Eurovision 2021: Grand final results discussion and reaction

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    We review the results of the Eurovision 2021 grand final, which saw Italy's Måneskin win ahead of France's Barbara Pravi. We react to Switzerland's Gjon's Tears winning the jury vote, and Ukraine's Go_A coming second with the public vote. And of course we discuss those four countries that got zero points from the public: The Netherlands, Spain, Germany and UK. Scroll down for the full results.

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    Eurovision 2021 combined results

    1. Italy: Måneskin “Zitti e buoni” 524
    2. France: Barbara Pravi “Voilà” 499
    3. Switzerland: Gjon’s Tears “Tout l’Univers” 432
    4. Iceland: Daði og Gagnamagnið “10 Years” 378
    5. Ukraine: Go_A “Shum” 364
    6. Finland: Blind Channel “Dark Side” 301
    7. Malta: Destiny “Je me casse” 255
    8. Lithuania: The Roop “Discoteque” 220
    9. Russia: Manizha “Russian Woman” 204
    10. Greece: Stefania “Last Dance” 170
    11. Bulgaria: Victoria “Growing Up Is Getting Old” 170
    12. Portugal: The Black Mamba “Love Is on My Side” 153
    13. Moldova: Natalia Gordienko “Sugar” 115
    14. Sweden: Tusse “Voices” 109
    15. Serbia: Hurricane “Loco Loco” 102
    16. Cyprus: Elena Tsagrinou “El diablo” 94
    17. Israel: Eden Alene “Set Me Free” 93
    18. Norway: Tix “Fallen Angel” 75
    19. Belgium: Hooverphonic “The Wrong Place” 74
    20. Azerbaijan: Efendi “Mata Hari” 65
    21. Albania: Anxhela Peristeri “Karma” 57
    22. San Marino: Senhit feat. Flo Rida “Adrenalina” 50
    23. Netherlands: Jeangu Macrooy “Birth of a New Age” 11
    24. Spain: Blas Cantó “Voy a quedarme” 6
    25. Germany: Jendrik “I Don’t Feel Hate” 3
    26. United Kingdom: James Newman “Embers” 0

    Eurovision 2021 televote results

    1. Italy: Måneskin “Zitti e buoni” 318
    2. Ukraine: Go_A “Shum” 267
    3. France: Barbara Pravi “Voilà” 251
    4. Finland: Blind Channel “Dark Side” 218
    5. Iceland: Daði og Gagnamagnið “10 Years” 180
    6. Lithuania: The Roop “Discoteque” 165
    7. Switzerland: Gjon’s Tears “Tout l’Univers” 160
    8. Russia: Manizha “Russian Woman” 100
    9. Serbia: Hurricane “Loco Loco” 82
    10. Greece: Stefania “Last Dance” 79
    11. Sweden: Tusse “Voices” 63
    12. Moldova: Natalia Gordienko “Sugar” 62
    13. Norway: Tix “Fallen Angel” 60
    14. Malta: Destiny “Je me casse” 47
    15. Cyprus: Elena Tsagrinou “El diablo” 44
    16. Albania: Anxhela Peristeri “Karma” 35
    17. Azerbaijan: Efendi “Mata Hari” 33
    18. Bulgaria: Victoria “Growing Up Is Getting Old” 30
    19. Portugal: The Black Mamba “Love Is on My Side” 27
    20. Israel: Eden Alene “Set Me Free” 20
    21. San Marino: Senhit feat. Flo Rida “Adrenalina” 13
    22. Belgium: Hooverphonic “The Wrong Place” 3
    23. Netherlands: Jeangu Macrooy “Birth of a New Age” 0
    24. Spain: Blas Cantó “Voy a quedarme” 0
    25. Germany: Jendrik “I Don’t Feel Hate” 0
    26. United Kingdom: James Newman “Embers” 0

