Filthiest Goals of January | 2021 NHL Season


296 t. näkymät69

    An exceptional first month of the 2021 NHL season with highlight-reel goals from the usual suspects like Connor McDavid, Cale Makar and Brad Marchand
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    Julkaistu 2 kuukautta sitten


    1. TayR0C

      I'm an Oilers fan, and I got to see SJ vs EDM in 2017, and I actually like the SJ play by play guy.

    2. luca7720 luca7720

      They are like just normal goals that would be scored in a regular regular game 😕

    3. Danny Lindsay

      No Leafs goals? Booo. Toronto scored a billion goals in Jan.

    4. greg lialios

      The ill-fated produce chiefly scatter because titanium identically flap at a forgetful journey. fancy, fascinated bladder

    5. Levi Bekkala

      Should be filthy goals from the NHL but the wild don't exist

    6. Regular Joe

      It's so not fun to watch this game without the crowd band seeing people with mask . Sad ...

    7. Matthew Fox

      minus a hand full of the goals......... Assists of the month

    8. Mr. Hippo Productions

      I like how they put Vancouver scoring against the oilers but the oilers won all the game but the first one against Vancouver this year

    9. Watson's Media

      Jesus, only 2 goals from the leafs made it on this highlight reel. No bias here at all, even if they are in FIRST place in the league

    10. Geoff Phillips

      Great to see Jordan Kyrou on here multiple times. Super underrated (though I'm biased as a blues fan).

    11. AzNightmare

      *lol.... was this list is compiled by people who have never watched hockey before? "Filthiest"?*

    12. Chris lads

      You could probably say best goals of January but not filthiest

    13. Joseph Pagano

      New title "NHL does not know the definition of filthy"

    14. Don Monacelli

      the vegas announcer has the worst voice in commentary history

    15. Лев Соловьёв

      Go ahead coyotes

    16. Brendan C

      Moral of the story... Canada has no goaltending

    17. africaRBG

      How many times has crosby done that ? He couldve had a great MLB career

    18. ccmTopher34

      McDavid stares down defenders as he dekes around them lol, he's incredible

    19. Rhino On Router

      i mean that barzy goal was nice

    20. xionslash7

      Wow it's like an Avalanche highlight reel

    21. Patrig Sherman

      poor selection...i mean those goals were nice (and some were casual) but the fact that Wild didn't even made the list or the Leafs had only one goal picked up is ridiculous. Be better NHL, this is basicaly Avs and Oilers highlight video

    22. Vincent Ristevski

      That was not every goal

    23. Daniel Means

      Not surprised to see Jordan Kyrou for the Blues on here a few times! Get used to seeing highlights from this kid, he's gonna be a star!

    24. Cole Neilsen

      I want the filthiest goals not just all the goals

    25. jgjgroff9

      why add the dogshit music?

    26. dirtbagzrus

      Idk what was filthier, those goals or the amount of commercials they squeezed into this!

    27. Smackx

      Tell me that Razor is not the best color commentator in the NHL right now. So entertaining.

    28. Chris Brown

      If a tree falls in the woods and theres no fans watching did it make a sound??

    29. umchind

      Ottawa had 1 win and 22 goals in all of January yet somehow they get featured here 6 times, while other teams had none of theirs shown. I guess just the fact that they scored is considered "filthy".

    30. Franck Bernard

      Lol that Toffoli breakaway one was filthy, in a different way

    31. Matthew Ippolito

      So many of these are against the Canucks

    32. Ian Moon

      Certainly a lot of bias towards specific teams.

    33. Simon Venell

      This is basically every goal except any the Wild scored.

      1. Danny Lindsay

        no Leafs goals either and Leafs were #1 in the conference the whole month. And in Feb too. And March

      2. Levi Bekkala

        That's what I was going to say

      3. TwoMooreGamers

        Lol they didn’t score any good ones prob

    34. Dixie Normis

      I don’t know which announcer is worse, the devils or the avs.

      1. ZeFetusGamingYT _TTV

        wait what's wrong with them???

      2. Gilded Goose

        Avs by far.

    35. Ian Ibarbia

      Define filthy

    36. A N

      Filthiest? WTF?

    37. Taye Walls

      great but show the other 28 teams in the league

      1. ZeFetusGamingYT _TTV


    38. Jacob Beckroege

      The music is so bad but the goals are filthy

    39. Ezra Elliott

      As an Oilers fan, I find it hilarious what constitutes a "highlight" goal for other teams... And yes, I'm painfully aware of how many of these other highlights are scored against our woefully weak defense and goaltending.

      1. Deacon Cummings

        Lol yeah I agree completely, every "highlight" against the Oilers is just a guy in alone due to a defensive break down.

    40. PJ

      Miles wood filling up this highlight reel I love itt!!

    41. s linc

      7-2-1 flyers 0 goals in January ? Hmm...

    42. Quinn Vitums

      Some of the dustiest goals I’ve ever seen in here 😭

    43. Vatukka

      Laines top corner snipe on a breakaway is missing. That was such a filthy snipe.

    44. Austin Cleary

      Cirelli's deflection was perfect

    45. Horse Meat

      this is hard clickbait

    46. glenn curley

      What the heck has happened to Matt Murray?

    47. Connors bike hacks 673

      Guess the Wild are forgotten about

      1. infected_killer

        Cause they always are, for good reasons ;) jk

    48. Willie Ard

      That dadonov goal looked painful

    49. Jakub Skaloš

      I was relatively shocked you didn't include Petry's handpass to himself between Koskinen's legs in Best goals of week 1 but not seeing it here is an absolute disappointment. Arguably the best goal yet.

    50. Jo mama

      Hyman's goal shouldn't of counted his stick was above the crossbar

      1. ZeFetusGamingYT _TTV

        @Nathan Gourlay it doesn't take a genius to realize the puck was easily above the crossbar... imagine calling someone an idiot over that. it's not an opinion just because they called it a good goal XD

      2. Nathan Gourlay

        @Jo mama I am a Toronto fan but you can have your own opinion

      3. Jo mama

        @Nathan Gourlay dude it was like 3 inches over the crossbar

      4. Nathan Gourlay

        It was not high stick idiot the refs reviewed the play

    51. RoisinT2

      In Doom, one just typed in IDKFA and IDDQD. On hockey, just type McDavid on your jerseys - you'll get all the cheats on earth.. Oh man does he make it look like a childs play.. With that speed it is ridiculous how he is able to handle it.. Can't wait to see "the next one" .. :D he HAS to be pretty good! :D

    52. Ben Tunison

      Should've just called it the mcdavid January highlight reel. Gahd dayum he's so filthy

    53. StrokerAceHank19

      Far post on the back hand was dirty

    54. Alex Goglin

      Montreal goals against the Canucks shouldn't count, it's unfair

      1. Alexis Lessard

        It was not unfair, are u mad because we totally humiliated your team?

    55. Raychel Bullock

      you should’ve called this a McDavid highlight reel

      1. truk bones

        Not even. Twice as many canuck goals. More goals against edm than for.

    56. Raychel Bullock

      so where was kaprisovs OT goal against the kings?

      1. Gabe_Davtyan


    57. Captain Chaos 91

      The league is getting soft on their definition of “filthy goals” smh

      1. Hockey_Bacon Dude

        I know right, obviously some of these were insane but some of them were just a plain shot on net.

      2. Captain Chaos 91

        @ZeFetusGamingYT _TTV let me answer your question with a question: What’s wrong with the video title “*Best* Goals of January”???

      3. ZeFetusGamingYT _TTV

        you're right they let some weaker goals get into this video, but what's wrong with 20+ minutes of just goals?

      4. Captain Chaos 91

        @infected_killer who pissed in your Cheerios??

      5. infected_killer

        How about stop complaining and more enjoying ffs

    58. JustinRS

      Why are those Boesel goals even in here

    59. Andrew Rutherford

      If your going to show a hurricanes slap shot goal then do Nino's.

    60. JacP

      That Toffoli goal wasn't nasty, it was just bad looking.

    61. Carter Field

      The Sharks Get Scored On For 23 Straight Minutes

    62. bluxiiee

      I’m mad- I didn’t see a single caps goal. As a caps fan this makes me extremely angry. They are one of the best teams in the league yet they don’t get the attention they deserve..-

      1. ZeFetusGamingYT _TTV

        no shortage of goals from canadian teams though. we need someone to love the people who put together these NHL videos because I certainly dont

      2. Gabe_Davtyan

        Even tho the wild suck, we have scored some really nice goals, BUT NOPE.

      3. Steve Murray

        I’m a bruins fan and I agree that at least Ovi’s OT winner agains Boston should be on this. I get that everyone likes the dekes and such, but if you can’t appreciate how how amazing it is to rip a wrist shot passed a great NHL goalie from 50+ feet when the goalie has a good look at it then there’s something wrong with you. That goal was nuts.

      4. adrien

        Not a caps fan but i would have to agree. Not sure why they wouldn't put Ovechkins overtime winner. That was an absolute snipe 🔥

    63. Connor Baetzhold

      best saves next

      1. ZeFetusGamingYT _TTV

        (best) saves you mean?

    64. Dante Angotti

      So no kaprizov goals, missed a bunch of good ones by Vegas and instead of putting the Casey desmith pass in they used a different weird and lame one by Pittsburgh, not to mention they forgot mcdavid’s ot winner with a beautiful tip off of draisaitl, and speaking of tips also forgot dellandrea’s first goal. Tsk tsk tsk 🤨

    65. Henry DeVries

      You could basically just rename this "best passes of January"

    66. Michael A

      So many great ones already

    67. Noah Johnson

      Wheres the larkin goal vs flordia?

    68. funnyman 007

      Where was shea Webber's goal, buddy banked it off the goalie helmet

      1. Mike Hardiman

        watch the video again it was there

    69. Bobby Siders

      Am I the only one that can’t stand the oilers new announcer?

      1. ZeFetusGamingYT _TTV

        I dont even listen to the oilers play by play too much but it just aint the same

      2. Daniel DeRose

        I don’t think he’s terrible but he isn’t particularly good either

    70. Hunter Lahti

      Well, I feel offended, I just wasted 23 mins, and none of these goals were by wild players. Not even Kaprizovs break away OT winner!

      1. Levi Bekkala

        The NHL is biased against the wild for some reason

      2. Ethan Ritchie

        @Gabe_Davtyan u guys are just terrible it’s not really bias like ur forwards are possibly worst in league

      3. MrFrissB


      4. Pavnum 13

        Have you guys heard about Austin Mathews?

      5. Gabe_Davtyan

        There has always been a bias against the wild, look at our game on nbc, they always talk trash and never say anything good about us. We have to learn to live with it even tho we may score the best goal, THEY. DONT. CARE.

    71. T Mo T

      We all know that the only person that is likely to beat McDavid for the goal of the year is McDavid.

      1. Matthew Posner

        cough cough barzal

      2. Matthew Fox


      3. griangroon minecraft

        @Rose NFL best gameplay

      4. Rose

        @ZeFetusGamingYT _TTV They were only good enough once.

      5. ZeFetusGamingYT _TTV

        ​@Luke Jaffray washington is literally nuts... they were one of the best teams for a majority of the last decade regardless of the fact that they only won once

    72. Jason Nickel

      Desmith's goalie assist was my favourite

    73. Sean Galvin

      where the hell is Burns' goal vs Minnesota?

      1. Jordan Broxton

        at 17:56

    74. Max Backstein

      We should all take advantage of getting to see Conner Mcdavid right now and not wish he was still so young in years to come 🙏

      1. Alex Goglin

        I missed watching Ovi and Crosby in their primes, I'm not going to miss McDavid's

    75. Henry Herrick

      Not a SINGLE wild goal on here. Unbelievable

      1. Gabe_Davtyan

        Such a bias

    76. BrandonMcCrackan

      Wild are in this video a total of 3 times and it's just them getting scored on. Sums up mn sports pretty well

      1. Levi Bekkala

        sums up the NHL bias against them

      2. Chase M

        Caps got that treatment too. I think they were in it once and it was being scored on.

    77. Gesser

      10% of the goals were actually filthy. pathetic job, video should be named: basically every goal in January.

      1. Matt S

        yea its a shitty video that doesn't have any effort placed into it, the only filthy thing about it is the clickbait

      2. Gabe_Davtyan

        Every goal except MInnesota and Washington

    78. Éli-Yan Gasse

      At the same moment that I watch this, Montreal are DESTROYING Vancouver 5-1 middle of the 2nd

      1. Benjamin Holm

        Plan the parade after beating a team of rookie defenceman and kids lol

      2. Cate Macaulay

        @sammy smith the leafs beat them

      3. Éli-Yan Gasse

        @sammy smith i hope they will

      4. sammy smith

        they’re winning the cup!

