Fernando Alonso vs Lewis Hamilton - "The Battle of The McLaren's" - 2007


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    F1's new hotshot vs the man who dethroned Schumacher and won the 2005 and 2006 championships. It doesn't take much for their relationship to turn sour as Alonso and Hamilton fight for the 2007 World Drivers Championship.
    Watch their championship battle all the way from the opening round in Australia to the finale in Brazil, seeing all the on-track battles and antics between the two drivers as they fight each other so intensely they forget about the possibility of another driver coming in to pick up the scraps.
    Music used (I take no credit for any music):
    Footage by FIA and Formula One.

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    1. goldenegg

      what is the music used during the intro? I tried all the links you put in the description but I couldn't find it, I'd appreciate some help

    2. Robert Ken

      How we (McLaren)did not win the 2007 championship still baffles me to this date.

    3. Jonathan Vogel

      I think @ 41:10 was the moment Alonso facked up his career in F1

    4. Jonathan Vogel

      I had forgotten about this. When a Rookie is running a seasoned champion hard , you know hes exceptional , History has proven it. This year is going to be close.


      People keep mentioning Silverstone 08, but Fuji 07 is possibly even more impressive

    6. Gt5winner

      Super video! Thx

    7. didi

      Keep posting more videos like these pls, we love it

    8. Gonzalo Brussa

      Whats the meaning of "STUNT"?

    9. Weigner Leigner

      “Alonso would leave and go become multiple time world radio message champion”

    10. 공병

      thanks for the vids!

    11. Echo Mike

      Watching this video makes me realize I really old. Miss the rivalry between McLaren vs Ferrari.

    12. Chase_View_Racing VR

      14.50 Antony Hamiltons heart beat reaches 180 DEGREES before a race 😂😂 not beats. Degrees. That’s some hot shit.

    13. Johan Smith


    14. Johan Smith

      They are all talents...but some of them more than others.... McLaren was the fastest only because they had the best drivers, the rookie (later 7 times worldchampionship winner) and Alonso, the man who dethroned Michael Schumacher. Alonso was better than Kimi and Massa with the same car when they were team mates, it is a fact.

    15. Johnny Doe


    16. Dan

      the most epic season in 21st century

    17. Max T

      Amazing after all this time Kimi still has no personality

    18. Max T

      Great that Rosberg, one of nicest guys blocked that bad sport Alonso 😃❤️👏👏👏👏

    19. Lam rof

      Haters will say, A rookie wins because of the car. I say Alonso was not a rookie. But then again why try to reason with jealous haters because jealousy is not reasonable. Go Lewis, get in there !

    20. Lam rof

      I think the rivalry costed them the championship.

    21. Kokob Mekonen

      That smile from his father ❤

    22. Gonzalo Cué

      Absolutely amazing, when in F1 some drivers fight for the title until the last GP

    23. Uwe Claußnitzer

      I never understood why the officials stripped Alonso off pole position in Hungary. Those are affairs that have to be adressed within the team. Another step in the decline of F1.

    24. Augusto O.R

      38:58 masterclass, Alonso really was and still is a legend.

      1. M T

        Hamilton made Massa look like clown in 2007. Even in just his second ever F1 race in Malaysia he forced him into a couple of mistakes.

    25. Augusto O.R

      Alonso and Hamilton on a team should have been considered cheating.

    26. fastcougar3200

      Music is unbearable. Stopped watching after 3 minutes.

    27. Fernando Gomez Campo

      Alonso is the best!!!!!!

    28. Alhambra2010

      Hamilton no clean

    29. AL D

      Epic. Great video.

    30. Edivad Occirb

      Epic season!

    31. francis joel batista sandoval


    32. jim

      Just a shame neither Alonso or Hamilton won the championship. They were clearly both quicker drivers than Raikkonen & Masa, who definitely had the faster car.

    33. boredreiver

      It was much maligned at the time but I really miss ITV's F1 coverage.

    34. Ed Braga Salles

      Fernando Alonso sujo . Lewis Hamilton desde o primeiro ano mostrando que pilota muito.

    35. Ddarrel Smith

      None better than sir Lewis

    36. Ed Baxter

      Well done Kimi!

    37. chomalen

      Easy to see why he dominates now given his performances then. It's not just the car. Mercedes have been dominant in this era, but people forget the details how in most of the seasons since 2014, it has been pretty competitive. As the saying goes though, there are no asterixis', and people seem to forget these details.

    38. Ricardo Ricardo Augusto

      Hamilton e Alonso na Mercedes 2022 por favor !!!

    39. MrGadaga

      Please don't use music while racing. It takes all the fun away!!

