Fifteen To One - 07 November 2014

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    This was my 20th appearance on a TV game show. Sandi Toksvig hosts the second series of this revival of what was described by its previous host as "The Rolls-Royce of quiz shows".

    Fifteen contestants are whittled down to three, and then to one, in this general knowledge showdown. The top scoring contestants return to play each other in the grand final for a £40,000 cash prize.

    Copyright 2014 Channel 4 Television.

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    1. Ahmed Farah

      31st October 2014

    2. Kern

      No idea why James looks so familiar. Pretty sure I've seen him somewhere before...

    3. Merlin Sandra

      God designed our brains n made us human beings a higher evolution so that v could think, analyze n create with the power of mind... May God bless n grant his blessings on all brain gaming companies and the players who learn n draw brain power n energy from them......!!

    4. The brummie Rail enthusiasts

      That’s a lot different than the weakest link

    5. The brummie Rail enthusiasts

      That’s a great show

    6. Julian Vogel

      Craig and Gary are handsome.

    7. galetaf

      why was this recommended to me

    8. jim jim

      Gary, Gary, Gary... Dear oh dear

    9. John Brown

      The British are some find looking people.

    10. Addison Willis

      I’ve never seen British commercials before... I just couldn’t skip

    11. alan fulton

      love the feb trip to Scandinavia. no need to even google it, freeze youre ass off for free!!!!

    12. Michael Glaister

      Dave Kevin Was Better Then Bill Torrance

    13. Michael Glaister

      Sandi Toksvig Host Fifteen to one For 20 years

      1. Sexy Dudeuk

        Good god no I couldnt handle that Sandi is fucking annoying. I preferred William G Stewart

    14. Just Jokes

      Assassin's Creed: San Andreas i can't stop laughing

    15. Nopparuj Pooh

      Love "the Weakest Link" theme. Needs it in 2018.

    16. Andrew S

      A good show ruined.

    17. bm386fc

      Still game brought me here

    18. Essence Lindah


    19. mtiller2006

      You can compare Sandi Toksvig to William G. Stewart as much as you want, but the truth is she is not him and should not try to emulate him. She has to be her own when she does Fifteen to One, and you know what? I think it's decent and I like the way she hosts this show. True we miss William G. Stewart, but in my opinion, I think Sandi does a good job with what she's given

    20. gary morgan

      "Gives first class minds the first degree." More like all sorts of minds given no real test at all. Dreadful. For denizens of the Eye's Dumb Briton.

    21. Dan Woodvine

      Does anybody know what the think music is called?

      1. Gary Woodward

        Dan Woodvine I don’t think it has a name to be honest. Normally these pieces of music are written specifically for the programmes themselves. According to Wikipedia the current version was written by Marc Sylvan & Richard Jacques.

    22. gary morgan

      'The Rolls-Royce of quiz shows' its earlier incarnation was. This model is rubbish, like the egregious Eggheads it's mostly stupidly easy questions with the odd tricky one thrown in for the real quiz fiend. The faux bonhomie, bloated extra length and poor quality make this the Trabant of quiz shows, along with almost all the others (as=t random, "Which pop group fronted by Mark Knopfler' etc... I rest my case.

    23. Joshua Arnold Tradanarova

      Its like The Weakest Link format?

      1. David Jatt

        no. idiot

      2. Gary Woodward

        It has shades of Weakest Link but this show was conceived first, way earlier in fact.

    24. kuki5050

      28:08 Try to play this child's laughter backwards - he sounds like Dracula.

    25. Fiercelessman

      Weakest link seems better. The hostess is so nice to the contestants lol

      1. Bob Patrick

        Sandi's more like we're used to in the U.S. I look at her as the anti-Anne Robinson. I'd like to see this show on U.S. television but the questions could obviously not be so UK-oriented. I think this could work on NBC back-to-back with "The Weakest Link."

