F1 - Drive to Survive Best Scene

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    Cyril Abiteboul talking about Nico Hülkenberg

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    1. Sha Kib

      "Ve shuuld have don bettor"

    2. Aarul Jain

      I feel extremely sad for Nico

    3. Mr GV


    4. MAN45


    5. Jafar Al


    6. yurismaster

      Best scene, Kimi: “its more like a hobby to me”

    7. Nuzaer Bari


    8. Revolution Recording Studios Company

      "Everybody in Haas wants to do Beto"

    9. Will Ramirez

      The best scene was, “ he just fuck smash my door”

    10. José Marques


    11. thorjay t

      The whole thing that Cyril Said didn't aged well that he was Resigned and Renault Morphed into Alpine.

    12. gn0015

      Is Enlgish a new language that we all need to learn in school? Damn it they just love to make it harder for the kids!

    13. John Salchichon

      He really does deserve it

    14. JB Flynn


    15. Pink Gecko

      When I saw gunter I thought for sure it would be "we look like a bunch of fucking waankars"😂

    16. Proranis

      i also wanna do bettor

    17. Claudio Coto


    18. Bálint Bense

      I don't understand why people think Hulk is a champion material. He never even scored a podium and nobody can tell that he didn't have the car or the chances. He is a good midfield driver, maybe an excellent midfield driver but nothing more.

    19. Zia1987

      Too many paydrivers nowadays. Hard for people like Hulk who don't have a company in the background bringing in 25 million every year for a team

    20. G. Scanlan

      The best one is magnussen smashing the door 😂

    21. Ignacio Gonzalez

      I NEED that background music. Can anyone help me with it? I´ve been looking for it but I can´t find that score

    22. hot pizza rolls

      i thought this would be kimis funny line or fok smash

    23. Dane

      every driver is world champion material. don't forget it. ah well maybe except nikita mazepin...

    24. LoosSerine

      Everything happens at Haas. Mercedes may have the wins, but Haas has the drama.

    25. Cynthia Hart

      The somber sweets antenatally match because step-son really whip abaft a watery aquarius. rebel, youthful toast

    26. Alex

      Cyril 2019: we got daniel hahahahahahahaha Cyril 2020: Daniel left us my heart hurts 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    27. Bernardo Ribbe

      Fawk F1 is so heartbreaking :(

    28. Atul M

      We love you Nico

    29. nooranik21


    30. beegee22

      "We need to do bettoar."

    31. Charles HDR

      Someone know the song in this video please !!!!!

    32. Marci

      Anyone knows the song?

    33. JJ -P

      Oui shou da ve done betto

    34. Nipun Kothare

      Hopefully Haas dose baetor this year

    35. Iain Martin

      Best scene? Really? Click bait.

    36. Mr Moonman

      Nico ,damn i feel bad for him

    37. Ali bahadır Sengül

      Guys what's the song in the background???

    38. Vlad

      big oof

    39. JustJosh

      Nah it’s did you just break my door

    40. Shanmukesh R

      Now I respect Nico

    41. Eder Lozano

      The best scene was when Hulk is teaching Ricc German 😂😂😂 Huuuuuuulkeeenberg 😂😂😂

    42. Dali Black

      Then why switch Hulk with Ocon???

    43. James R

      The best scene is when Guenther Steiner says that maybe he didn't invite Grosjean to dinner, because he doesn't deserve any food. fiblock.info/face/videot/lJqjgG2sa6fXYqQ.html

    44. Danny Gilbert

      "You can't have a driver like Nico not on a podium" ngl you didn't make it very easy for him by firing him

    45. dev ravi

      abitabullshit, again haas deserves better man, guenther works so hard i mean every year some new bullshit pops up. but nico deserves a seat.

    46. Aleks

      What are you talking ablu guys? Kimi's moments are the best ones!

    47. Joel Dean

      Let’s hope nico is back in 2022

    48. Brendon Balow

      this is why I don't trust Cyril. he's a snake in the grass when it came to the Ricciardo deal and then blatantly lying about Hulkenburg. if he's as good as he says he was then why risk it for Ocon?

    49. Filippo Soraperra

      Is there any team in f1 thats not toxic? Redbull, ferrari, mclaren (until 2018), haas, renault williams? I mean wtf

    50. JuliDGoe

      Hass need to sign that guy

    51. padam19

      Cyril 2021: gets dropped

    52. Neal Maha

      So this is where f1 noobs became hulk fanboys?

