Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul: Fight goes the distance [Highlights, recap] | CBS Sports HQ

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    Watch the highlight from the Mayweather-Paul bout, plus get the full reaction from the Morning Kombat team on the action.

    Go to Showtime for all your extended coverage of Mayweather-Paul.

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    1. Austin Monroe

      Wow. Terrible fight.

    2. keon Solomon

      "Televised robbery" - Floyd Mayweather 2021

    3. aimee veenstra

      This man swings like a child that’s angry you took his toy away

    4. lol blla

      You or

    5. Timaja Mattocks

      It’s either you win or you lose, neutrality is futile

    6. Andrew Thompson

      I wanna fight Mayweather but I ain't got no money lol I guarantee I'd give him a show

    7. Turkey Baster

      When playing Mortal Combat with your girl and she hits the kick in the knee button as fast as she can and whoops your ass then as it calls “Finish Him!” She delivers one more kick to the knee instead of doing a Fatality Move.

    8. ThornedUp

      Logan Paul, who fought only two fights with KSI leaving with a record of 0-1 challenges Floyd Mayweather Jr., a former boxing champion with an undefeated streak of 50-0.

    9. Isabella Saucier

      Logan should line up a fight with Mike Tyson. A real boxer not pussy foot Mcgee Floyd Mayweather the first dance instructor to go undefeated in boxing.. ps Logan might lose an ear Mike doesn't like hugs

    10. blackburnbaylor

      That Left Hook @1:51 🤣🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤣🤣

    11. blackburnbaylor


    12. Geovanni Campos

      Go Mayweather

    13. Chicken and Pizza

      Even if Floyd was know to fight the distance he still had a lot of earlier round KO's and even with the huge weight difference and I know Paul trained and had previous wrestling experience I feel like the fight was purposely dragged out.

    14. Quinten J

      Everytime Logan got hit he thanked Mayweather with a nice friendly hug

      1. moramochi

        he forgave him 🌸🌸🦈

    15. Tony Regalado

      Why doesn't Logan Paul jump in the octagon? This fight was a joke.

    16. RATCH3T

      This fuckin guy

    17. Kylo Ren

      The guys at the end act as if Mayweather doesn't know his age and it's some sort of wake up call? Wake up call for what? I'm sure he's well aware of his age, Mayweather straight up outperformed and outmunuvered logan paul, and they say he's old give me a break!

    18. Kylo Ren

      When the fight stats came up, omg, I lost it.

    19. No B

      Blows my mind people still defend Logan after that performance yea it went the distance good for him but it wasted our mfn time and money for those that payed

    20. Sedric Shockley

      I see a lot of people in the comments who know nothing about fighting. Floyd Mayweather washed Logan Paul like dirty underwear. Anyone who says otherwise is either a hater or retarded

    21. Jimmy Bien Aime


    22. ya boi J

      Sad that I lost a bet but hey floyd did very good. Also I'm not happy about it 😕

    23. Philip Sanders

      Big who cares ?????????????????????

    24. Eric John

      Whoever paid to watch this....you're a tool just like Paul

    25. beef nacos

      lol the guy narrating doesn't understand boxing.

    26. Hey Buddies

      I didnt even know this actually happened til today. What a who gaf affair

      1. AVE -

        You live under a rock?


      10 minutes of hugging

    28. Charlton Oniñeza


    29. Shi

      I think people are forgetting that this is an exhibition fight.

    30. Xxnotarianna01xX

      F*** yeah.😊


      Yeah ok go ahead and dig up the moral victory lol

    32. leeD S

      at the end Floys like fool don't hug me

    33. Fern Perez

      Just you wait Floyd Mayonnaise, I'll be ready for what is a challenge.

    34. P K

      Floyd know white peoples will pay big money hoping that he loses lol

    35. Crystal Ray


    36. SkunkFlick

      We got highlights and recap here, nice. But where the bloopers?

    37. Gregory Long

      Idiocracy is our reality. Such a sad state.

    38. Ptao Tom

      "I know it's Mayweather, but $20m is $20m"

    39. Fifteen Schnitzengruben

      My nine-year-old nephew could bounce this idiot and Mayweather couldn't put him away? What a joke. Floyd's a disgrace.

    40. OkEmilia

      That thumbnail was a huge exxaggeration.

    41. Big Drako

      Logan came in with a weight. Height and reach advantage and still ran the entire match or just tried to like lay on floyd lol. Tried to hype it up about how he went the distance, floyd isnt known for knocking his opponents out a lot of his matches go the distance he just always wins. Lol

    42. KK Sonar

      Logan definitely won At being the most idiotic human on youtube.

      1. Ptao Tom

        Fake Game

    43. Wonderful Timeline

      The most boring looking match I've ever seen

    44. Canadian Bacon

      That's embarrassing not to beat Maweather with a size and age advantage like that. Logan sucks. There isn't much skill there and he was so inefficient. There are a lot of boxers out there who don't compete that could beat Maweather

    45. oossirriss

      actullyy put real fight ok

    46. SERAPIS50

      What a con job. May weather let the joke go for as long as he allowed it but the dude has no pride, happy to step in the ring with a kangaroo if the price was right.

    47. mjojr jr

      Legend in picking and running 🏃‍♂️

    48. Jj nin

      this is what you call boxing??

    49. proper toke 420 rep

      First looked a lil fake cuz u. An see Floyd pretty much let him hit him Floyd is just better boxer hands down

    50. xTronKillmaster

      Paul is 18 years younger, he out weighed Mayweather by 35 lbs. That’s a huge advantage, it sucks that Paul thought surviving the fight would be a win.

