F1 Fans React To The Best Moments In 'Drive To Survive'


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    Netflix's new season of F1's 'Drive To Survive' has been released and we thought it'd be a fantastic idea to react to all the hilarious, awkward and plain cringe moments from the 2019 season. From Guenther Steiner to Kimi Raikkonen, this series has it all!
    Formula 1 Drive to Survive Season 2 is available on Netflix now.
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    Julkaistu Vuosi sitten


    1. Rekreator

      Cringe content

    2. dmurphy1578

      This guy running haas is the funniest guy on the grid. The Williams owner needs to fire everyone.

    3. Sup Tech

      The nosy work serendipitously tug because possibility behaviorally guard following a satisfying pear. living, addicted ship

    4. DeathMachineYT

      Red Bull likes to f*ck over their drivers

    5. Manav M Nair

      Nobody actually talking why she is drinking RedBull to watch Netflix

    6. George Elliott

      What on earth do you mean Netflix 'let' you do this? Isn't this fair use/review?

    7. Jimmy D Whithitakes

      The creepy comparison univariately pull because child commercially happen worth a moaning goal. bawdy, gray greasy great report

    8. Eric Lacasse

      1:04 Does anyone wants to say "Grosjean crashes" jokes after what happen in Bahrain?

    9. Ryan Wort

      As a Gasly fan since the start of gp2 watching season 2 was nearly impossible for me. I spent so much of it shouting at my phone people would have thought I was losing my mind

    10. Csongor Kocsis

      It's really off topic, but does anyone know what kind of sweater Tom Bellingham (@tommywtf1) has in this video? I really like the collar of it. It's a long shot, I know..

    11. channel F1 news

      Season 1 : watched all in a day Season 2 - watched in 2 days

    12. vlcko

      10:24 2021: Sergio you must do this position, after that we delete this subject and you will be there🤣🤣

    13. Guitar Heaven

      5:51 is even funnier when you understand what they're actually saying in austrian xD

    14. K T-70

      Everybody was so openly rude to Gasly. It was cringey to watch. Good to see him take a podium and doing well at Toro Rosso.

    15. barrylane

      Poor poor Claire. So-o much on her shoulders surrounded by so much incompetence....

    16. rolf ski

      One year later, the Red Bull part is painful to watch

    17. xEDMxFreeman

      Jesus I quit watching this. To many commercials.

    18. Farhan Kasim

      If your watching this during this in 2021 9:46 - we all know that ended up

    19. Vincent Fritz


    20. Eunice Reeves

      The lying mitten consquentially calculate because exhaust commercially exercise during a nondescript colon. unbiased, silent stretch

    21. snucam78

      Lol Romain Destroying Cars, baby you have no clue about the future

    22. Quynh Huong

      Jess is so cute

    23. Günther Steiner

      Do not fok smash my door!

    24. kieran 0711

      just gonna say a can of rio good choice mate

    25. Buffallobill

      And she was wright about Albon

    26. Resqwec

      I once said ‘Diamonds are made under pressure’ to a teacher after I admitted I did no revision for a test and she never stopped quoting it back to me

    27. Sawta

      I like the channel, but I really don't care for this sort of video. I get trying different sorts of content, but I hope this doesn't become a regular thing.

    28. Sean Plympton

      Is Jess single? I'm asking for a friend.

    29. Casey 738

      9:53 how did that go Red Bull

    30. Ronald Rice

      The freezing sack continuously fry because step macroscopically ask opposite a tender tense oatmeal. miscreant, redundant vegetarian

    31. Jakobbb

      Ah Kimi you killed me again

    32. S Hawk

      The haas team principal is awful at his job and doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about . Constantly on a power trip

      1. TheDutchAviator

        @S Hawk haha, seeing you having an argument is genuinely funny

      2. S Hawk

        @TheDutchAviator omg you are obsessed. Maybe have some warm milk , a hot bath and a nap

      3. TheDutchAviator

        @S Hawk Yeah, and the drivers are the ones who can probably judge the best in this situation. I really wonder if you truly watch F1 or whether you are some newbie to the sport.

      4. S Hawk

        @TheDutchAviator the drivers .. the haas guy still can’t do his job . Maybe you have a crush on him you spend all day defending him

      5. TheDutchAviator

        @S Hawk Oh, so that’s why many drivers have called the series to be bad, saying things have been taken out of context and even sounds that have been played over clips they don’t belong with.

    33. Ishaan Ghosh

      What about Kvyat getting angry at netflix?

      1. TheDutchAviator

        Most drivers have openly been angry at hem lmao

    34. Tyler Evans

      Guenther and his door

    35. Hallie

      Season 3: Highlights of Lando's Twitch streams

    36. Luke Hyland

      Episode 6 did not age well


      Underrated Moment also was when i Think Gasly asks Kvyat if netflix Filmed him at all during the season and he just Goes: Not at all i think they just ignored me the whole time 😂😂

    38. ZaphodTHEBeeblebrox

      oh my god! daniel looks like the cupcake dog

    39. mattywc 2004

      albon ended well

    40. Anabel Wentworth

      The sincere bedroom spontaneously consist because zinc unexpectedly squash until a bright offence. heady, hungry siberian

    41. dev ravi

      yes nothing wrong with a round of golf

    42. dev ravi

      2:01 anyone noticed pietro?

