Final Jeopardy! 04/01/2021 April Fools Day "FedEx" Response | JEOPARDY!


140 t. näkymät182

    This response certainly delivered for #AprilFoolsDay with another trolling of #KenJennings!
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    1. Kyle Alexander

      Doctor oz as a host? Ewww...dislike

    2. ExecDecision

      Anybody else annoyed how the FedEx lady burnt through all the money when it was being matched for charity?

    3. Derrick Rouse

      Hi Dr oz

    4. Flyin Pig Music

      What is Kebert Xela?

    5. Seth the Ace

      Antidisestablishmentarianism. The idea of being against the separation of church and state.

    6. Joseph Wilmar

      Dr Oz's voice and facial expressions are cringworthy to say the least. A warning would have been appreciated.

    7. al ex

      Dr. Oz is the worst guest host

    8. Joshua Harvey

      Dr. Oz hosting Jeopardy is exactly like it sounds.

      1. Joshua Harvey

        @TheSword1235 Well if you speak in hyperbole, then I guess.

      2. TheSword1235

        Horrible, degrading, and just overall not a good time?

    9. Scubamesteve

      This seems like a perfect job for him. Other people give him answers and all he does is respond with questions. If they need a new host they can just get psaki.

    10. Frankie

      Why is a gross fake doctor who's father will never love him the host?

    11. Dylan Simon

      She is such a schmuk. She was clearly a good enough player to win multiple episodes, why wouldn’t she just play the game right instead of trying to get a dumb viral moment.

    12. Laura

      I get that no one will ever be Trebbek, but Jesus man, can you maybe not put a peddler of pseudoscience nonsense as the host of jeopardy, of all shows. It's like a slap in the face.

    13. SWog

      I knew this would be an interesting Comments section... the woke crowd just can't help talking out their asses.

      1. Kevin L

        What does anything here have to do with 'woke'ness. You're delusional. Seek help.

    14. agofficial1

      I don’t get it, why risk all her money knowing it’s a wrong answer?

      1. Max Johnson

        they wager the money before they’re asked the question

    15. bluebear1985

      When Pat Sajak hosted the show once in 1997, I think the category was "Trinidadian Amateur Ichthyology". Seriously.

    16. R. Brown

      I can't believe I got that. I guess the key was remembering the origin of antidisestablishmentarianism.

    17. R T

      Doctor Miracle Cure BS Oz?

    18. Andrew S

      That lying bastard Dr. Oz should not have even been allowed on the set.

    19. TisEyerish1

      oz WAS the April Fool.

    20. Dark Eagle777777

      Did all those raspberry ketones he lauded 10 years ago make everyone slim? Or are they sitting on the bottom shelf in Walmart and other places, forgotten? Your response..."Dr." Oz.

    21. Brian

      This didn’t age all too well...

    22. DAD 4ever-c90

      I thought William Bridgeman was one of the three people who have never been in Cliff Clavin's kitchen.

      1. Not So Silent Bob

        Classic TV moment! Alex on Cheers. Two greats together. Like ice cream melting over hot apple pie. Sheer perfection!

    23. revin hatol

      *Ken Jennings has left the chat*

    24. trickman01

      What is Oz is a quack?

    25. bufar

      Dr. Oz, I guess they'll let anyone host this show now huh

    26. nokken9

      Who's idea was it to have Dr. Oz host? Please - don't let that person make any more decisions. Thanks.

    27. timber_beast

      The fake doctor makes my skin crawl.

    28. Leo the Tiger

      Wonder if Ken Jennings was watching?

    29. Admiral Jota

      I was really expecting about two out of the three of them to get this one right. Sure, it's some pretty random trivia that most people have no reason to know, but most people aren't Jeopardy contestants.

      1. Z Ozzy

        I assumed it was well-enough known that they had to be going for something much more specific like "the catholic diocese" or "the bishopric of Cardiff." I also suspect the guy probably stood against disestablishment of the church for a longer period of time than one year.

    30. Salil Bhatnagar

      Ew the snake salesman

    31. See it or Flick it.

      No. Not Dr. Oz! You may as well have Steve Harvey host this show.

      1. Z Ozzy

        They'll probably do that next with some statement about how with the outcrying of support for LeVar Burton, they wanted to pick a black man this time.

      2. Nick deJager

        Heck, I'd take Steve Harvey over Dr Oz any day of the week.

      3. revin hatol


    32. Chima Amanambu

      Ken Jennings might wanna see this.

      1. Ann Sheedy

        Steve Harvey would do a better job.

    33. toxicbullets237

      Hire Rodgers already

    34. Supergameplayer

      Still wasn’t as good as Brian Chang directly trolling Ken by answering “What is H&R Block?”

