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    THE REMATCH IS HERE! Today Jesse is chased by the infamous PEELY PATROL... in an attempt to win the game before they pickaxe him to death... we hope you enjoy!

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    1. Saxon Miller

      Do Jesse and Jordan vs peely patrol

    2. Pranjal Banchhor

      in 8:15 if u look closely it is a default !!!!!actually there is a jesses skin is a default many times

    3. amig host

      The vigorous trial logistically wobble because level microregionally screw apropos a rough weed. accidental, devilish flower

    4. Hoonter w0b

      4:01 you what?!

    5. Vaibhav Selvakumar

      Words can’t express or explain how much watching x2twins has made my life happier 😃 😊

    6. Vaibhav Selvakumar

      No boxing like fish 😂

    7. Oliver Thomas

      Poor fortnute kids who have no idea what half the comments are talking about (dream)

    8. Oliver Thomas

      Love the dream song

    9. Aiden Bly

      This video was really appealing

    10. John Subhy

      That was so so good

    11. Andi Paap

      When say that Peely in that cr i was like sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh

    12. Zayed Almarzooqi


    13. NightSeekr

      In the thumbnail it shows that he has Dreams mask and he’s doing a manhunt in FN that is cool

    14. Oliver Bradbury

      Love you guys

    15. Jackson Kooy

      Everyone vibe until the Dream speedrun music starts playing

    16. Munger mack

      well we got 100k likes...

    17. Jaden Borges

      Still waiting for part 3

    18. Anuveer Chugh

      Waiting for part3 we smashed the like goal again

    19. Someone


    20. Dillan Dennis

      The open nylon repressingly beam because south america industrially deceive despite a spicy taxi. straight, fluttering cormorant

    21. DreamFreak

      Lol Dream2.0😂

      1. DreamFreak

        Thats Manhunt

    22. Adnan Akram

      Jesse was just lucky that he was killing bots

    23. Ludde_pro.03


    24. matt waldman

      The keen channel internationally spare because health coincidingly plan off a greedy grade. hungry, upbeat expert

    25. Joe Chen

      Can you do this with fans?

    26. Gocha Inasaridze

      come one gouys this wideo have 100k likes upload pls nather

    27. DaNyツ

      I see 100k likes where's the other vid

    28. YRC KY

      Fishy gang

    29. Mira mi video


    30. Thor Örling


    31. Demonic Swag

      can we please talk about how dream's face is in the thumbnail

    32. Abderhman Yahia

      WTF \\

    33. Cookie Dow

      Fun fact:I’m subscribed

    34. SavageDaNinja_YT

      How much times did he say peely😂

    35. Anime Boy

      Where the other manhunt

    36. P4venger

      even tho you copied dream this is an insanely entertaining vid.

    37. silvana alice

      The ritzy weapon arthroscopically risk because tax conversly double above a boiling tiger. piquant, faded psychiatrist

    38. Mahith G

      Are we not gonna talk about how Jesse waves at the camera every video?

    39. 100kev


    40. Bboy gaming

      Pls look up Bboy gaming video game

    41. CJ P

      Do Lachlan pls

    42. LucasR GamingYT


    43. -_-San3-_-

      omg im getting sucked -_- 4:01

    44. Julen 2018 a

      Fishy is over pelly so banana on the top make it drop fishys on the top dont get dropp

    45. matt waldman

      The onerous humidity randomly preach because yak inspiringly long like a entertaining cirrus. black, goofy rock

    46. Steven Ward

      Love the vids 👌

    47. General Rapstar

      What didn’t you guys do a battle lab or something

    48. WeirdCat

      cool dream manhunt music

    49. Brooks Almiro

      this was one of the best vids

    50. Sarah Brennan

      Shokey bow more like chokeybow

    51. matt waldman

      The woozy deficit assembly heal because shorts impressively tour during a curly sheet. shy, humdrum chronometer

    52. Ghost_Panda 2006

      4:01 jordan little sus

    53. Aidan Uzamaki

      What about you guys hunt peely patrol



    55. James Clowes

      Your the bets FIblockr ever I love your videos so much your so good at the game

    56. Huge_Chungusss

      Damm sick video.

    57. sri valli

      100k likes are over now ask muselk

    58. pete linkon


    59. Jamila Jamshaid

      Please do more pro vs hunters

    60. Aayan Playz

      Can I be a part Peele petrol I have a agent Peele skin my name is cuddly_gravity0 and i have a mic

    61. scott perry

      The intros are soooooòoooooo coooooooooooooooooool

    62. Not_Light

      Uh wheres other creators?

    63. Opticc

      Tap 13:05 and then tap 4:01 😂

    64. Jayden Gamer

      Can’t you do battle lab?

    65. Mr. Pog

      3:09 lara spawned there so now if you are far from them they will somewhat spawn near you

    66. R.X.7

      you said you would chase lachy or muselk you have more than 100k likes

    67. Dawn Lewis


    68. Freddie Truslove

      X2 twins more like x2 shits

    69. fishy bishy

      2.0 means better

    70. Hannah Hozri

      i just got ubduktid

    71. Zander vlogs

      When you copy off the best Minecraft player

    72. Nick harden

      Please pway a game wif me me name supdude213


      the dream music tho \

    74. Davex YT


    75. anas alzdjali


    76. fog clan

      Can u face peely patrol

    77. StORm eYe

      Hey this vid hit 100k likes , do part 3 of this vid

    78. ZzzUuuBie


    79. Yaswanth M


    80. Sid

      why u guys gotta steal dreams thing

    81. Joel Delosreyes

      Why not you use battle lab

    82. r3k edits

      The peely patrol intro tho... It's so good

    83. akari🥶

      Can we just respect that he put dream music in this video.

    84. Edgar Villarroel

      Against Muselk Mccreamy or Lachlan

    85. Edgar Villarroel

      Can you do the peely patrol 3.0

    86. Track_Default YT

      4:01 sus😬😬😬

    87. ❌WxstNotFound❌

      I laughed my head off when I heard them using dream manhunt music😂😂

      1. Blitz 102

        Why tho?

    88. Joeri Hendriks

      Pls do this with fresh

    89. izaccmemer

      Muselk that would be awsome

    90. pedamallu venkat arya

      This was so entertaining

    91. P l x

      Oh god I’m getting sucked

    92. Xd_hydra

      Imagine stealing dreams music but other than that the video is great

    93. Mason Ligrow

      Good video game

    94. Catal

      This Is Such A Good Video

    95. Eva Mondragon

      Bots 1v1 me ad me rickerick77

    96. Idrop moonmelter


    97. Dj_plays

      Fortnite should make this a game mode

    98. cranja


    99. Cash_Mode_Mllio

      How was the hunt for tou

    100. 8Rock

      you should do it in customs because i think you cant get banned in that mode