    79. corgzyt

      day 4 of asking for a nhl slo mo

      1. ZeFetusGamingYT _TTV

        @corgzyt ikr

      2. corgzyt

        @ZeFetusGamingYT _TTV ik but the slo mo videos are so cool

      3. ZeFetusGamingYT _TTV

        they probably dont even read the comments

    80. Mika Mythical29

      As a leafs fan when I saw leafs on the cover I knew I already knew after that last game

      1. Matt S

        @DaSh Kaash this did not age well

      2. DaSh Kaash

        @Matt S I’m a oilers fan I lied like it’s rare for someone to be a flames fan because there so bad

      3. Matt S

        @DaSh Kaash haha I agree, if the rest of the oilers continue to step up we have a bright future, see you on Saturday ;)

      4. DaSh Kaash

        @Asher Summerfield McDavid still came Second in scoring when he got injured and geuss who was first in scoring Leon Draisaitl as a Calgary fan it’s scary to think there not in there prime

      5. Asher Summerfield

        @DaSh Kaashmcdavid is overrated

    81. Caden Lacher

      Talk about saving best for last

    82. GD F

      Loving this. My life is back to normal!!!


      Gotta love the Kings highlights. They're in a rough spot still, but man, the future is bright.

    84. Erik Nilsson

      Only show one Carolina goal and it was not even their nicest

      1. Gabe_Davtyan

        @Jason Miller literally I see people talking in the comments how there teams only got two or three went us Minnesota wild and Washington caps don’t get any

      2. Jason Miller

        literally zero caps/wild goals but go off

      3. Ryan Campbell

        I was thinking the exact same thing. #GoCanes

    85. JoeDevil29

      I personally would've picked Hughes' 2nd goal against the Rangers over McLeod's first career goal

    86. Zeno

      Thumbnail is the why people watch this

    87. MONGRAL


    88. FrogBich

      Half of these are against Koskinen lol

    89. Kaden Oelke

      The thumbnail is perfect!

      1. Diego Makula

        What so perfect about the thumbnail?

    90. MSG Is A Factory Of Sadness

      That Chytil goal is probably gonna end up being the highlight of the Rangers' season

      1. griangroon minecraft

        @ZeFetusGamingYT _TTV NFL best gameplay

      2. ZeFetusGamingYT _TTV

        @Zavier Gaffin yo u took the joke(even if it was cringe) like a champ! much respect

      3. Zavier Gaffin

        @ZeFetusGamingYT _TTV ha ha.

      4. ZeFetusGamingYT _TTV

        @Zavier Gaffin are you in the army? because I could've sworn you look like captain obvious

      5. Zavier Gaffin

        @ZeFetusGamingYT _TTV he ain't on the team dude

    91. Its just me XD

      This is basically every goal of January...

      1. Levi Bekkala

        Except there's no wild goals

      2. Jayce Yael

        @Karsyn Henry Trying it out now. Seems promising :)

      3. Karsyn Henry

        not sure if anyone cares at all but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my friends Instagram password using Instapwn. Cant link here so search for it on google if you wanna try it

      4. TwoMooreGamers

        What about the wild?

      5. TwoMooreGamers

        Yeah lollllll

    92. Crax_816


    93. OH S0 PrO

      Kyrou has been the blues entire highlight reel

      1. ZeFetusGamingYT _TTV

        @Vardeep Singh Bhinder why would it be a surprise? he was a highly touted prospect. you should expect him to play well at the next level because he's been showing glimpses over time of what he can do. it should be a surprise when good prospects don't play well. and this is literally why there's a draft...

      2. ZeFetusGamingYT _TTV

        so everything this guy does is highlight reel. pretty sick and the season just started

      3. Jackson Carpenter

        @Reed Ricketts Yakupov was phenomenal in juniors, I’m very confused on what this comment means

      4. WeegeeRL 89

        That schenn goal was sick though

      5. Reed Ricketts

        @Vardeep Singh Bhinder not really the same because yakopov isn’t good there’s a difference

    94. simon mantha

      NHL. No 1080p in 2021 ?

      1. Snake Eyes

        At least it's 60fps.

    95. Connor McDavid Airborne

      McDavid holy cow

      1. 76ers Fan 2000

        @Yeg'r Goat tier

      2. Yeg'r

        GOD tier

    96. Anthony Neno

      I’m early

    97. Denis Gauthier

      I certainly hope they’ll bring back real spectators again soon

      1. Denis Gauthier

        @Darnell Dan that’s what you think we never liked COVID in the first place because it’s been spreading throughout our beloved planet and we want it to be gone for good

      2. Tice

        Idc if I get covid or not survival of the fittest I just wanna go to Raleigh and live life. Go canes

      3. Darnell Dan

        @Dennis fr but i dont think this well go this year or nexxt year

      4. Dennis

        @Darnell Dan agree, it's a nice thought but until people take responsibility this won't end

      5. JPsDaName

        St. Louis has fans I’m going to the game tomorrow

    98. Adam

      Nick Ritchie for Hart

    99. Brian DuRussel


    100. Brian DuRussel