    35. DeAngelo Stevens

      Deja Vu from '04.

    36. videoguy100

      I am currently hoping for either Eugene Levy from SCTV or William Ferrell from SNL to be the host of Jeopardy. Both of them did a good job of portraying Alex Trebek. Does anybody agree?

      1. videoguy100

        @PICKLE OF DOOM Oops, you’re right. I meant Will Ferrell. Pardon the mistake. Nice user ID, BTW. LOL.


        Lol never heard him referred to as William

    37. Brandon Bennett

      Ok that was funny by dr oz

    38. Bicycle Repairman

      thank god Rodge is comin

    39. Mike Rodriguez

      This quack con man hosting jeopardy is the april fools joke

      1. Lauren Conrad

        @StephenB only on April 1st.

      2. StephenB

        Seriously! How could they disrespect Trebek like that?

    40. Mr_g2008

      FedEx looks like a meme in jeopardy. 0:22 that longest word I ever seen.

      1. Adam Moldover

        I think it is. It was Ken's FJ answer that ended his streak (correct answer was H&R Block). A contestant used it on her FJ when Ken was hosting (it was the wrong answer)

    41. ken karwoski

      Emily bought back bad memories for poor Ken Jennings!

    42. Phillip Green

      This guy was terrible

    43. Jaden Gaming

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    44. david bender

      The jeopardy fan had the Church of England as the answer. Dr oz. no bueno.

    45. Alpha Dawg

      John O'Hurley should be the new host for Jeopardy and Burton Richardson should be the new announcer for Jeopardy

    46. cuvautoofficial

      What is Cru lol

    47. June Berry

      Well that was disappointing. I thought they were going to show a clip of each time FedEx was used as the reply. 😕

    48. Sideshow Bob

      Why bet 11,000 on a joke?

      1. Sideshow Bob

        @Mizztery I only follow Jeopardy vicariously through news articles.

      2. Danny C.

        They wager before the clue is revealed. All they know is the category and the scores of the players.

    49. JoeShit TheRagMan

      Ths real joke is having a snakeoil salesman as host of Jeopardy

      1. Joshua Harvey

        @Frankie I must have been under a rock. Never heard about that.

      2. Frankie

        @The Weyser Man is Back just because he killed people with bad advice. Yeah, just because of that. ROFL.

      3. MedinaMcKee

        True that!

      4. Romain Savioz

        @The Weyser Man is Back it's a joke

      5. The Weyser Man is Back

        No, it's not. I was saying "The Doctor" like that, because a long time ago, he did some sort of pseudoscience project, and a lot of people don't like him, just because of that.

    50. LaLa O.

      Oh wow, I saw the FedEx response and my mind clicked "Ken Jennings" already! LOL

    51. Ryan Miller

      Where is there gag from 1997 crossover?

      1. Z Ozzy

    52. istvanfekete1732

      She had a realistic chance if winning the game if she had given the obvious response since "Anglican Church" or "Church of England" is part of the definition of this notoriously long word. But instead she went for this weird answer that shows she had no desire to win. That was yet another Final that the contestants made way harder than it actually is.

      1. istvanfekete1732

        @Shaun Young My contention is that she could have won the game with a correct response (in fact, she would have won the game) if she had used the 30 seconds to try to figure out the response instead of simply giving up and repeating the same stale joke. Sometimes the response may not come to you instantly, but you can still figure it out from words in the clue, in this case :"real-life". Besides, these contestants are supposedly smarter than the average person. They should be familiar with that word and its meaning. At some point in their lives, they should have had the curiosity to wonder: What are the longest words in the English language? Antidisestablishmentarianism is not the longest word in English, but it is always mentioned as one of the longest. As for relevance to modern society, as far as I know, the Church of England is still the official state church of England. To say that that's not relevant would be nothing less than floccinaucinihilipilification.

      2. Shaun Young

        Or, far more likely, she had no idea what the answer was so she put in a joke instead of nothing. I am not surprised any individual didn't know the correct response, but I would have expected one of the three to know. It isn't relevant to modern society in any way except as a joke, after all.

    53. R Cayabyab

      Emily should have put: “What is ‘Temhem Zo’?” to send Dr. Oz back to another Dimension where he belongs... And I’m sure it’s not the Fifth Dimension....

      1. Luka AirGirl

        @Ruben Thompson new guest host. time to add another one!

      2. NoTraceOfSense

        The Shadow Realm?

      3. Luka AirGirl

        Alex Trebek + Mike Richards = Alex Richards Trebek

      4. Luka AirGirl

        If Ria was my Backwards name Luka RiaGirl will be my name?