    12 points awarded by the juries
    9: Switzerland - Albania, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Israel, Latvia
    5: France - Ireland, Netherlands, San Marino, Spain, United Kingdom
    4: Malta - Australia, Norway, Romania, Sweden
    3. Italy - Croatia, Georgia, Ukraine
    2. Bulgaria - Moldova, Portugal
    2. Greece - Cyprus, France
    2. Moldova - Bulgaria, Russia
    1. Albania - Malta
    1. Cyprus - Greece
    1. Iceland - Switzerland
    1. Lithuania - Italy
    1. North Macedonia - Serbia
    1. Portugal - Czech Republic
    1. Russia - Azerbaijan
    1. San Marino - Poland
    1. Serbia - North Macedonia
    1. Ukraine - Lithuania

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    Cinan - cinansdl

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    1. Kat Welham

      Lithininian love - topped the televote in around four countries most of whom gave them zero to little televotes. In the UK our jury gave them no points and our televoters gave them 12.

    2. Kat Welham

      Spain needs to ironically take its cue from the country it's jury put dead last - Ukraine. Yes they did do that and that they did that speaks volumes to me. What Ukraine did was take traditional elements and weave them into modern electronic music. It was bold, unique, and utterly Ukrainian while getting people on their feet dancing across Europe. Not everyone liked it but you weren't going to forget it and it got a lot more fans than haters. Another you tuber mentioned there's a hip hop flamenco artist who is huge - probably too big for Eurovision - and Spanish. They need someone like her who can make people see Spanish music as revelvant and have broad based appeal while retaining its Spanish essence. This year has shown it's worth taking risks as the pay offs can be huge.

    3. Kat Welham

      I hope that someone told Destiny to her face that there were probably a few things that worked against her and not one was anything to do with her or her performance.

    4. Kat Welham

      I don't think it's surprising that Italy started becoming the bookies favourites after the word got out during their rehearsals in Rotterdam.

    5. Anthony Garcia

      Switzerland's arm movements were so awkward and extremely distracting.

    6. ???????????????

      Yes, we need some justice for Elena... she slayed! A top5 material..

    7. Mz C.

      Many vudeo with Italy and Ukrain... togheter

    8. RDrD1989

      Serbia gave 12 points to France. You shoud change that mistake. You wrote that Serbia gave 12 points to North Macedonia, and North Macedonia wasn't even in the final.

    9. Ian Marshall

      ESC 2021 brought back sad memories of exactly 30 years ago when again, France should have won but were 2nd. Although 1991 was really heart breaking because Amina was so ahead of her time with "C'est Le Dernier qui a parlé". At the end of the voting she tied with that awful Swedish song for 1st place and Sweden only won because they got more dix points than France (they had the same amount of douze points so had to go back to the dix vote) .... I was absolutely crushed. Amina's song is still my favourite Eurovision song ever even after 30 years. If you don't know it look it up on YT, you won't be disappointed :) ........ also have a look at some of France's entries from '90 and '93 also because at that time their entries were all heavily influenced by former colonies and were some of the best French entries ever!

    10. סמי בירארוב

      Azerbaijan, Israel , Cyprus, San Marino, and Bulgaria just robbed. Really.

    11. Kenneth Fox

      I actually think 'I Wanna Be Your Slave' is a better song than their Eurovision entry. As a rock fan I felt their song for the show came off fairly generic and didn't really stand out for me.

      1. sjnscale

        @Kenneth Fox catchy, but I find it more linear to be honest. I'm more into Zitti e Buoni. (and Coraline is one of my favourites probably).

      2. Kenneth Fox

        @sjnscale No not really, It is a better song with a better melody.

      3. sjnscale

        maybe you are just not used to non-english songs?

    12. Petr Kolar

      Why did United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and Netherlands get 0 points? It is simple - they were really bad. Sorry, but it is true. Compare to other songs. And personally, I am annoyed by injustice about qualification, where trash songs go straight to the final, while better songs (again, compare to UK, Germany, Spain and Neth.) end tightly in semifinals. These 0 points are so deserved.

    13. Robert Janus

      When I hear William my day just gets better 🥰 Guys you are amazing! Thanks for the video 🥰 Love from Croatia 🇭🇷

    14. P B

      I need Deban's reaction! I would love to hear him say: "Okay, I was like totally wrong." That would be huuuuuuuuuuuge! :-)

      1. Марина Кургай

        I curious, what does he think about Ukraine top 5?😁

    15. Amsterdam Calling

      The UK’s vocal performance was off. He was false a third of the time. Plain and simple.

    16. Jordan VDVK

      Thanks to all the wiwiteam for all your work and amazing content.

      1. wiwibloggs

        Thank you too for watching!!

    17. Rebecca Woolf

      I can’t wait for the semi final results breakdown

    18. Peter H

      UK getting zero is basic maths. If everyone has them 11th or less, that's zero. Only the top 10 from each country gets points. You yourselves thought 15th. Well if everyone said that it's zero points.

    19. Patrick m

      Lousy how u spoke about different countries like they were retards

    20. riina k

      Finland's result has only been equalled once (Marion Rung's "Tom Tom Tom" in 1973 I think) and beaten once (in 2006, when they won with Lordi's "Hard Rock Hallelujah"). I think more Finnish entries should be like that, though maybe add a female voice like Saara Aalto too, making sound like Evanescence lol!...I just love how well they did. And Italy winning was great, too!

    21. Zak Archer

      Could you to a video on the UK & their Eurovision failures and why they’ve been doing bad? I am sick to the back of my teeth of the UK doing badly...

    22. Priya Ravindran

      I've become a fan of James Newman after his comeback against Piers Morgan. What a great guy! And Jendrick dancing with the Ukrainian and Norwegian team to Lordi was everything as well.

    23. Priya Ravindran

      Have to disagree with you guys that Ukraine got 2nd place only because of the staging. While I do think it was beautiful, and if you knew in advance that the song represents a call for spring after a long winter, then it was very symbolic as well, but Ukraine had the full package for me. It embodied the country’s culture, Katya’s singing was on point, and it was the first time that a country merged folk and trance music on the ESC stage, and it worked beautifully. Plus, if you saw the backstage videos of Eurovision, you would’ve seen the crowd going crazy during their song. So many countries, including Italy said it was their favorite, and in fact, the Italian public gave Ukraine 12 points. Ukraine’s song was too modern for the jury, but it’s art, and really stands out. I would be surprised if this doesn’t go down as one of the most iconic songs of Eurovision.

    24. Mohamed Hammoud

      I'm glad SOMEONE finally brought up how poorly Azerbaijan did cuz I was starting to think I was the only one hella shocked by it

    25. Marino K

      Televote from Europe said that people want authenticity ! All but one song in the top 10 was written by the artist performing it, 4 out of top 5 songs was sung in native language Cyprus, San Marino, Malta, Israel, Azerbaijan, Switzerland didn’t feel authentic at all and it shows in the live delivery of the performance

    26. Marino K

      William is going on a looooong detox from Suzanne after these two weeks

    27. Robert De Groot

      There were 7 uptempo glitter girl pop songs (Greece, Cyprus, Azerbaidjan, Serbia, San Marino, Israel and Malta). There are many many people who love this genre, but they're not going to vote for all 7 of them. They're just going to vote for their 1 or 2 favourites. So these acts really got in each other's way. If there had been 7 rock songs, Italy and Finland would obviously have had to give up many of their points to the other 5 rock acts too.

    28. Raoul Milani

      ok. Italy won. many other songs are beautiful and deserved the victory .. ..but .. is there really someone who likes the French song? really .. let's not joke .. no.! impossible! it is a lament.

    29. lanesce 03041982

      How did Germany get 3 Jury points?! They deserved - 1000.

    30. lanesce 03041982

      Thank God the boring song from Switzerland did not win. Congratulations to ITALY!!!! Thank you 💋💖👍

    31. Sweeper

      was waiting for u to talk about israel...

    32. Sanne V

      Switzerland came 3rd and yet you barely talked about it.... and Gjon finished shared 6th with The Roop

    33. Gert's Complex

      PS: You haven't returned the LED-bracelet :-P!!!

