Every Rainbow Six Siege Operator Explained By Ubisoft | Each and Every | WIRED


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    Ubisoft's Alexander Karpazis explains the backstories of each and every operator in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. Alex breaks down why Blitz is so intimidating, where did the idea for Clash came from, Maestro's familiar look (Mario!), and the real-life inspiration for the aptly named Sledge.
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    Every Rainbow Six Siege Operator Explained By Ubisoft | Each and Every | WIRED

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    1. El Jefe

      9:00 we just gonna ignore the fact on how took toggled aimbot🤭

    2. Oskar Teras

      I made a drinking game where you drink every time the man says intel

    3. Emir Sharshari


    4. Random Dog

      Make a updste;-;

    5. VeteranShrimp

      all 50 opperaters: nobody: flores: beep beep beep

    6. ItsDaraaa

      sasageyo amaru

    7. aziraphael0

      'the gsg9 is a very casual unit, all of them wear jeans'. yeah. right. the guy might have wanted to spend 10 seconds on google images lol

    8. Alsamsun

      They need to update this list

    9. hunting your bonez

      Audio is desynchronised

    10. Random Russian

      Kaid was the oldest until Sam fisher appeared

    11. Sean Kim

      “Attack on titan operator” Aot just finished today 🥶

      1. Tear silvaa

        IT IS???????

      2. Worldwarz53

        So what this is months old

    12. kewldude_117

      “His name is Buck, and he likes to...”

    13. Jar

      The way the developers balance every character by not making one too op and not making one too bad is amazing. They also take advantage of the fact that people don't use teamwork a lot so they make operators that require teamwork.

    14. Vfiskilz Gaming

      Can u take team kill out of the game

    15. Dominic Mallano

      Talks about Blackbeard: we learned so much about how broken Blackbeard was Talks about Lion and shows gameplay of his wall hacks: mentions how he’s based off a French artist

    16. Pr0v1d3nce

      So ela is a more successful version of hitler

    17. Darren Deuro

      Where tf is iq?

    18. bmreyes2004

      I'm using my mom's account but he has changed a lot

    19. Shakey

      me when cargo shorts

    20. Shae

      R.I.P Acogs

    21. Demon fox

      Am I the only one who realized for pulse they used a clip of vanoss shooting someone in the head with a shotgun lol

    22. Miriam Fabian

      I loved hearing the inspiration and backstories of the characters! That was so cool for me 😂

    23. VECTOR 69

      Did anyone else think frost was japanese

    24. James Budd

      Ubisoft: takes careful consideration and multiple play tests on every map to make sure new operators and abilities are balanced. Activision: OP nEw STuFf gO bUrRrR.

    25. daniel

      maestro be looking like fidel castro

    26. jonahbeans


    27. Rc_xd Thenevy

      Can I have black ice

    28. VorticieFilms

      So many things in this video did not age well lmao

    29. Jacob Decker

      Ash is Israeli 😅

    30. IC3Y BR0

      Just remember every country is viewed in a negative perspective in at least one country

    31. vicente Romo

      What about if they added a operator inspired by Scarface

    32. Chris Pap

      8:51. (misses). LOL

    33. maddie j27

      Black beard was born in Bellevue, Washington and I live in Washington and I have been to bellevue lol😂

    34. Riley C

      Rip zofia’s withstand

    35. Martin Killackey

      You should add an Irish operator

    36. JBotKing 25

      I’m cosplaying as zero for our school day lol

    37. whizarz

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      idk why but i feel like mav is Australian

    40. Last Honor

      8:52 misses stim

    41. Nevielise Franco


    42. GP WASR 10/63

      Hearing this "guy" talk makes it sound a helluva lot less "elite" and "hardcore" 👀🧐 Just sayin'.. 🤪 Sandy "grappling around a map is something we wanted to play with" yeeeah after checkin out and playin tons of hours on "Just Cause"! 🤣

    43. Invisible SiC

      I started watching this over a year ago but I’m back to finish

    44. Shmee

      husain hassan

    45. X-12 Z1

      Hey could you maybe start making the game better, maybe better charms. Add keyboard adaptor built into game, or ban these people abusing console and hogging all champ.

      1. Maria Orozco

        He is a presentation director not a game designer lmao

    46. Laura Suzuhara

      Why is caveira a defender if BOPE invades the favela to arrest criminals? lol its an attack tactic . her role is completely wrong lol. FACA NA CAVEIRA= Knifing the skull I don't need to explain another example other than that. The ones who are defending the favelas are the criminals. BOPE is an acronym just like the swat. Batalhão de Operações Policiais Especiais ( Police Battalion Of Special Operations.)

    47. Darth Hornus

      we need medic operator on attacker side

    48. Zay Madden

      24:01 AMOG US

    49. Yurtle

      Plz lower the age rating for r6 it should be teen

    50. The lolicon Gaming

      My favorite thing about clash is how she gets banned every comp

    51. Rainbow Six Clips

      Recruit:Move the shield! Clash:no

    52. Leonel Gonzalez

      doc has problems with taking a life? sure, i haven't even seen him and im munching on a bullet

    53. Elbard Thawne

      South Korean Batman!

    54. Dj Parkinson's

      Ubisoft me angy fix

    55. kanye vest

      21:35 voice cRACK

    56. A Human

      No one: Literally no one: Kapkan: *N A I L S*

    57. Yoslo

      r.i.p. withstand

    58. Jacob Lopez

      18:25 My buddy Kapkan got 15 seconds lol :/ No story talked about. No background. Just a box of nails and NEXT.

    59. Noemi Blair

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    60. NotJackFFS

      “We added clash because we thought the game was currently too fun and well designed”

    61. Thonking Thatcher

      don't look at the EMP behind you

    62. Dave Chavez

      Currently: Flores is annoying as heck because he forces a rotate.

    63. LittleMissy Red

      Blitz meant to spawn while your setting up defence, Blitz nerfed so much that he does neither is his ability good

    64. Jan Guerrero

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    65. Sen.Morbid

      Rip zofia withstand

    66. Call Sign ODIN

      So there's a nomad in r6 aswell as GR hmmmm haha

    67. Krush3r66

      I would love to see a part two when Ubi reaches their goal of a hundred operators.

    68. Nick Iltsios

      Tachanka, the lord, what have they done to you?

    69. Theo Crichton-Campbell

      this guy must be hella hot in november or just nervous dem pits be wet

    70. Morgan Williams

      They should introduce SBS operators seeing as their the best SF Operations Unit out there

    71. TehBigFrogg

      Ayyyy now we know how to pronounce all the names

    72. xav_10

      We need pt 2

    73. KeiKei Hanayama

      gtf2 what!? it's jtf2

    74. wolfie 666

      When you realize that even the devs aren't still familiar with the game

    75. kool Guyy_

      Of course doc gives a stim to a greedy jäger main

    76. dash

      Couldn’t name a worse game at balancing 😭😭😭😭 now the games fully dead 😭

    77. LithiumPB

      RIP Zofia Withstand

    78. Colton Verheyden

      Plz fix ash

    79. NightSurfer

      bring GOE portuguese special Forces !

    80. It’s Practical

      50% of comments: doc memes 10% of comments: blitz spawning during prep phase memes 20% of comments: questions 19% of comments: recent changes that outdate the video Other 1%: actual comments

    81. Alicia Cox

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    82. Wetsock 72

      I like the attack on titan reference

    83. Jack Malone

      I felt like i was gonna see ppl moaning bc he said england insted of the uk😂

    84. TimTheTim


    85. Swiftly Fat

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    87. Jason Burgess


      1. kutvuykvuy utilitieukyvuyiv

        You didn't know that?

    88. Crusader Kight

      Who is your favorite operator Mine is Sledge. 🔨

      1. Crusader Kight

        @The great Ravenclaw nice.

      2. The great Ravenclaw

        Mine is Ela

    89. Aidan

      this dude got sweaty pits

    90. Zachary Miller


    91. Pie KaZkout

      Can we get a F in chat for Zofia's withstand.

    92. Jackson Ruhnke


    93. Lewis Gabbitas

      Wait he actually gave credit to Nintendo for inspiration for one of the rainbow six siege operators

    94. s4tanas

      You wanted Blitz to do WHAT??!! 4:21

    95. Old Account

      Did anyone notice they used Vanoss' gameplay 26:13

    96. maggoteater

      I really hope they bring it the Chinese sf snow leopards I bet they gonna have some slick designs

    97. Jackson Shields

      Hibana would be amazing only if she didn't have 20 rounds in her mag

    98. Ray of Sunshine

      I wish tichanca was still with the deplorable gun

    99. Levi Brekelmans

      This video got me into siege lol

    100. grover bennett

      21:07 "Any resemblance to actual events or real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental"