Eurovision Song Celebration 2021: Semi-Final Live-on-Tape Livestream (Part 1)

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    Join William and our other Wiwibloggers as they watch Part 1 of the Eurovision Song Celebration live-on-tape performances from 19:45 London / 20:45 Rotterdam. The first episode will include clips from the non-qualifiers from the Semi-Finals. They were filmed in the run-up to ESC 2021 as a back-up in case artists couldn't make it to Eurovision. The live-on-tape performances from the grand finalists will air on Saturday night.

    Ireland's Lesley Roy and the UK's James Newman have opted NOT to show their clips, but they will still feature in the EBU's show.

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    1. wiwibloggs

      We will be watching the live-on-tape show for the grand finalists on Saturday from 19:45 London / 20:45 Rotterdam:

    2. Θόριν Δρυάσπις

      Greece was better on tape

    3. Aaron Ward

      I’m living for suzanne’s internet problems😂😂

    4. TheNails3

      Barnaby is sooo adorable 🐾🐾💗

    5. TheNails3

      LMAO at the first 10 mins 😆 Glad Suzanne made it in the end!

    6. N D

      Why Deban can travel to Albania but not to Rotterdam?


      Cinan is so handsome

    8. Mari adonis posa

      Latvia was the biggest glow up in the pre-records imo

    9. MizSazz

      115k subscribers feels like only yesterday they got to 100k

    10. Paula Cullen

      Ah seriously what are you watching?

    11. Paula Cullen

      Can you provide the link to watch you’re watching

    12. Kevin Noàh

      The rich stay rich by spending like the poor and investing without stopping then the poor stay poor by spending like the rich yet not investing like the rich

      1. Anne Marie

        Yes, y‘all really don’t seem like bots...

      2. Samantha Portor

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      4. Frances Charlotte

        Text Mr Thomas Richard on What's-app ⬆️💯

      5. Frances Charlotte

        @call me if you like +1@8@2@8@3@8@0@4@2@7@9

    13. Alberto Sagrero

      Maruja! Suzanne! Que es usted la que está hablando

    14. Edi Carlos

      D u have a small screen on the side playing the live on tape while you comment?

    15. Trey Pohe

      Thank you for your support for Australia this year

    16. aatthhaall

      Love you guys, you rock!!

    17. Sharon S.

      OMG i loved Poland's live on stage allot more!! The neon lights were epic at the back and on the floor. Rafal was robbed in Rotterdam. Same with Samantha's performance. LOVE the warrior type outfit. And the backing vocalists were much louder (in a good way) Yes Visionary Dream is still amazing till this day. It was a good/messy song which went in several directions. But especially the chorus drop.

    18. Bérénice Robert

      I liked Ana's and Tornike's more on tape :) because of the black dress for her and for Tornike because he was not alone and his vocals were better I think :)

    19. Alexandra Dumitrescu

      I think Romania was so much better! Roxen sounded great even with choreography. I think she was just too nervous live in Rotterdam, and the stage was bigger so more exhausting.

      1. El El

        @Alexandra Dumitrescu it was just as awful

      2. Alexandra Dumitrescu

        @El El Yes really

      3. El El

        Not really

    20. Bartek9260 Kowalski


    21. Rebecca Woolf

      The live on tape thing was unfortunately geoblocked in America. Shame because I really wanted to see them

      1. Cupcake Without The Icing

        Omg that's awful! They're usually geo-blocked in Canada too, though miraculously not this year. Look into a VPN! They're a lifesaver

    22. SuperCrofan

      Justice for Nina Kraljic and Rijeka has been served. Karma ;)

      1. SuperCrofan

        😈😈😈😈 eavil laugh

      2. Audi 007

        Ok Nina, take a chill pill

    23. Rico Hofmann

      It seems like Cinan is the " new Deban" 😅😅😅

      1. laki Lakii

        @Casperix watch him do it!!!!😌 it ain't that hard🤩

      2. Rico Hofmann

        I know, it was a little Joke.😆 But to be honest, I missed Deban too. It will always be Willi 😆😆 and Deban.

      3. Casperix

        NO ONE can replace Deban!!

      4. lora marija kolar

        As he should!!

    24. SuperCrofan

      I hope that all the haters of Nina Kraljic now see that she whas a far better choice and could actually quallify and be in top 10. She da a unique song and the performance could be perfected by the finals. Justice for Nina

      1. Kat 1111

        @SuperCrofan What do you want me to do, track you?

      2. SuperCrofan

        @Kat 1111 is that the best you can, no arguments , patetic

      3. Kat 1111

        @SuperCrofan you seem like Nina to me...

      4. SuperCrofan

        @dzeno rzv i am not Nina but since you lie about everything i may as well be Nina to you

      5. dzeno rzv

        @SuperCrofan okay Nina

    25. Tom Lawrence

      CINAN at 8:48 OMG STOPPP

    26. Tom Lawrence

      Suzanne and William with the technical issues is killing me

      1. Any Body


    27. irondasgr

      Why didn't we get to see much of Deban during the contest or even now?

      1. Tom Lawrence

        He said he was in Albania filming for another show

      2. Flexible

        Deban was not available for a livestream. He would have had to quarantine if he went Rotterdam which wouldn't have worked with his job.

      3. Gabriel Merencko

        That was when I understood I come back to this channel just for him 🤣

      4. callum

        not sure maybe he’s busy