FULL EPISODE | Rick and Morty Season 5 Premiere: Mort Dinner Rick Andre | adult swim

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    1. Snekky Snek

      Nintendo 69 😂

    2. Ron Houghton

      Great episode to start the new season!

    3. Emma Trix

      Words cannot express how rad this is. 👍 Harmonito and Roilando bless.

    4. Tony


    5. Yankee with No brim

      Why would a family friendly game choose this to show to kids

    6. Yuri

      Hmmm 69ing a Nintendo, interesting.

    7. Chrspii

      Cluuutch , I would have never seen this til it hit Hulu & we NEED that Cthulu episode

    8. Inf0rmal

      Bless you AS and the R&M team, this is exactly what I needed.

    9. Marko Zovkic

      “Fight, Fuck, Flea”

    10. memer. yeet


    11. Jack Meovf


    12. D_Savage_ 21

      Anyone else from tik tok?

    13. Jolan Groll

      I'm high as fuck watching this and I'm mindblown as fucc.

    14. Close.Quarters.Ramen

      Basically got the Rick and Morty version Of "My parents aren't home". Except now Morty has to become a time lord to get it.

    15. _-Nexus-_

      Thank you for free Rick and Morty! Justin Roiland he isn't the hero people asked for but he is the hero we always needed!

    16. Jalen Rivers

      I feel bad for morty 😭

    17. Kylan Sulley

      I really hope they post another episode

    18. Vegeoh

      Thanks for this Adult Swim

    19. yotam shmueleviz

      VPN gang?

    20. MockTie

      Put it on Netflix I don’t have Hulu anymore 😭

    21. MockTie


    22. Dannyboy

      Is the fan base of this show geeky nerds in high school who are good in calculus, chemistry and physics and sit by themselves and are made fun of only to be a person like bill gates when they get older and surpass all us losers who thought high school was the apex of life in this universe?

      1. Cruz

        no it's usually college students

    23. Cipher

      God damn it, Summer!

    24. odog Games

      Where is space Beth

    25. Ecomm704

      I bought the episode last night on my PlayStation because I missed it, but let me say this, and I think I'm speaking for everyone. We appreciate you guys so much at Adult Swim and all you do for us. Especially the ones who wouldn't be seeing this without you posting it here. Thank you.

    26. Reeve Castro

      Adult Swim are so smart. This actually makes me want to watch Rick and Morty.

    27. spaz gaz

      i fucking LOVE rick and morty!!!! wubba lubba dub dub

    28. LilxDank


    29. Q


    30. PRi0R_T0_A_WEEKAGO...fukWiTus_THAN_WE_TWEAKiN_H0E

      It’s finally here!!! I thought I might be dead before I actually watched it!!!! But I’m alive and Rick and Morty are bakkkkkk like cooked crackkkkkkkkkk

    31. Hurtn Albertn

      Now that's podmarketing

    32. Samurai Black

      Damn the dogs were more advanced than rick so he can be defeated by something greater if not prepared

    33. Malik

      Nintendo 69. Absolutely briliant

    34. martin Fabinagi

      I can't believe they references Little Big hypno dancer with Mr. Nimbus. That's awesome

    35. Gorge

      Did Rick just get arrested

    36. Nitrous Oxide

      missing the, rick and morty hundred year vibe 😔

    37. Roddy Toomer

      Jesus Christ is GOD 🙏🏾🙌🏾

    38. Israel Gabriel

      So does he just try to imagine the most random shit and then just o with the first thing that comes to mind??

    39. Fexy Swagman

      Great start to a season👌

    40. Quintin Cunningham

      This is probably the hardest I've laughed at an episode in a very long time

    41. Debatable

      Am I tripping or is this free? I think I’m just very high. Happy smoking and eating everyone ❤️

    42. Gage Wileman

      Love Mr. Nimbus

    43. Nick Panda

      This is the best episode 🤣

    44. Classic Memer

      So bad morty name might be kyle .... well... cool

    45. Super PikaGamer24

      The thumb nail

    46. jodeaida

      Uncensored way better

    47. Marcus Nicholas

      LMAOOOOOOOOOO how did we get here ??!😭😭😭

    48. Mikey LaFave

      Mister Nimbus is going to be on a bunch of t-shirts

    49. loverboykenny

      Putting this on FIblock was genius

    50. AdHyde69

      Need me some of that Nintendo 69

    51. Smallpe_en24


    52. peter zukas

      WTF happened to Rick and morty this shit was stupid

    53. Stashbox

      BWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA, YO.... YO... I think I almost died laughing 💀 at least 100 times before the 6 min mark. I don't know how you guys are going to top this episode.... You make me want to start a FIblock channel just to talk about this one episode..... side note...I, I.... I think I am scarred you sob's... I will never look at another nintendo the same way ever again.

    54. Jeremy Stephens


    55. tokageki

      That entire episode. Just, that entire episode.

    56. Divine Light

      Jesus Christ is coming soon please repent accept Jesus into your hearts today God Bless you all and I love you all Amen

    57. Sir SooS


    58. Mikey LaFave

      Ive already watched this way too much lol im a silly man

    59. Slix

      Doesn’t Rick need Morty’s brainwaves? Why is Rick shutting Morty down for adventures?

    60. Anonymous Discourses

      Loved the episode and then I find out Jim gaffigan starred in it and loved it even more

    61. The Botman

      God damn this show is amazing

    62. nobody Flores

      So they still not have the memory eraser cause I feel like Morty would do anything for that chance

    63. SEARCH JOHNNY X 100

      Beats FIblock uploaders to the punch. Hahaha.💪🏽🤣

    64. WingDingMario

      Glad this was posted here! Great premiere, this is definitely another favorite episode of mine!

    65. Victor Salgado

      Just because of this I subscribed

    66. SEARCH JOHNNY X 100

      🙂🙂😎😎😎 Saving this for after work.

    67. DasMxD

      I want a Nintendo 69 :(

      1. SEARCH JOHNNY X 100


    68. Cesar Bello

      He just got friend zoned so hard 😂

    69. Drive-by Baptism

      Oh damn, that ending with the threesome just confirmed that Rick and Mr. Nimbus have diddled, lmfao. Jerry: Please don't tell Rick, He wouldn't understand.. Mr. Nimbus: Yes, he would.

    70. Dr.Ahmad Zak

      Booo yeah!! these SOBs are back .."100 years of Rick and Morty "

    71. Mason Michael

      Forgot the “skip intro” button

    72. Mohammed Yassin

      why does this feel illegal to watch on youtube

    73. Anjounet Leavell

      Didn’t like season 4.. this got me back into it tbh. “I’m a time god!”

    74. Whìs

      Ummm.. I don't think this is our Rick :o He look to soft

    75. Lunar Lacy

      Damnnn, Morty and Jessica were never meant to be

    76. Pipo Techyon


    77. HulkHogan

      Jesus this is awful, did an adhd redditor with the mind of a child write this? If this episode is anything to go by this season isn't going to go well, you managed to somehow top that terrible dragon episode from last season, in fact I wouldn't be surprised if these two episodes have the same writer.

    78. Jlcava

      I mean out of all the things rick has made him do this would've been easier if he just helped him and remembered how the weird door thing worked

    79. Rosendo Ramírez

      Man they always be fucking with Morty, all he wants is to get his nut in

    80. Zayd Jameel

      Only video on FIblock in which double ads is acceptable

    81. The CrAzY FaRm kid

      damn dr doof and perry the platypus getting out of hand

    82. Robert Dahlgren


    83. Andres Mendoza

      The free limit unquestionably apologise because sponge rheologically order save a spiritual cd. old, lean pressure

    84. Ronin75

      Jesus, how does Morty walk with his massive blue balls?

    85. BiggyDrake

      Very good stuff

    86. Philip Rinke

      So... 4.7 million views & only 309k 👍's? Just for posting "the first one's free", deserves a 👍

    87. Jordan Dows

      I mean.. hella plot holes but it’s good😂

    88. Its Kingdom

      Mans did all that just to fail in the end.......Morty really turned up thou 😂

    89. Jobe_Seed

      I’m alike morty more than I want to think

    90. The CrAzY FaRm kid

      #1 on trending wow, wish we could get all rick and motry season 5 on yt

    91. Shadow Carbon

      Who else can see that in the thumbnail the man in red shorts has abs that looks like a dick?

    92. DISCO 56

      That shit… