Eurovision Sing-Along: Can Alban Ramosaj sing past songs on demand?

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    We challenge Albanian pop star Alban Ramosaj to sing a series of Eurovision songs on demand. Can he sing that tune when we name the country and year? Norway, Albania, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, and Turkey are in the mix. We also discuss Eurovision 2021 acts Gjon's Tears and Anxhela Peristeri, and he shares his thoughts on Albania's 2017 star Lindita Halimi.

    Deban - deban_deban

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    1. Akron the Squirrel

      Can we have covers of those songs

    2. Raphael Kaworu

      Alban is so sexy 😁

    3. Caroline

      Eurovision here he comes. He reminds me of Ricky Martin’s bro!

    4. Daniel Walker

      Do not worry you English was great.

    5. Yolk228

      He seems so nice, we need him on Eurovision😍😁

    6. Ákos P

      The chemistry tho.

    7. Miguel

      I am in love, faleminderit ❤️

    8. Andy Andreou

      I'm in love

    9. Mavi Blue

      Me is still waiting for that interview with Anxhela, but she has a very busy schedule 😥😥😥😥

    10. Andi Karolli

      Omg what a voice we want him in fik60 and maybe Eurovision 2022?

    11. ESC Aerial

      Gotdamn. This is a perfect human.

      1. Edmund Tory

        with 174 cm? Are you insane?

    12. ESC ARTHUR

      We want him in FiK in December

    13. KU YU

      Alban is the perfect guy to be an ambassador for Scruff

      1. DocKnight Philco

        Woooff not just scruff but Bearwww or Growl.

    14. John Mcgarry

      Elvana Gjata

    15. Yo Yo

      Alban is so handsome, hope to see his name on the list of the FiK participants in October 😍🇦🇱

      1. Kristaq Nushi

        @John Mcgarry I'm talking to her, but at least thank you for mention it!

      2. John Mcgarry

        @Kristaq Nushi yes

      3. Kristaq Nushi

        Are you albanian

      4. John Mcgarry

        Deban should have asked Ramosaj to song me tana!!

      5. John Mcgarry

        @Yo Yo stream loti lets make 1M

    16. mhd krtsh

      Definitely, Deban is in love. Lol

      1. Dee Dee

        more like in lust.