      2. Essence Lindah

        feverpitchxx 😁 😁

    26. Chance Pryor


    27. Carolyn fun toys Dawsey girls rule toys

      this is interesting

    28. Mandy

      The host looks like Hillary Clinton

    29. Zach Burcham


    30. witherblaze

      0:07 illusion.

    31. MarktheRaider

      How does one think Assassin's Creed was released before 3-D graphics were actually a thing (for the most part)?!

    32. beaubrent

      I think perhaps the british education system is better.

    33. ahmadhamdan _

      where are they from i like their accent

      1. gary morgan

        Any relation to Pat Mustard of 'Father ted' fame Jake? P.S. New style 15-1 is rubbish.

      2. SimplyHugo

        The host, Sandi Toksvig, was born in Denmark.

      3. Jake Mustard

        Ahmad Hamdan they read out what city they were all from at the beginning, look up the one that you like.

      4. ahmadhamdan _

        SimplyHugo where in the uk im not femiliar with there accent

      5. SimplyHugo

        That's the UK.

    34. This is Shosho

      that remind my of cyrcle movie

    35. Oshy


    36. nightangel exbeon

      48:16 she said "good luck to you four" isn't three?

      1. Justin

        She said “Good luck to you all”.

    37. Raymond Oflaherty

      William G. Stewart 100 times better than this woman it seems boring now not even the same show.

      1. gary morgan

        No, it's quite different, more like dumbed down dross like 'Eggheads' for non quiz types certainly. Toksvig's chit-chat is awful.

      2. Gary Woodward

        I think the key difference is its length. The same show is now twice the length it was before, so there's a lot of padding involved and also two more commercial breaks. Makes it feel slow, doesn't it?!

    38. Torbjörn S. Brandhill

      I like it. There is a little bit too much chance involved with 15 contestants and only 3 lifes but it was good. Better than the old version. Especially the presenter. I would love if Daphne competed one more time. ;)

      1. Kaitlin Bilous

        Or Bill McKaig

      2. Gary Woodward

        Daphne would never get on now as she has a 'job' in the TV sphere but it would be good to see her compete again, I agree :)

    39. ithomas101

      All you get for winning is trophy?!?

      1. biz

        For a normal episode, you win the trophy. If you win the grand final, you win £40,000.

      2. Raymond Oflaherty

        +ithomas101 Seems strange doesn't it

    40. Joseph Miles

      It has now got so BORING

      1. gary morgan

        Yes because most of it is ridiculously easy.

      2. Raymond Oflaherty

        +Joseph Miles Agreed William G Stewart way way better

    41. Joseph Miles

      Get on with it.

    42. Richard James

      Great show, always has been and I've been a Sandi Toksvig fan since her No 73 days when I was a little kid, but why the flippin flip have they made Sandi up to look like William G Stewart ? Bit weird that.

    43. kmsimedia

      Thanks for sharing this. Caught the original and remember seeing Sandi on Whose Line. She is a great quiz host. Would be nice if we could see something like this in the US.

      1. Sexy Dudeuk

        Personally I think Sandy is a pain in the ass. William was way better. Sandy is just plain annoying and isnt even remotely funny.

      2. うぉ〜でぃん

        +His Holiness Pope Salty I Contary to popular belief, not ALL Americans are idiots. We have Jeopardy, which is easily leagues more difficult than this show. Most of this show's difficulty is due to its reliance on Britain-specific knowledge.

    44. Greg Palmer

      One of my good friends Sam Hodkin made it to 11th place.

      1. Hith2re

        Was he on mastermind by any chance

    45. Erskine Thompson

      Thanks for posting this. Enjoy Fifteen to One, and happy to finally see how Sandi Toksvig has done as host in the revival.

      1. Katarzyna Rosół

        Nie jest tak że przez nas opolskiej policji z oo z nas opony używane opony zimowe opony letnie opony zimowe ENDOMONDO jest tak jak to zrobić i jak oceniają przez cały rok nie jest

      2. Gary Woodward

        She's a lovely host, very personable and not at all threatening.