    34. Gert's Complex

      Please dear Wiwibloggs: there needs to be a bit more respect for the juries. "Juries need to go" is not the kind of comment I would like to hear. The rules are clear: we have a jury component, and a televoting component. Thanks to juries, we can see countries like France and Switzerland back in the TOP 3. And thanks to televoters we can see countries like Italy, Iceland and Ukraine in the TOP 5. The televote vs. jury vote mix really creates the kind of diversity in results of all these songs. I say it again: we MUST love BOTH juries and televoters in strict equal fashion! Otherwise, we're (mildly) deminishing the fantastic results of Malta 2021, France 2021, Switzerland 2021, North Macedonia 2019, Sweden 2019, Austria 2018, and many others. Spectacle is great, but it's not everything in Eurovision. Please embrace the current voting system more tightly, as I seriously do not wish that in 10 years from now we go back to a 100% televoting era. We saw what that does to the contest as well (1998 - 2008).

    35. R. Knoppen

      Spain should try sending a rock act. They have PLENTY over there. And good ones too.

    36. Anthony Barratt

      🇬🇧 says to italy, take that Trophy and get out of our country

    37. Dee Ist

      Susan can you please please make a video on Ukraine and please please point out where those tigers are.

      1. Dee Ist

        @Suzanne Adams should I be taking something to see them? Apologies for misspelling your name 😊

      2. Suzanne Adams

        They ARE there!!!!!

    38. Funny Girl

      I hope, we get a Deban reaction/discussion video soon. I miss his input and his vibe!

      1. Davant Pawar

        sameee i really miss him and william together! why didn't he join with them in netherlands? and why did he do his reactions seperate with william on the music videos this year??

    39. SOGNOMIO100

      Have you heard the duet Voy a quedarme with Blas Canto and J.Newman? wonderful, amazing, stunning. Did they really deserve o points?i can not believe it. Other underrated songs: Chypre; Malta and overall San marino. Ukraine was good but not to be 2 in televoting.Spain is always underrated: Soraya, Edurne or Barey did not deserve to be in bottom

    40. Sunnviðr Hickey

      Picking on the comment that talked about commercial and pop songs doing well. You have Azerbaijan and Cyprus who delivered commercial friendly songs, but came 20th and 16th respectively. Not even on the left side of the board. Here we have in the top 5 which is Italy, France, Switzerland, Iceland and Ukraine. To me they don’t seem commercial friendly yet they are top 5. And yet Portugal in 2017 showed us all... Though lets talk about Portugal this year. This was a song which wasn’t on my radar of passing through. It did and landed a solid 12th. Which is impressive considering they didn’t qualify in 2019. Portugal slayed, lets get real.

    41. Ourbrokendreams

      You should post a video with Deban's take of the top 26

      1. Ourbrokendreams

        @Davant Pawar Nothing. Just the rules of traveling in this pandemic: when they return to the UK they have to quarantine for 10 days. The wiwiteam all have day jobs and Deban can't work from home like William is doing now.

      2. Davant Pawar

        yesss i rlly miss him on these videos what happened to him?

    42. Paul Martin

      I can explain San Marino. A weak song made even worse by a terrible staging. There.

    43. Natalia I

      Azerbaijan not getting more votes shocked me! Mata Hari was so catchy and energetic. Glad Italy won though- such a great song. Switzerland & Finland were my other faves :)

    44. Anhel Raykova

      Cyprus, San Marino and Azerbaijan got a bad score because they aren't good enough. Maybe 10, 15 years ago they would've been top 5. This year there were so many better songs which deservedly finished above them. Same for Malta and Bulgaria, they were overhyped.

    45. cisco423

      Question everyone: Next year we will have a 25 countries final? As Italy will be host and big 5.

      1. Aleksandar Z

        VEGAS 😎🦾👌❤️

      2. Cooper Sluka

        Whoaaa I never thought about that 😯

    46. TopSecretNick

      Sorry for being out of the loop, but what's the context with Bar Refaeli and UK's zero points they mentioned? Thank you!

      1. TopSecretNick

        @Rebecca Woolf Interesting, thank you!

      2. Rebecca Woolf

        Bar was one of the Israeli Hosts for the 2018 contest, and when she was announcing the televote points for the finalists, she reached Germany and said “I’m sorry zero points”. It’s became a meme.