    40. Nol Houtman

      the music you put under it destroys the whole movie , rediculess

    41. The Arsenal MisFit

      You need to cgange tge titke to McLaren vs Alonso as the team were 100% behind Lewis by half way through the season and ji5hing points that out more than Hungry wgere Lewis hepd up Alonso in Qualifying so Alsono paid him back during the pit stops. Dennis went balistic at Alsoni yet Saint Lewis gets away with what he did. Not that either car shoukd have been on tge grid at all after spygate. Dennis made it clear to the world at that race yhat Alonso was never going to get the support he needed to win the championship and that ahe was done as a McLaren driver at the end of yhe year. Tye last laugh is on Dennis though as Lewus imploded at yhe end of the season and Kimi stole the Drvers Title because of the poor mistakes Lewis made. Lewis is still the only driver I have efer seen since 76 to a have more than 1 accident in either Pit In or Pit out, China in 07 and yhen Canada when he ran into Race leader Kimi R at the end of the pit lane when it was closed .

    42. Carlos Silva Saúde Física, Mental e Conjugal

      Show 👏👏💪🇧🇷

    43. Charlie Dickson

      turn the bloody music off

    44. Emgee

      It's such a shame to read all the negative bile about Hamilton in these comments. This is 2007, his first season and he's beating a reining and double-WDC in the same car. Get some perspective, this is extraordinary stuff. Just rewatch the Canada and Japan races from 2007 to get the real perspective on the Hamilton v Alonso debate, the rookie schools the Champion.

    45. Marta Marta

      I just watched first 45 seconds on this.. till Alonso vs Hamilton picture of both cars along witch other. Clearly its a fan of Hamilton making this video. CLEARLY

    46. Peter Pimmel

      From Alonso to Bottas.... No wonder hamilton Hamilton winning everything nowadays!

    47. GhanaPlaylist

      This should be a movie or Netflix

    48. Lesedi Ramahobo

      Rosberg winning 7 races in a row in 2016 showed that LH is a lucky driver who can only win in a overpowered car.

      1. Lesedi Ramahobo

        @M T As I recall, even Kimi beat Alonso in 2007 and nearly in 2005 if it wasn't for an unreliable McLaren. Vettel beat Alonso in 2010 and 2012. Do I even have to say anything about team mate killer Verstappen?

      2. M T

        @Lesedi Ramahobo Vettel or Veratappen would have beaten Alonso in 2007? Keep dreaming.

      3. M T

        @Lesedi Ramahobo I haven't ignored anything. You are the one who made a blanket statement about Rosberg winning 7 in a row and you gave absolutely no context whatsoever to your comment. Now, in 2015, yes Rosberg was more unlucky than Hamilton. However, comparing 2015 and 2016 shows a pivotal difference between Hamilton and Rosberg. That is, when Hamilton had bad luck in 2016, he found a way to keep himself in championship contention despite numerous ridiculous setbacks and Rosberg could only beat him by 5 points in the end whereas in 2015 Rosberg was completely incapable of mounting any kind of fight back when the shoe was in the other foot. The fact of the matter is that Hamilton comes out ahead in both 2015 and 2016 when driver misfortune is taken into account. That is, without Rosbergs bad luck in 2015 Hamilton still convincingly beats him whereas without Hamilton's bad luck in 2016 he clearly comes out ahead of Rosberg. For 2014 luck evened itself out in the end. Rosberg needed the double points race in Abu Dhabi to have any real shot at winning the title.

      4. Kosey Adam

        @Lesedi Ramahobo 😂😂😂😂😂

      5. Lesedi Ramahobo

        @M T Yet you completely ignore Rosberg's bad luck prior which gifted LH alot of points allowing him to cruse to the championship with races to spare. He drives a car that should be able to win every race in the last 8 years with his team mate as the only competition season by season. His debut was in the fastest car on the grid. Vettel or Vesterpen would have won that 2007 season in LH's shoes.

    49. ta tum

      Alonso is better.

      1. Otherworldly

        @M T It's not a lie. Former McLaren mechanic and now Sky Sports F1 expert Mark Priestley shared his memories of that season, you can read this interview on DriveTribe.

      2. M T

        @Otherworldly Lies. Alonso was fully supported in the team the whole season long, even after he tried to blackmail Ron Dennis.