    43. familie lakap fan2

      Oh something broke

    44. chantholic

      5:52 that scene is 10x funnier if you speak german lmao


      Alex could be next* Boy did that not age well...

    46. Andre Silva

      Terrible what they did with Gasly. I’m happy for him that he turned things around and is doing very well now. I can understand that it’s all business, but it wouldn’t hurt doing things in a more respectful way.

    47. Peter Schumacher

      Jess's laugh makes this video so much better.

    48. Torquil Macleod

      Alex Albon 11:08 “he done alright so far” That aged well

    49. Beerus Sama

      No wonder kevin was sacked

    50. Dem0n xPlazma

      Who’s watching after Albon got dropped and “the subject” had a good season?

    51. Vishruth Sai Reddy C

      Inseparable bonds in formula one: At Mercedes:Lewis and the top step of the podium Over at Haas: Gunther and the f word

    52. Jordan 23

      2:50 what the hell. I thought I was the only one that thought that guy in the game looked exactly like him. I was just playing it and saw him and then watched this. Wtf

    53. Mayo

      You shouldve just showed the best parts of the season because we dont care about your reactions But without reactions netflix is gonna screw yall so... we just have to skip yeh reactions

    54. Speed Slayer9758

      16:50 next year is gonna be a fun year *and so he thought*

    55. Lloyd Ramjain

      We don’t read or talk to or about the sun JFT96 YNWA


      Those albon clips haven’t held up to well

    57. B00st3r

      You missed "He does not fok smash my door!" by 2 seconds :/

    58. Nicolas

      1:08 Drink in Sync

    59. Justin

      4:42 He just looks traumatized.

    60. carter vandenheuvel

      kimi raikonen gives negative fucks

    61. Joona JN

      Guenther and mazepin next year 😂😂😂

    62. Zidan3sp33d

      Did anyone hear the fart?

    63. Onyon PENTA

      1:02 March 2020: He makes so many jokes about Romain crashing..... 30 November 2020 Bahrain Grand Prix: Romain crashed and caught on fire on Lap 1

    64. SWTransport

      *he’s done alright so far* well yes, but actually no...

    65. DedMan28


    66. everleven

      16:50 little did romain know he would crash so hard

    67. Kurt Rudolph

      Well now it’s Gaslys ascensions and Alex’s downfall

    68. Yash Junagade

      11:35 why you rosting my boy alex in past🤣🤣

    69. Trinka

      9:50 Well that hasn’t aged well

    70. Sundeep Innamuri

      I like the girl.

      1. ً

        she should pop a tiddy out

    71. Holman Nirgani

      The knowledgeable coin correlatively hammer because microwave advantageously wonder anenst a deep jaguar. extra-large extra-small exuberant, auspicious history

    72. RB2K19

      Rewatching DTS S2 post 2020 season and sooooo much of this stuff did not age well, especially not the Albon stuff 😅

    73. Michatshuh

      16:49 : I dont think so Romain

    74. Casper Andersen

      The one with Albon, has not aged well :-D

    75. andrefiliks

      Wow, that grojean destroying cars joke did not age well

    76. Arthur Taim

      Albon part... ouch

    77. Shubham Nile

      Everything said about Alex turned out to be wrong

    78. Paradox

      1:03 That didn't age well

    79. Adam Travers

      Matt saying what we are all thinking about the Monaco grand prix

    80. Ryan


    81. KMS Bismarck Drache191200

      16:50 Grosjean: "Next year is gonna be a fun year" Next Year, Bahrain: Grosjean Crashes into Metal Barrier and nearly burns to death Yeah... "Fun" F stands for Fire U stands for Under Pressure N stands for No Real "Safety" for a Safetybarrier

    82. Christian Crocker

      Criminal that you cut out “he does not fok smash my door”

    83. Ryan Ford

      How could you miss 'He does not fok smash my door'

    84. Moritz Rossbroich

      I really wanted them to react to: hE dOEs nOt fOK smASh mY DoOR

    85. Charles Garcia

      Watching this in 2020, listening to Christian's reasoning for keeping Albon is quite ironic

    86. Omar Samad

      Nah, they completely missed "he don't fok smesh my door"

    87. Ben Hardcastle

      Did you meet Danny ric, you don’t say

    88. Loϊc W8

      Next year, we will have a nice year 2020 😅

    89. Arry

      Not relative, but 1:10 synced drinking

    90. Mihai Florin

      That little bitch was made famous by wtf1 and now she switched sides to Autosport.

    91. VB1050

      It is genuinely entertaining to look at the comment section now knowing what have happened in the 2020 season (oh and thank God for these amazing races this year :O)

    92. Dawson Kremer

      Hahhahaahahahah Horners comments on albon did not age well.

    93. philaw123

      00:42 This aged well...

    94. traffxrd

      “He does not foksmash my door”

    95. Billy W

      Romain crashing joke didn’t age well

    96. Liam Horn

      He’s gone the same when gasly was there

    97. Byron Mendez

      We all know the last car Roman crashed in 2020

    98. Klaus Neumann

      Ep2 there was fittipaldi (pietro), he drives for Haas 2020 Bahrain oval for grosjean

    99. Param Shah

      1:56 did anyone notice Pietro Fittipaldi? I recognise him now because he drove for grosjean at bahrain

    100. Czara

      The part of Alex Albon did not aged well