    47. Euro-African

      I love their reviews, but I disagree with Diego on Spain. Yes, it was not the most original song, but without a doubt Blas Canto was one of the best singers with a tremendous vocal range, just as good as Gjon's tears if not better in my opinion. But Spain overall has had the worst record over the past few years, I hope they find what worked for Ruth Lorenzo next year.

    48. Valeyria Stardust

      Suzanne is iconic in this video

    49. Valeyria Stardust

      Greece was very consistent 10th with the Jury, 10th with the televote and overall 10th place

    50. Konstantin S

      36:45 Thank you very much Suthan, thank you very much Cizan

    51. Il Marazzi 95

      My 2 cent on San Marino: Flo Rida's not from Europe Trying using his popularity in their advantage backfired. They deserved it.

    52. DocKnight Philco

      So was Malta supposedly fighting for a victory!

    53. Paula Alexandra Nunes Da Costa Ferreira

      I was completely disappointed... It's my opinion. I thought the winner's vocals were not good at all. so disappointed really. oh well...

    54. ImStevan

      Moldova did NOT deserve a left side finish...that was really suspicious

    55. angie

      Where are you from?

    56. Svitlana Shemet

      So sad Go A robbed by jury voting. Unfair but voting from public🇺🇦💜💐So wonderful message for the world- wake up life after winter. Wake up world after Chernobul. Wake up world after covid. Kate is stunning unique and magical

    57. Mitko Dimitrov

      Strange! If you sing in english you are frequently asked for meaning of song, its message & so on but two songs in french avoided those questions. There was not lyrics in english & no body ask them for any particulars. And now EBC want coca-test of italians probably in favour of Barbara Pravi?!

    58. Puzzled Mind

      Both France and Switzerland got 8x12 points by the jury. So happy for our second place, the first top 3 for France since 30 years, so it's like a victory here. And congratulation to Italy, my winner since San Remo when all my friends was for Irama ^^ Italy will give us a amazing show next year, no doubt.

      1. DocKnight Philco

        Yes for sure, we are sure they will give us a better sounding act as well.

    59. Pedja

      Cinan who fell asleep😂

    60. ESC SSS: The WIZONE

      I remember saying that Adrenalina will be San Marino's best result; unfortunately it wasn't and Say Na Na Na is STILL San Marino's best result ☹

    61. Ophelia Closer

      The Jurys looked at the technique and music quality of the singers. Definitely right in the first places Switzerland and France.

    62. Amy Kelly

      Thank you everyone at WiwiBloggs. You are amazing and add so much joy and excitement and fun and love to the experience of Eurovision! Our family has started following the season earlier and earlier each year, and I love every time we hear from you!

      1. wiwibloggs

        Thank you so much for all of your lovely comments Amy! You are always so generous and warm. We are glad your family enjoyed Eurovision 2021!

    63. Jeca Petrovic

      I think you made some mistakes in "12 points awarded by the juries". You were right when you wrote that North Macedonia gave 12 points to Serbia, but Serbia gave 12 points to France, not to North Macedonia. Germany also gave 12 points to France and not to Switzerland. Switzerland gave 12 points to France as well. So France : Switzerland is 8:8 actually :))

    64. enriqueali

      Everyone better get on DuoLingo and start practicing their Italian for next year. Cause you're definitely not going to find English being as widely spoken there as in the Netherlands 😄😄😄

    65. Festfolket

      Juries have still improved since 2019 where they screwed Hatari over with only 41 points.

    66. Bartek9260 Kowalski


    67. kalypsod

      Can we just talk about how much the juries are changing the final ranking? 50% is too much power to the hands of 5 people from each country. Most of them do not even have music knowledge or background!!! ie. I don't think TV presenters with no relation to music should be in such juries.

      1. kalypsod

        @zizi I totally agree. Something like 60-40 or 70-30% public-juries will be better

      2. zizi

        It's usually the actual musicians, performers and music producers, well established or at least recognized in their country, who are members of the juries. But I do agree with you, it's still too much power handed to a handful of people, especially when they voted so differently compared to the televote and general public. I honestly think the televote is more real and relevant, I'd totally bring back the 2000s model where it was just 100% televote, or at least I'd give it more power, like 70%.

