..

      1. Chris Gisler

        @Mariette Τ. I completely agree, but it's still quite annoying that they've forgotten to talk about him for several times.

      2. Noah Aubrey Linus Sorensen

        @Lovisa Lauren me too

      3. Mariette Τ.

        @Lovisa Lauren oh noooo...there is much love for Gjon in this channel! You can watch William's interviews with Gjon. They're great! It's just doesn't seem to be everyones No1 song but that's OK. They said so many times that each and every Top5 song this year would be a deserved winner in any other Eurovision year. I think that sentence says it all! 😁

      4. Lovisa Lauren

        I don't know why, but they don't seem to like Gjon. By the way, Switzerland was my winner.

      5. Noah Aubrey Linus Sorensen

        u could say they were a...Blind Channel ☺️

    99. Wright Blan

      @wiwibloggs I wish y’all had talked about how viral this Eurovision has gone as compared to recent years. Go-A topped the Spotify Global 50 viral charts for almost a total week. Maneskin have had multiple songs go viral worldwide. Heck, even “Fairytale” has been going viral because of TikTok apparently!

      1. ZD SKILLZ

        @Amaan Storm exactly, and the viral charts have been even more esc filled

      2. Amaan Storm

        Måneskin have actually charted the highest in the UK charts. On Eurovision weekend, they went in to the UK top 40 at #17. In stark contrast, Dadi of Iceland just missed the top 40 landing in at #43, and James Newman of the UK took bronze position at #47. No other Eurovision song charted in the top 100. Måneskin also had a second song chart the same week in the top 100. "I wanna be your slave" which entered in at #83. A week later, James Newman has crashed out of the top 100 and Dadi slips down to #81. Meanwhile Måneskin remain in the top thirty, falling a few places to #25 whilst "I wanna be your slave" climbs all the way up from last week's #83 to this week's #24 ! Their success speaks for itsself.

      3. ZD SKILLZ

        A slowed version of fairytale has gone mad on tik tok

    100. Josue Salazar

      Hola Ducky Du!!!

      1. Suzanne Adams

        DD says, “Hello, friend!” 💗