Film Theory: WandaVision, The Secret THIRD Witch Revealed!

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    WandaVision's Scarlet Witch name drop was a BIG moment in the last episode. Now we know why Wanda's magic is red - it's CHAOS magic! Fun fact, if you've been paying attention, the roses in Wanda's garden are ALSO red. Not to mention Agatha, whose purple magic ALSO matches her purple garden. What a coincidence... or is it? What if hiding in these suburban homes of Westview is another secret witch? A THIRD witch? Well Theorists, that is EXACTLY what is happening! Today I am going to reveal WandaVisions's FINAL witch!
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick and Zach Stewart
    Researcher: Bob Chipman
    Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi and Forrest Lee
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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    1. Christine Sweet


    2. BroItsZion


    3. Saif Gaming

      Matpat your the best

    4. Paul Ipock

      Wandavision ruined the Dottie character.

    5. tsartomato

      ahahahhahah lol chton is pronounced EASILY ХТОН

    6. Ace Dynamite

      It was different hearing the name of the next spider man, learning that every Tom Holland spider man movie was had the word home in it ( does it have something to do with the next avengers movie? )

    7. Spider Bits

      just realized youtube unsubscribed me from this channel, I was wondering why I hadn't been seeing any videos in a while

    8. killua_with_a_gun

      I was watching vanda vison with my dad and I told him your theory and when agnes got revaeal to be a witch my dad was realy shocked that I got the theory right when I mean I got it right I mean stole it...

    9. bro channel


    10. M Mcfa


    11. Jørn Aadland

      It dosen't matter if a theory is disproven or not. It's the construction of the theory itself that is entertaining.

    12. Kieran Gangatirkar

      I feel robbed: See I have reason to believe that over 60 episodes of normal sitcoms should exist. It seems that wanda changes the decade when something bad happens, so the first episode, dinner with the boss, that seems like the 5th episode in a sitcom. You know to town, conflict with the neighbors yada yada yada. Then the magic show episode seems like a 12th or 13th episode, then pregnancy and birth would be about 20 episodes in. (I'll explain why vision would still think twelve hours) then family problems, so that's definitely later in a season Round episode 25. Then halloween special about episode 15, then just one episode of 2000's. So in total thats around 65 give or take. (Im not saying there are these, but that would exist in the MCU) Also commercials, they have to do with the actual episode Episode 1: toaster, she made breakfast for dinner this toast Episode 2: Watch; time as they went into color in this episode Episode 3: Hydra soak, she's pregnant so she would want a break and relax Episode 5: Lagos towels, not the actual towel but the "common brand" I think it represents two things, wanda trying to solve her problems, and quicksilver who sort of mopped wanda and visions relationship into some sort of normalcy Episode 6: Shark is obviously agatha, but the yogurt could actually be pietro , she's trying to use him to hold her family together but she can't get to that point, like she's struggling to open a yogurt Finally episode 7: The pills they basically represent the hex itself, it can help, just it deteriorates as in this episode her reality is falling apart. And finally the reason vision thinks it's twelve hours is because at least I think when they're in pure sitcom bliss, he doesn't remember a tgonf he only remembers when there is a slight dip in wanda's control But that's just a theory, a film theory

    13. kgcore

      I think this theory is worse than the star wars ones

    14. Keeshia Esguerra

      7:34 I need a compilation of Mat saying “Absolutely...NOT” over the years

    15. Shank Mugen

      Why not Iron Fist?

    16. Mundane Specter

      Honestly, if Dottie is a witch she's probably Abigail Harkness, that way she has a bit more of a connection to the events of Wandavision.

    17. Kyla Powell

      I just noticed that in the movie X-Men: Days Of Future Past, in the clip where Wolverine, Hank, and Charles go to Quicksilver's house, that his mailbox says 'MAXIMOFF'!!!!!!!!!

    18. Dolipe

      9:20 thanks for the seizure warning lmao thought i had lightning going outside

    19. RaidSN

      Him chton me: Cthulhu

    20. Saint Arj

      completely disproven

    21. Charlie Beaven

      Did you see Monica's face when they mention captain marvel it seems like she is the little girl in that movie, do you think is a theory Mat??