    68. Alex Alexiye

      Thank you all for everything you have been doing these days and for sharing with us the atmosphere from Eurovision. 😘😘😘😘😘 (one for each of you)

    69. M. R.

      i'll happily explain to you what happened with San Marino: no matter how much you hype up "aMeRiCaN sUpErStArS" beforehand, Europeans do not give a sh!t if they aren't feeling the song/staging. plus, she was the very last in the running order - with so many favs performing beforehand and Italy raising the bar to the stratosphere, San Marino just didn't make an impact

      1. M. R.

        also Cyprus was boring lmao i don't get the confusion about her result. "slaying" isn't enough when your song is amongst the most basic in the entire contest

    70. RV

      Will you guys still do a review on the ESC televised grand final? Including the interval acts, the different segments, etc? Basically a review of the show as a whole and what you think of how the Netherlands did?

    71. KB H

      Although I miss Deban so so much I want to say thank you with all my heart to the Wiwi team in Rotterdam for your hard work, you’ve been dear friends to all of us fans during these amazing weeks we will never forget! It means a lot more to people than you think!! Thank you❤️

    72. Steurovision

      I love each and everyone of you so much, especially Duckie Doo! Thank you so much for a wonderful season, best EVER! You have brought me right into the heart of the contest which has been more needed than ever in this strange year. Well done and can't wait to see you all in Italy!

    73. borg972

      Can someone please explain what Bar Refaeli did for being mentioned here in the "zero points" part..?

      1. R F

        @borg972 something like: "Germany, I'm sorry, you got 0 points :( "

      2. borg972

        @olgoudiful In real time I did, what happened there that I don't remember..?

      3. olgoudiful

        You have to see 2019 televoting

    74. TheMagicAround

      UK's song was not the problem? well, if UK thinks so, it will continue the fabulos series of 0 points. It was totally not-memorable, not-touching cheap pop. It was kind of like Czech Rep., but Benny al least had a fun video and is more charming. And he still didn't qualify

    75. Adina Pogor

      I just wanted to say to you WiwiBloggs team, it was a pleasure spending this Eurovision season with you guys, from your reaction videos, interviews, the WiwiJury, your rehearsals livestreams, you've worked so hard on this and taken risks to be there and be present and I'm so thankful for you guys, you deserve all the subscribers in the world. Thank you for a wonderful Eurovision season and am looking forward to what's next! Thank you, thank you, thank you See you in Italy next year! ❤️

    76. Virgílio Jesus

      I am so happy that a different genre has won! Maneskin are incredible since their beginning and I am freaking out about their win!

    77. Mr 123

      this year reflects that people are fed up with swedish produced and artificial message songs, people want feeling!!

      1. Rebecca Woolf

        Ironically it was the juries that sank Sweden-17th place from with nary a 12 point score. The televoters actually ranked Sweden higher at 11th place, but yeah it was a flop.

    78. Prosto tak

      I love you William.

    79. A. K.

      Serbia deserves more more and MORE🇷🇸👑👑👑

    80. A. K.

      Serbia was 15, but it isn't END. It is a start of their world career...🇷🇸👑

      1. Aleksandar Z

        VEGAS 👌🦾😎🇷🇸❤️

    81. Marion Redivo

      Malta's clip was sooo cool but when i saw the performance on stage.... I'm sorry it wasn't good, her voice was good but the stage was awful.... Sadly

    82. Θόριν Δρυάσπις

      San Marino and Cyprus deserved better😕

    83. H-Production

      cyprus was robbed

    84. dreasbn

      At the beginning I thought thank god no duckie talking. But I was proven wrong... 😳

      1. Suzanne Adams

        Follow @duckiedooofficial on Instagram!

    85. Eclipse Highroller

      This Eurovision will be shrouded in doubt. Not even talking about what I think are bogus drug accusations, but the televoting issues. It seems an immense amount of people only had 3-4 of their 20 votes end up counting. It’s completely possible that Italy didn’t truly win the televotes. Italy won, possibly due to a technical malfunction, but regardless good for them, but they need to investigate this and fix this before next year

      1. Eclipse Highroller

        @ahmed maamouri I personally know a few friends in other countries outside the Netherlands that were having issues as well.

