Five Things You Can't Do On British Television

Tom Scott

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    Pull down this description for information on all the shows I mention, plus all my references, and some advice if you're looking to subtitle your videos!
    🔤🔤 SUBTITLES 🔤🔤
    15% of my viewers watch with subtitles! They're helpful for folks without headphones, or in loud environments, or who can't hear well, or who just like subtitles. More people will watch if subtitles are an option.
    Before 2020, FIblock had a volunteer community-captions system. Alas, due to spam (and, I suspect, the difficulty of porting it to the new Studio), FIblock turned it off. So your options are:
    If your video is one or two people talking, you can add subtitles easily with FIblock's tools: - that's also possible for more complex videos, but it can be time-consuming.
    If you can afford an editor, you can afford subtitles! They only cost $1-2 per minute of audio.
    For simple audio, try Rev: To be clear, that's an affiliate link: you get $10 of captions free (enough for up to an 8-minute video), and I get a kickback from them. However, my opinions of Rev are mixed. They have downsides, and they may not be the right option for you!
    Advantages of Rev:
    ✅ Extremely fast turnaround
    ✅ Easy, simple, automated, self-service
    ✅ Reasonable price
    Disadvantages of Rev:
    🚫 Rev is a gig-economy company, with everything that entails. In 2019, transcribers raised issues including low pay.
    🚫 Accuracy is usually acceptable for clear speech, but not the near-perfect results you'd expect from a more high-end subtitle company.
    🚫 They're limited to their simple, narrow, house style. That isn't ideal for videos with long sentences or many speakers.
    For more complicated audio or for multiple speakers, try Caption+: -- a small company that produces extremely high-quality subtitles for a reasonable price.
    Advantages of Caption+:
    ✅ Exceptional subtitle accuracy.
    ✅ Hand-tweaked broadcast-standard subtitles that are perfect for accessibility, and which the audience love.
    ✅ Can use positioning and per-speaker colors, and match other style requests.
    ✅ Still a reasonable price.
    Disadvantages of Caption+:
    🚫 Not automated: you're dealing with a human by email, and paying invoices.
    OTHER COMPANIES: I also used 3PlayMedia once, but unfortunately can't recommend them based on that experience. FIblock also mention ceilo24 and Amara, neither of which I have experience with:
    📺📺 SHOWS 📺📺
    Here's a list of all the shows mentioned, with links where available. (Where Amazon links are listed, those are affiliate links, where I earn a commission from sales.)
    The Demon Headmaster is available on DVD from Amazon UK: - and the 2019 revival is available in the UK on BBC iPlayer:
    Derren Brown: The Events: How To Control The Nation is available for free on FIblock: - although it lacks the live broadcast cut-ins.
    The pilot episode of Crisis Command: Could You Run The Country? has been uploaded to FIblock here: - normally I wouldn't link to an unofficial upload, but the series will likely never be repeated or see a commercial release.
    Ghostwatch is available on DVD from Amazon UK: - I should absolutely have put the ghost in the background of one of my shots here, I regret missing that joke!
    The full Ghostwatch continuity announcement is here:
    Who Wants To Be A Millionaire have an entire FIblock channel. fiblock.infovideos - and yes, Jeremy Clarkson is the host now, I suspect that'll surprise a lot of people.
    📙📙 REFERENCES 📙📙
    Ofcom Broadcasting Code:
    On sports:
    On access:
    On advertising: AND
    "Only five complaints" about the Derren Brown show is from Broadcast Bulletin 148 [PDF]:
    Ghostwatch, and the "full tabloid fury afterwards", is well-documented in many places, so I'll leave researching that to the reader. Don't have nightmares.
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    1. CelestialTree

      6:07 - I agree! Subtitles (and other accessibility features) are just good for everyone. I'm a native English speaker with normal hearing, and subtitles are still nice. And they're extra helpful when there's lots of background noise! I turn them on whenever I can.

    2. Haye op Reis

      All my videos have English subtitles. I hope it is appreciated.

    3. Eletric

      I swear I see some of my channels have between 20-30 minutes of adds.

    4. darren north

      What about the volume of the advertising it noticeably goes up isn’t this a contravention of the law I notice on loads of occasions that the volume levels goes up dramatically

    5. Sobo

      At 3.7 million subs - when are you going tp put sign language into your videos???

    6. mutnt

      "Oh look at me I bought a Lamborghini. BUY SOME DAMN SUBTITLES" - Tom Scott 2020

    7. Insight Flight

      6:09 Oh look at me I bought a lambo, Put some investment into the subtitles for god sake!"

    8. installtekz dotcom

      but we can swear. That's all that matters

    9. Emil Shahir Meherpoor

      7:45 bruh an ad came right at that moment.

    10. Jayne Charles


    11. Joe Olson


    12. Tiny Desk Engineer

      I got sent here by a video about the Lamborghini and subtitles line

    13. azalia asmr

      R u kidding me 12 minutes like every time I watch TV there is like 2 minutes of ads for 1 minute of content

    14. The List of Jericho

      That ad break rule would be alien to anyone in the US. :) It’s the reason AEW can’t be shown live on ITV2 here

    15. Ravrider

      I like how at 3:58 you can see how as it turns to 4:00 the clock on the news headline switches from 16:03 to 16:04.

    16. John Gorman

      They do the last one all the time on The Chase

    17. ITILII

      One thing that should be on British television...and every other country....the Great Derren Brown !!!

    18. Charles Nicholaides

      It really is to bad that FIblock doesn't fall under or if they do, be enforced by UK regulators for ads. I would love for any video I watch to not interrupt the flow. Or have consistent ad minutes that are longer than the video. Why would I watch a 30 minute video, when I fear having to sit through 30+ minutes of advertisements? It has gotten so bad since the start of the pandemic, that I am unsubscribing from channel where this is happening constantly on. I don't mind ads. Just not this many (12 to 20 per half hour), nor for these time lengths (sure some are only 15 to 30 seconds--the rest are multiminute affairs each. FIblock doesn't seem to care.

    19. Zane Gifford

      "Use captions!" Video only has auto generated captions.

    20. Joe Mc

      Holy crap! In 2019 no US major network had LESS than 14.5 minutes of ads per prime-time hour of TV, and the worst two networks had over 17 minutes per hour. Thank Auntie for sensible laws. EDIT: Cable networks - so I guess you're already paying to watch the ads? Apparently 'broadcast' networks have an average upwards of 18 friggin minutes!

    21. Basti5454

      As an Austrian I can say everyone watches skiing events in the winter

    22. Riley Carpenter


    23. Digital Breeze

      Guy: "Time for a break." My FBI Agent: "Oh, okay. Here's an advert." Me: "Uh..."

    24. Rebecca Conlon

      Was the ad for me supposed to be timed with the who wants to be a millionaire?

    25. Killua

      5. american TV xd

    26. Manly McStud

      growing up before cable in every room, we had cbs, abc, nbc, pbs, and a couple of local channels that barely came in that showed syndicated shows and old movies.

    27. Jess W.

      subtitles are excellent for people like me with audio processing issues and need both audio and subtitles to understand a video

    28. Razz The Villain

      What a use of an ad break.

    29. Fuck Google

      All of these are good things

    30. kush

      6:13 Thanks for keeping your promise, Tom!!!

    31. RigJig

      Jeremy said "time for a break" and there was one. Respect

    32. obloovoo

      ohhoho, you clever bastard with that ad break, you

    33. Corry Skylord

      I really wanna see that rant that Tom went on

    34. JAMP0T1

      Given how much Motorsport means to our economy I’m surprised the British Grand Prix isn’t on there at least

    35. MagicLuver101

      I would love to get an outtake of his rant on subtitles because I am hard of hearing and I always use them and I want to just hear one of my favorite FIblockrs go on about people being dicks about them

    36. zekstr

      Can we add the Ashes to that list of sporting events? Surely that's of cultural significance

    37. Oskar Ostapowicz

      Well placed ad

    38. The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer

      I didn't get the ad! The one that everyone's talking about.

    39. The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer

      I'm a small FIblockr and student and even I try to put subtitles whenever I can.

    40. dragon breath 09

      Who else got a ad as soon as the who wants to be a millionaire guy said "time for a break?"

    41. MemeMaykr

      I love the fourth part

    42. Enzo Bergström

      Tom what do you think of FIblocks auto generated subtitels?

    43. Big James Cousins

      3:51 heard BBC lately? Never heard more left wing propaganda

      1. ultraviolent

        Someone doesn't know what propaganda is

      2. It is good day to be not dead.

        Uh huh sure

    44. Sonja Morrison

      All seem sensible to me

    45. Rick Simon

      No, reporting must not be "neutral". It must be objective. That is not the same thing. If I call someone a murderer, I am not neutral, but I might be objective.

      1. Rick Simon

        @It is good day to be not dead. No, it does not. If Team A wins by 28:3, and I say, "Team A was better", I am objective, but I am not neutral.

      2. It is good day to be not dead.

        No they should be neutral, objectiveness can vary in groups, terrorist belive they are objectively right, its different to being neutral, neutral means factual

    46. Rick Simon

      The amazing thing is that in 2021, there are still people who think you can hypnotise someone to do something against their will. That is not a thing.

    47. Simon T

      Are satellite channels not held to the adverts rule? I have insomnia so when youre watching Syfy channel or E4 from like 2am-7am, they take the absolute mick with ad breaks, especially Syfy.

      1. Fluorescentpropeller

        Don't those channels close down and go to teleshopping?

    48. Cupcake Comrade

      and when a medium gets that powerful it... "lobbies the government to make laws that benefit it?" ...gets regulated.

    49. Thomas Vlaskamp III

      I had... 6 channels growing up. WTWO (NBC Channel 2) WTTV (CW Channel 4) WTHI (CBS Channel 10) WVUT (PBS Channel 22) WTIU (PBS Channel 30) WBAK (Fox Channel 38)

    50. Eoin Schell

      Anyone else completely distracted by the guy practicing baseball in the background?

    51. JP Yanity

      POV: you checked to see if this video has subtitles

    52. kipper bag


    53. Gaming Device

      You cant tell the truth about white supremacy, you failed to mention that.

    54. Samuel Carvalho

      Americans: We are allowed 12 minutes of the actual tv show/movie per hour and the other 48 minutes are for advertisements to cure cancer and meds make you lose 5 stone overnight by popping 1 pill.

    55. Maxixe3399

      ah yes, the number™s 1 2 ITV 4 5

    56. podgamezz

      me: clicks on video ad: HEWO

    57. anvior45

      You missed the one John Oliver covered about not showing parlimentary footage on comedy shows.

    58. Isabel La

      Love that Jeremy commanded that ad

    59. buzz magister

      Dress up as Max headroom and say random things ... Oh wait apparently it's be done .🤔Ghost watch ... nope that's been done too .

    60. Ad Sr

      Meanwhile in the back, the worst game of tennis in the history of the world is being played.

    61. Shade Pizza

      'ere, you got eh hypnotism loisance?

    62. Oj Yes that one

      Don’t think I’ve watched satellite or cable for about 8 years 😂 never paid a tv license either 😉

    63. Jim Cook

      So all that waiving hands you do Tom, is that really sign language?

    64. Bingus Bongus

      What are the chances that right after Jeremy Clarkson said "Time for a break." 7:42 an ad played. *well, it happened to me*

    65. MiguelSuperZ

      Ooo right when the host said "time for a break" an ad popped up lmao

    66. Kai-Made

      I have never understood why free content on the web is often if not always accompanied by ads, but paid content is not...but on cable television it is ads everywhere all the time. Heck I was watching a Old Western Channel with my dad...a John Wayne flick...and it took them 3 hours to show us a 1 hour and 37 minute movie because of all the ads.

    67. Themazeful

      You actually have laws that are meant to protect the general public. Something we don't have here in Canada or the US.

    68. JezzDaBezz

      They made a new demon headmaster a couple of years ago

    69. Guy Osborn

      Just so you you know, it is r'search, not reesearch, to the educated. Just saying....

    70. Martin Gouws

      Has anyone watched Molly Moon? Ironically it's a British movie

    71. Audrey Strouse // Venango EAS

      About your advertisement one, here in Germany we have 12-15 minutes advertising breaks on private channels (Cartoon channels and a few others), when you hear “Jetzt kommt die Werbung” (Here come the commercials), you might as well get up and make a quick pizza

    72. Sodiumitis

      Buy some damn subtitles!

    73. Pado Pado


    74. TheDutchmanUK

      6:09 never laughed harder

    75. B0ssguy

      7 minutes per hour? we get like 7 minutes per commercial break in the us

    76. Kolper

      You cannot just have a colour tv in UK. Its privilege for chosen people that got a...LICENCE =_=

    77. AltName7

      5:07 what about Inside No. 9?

    78. CheMa

      I agree with his rant on placing sutitles/captions in yt vids.

    79. Thomas Robinson

      Having given an answer to a question, one could argue that a round of questions has in fact been completed (X questions asked, X answers given). It doesn't define how many questions a round consists of nor does it state that the given answers be checked and confirmed. Ofcom and the ASA don't mess about, if there was an opportunity to penalise a production as long running as WWTBAM they would've done it by now to set an example.

    80. Rachael Marie

      I feel like your last point about breaks not disrupting the flow of the programme was a little off- clearly when the presenter says "it's time for a break"; it's time for a break.. It's not that you're not allowed to have dramatic pauses in the middle of shows, but rather that you can't just whack an advert at a pivotal part (when that wasn't what the writer intended), just because you know everyone will want to see what happens next.

    81. RRC RandomRobloxContent

      6:09 You're welcome

    82. HollyxBret

      Spectacular content.

    83. CraftRabbit

      That midroll ad was placed brilliantly

    84. Luscious Luchs

      I didn’t know clarkson hosted who wants to be a millionaire

      1. minorearthmajorsky

        He’s been hosting for almost 3 years

    85. Rustern

      "Oh look at me I bought a Lamborghini BUY SOME DAMN SUBTITLES!" - Tom Scott

    86. Graham Ings

      Good to see Michael Jackson out and about for a stroll at 2:43

    87. Propop pop

      I dont know while accessibility is a right you don't have a right to anyones content, they can choose if they want accessibility or not

    88. Michael Farrie

      Maybe with hundreds of channels it's time for deregulation.

    89. M F

      I for one really appreciate your commitment to accessibility regarding subtitles, tom.

    90. Pfffffft

      I like the rule about limiting adverts to 12 mins per hour. But I won’t pay for any service that shows adverts. I’m not paying to be advertised to.

    91. Casey Hamm

      ‘oH lOoK aT mE i BoUgHt A lAmBoRgHiNi,’ BUY SOME DAMN SUBTITLES! also-

    92. Aeternaliter

      Where was this video recorded?

      1. Fluorescentpropeller

        Crystal Palace Park.

    93. sblevy02

      That ad break..Tom.

    94. armash momin

      Ironic that this video dont have any subtitles

      1. CostinTea

        It has had subtitles from the moment it was released. Check if your subs are set to "English (United Kingdom)" as that may mess with things!

    95. epiccollision

      Adults who are scared by “ghosts” need an education not validation....and “people still watch broadcast channels live??”...what??

    96. S o u p

      "Buy some damn subtitles!" Tom, Tom. Calm down Tom- *Tom*

    97. Aaron Lucas

      Ah nobody watches Hurling. It's the All Ireland Final that people watch.

    98. The 5th King

      God I wish American TV only had 12 minutes maximum. I think it's like 20 minutes over here and sometimes they'll make full use of that by putting in a 10 minute long ad break and then another one 10 minutes later or something. Pisses me off

    99. Christopher Cruden

      7:45 "and the host says, time for a break. GET 50% OFF YOUR SHOP AT TOPMAN AND...." smooth


      That “Time for a break tho”