    53. Darryl Hannington

      Best one has to be when steiner said "He does not fok smash my door" like image if his daughter got pregnant "He does not fok smash my daughter"

    54. Chris

      how can you forget "Do NoT Fok smash ma door"

    55. kiiko

      So he then replaces hulk with a clown that doesn't even know the flags

    56. Agustín Perez


    57. dev ravi

      nico really deserves a seat

    58. Ronan Doyle F1

      The best scene is he dosh not fohksmash my door

    59. mmt


    60. _tgibbo

      The scene of Christian Horner saying ‘very’ in reaction to the two red bull cars crashing into each other sends chills down my spine

    61. RedRoboBuffalo BTR

      No the best scene is Kimi’s only scene

    62. Baphömet666

      Hülk is world champion material... He just needs that Mercedes seat instead of Lewis. Tell me it wouldn't be more entertaining seeing Hülk and Bottas battling for the championship

    63. rene_291

      But nobody foksmashed steiners door?!

    64. Luky

      please music?

    65. XenoN

      Correction: Don’t foksmash my door is the best scene

    66. Buster

      what about fok smash or is that to early

    67. Valeria Bernal M.


    68. Max G

      Not sure about this being the best scene. Nico has blown a few podium positions himself. Half the grid is world champion material in a Mercedes.

    69. Patrick Lampe

      Cyril: Proceeds to drop Hulk for Ocon

    70. Thanos Papadopoulos

      With Perez racing for Red Bull next year, Hulk should definitely have a chance with Mercedes.

    71. refile1024

      Best scene was when the mechanics said Grosjean wouldn’t make it past turn 2. Then grosjean crashed

    72. Yogurt

      The best scene is when guenther says :”we were supposed to look like rockstars and we look like wankers”

    73. LKW

      this didnt age well

    74. Michal Burda

      Bet he’s regretting signing ocon

    75. Alan Gaming

      He does not fok smash my door

    76. Self Made

      My fav is episode 2 of s1 when McLaren guys made a bet about romain crashing in first lap and he did

    77. Donnie Dollarhide Jr.

      I hope all these moves will lead to a situation that implies a fight for wins between Verstappen, Hamilton and Alonso in 2022. That would be amazing.

    78. Aaron Joyce


    79. Max Gameson

      He does not fok smash my door

    80. George Danilov

      The conniving triple-face abitbbbubbbleolb

    81. Ruskey

      " EvErYbOdY At HaAs WaNtS tO dO BETTOR ! "

    82. addZee

      The best scene is where Magnussen breaks the door and the Haas Principal looks for him and says the “Danish Guy”

    83. Botas

      So FIblock just recommend me this after the Bahrain Grand Prix...

    84. Ollie Hunt

      Nicoooo HuuuuuuulkenBERG

    85. GeroniMoritz

      I wonder if there's gonna be a driver they will keep for more than 2 seasons

      1. Korryptos

        Last driver was in fact Nico Hülkenberg. So sad that he is not able this year to get a podium like Daniel....

    86. frankjaeger

      he does not FOK smash my door.

    87. Priyank Patel

      Nico for Red Bull

    88. Sahil Diwan

      What's the song in the background???

    89. Arif Khan

      Hope he gets the redbull

    90. Joe

      He’s not world champion material, Cyril. The only two championship level drivers to be at Renault anytime recently is Carlos, Daniel and Fernando who’s coming back next season. The best scene ever is when he insults the city of of Austin and then gets his soul destroyed by the kids asking how many races he’s won. 🤣 It’s a shame that CHECO might not be in the sport next year. Not this guy who’s allergic to podiums.

      1. Korryptos

        Carlos? He loses clearly against Hulkenberg in 2018. maybe he is a better driver today. If you want to hate any driver, try it with Yuji Ide.

    91. Matt Cecil

      They got a downgrade in Ocon that's for sure

    92. indie_guitars

      Bunch of f*cking wankers

    93. Aj Sp

      I’ve lost 1:22 minutes of my Life

    94. Rodrigo Contreras

      who is here after hulkenberg has signed up with redbull for 2021?

      1. Aswin BUC


    95. Jirka Zapletal

      Beto🤣 not better but beto

    96. Luis Philipp

      The best scene by far is the fok smash scene

    97. Bugsy Malone

      And now cyril's dream comes true, Hulkenberg drives for Red Bull next year.

      1. Aswin BUC


    98. El Flonty

      That aged incredibly

    99. champagne from hollywood

      I hope he’ll get the seat at Red Bull❤️

      1. Aswin BUC


    100. Hadi Pawar

      Nah the best scene was : “ u dont fok smash my dooor”