      2. ahmed maamouri

        There was only an mail function in the Netherlands 🇳🇱. All of my votes didn’t get through, but it is what it is.

    86. Wade Moores

      The fact that they didn’t even discuss Sweden and Norway

      1. Quzinqa1122

        They all seemed to be dead tired. It was only natural to not discuss every country and to get some sleep instead.

    87. Eclipse Highroller

      We missed a Eurovision last year, we had a good song win this year, next year we should have a masterpiece win for the first time since 2019!

    88. wldnemesis

      Italy’s victory was a no-brainer! Europeans always loved heavy metal bands. This means we’re all going ‘Mangiare Italiano’

    89. cj maritz

      Oh look at that - some bias in the points☝️ The wHole of continental Europe is BUTT_hurt over BREXIT!! PROUD OF THE U.K 😁🎶 Move on with the new sovereign state and cleaner borders☺️🇬🇧😉🤙

    90. lulu

      The Cyprus song- BORING, the topic was never going to win over those with religious faith or even lapsed faith or superstitious, While the performer was good the topic stank and afterall it was a bit of a rip=off of GaGas Bad Romance so I guess that makes it VERY TIRED musically/ No amount of energy was ever going to save it's soulessness. San Marino was extremely ripped off- it was a fantatic performance imo. To improve it some live Eritrean drummers would have been good and maybe a good drum solo. Regardless, San Marino got points un double digits. The audience this year had less scattered votes which means the songs they liked got the votes, the rest fell by the wayside. I believe people voted for visually great and a great song. Hooverphonic needed more to the visuals and to show the story. Destiny's staging was very twee and unattractive- fluro pink didn't cut it- it marginalised the empowerment she conveyed in the video.

    91. draconiusultamius

      Justice for San Marino!!!

    92. lulu

      I expected UK to be in the bottom lot. I hated the song but I did like My Last Breath last year. I am the voice of the zero vote....the staging was really boring as well. However, given the way James handled the double zero vote he went way up in my assessment as a performer and also as a good sport. So now I would say there were other acts that deserved last- like Sweden imo. Sweden to me was an annoying plagiarised (Bones by Bulgaria and Russia's A Million Voices) over produced piece of garbage. The Staging look like a series of constipated efforts at crapping with repetitive continuous squats. Other than Destiny who did sweet FA on stage (which gave a screwed message with all the pink...think about colour psychology) Sweden was sweet FA and vacuous. Both annoyed the sweet EFF out of me.

    93. lulu

      I agree re Italy Ukraine- for me if either did not win I was happy for the other to win. I absolutely loved Go_A. That was a fantastic performance. I would definitely go to their concert....but they will need to come to Australia. Maybe next year in ROME!

    94. Eric Toribio

      William was so done lmfao. Loved that Diego shared those beautiful words, you guys really are the most fun way to follow Eurovision every year.

    95. Sonny Skunk


    96. George Apostolopulow

      26:10 Cinan's reaction at Suzzane surprised The Netherlands got zero points is me

      1. 020Nick

        I thought it was a disrespectful laugh from an evil queen

    97. ESC Krish

      As Deban would say: IM OVER IT!!!

    98. Freedom234 LIBERTY

      William thank u so much for the unconditional endless effort u gave to your followers and insight 🤣 for this extraordinary beautiful music contest.. Don't forget that your personality makes all the difference.. thanks again for your undeniable love for every participant..Note: I know every year u have the golden touch bringing the best songs into spot and that's because u see behind the courtin..u feel the emotion and u know the difference in real music 🎶.. Personally i think BARBARA PRAVI deserved it more..And maybe u did i think.. IN ANY CASE..ha ha.. MUCH LOVE FROM GREECE..🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

    99. Peggy McRae

      Love y'all! Thanks for the wrap up... Rock on and I look forward to going to Italy with you!

    100. ESC Krish

      I am officially at the stage of esc when i am waiting for your misheard lyrics vid ❤