      3. Otherworldly

        @M T In any case, the McLaren drivers lost that championship. They were both very fast, but the mistakes of the management did not allow them to win the championship. They bet on a very fast and inexperienced Hamilton at the time, and in the third Grand Prix he got the advantage in tactics when changing tires. The McLaren engineers were delighted with Alonso's ability to adjust the car, and his settings, which he found so difficult to find and partly thanks to which the car went so fast, were simply copied to Hamilton's car. No one doubts the speed of Lewis, but it was not enough to win the championship, he did not have a solid picture of the fight for the title, simply because he had little experience in Formula 1 and he lost You think Hamilton was faster than Alonso, so why did he lose? Alonso lost because there was no support from the team management, and not at all because Hamilton was driving fast. Fernando was not afraid of anyone and nothing, he realized that the team had such conditions in which he would not be able to realize his potential.

      4. M T

        @Otherworldly Well that's not exactly true because in 2007 when they were teammate's Hamilton led the championship standings nearly the whole season. In fact, he had a 12 and 17 points lead over Alonso and Raikkonen with just 2 races to go back in the days when a win was worth 10 point's. Hamilton was the clear championship favorite for most of the season and had the championship lead going into the last race. It literally took Hamilton having 2 catastrophic races in China and Brazil for Alonso or Raikkonen to even have a chance of winning the title. So yes Hamilton didn't win it but to say that he wasn't able to, as in it wasn't in his ability to so, isn't entirely true at all. He was definitely capable and it was only extremely luck for Alonso that Hamilton didn't win it. And stop pretending it isn't devastating to Alonso's legacy that Hamilton made him run away from McLaren and won a championship with McLaren instead of him. This is a complete humiliation for Alonso. He talked about wanting to emulate his idol Ayrton Senna and win championships at the team but Hamilton is the one who did it instead of him and did so wearing the iconic yellow helmet.

      5. Otherworldly

        @M T Yes, Hamilton is the last McLaren champion and that's a fact, but he could only become one when Alonso was no longer in the team and that's also a fact.

    50. Franck Nattario

      2007 ; McLaren: Hamilton > Alonso. (Raikonnen champion). 1986 ; Williams : Mansell > Piquet. (Prost champion).

    51. Ali Shiraz

      43:07 when ron dennis showed who his preferred driver is. do read that lewis disobeyed direct orders to give alonso clean air before in Q3. and then ron dennis grabbing that engineer of alonso clearly showed who his allegiance laid with. dennis destroyed alonso's career!

      1. Ali Shiraz

        @M T this grab by the neck happened right after alonso put it on pole. after this u telling me dennis felt both were equals? seriously?

      2. M T

        @Ali Shiraz Wasn't on camera. Knowledge about it was leaked to the media at that time but McLaren denied it happened so it kind of got forgotten about until a few years ago when a former McLaren mechanic confirmed that it did indeed happen.

      3. Ali Shiraz

        @M T and which camera captured that conversation

      4. M T

        @Ali Shiraz You think that's bad? You should hear the conversation that Dennis had with Hamilton in Hungary. Hamilton: Don't you ever f***ing do that to me again! Dennis: Don't you ever f***ing speak to me like that again! Hamilton: Go f***ing swivel!

      5. Ali Shiraz

        @M T whoever he is. Have u seen someone grab like this before or since then within team?

    52. sidnei silva

      Nascia uma lenda!

    53. michael wright

      Which idiot added the music?

    54. MAX

      3 rd time am watching this ...2007 season was the most exciting season ever

    55. Kingcobra

      Alonso el piloto de mejoraremos el año que viene y así lleva ya 15 años. Hamilton mejor que Alonso mil veces.

    56. Mickael Hubert

      No matter why, this pilot is the best ever

    57. Mickael Hubert

      The best ever

    58. Matthew N

      Horrible intrusive music!! And stupid czn stuck on screen, how to make a bad vid!!

    59. Babar Asghar

      im so lucky to have lived in era when i saw Hamilton becoming Sir Lewis Hamilton in last 13 years.

      1. Peter Thomas

        Not only that, you were lucky enough to live in an era where you could witness Roger Federer on the tennis court and Ronnie O'Sullivan on the snooker table. Gods of their respective sports, all three - a very special era.

    60. Javier Santos

      Let's be honest. Obv McLaren favoured Ham bc: british team + british GM + n1 british driver Lewis is amazing, faster than Alonso in one lap, but the spanish is very strong in all areas. For sure best two f1 drivers with Shumacher on 21st century (now Verstappen is amazing too tho).

      1. Javier Santos

        @M T Give stats and objective data, and not the first thing you figure out in your head. You gave me no reasons at all, I would recommend you to check out your points 😂😂

      2. Javier Santos

        @M T Come on man, you just have hate... You didn't give any really reasons, you just said your opinion... Be more objective man. Everyone knows Alonso is the 🐐. You can google declarations of his teammates and f1 people and see what people thinks about him.

      3. M T

        Let's be honest. Alonso only has himself to blame for resorting to blackmail and actively being involved in the Spygate Scandal by means of illegally sharing sensitive Ferrari information via email with Mike Coughlan and Pedro De La Rosa, ultimately costing McLaren-Mercedes $100m and DSQ from the constructors championship, which has also cost Alonso a drive with Mercedes in the hybrid era. All because he couldn't handle facing Hamilton without the preferential treatment he expects at every team he drives for. All Alonso had to do was be a more level headed human being, like the non British driver Mika Hakkinen, who also drove for Ron Dennis at McLaren against a British teammate just a few years before Alonso was at the team and won two world championships. Alonso failed where a foreign driver showed what was possible in the exact same situation not long before. As for the whole "fast over 1 lap" vs "complete driver" topic, this is always said about young drivers vs older drivers. People are doing it with Verstappen against Hamilton now. Hamilton is clearly the complete driver today. That's after coming into the sport as showing a talent that had not been seen since the great Ayrton Senna himself. Verstappen is the only driver since Hamilton who has shown that same talent level. That's why this years title fight is going to be epic. Meanwhile Alonso can only get a seat at Renault because he's burnt too many bridges. Non of the top teams want him.

    61. Ryan Waugh

      One of the ugliest years of design for f1 cars. Look like 4x4’s

    62. Ranu Annaert

      music sucks

    63. Dru Nation

      How do you have tractors and race cars on the track at the same time? That is why Jules died unnecessarily. I just realized they sabotaged his car for the last race.

    64. Fernando Afonso

      Piquet x mansel

    65. Phil Moore

      Thanks for the video but the music is just not necessary

    66. Jabraan Petrucci

      Wow that was epic stuff

    67. Moses ainsz

      That inside dive on kimi in malaysia followed by the outside pass on massa really proved the doubters who were still skeptical after the outside pass in turn one in Australia

    68. Hectorino Ferreira


    69. XRP SNIPER

      Todays Rookies are completely chickens compared to Rookie Lewis Hamilton! Physically but also driving wise! And of course he won that rain race in Fuji already as a Rookie! Amazing rain talent! BTW Ferrari car was not slower what a myth created by some liars. Look how many Poles & Wins RAI & MAS had together. No way they were even back then as good as Alonso or Lewis. RAI fans will hate that to hear but its true. The Ferrari car was a beast in 2007!

      1. Chuyew

        @XRP SNIPER Verstappen or Leclerc are chickens?

    70. Despoina T

      I am so sorry that I was only 2 years old during this championship but now I have the ability to see it almost all. Thank you very much for this brilliant experience

    71. Mario

      6:12 💔

    72. Sandro g

      Gran bella battaglia..

    73. Raymand Doks

      The music IS TOO LOUD in places and makes this terrible to watch. Malaysian GP commentaries and engine sounds were drowned out.

    74. Marko M

      Kimi Räikkönen really earned the title in the 2007 season. Kimi ran 12 podiums in the season, including six GP victories. Hamilton and Alonso also drove 12 podiums, but both "only" four GP wins. Remembering the technical flaws of Kimi Räikkönen's McLaren era, it is only deserved that Kimi won the 2007 season title.

      1. boredreiver

        I was rooting for Massa that season, I have to be honest I didn't really like Kimi at the time. Things have changed though, now I think he's great.

      2. yin shah

        @Marko M That was a great battle. Seems like Hamilton have to use more of the track to keep up his speed and Kimi can keep pace while holding a tighter line.

      3. Marko M

        @yin shah fiblock.info/face/videot/jWZ8oI10oGOol6A.html Kimi vs Lewis China 2007. Great battle

      4. Marko M

        @Lesedi Ramahobo and also Nurburgring. During the 2007 season, Kimi interrupted two technical failures as the car broke down from podium seats in Barcelona and the Nurburgring. Hamilton and Alonso, for example, did not have any outages during the period that led to a technical failure. Hamilton succumbed to a mistake in China.

      5. Lesedi Ramahobo

        Kimi was undoubtedly the fastest man in F1 during the 2000s just looking at his fastest laps alone but shame because of unreliability.

    75. Ingrid SCosta

      unbelievable that lewis was not a champion in 2007!!

      1. Marko M

        Kimi won six GP, Hamilton and Alonso both 4 GP, so Kimi deserved this title

    76. goal 1

      The great battle between two great drivers.

    77. Chuck N.

      Both Alonso and Hamiltom made mítakes, which allow Raikonen won WDC in 2007.