      5. Luka AirGirl

        @Ruben Thompson don’t forget the backwards spelling of Aaron Rodgers and Anderson Cooper

    54. Michael Fox

      No Oz.

    55. ZhangtheGreat

      How many days left until Dr. Oz is out as host?

      1. Shaun Young

        I had no idea who he was but I hated listening to him here

      2. Neil

        @ken karwoski If I had to make a wager, I'd go all in on Ken Jennings.👍

      3. ken karwoski

        @Neil, it's either going to be Ken Jennings or Mike Richards!

      4. Neil

        @Tommy I asked the same question about Katie Couric. Sometimes I think people try to wear too many hats, everything isn't for everybody. Doing whatever you do best, (and sticking with it), is probably a better option. Side note: I think Ken Jennings should be the permanent host, just my opinion,..🤷‍♂️

      5. Tommy

        @Neil what is wrong with Aaron Rodgers ?

    56. wizkid915

      For those of you confused, that was also her (incorrect) response to final jeopardy the day before, 3/31/21. The answer was “After 9/11, designer Milton Glaser modified this iconic logo of his, adding a bruise & the words ‘more than ever.’” The question, of course, was “What is ‘I

    57. Sam Bordas

      I hope the showrunners are reading the comments on these videos. The fans seem to prefer Ken Jennings to Dr. Oz.

      1. Rogue

        @Chuck Ganc agreed

      2. Chuck Ganc

        Mike Richards was best so far.

    58. jjdvideo

      So far, Ken Jennings has had the most positive response from viewers. I thought Dr. Oz did a great job.

      1. Lena S

        How they even picked him...I don't know. 😔

    59. jjdvideo

      Can we put a ban on "what is FedX?" 🙄

    60. pseudohippie55

      Doing it once is kind of fuanny. Doing it twice is obnoxious. Especially when you come away as a 1 time champion no one will ever remember.

    61. Pixelchu

      Fed Ex

    62. hdayejr

      Fk Mehmet

    63. NebraskaFan77

      H&R Block is the correct answer

    64. MakoLily11

      me not realizing it was a joke

      1. Neil

        Me either,..😒

    65. Rudy Iraheta

      add a vowel

    66. Lu Keigh

      dr oz is a disaster

    67. GameShowHost1115

      I wondered if Ken Jennings watched the program today!

      1. Shelcod

        Hes probably not because of Dr. Oz.

      2. LaLa O.

        He'd be like: "I-is that...?"

    68. Chazz Silva

      Ken was the better host!

      1. ken karwoski

        I agree!

      2. FlopsyRailwayProductions

        You're right. Ken is better.

      3. Chuck Ganc

        Mike Richards was best so far.

      4. Phil Leotardo

        Crazy they tried others. He is the champ

    69. Chuck Ganc

      They had a weird category like that last year on April Fools Day also.

      1. John Lee

        @ajk 1998 had APRIL 1 IN HISTORY, and Alex himself said they already did it with Pat, so no fooling THERE.

      2. ajk

        Also did one when Pat Sajak hosted in 1997. Not sure about other years.

    70. Tommy

      Can’t wait to see Aaron Rodgers than this quack.

    71. Emily Dong

      Uh-oh that’s the same thing Ken Jennings wrote since 2004 and the contestant Emily wrote it too this year. Hahahaha April Fools Day.

    72. Plushblue EP

      They even remembered the FedEx incident?

      1. Brian Brundage

        This isn't age well considering what happened at fed ex 2021 is a bitch

      2. Luka AirGirl

        FedEx Flight 80

      3. Shaun Young

        Of course they do. The only possible way it gets forgotten is someone decisively eclipses Ken's run

      4. Mitchell Hodack


    73. Games and Toilets Productions

      I watched this as,well but I am thinking.that the Fed ex answer is getting stale now

    74. Chris Finch

      Well, you, Dr. Oz, we’d like to FedEx you, right out of the studio, tomorrow!

      1. ManekiNeko1972

        He sounds too brusque of a host.

    75. Mitchell Hodack

      April fools!

    76. Sam Dance

      I watched this when it first aired. First comment!!!

      1. Mitchell Hodack

        April fools!

    77. Mitchell Hodack

      Seriously, are we still talking about the FedEx response?

      1. Shaun Young

        It's not going away until someone eclipses Jennings' run, at the very earliest.

      2. Justin M.

        Yes we are.

      3. Chris Finch

        @Nicholas Moreau Who are three people who’ve never been in my kitchen?

      4. Nicholas Moreau

        It's become the $1 of Jeopardy, the default go-to when you don't know what else to answer.