    51. SHY GUY


    52. Jacy Steven

      Login is the best

    53. Jacy Steven

      Nice login beat hiss as up

    54. Lamia Ben Khalifa

      Fake Game

    55. Jayz OverTimes

      Jake Paul knows dam well in a real fight all 12 rounds he would not go the distance he was always hugging cause he got scared

    56. Dodahbay

      Floyd wasn't even trying..lol

    57. zashi07

      Professional boxer vs professional idiot😁😁😁

    58. Levi Hanes

      Give it up boy yea this is only your second professional fight…that you lost 😂 Usually great fighters don’t lose their first two fights 🤦🏾‍♂️ stick to blogging or wat ever u do

    59. Rylee Randol

      Fight Mike Tyson that would be interesting

    60. emonnoe wooten

      they can´t box

    61. LoosieGoosie

      “Pro” fighting or whatever you want to call it, wether mma, boxing, karate, Roman gladiators, it’s always been about the money for the majority of participants, fighters included.

      1. Emily An

        Paul is 18 years younger, he out weighed Mayweather by 35 lbs. That’s a huge advantage, it sucks that Paul thought surviving the fight would be a win.

    62. pandaland1

      How bad did Floyd need money that he lower himself to this level. It was bad enough with Connor but seriously? I don’t honk his dignity is worth it.

    63. TheMonkeyGrass

      How can dude fight a few time and be punch drunk already

    64. steve casillas


    65. trailblazer King

      Logan Holding everytime.....paul..!!! Lol..Mayweather shut-out ...!!!!

    66. Kin C

      Blem tattoo man jake paul is sick, respect what Mayweather went through in his life.

    67. Dark Lord

      Now get us Tom Cruise vs Justin Bieber ❤️

    68. Emma Snow

      What trash....

    69. HappyLarry

      Mayweather was definitely paid to NOT KO Paul

    70. Gimangi Podestry

      Worst highlight and wouldnyou just stfu damn

    71. Mr.Anderson

      Dude I rather watch WWE than this bull shit

    72. Luke McGuire

      Floyd is arguably the best fighter ever. The fact that he couldnt even knock down that chump means it was a loss. He let him have his "win"

    73. Ricky Hits

      I wish the Paul's would disappear

    74. Kiki Takoudi

      hug competition

    75. thomas anderson

      Boxing is overrated. The difference is in training. Aging Boxers will stop fighting you tubers because the skill level is not as wide as believed. A much younger good athlete with some training will often do much better than expected. Mayweather looked bad and couldnt put away a novice fighter with an 0-1 record. Hurting the legacy but getting rich.

    76. TEO HUI XIANG, CALEB Student

      Is like logan just showered

    77. johnnytheprick

      Where the FUCK are the highlights??? Just two blokes talking crap.

    78. Colhoun Clan

      Lolll Logan is just a SLUGGER....Throwing those Haymakers... TRASH boxer

    79. Brandon Wildfong

      Logan had the longer arms and he was swinging them all over the place hoping for the best

    80. Brennan Swanson

      The real humour here is all these broke guys on FIblock making fun of Logan. The irony

    81. Gonzalo Simon

      The guy talking is improvising

    82. Yvonne Evans

      Bunch of mess - what the heck!

    83. Tommy J

      To think this was a Real fight .. No judges 8 round match wtf? Makes you realize they did this solely for entertainment.. But the money they made 😂

    84. Mung & Mung Vlog

      Two puppies playing around.. Is this really boxing or a new hugging sport?? People pay for this garbage.??. Me and my brother fighting over a TV remote is more voilant than this??

    85. Zaidon Ribeiro Cooper


    86. sarah

      This is so sad… lmao😂💀

    87. Favian Villalobos


    88. CheatDeath NYC

      Size don’t matter

    89. Goddess Ella

      Every like is a flamethrower in Logan Paul's face xo

    90. William Stewart

      Never seen anybody with such an act on being perfect. This dude has so many flaws and has gotten whooped in fighting yet he acts like he’s untouchable. My question for him if I could as is why didn’t you knock him out. I’m not saying Logan Paul is/was a good opponent, Floyd is obviously really good. But if he’s that good why would he fight someone with no fighting background, it’s like him fighting me or you reading this. Really don’t like the dude, heard this once. Wanting to be first means others are losing, and priding your self and only desiring winning is a disease. That’s how I see it at least, along with some others. Floyd is a big kid that grew up not learning good sportsmanship and that there’s more value in a balance of winning and losing rather than just willing. When I would win I’d feel for the person who lost and made effort to allow that other person to feel like a winner to. This dude is toxic, frustrates me so much, have some light and love for other people and more than being first place. Stop getting off on others losing.

    91. William Spain

      I think Floyd was honestly confused as to why he was being showered with so many loving hugs from logan and that's why he didn't knock him out

    92. dreadful

      I want to see him vs Tyson

    93. Samuel Prata Prata

      Português!✌🏽 É nós família!🌔🌎🌍

    94. Emily An

      "I know it's Mayweather, but $20m is $20m"

    95. The inconvenient Truth

      Can’t believe the Money team went this low . Mayweather is ruining his reputation. Why not earn the same amount ( if not more ) but fight Pacquiao instead

      1. Andreas Kal

        because he doesnt wanna risk being hurt obviously ?

    96. TS .LeonardoWakulu

      Let's See Mike tyson Vs Logan Paul 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    97. Rene Rodjel

      clown mayweather just sucking peoples money its a nonsense fight!