    78. Nick Markovic

      Wow I didn't know Hamilton nearly become a 8 time world champion

      1. Marko M

        @Dark Matter And without Kimi Räikkönen Nurburgring 2003 engine failures Kimi should be now double time World champion. If..if...if . But this is motorsport

      2. Dark Matter

        If his engine hadn’t blown in Malaysia 2014 a few laps from winning, he could have been 9x. Instead, Rosberg won that one

    79. F. G

      im so glad that the cheater never won another title since then.

      1. Ali Shiraz

        lewis has won 7 dude. what world are u living in

    80. javier jesus baladés

      Just if they could've continued that rivarly with equal cars in Mercedes. That would've been magnificent for all F1 fans

    81. Charlie Bates

      Great watch but jeez the music, give it a rest......

    82. DiabloDevilsBA

      Ten years later "Lewis's chance" has came. 13:31

    83. pgI0897

      This is a really well put together summary of that season. Great music as well.

    84. ohinek

      Just little detail, it was Kimi Raikkonen winning that year. Thi is really a titlebait, like Kimi got all that points for free and then somehow won the championship. Let me tell you, it was mclaren who got caught with a spygate, so yea, it was a good year for them, when they copied the whole Ferrari F2007. Otherwise they would probably built another unreliable piece of shit like in 2005.

    85. emperormaximusII

      If Schumacher had been given the chance to race in the 2007 ferrari we would have had Schumacher Alonso and Hamilton fighting in nearly equal machinery. Damn.

      1. CZN

        And after 2006 there's no doubt in my mind Schumi would've been able to atleast equal Kimi, would've been an amazing year. I believe if MSC stayed/wasn't forced out he would've won 07 and 08 and became a 9-time Champion.

    86. Matthew Hackett

      really annoying that the music makes the commentary so hard to listen to . Why so loud?

    87. Morten Eriksen

      What is the name of the first song used?

    88. Nuno P

      Massa was great !!!

    89. alchemist796

      And... Hamilton gets the last laugh

    90. Вася Хрен

      обосрались оба в 2007

    91. paul hayton

      Alonso didn't see it coming, why he returned to f1 is beyond me. Lewis rules

    92. Dezee Fresh

      BallsBoy 2 Ballsman. Ballsman d Great Savior.Now 4 dat gt 7 Chmpshp. Now considerd The Goat. Ain't name Ballsman 4 Ntng. Hammy Lv d All Ovr d World. Esp dem Slanteze. Chinese, Japaneze yep, Well Lvd

      1. Dezee Fresh

        Now, Smbdy tryg 2 Stop Old Papa Dezee Fresh scribbles n here. FIblock Plz Investigate n Fix. I think I gt Fresh lovers. 1s DAT Love my Scribbles. So Let's Clean Up my File so I can watch my kids n Talk Szhit 2.. I mean Scribble Szhit.

    93. yslermusic

      Alonso legend

    94. Francisco Javier Lema Negreira

      Fernando Alonso es el mejor piloto de la historia,pero siempre está en la escudería equivocada,mal asesorado

    95. Jose Manuel Diez Garcia

      Ron Dennis did everything possible so that Alonso did not win the world championship and Hamilton won it and in the end Raikonen and Ferrari won it, fuck you Ron.

      1. M T

        You are Delusional. It was Alonso who had special treatment at McLaren in the early part of the season. He was the proven champion while Hamilton was just a noob rookie. Of course Alonso was favoured. Its not even debatable but this all changed when Hamilton proved how good he was and Dennis started treating them equally from Canada onwards. That's when the problems really started because Alonso couldn't handle how competitive Hamilton was and just expected to be given #1 driver privileges. That's why he resorted to blackmail. Its all Alonso's fault and his fanboys need to deal deal with it. Alonso ruined his relationship with Ron Dennis when he tried to blackmail him. It has also cost Alonso the chance to drive for Mercedes in the hybrid era because his actions cost them a lot of money with the repercussions of the Spygate Scandal.

    96. javier garrido

      1:01:43 Meanwhile in Spain in that moment: -"Sanganchao! Sanganchao! Sanganchao! en la puzolana!!!" -"Ahi esta el milagro!!" lol

      1. M T

        So was Japan the race before when Alonso crashed into the wall the British version of Sanganchao?

    97. fidan2fast

      I never like Hamilton, but Alonso has always been a shitty teammate

    98. Mopower

      This reminds me on Senna vs Prost bro what a Session what a year thanks for that

    99. Flemming Ernst

      Video resolution not to good (it's easy to expect better now a days...)

    100. Carlos Lein