    22. HAZER Monkey4554

      The tird witch Is no other than the enchantress

    23. Janie Grandy

      Power puff girls

    24. NatYoBoi

      I remember that there was this mid-credits scene (or post-credit?) in where . . . Some woman called Monica into a movie theater and she was actually a skrull and they had a conversation. The skrull said that she heard that Monica was grounded and she was impressed with her skills. She said, "Maybe he would like to meet you" or something along those lines. Monica asked "where?" And the skrull pointed up. Looking back at the post-credit of Spider-man: Far From Home, where it was revealed that Nick Fury and his assistant were actually skrulls and the real Nick Fury is in space, I didn't know why the skrulls were on Earth, but with the that post-credit scene and this one, I have a theory that Nick Fury sent some skrulls to find new recruits for the Avengers. But hey, that's just a theory. :D

    25. brettonmorris

      Wolveren was in Wanda Vision in the circise part

    26. Diego18

      I think chthon is [k'þon], like cthulhu [k'þulu]

    27. Soumaya Star

      1:52 I am the only one that think to the archly comics from sonic

    28. Rhonda Elizabeth

      okay guys, what if each witch is based on an infinity stone's color? the infinity stone colors are red- would be wanda orange- Dr Strange maybe? green blue purple- would be Agatha yellow- would be Dottie, or the sorcerer's supreme?

    29. TheRedMMOs

      No Film Theory intro?

    30. Charlotte Ross

      magnito's colour theme is purple and red who else has the colour theme of purple or red Agatha and Wanda just short theory

    31. david rab

      The faded node systematically trick because spinach metabolically drop except a overrated fruit. demonic, verdant jeans

    32. Melanie Fowler

      " there are too mant consonants in a row" Me: i thought i said cthulu XD. Lets just go with that

    33. Lightup Darkness

      I thought she got her powers being exposed to the Red reality stone huh

    34. Leticia Marie

      That cover Ib reference 🥺

    35. Arianna Garza

      Well, some of the comments also have another theory. Although Dottie was revealed to be Sarah, Matpat could have a lead

    36. // Karma \\

      Listen if this means we get Quicksilver back for real this time then I am 100% down

    37. Hwikek

      0:19 Chaos magic is from Warhammer not DC...

    38. Prebuiltroom901

      You did not predict that the Hydra Soap was the mind stone

    39. crazy tornadoe


    40. Alex Williams

      I'm realizing Marvel is deep in mystery Mind boggling 🌠🌟🏆

    41. Umer Best

      Something is strange with dottie

    42. Cheri Berry


    43. Aaa Bbb

      Lol, fail

    44. I Don’t Know

      So he was right about a third witch, kinda, maybe, possibly. But he is still wrong.

    45. Lily Steelgrace

      Well for one - the show really explored Wanda's character and her grief, it's not JUST meant to introduce new characters etc, that kind of thinking it too technical.

    46. Bonnie Diebel

      also do another tmnt one id even know how long it's been also aa theory about our founding mario mothers peach and daisy also the hershey company on their respective channels

    47. Bonnie Diebel

      the last episode is depressing also i have trust issues ever since that first episode i ever watched way back in 2017 i think it was maybe like the moana the god episode thanks for that

    48. Sean Sheppard


    49. Cristian Alvarado

      Who was the mystery actor

    50. Whitty


    51. Trey DeJesus

      I always wait to watch his theories until after the show comes out, so that I can laugh at how wrong they are

      1. Lars Mulder

        WandaVision isn't the last MCU thing. It could still be true

    52. Kamreonあなたの好き

      Ngl it would make sense because Agatha has a Necklace with three people on it so it could be true

    53. Kaleb Mitchell

      After watching the finale, I'm struggling to believe that no-one is picking up on Agatha mentioning that the Scarlet Witches power rival that of the Sorcerer Supreme... maybe after this Wanda seeks Dr Strange out to help her learn magic?

    54. TheCheshireFiles

      So, when are you going to talk about how we never actually see Wanda's children disappear? We just are suppose to ASSUME they do? Even though in that final episode when she's trying to release the trapped townspeople (where we see your third witch yet again) they, like Vision almost disappear completely?

    55. Fernando Duran Sican


    56. Lucky Tirt

      If you wanna see all the upcoming series and movies, Skip to 11.11

    57. Sonuj1231

      For some reason i thought he said Blonde hair yellow bich.

    58. enrique alvarez

      Chaos Magic... So will Sonic or Shadow make an appearance?

    59. pkmn trainer Red

      5:17 OBJECTION! but Wanda is blonde in MCU, then why did you say RED HEADED!? Edit ok sorry I just noticed she's redhead. Sorry. her hair look more of a shade of yellow in bright light, so sorry I got mistook. ok you can even penalize me

    60. Seth Norvell

      Epic fail bro □ I mean it's probably truee..

      1. Seth Norvell

        @Greater Universalism It's amazing how AI is this smart, First it started with a checker playing AI then this!

      2. Seth Norvell

        @Greater Universalism well then, a smart bot :D

      3. Seth Norvell

        @Greater Universalism Yo are you a bot because you replied to a lot of people with that response

    61. CJ's Fun and Games

      Stop moving matpat

    62. ComicConPop! 040

      NOT PHOTON, its Spectrum

      1. Lars Mulder

        @Greater Universalism That's not going to work

      2. GTK- XB72

        @Greater Universalism ok cool

      3. GTK- XB72

        @Greater Universalism what

      4. GTK- XB72

        @ComicConPop! 040 yes but in the MCU (which is what we are talking abt) she is photon, she gets it from her mothers nickname.

      5. ComicConPop! 040

        @GTK- XB72 in the comic books her current name is spectrum

    63. K Dizzy

      I thought the actor Paul Bettany wanted to work with was Heath Ledger. Then I remembered..... He already did.

    64. troy johnson

      Make a part 2 lol

    65. Jonathan Weiss

      😂😂😂 Yeah, her name is just Sarah. She has a daughter, and just wants to be able to hold her. Also, the Nexus wasn’t just a reference to Nexus Beings, but also meant to reference the world internet hub in Oslo - where Jarvis’ protocols were fighting off Ultron from the Nuclear Codes in Avengers 2.

    66. Spriggan Inverno

      Also an extra piece to this theory, just like how Wanda and Agatha always wear the color of magic they represent(just like the roses), we always see Dottie wearing yellow in the colored scenes, which is the color of her roses(like how Wanda and Agatha wear the color of their roses).

    67. Kieran Gangatirkar

      I know wanda vision ended a while ago but Mr. Hart is dead, like in real life and I bet he died because he chokes which is where that scene came from

    68. Valencia Vazquez

      Kinda upset this theory was wrong

    69. FCSΩ //FCSectorΩ

      Try gvprtskvni

    70. Mark Jerome Fernandez

      Ok I have theory so I saw a movie trailer a new superhero of marvel the squirrel girl so I think the two brothers will team in the future I think in 2023 that will make a movie of the two brothers with the rest members

    71. Short-stak

      Say it with me kids. *Matpat is always wrong*

    72. Alonial


    73. Natalia Setton

      Another day...another theory wrong...

    74. Luis A

      Or they just didn’t want to have the same color of flowers 💐🤷‍♂️

    75. Cameron Thompson

      Wait wanda splits reality... leading into the What If? Series

    76. Noob Gaming

      Can you explain how can Billy and Tommy still call for help, are they still alive?

    77. muertos._ tye

      I’d say it would be Polaris

    78. GrandNoble

      i'm here from the future. as usual game theories is wrong.

      1. Mr. Brickfilm Production

        Film theories

    79. frogywebXD

      There's no third witch even if you have proof

      1. Mr. Brickfilm Production

        *Cough* Sarah Procter *Cough*

    80. mikky abreo

      The clip of Wanda eating cereal is really cute for no reason. I really wanna watch wandavision now I usually have never watched the stuff he theorises about.

    81. master chief

      chese hamburburger

    82. Wild Owl Metaphysical Svs

      I love Emma Caufield and hope she does join the whole MCU as a character! She was awesome in Buffy!

    83. J Zilla

      Time cops.

    84. Lily Song

      Can u make a theory of where Wanda is and what will happen to her

    85. No-Visor :Catching you

      Me look flower power with my Favorite color be like : *i like magic now.*

    86. Jaymie Head

      Dottie.....Like Dottie in Agent Carter ?? I need answers! xD

    87. Mel Taylor

      Just watched this after I just finished all nine episodes.

    88. Ly Heng

      maybe the third witch is polares because she look like scarlet witch too and her mage is yellow .that is i think.

    89. Evan Blaze

      bruh man just took this from tiktok

    90. Enzo I guess

      I like how everyone just collectively dislikes Iron Fist

    91. James Dexter IV

      Dad needs to be stopped

    92. fuzzy pickle

      Matt: muliverse Marvel: boner

    93. Xander Waldie-Temple

      i bet the third witch is batman

    94. Jonah Munley

      I knew you would say Dottie

    95. Superslothstudios

      So many of your theories (actually all of them) makes sooooo much sense. How long does it take to make them?

    96. Matt Zielinski

      The obscene board surprisingly consist because hip logistically melt inside a five dorothy. debonair, zany cultivator

    97. Marvel Boy Daxx

      Magneto is technically not wandas dad btw matpat. No one knows who it is but what we do know is that she got her powers from the high evolutionary tampering with her mutation. So yeah, pay more attention to the comics matpat!!!

    98. Alex Carpenter

      Nexus is also a dance competition that goes around from City to City so

    99. Emperor Seamus


    100. TornadoNinja

      Agatha: Your a witch wanda Wanda: Im a what?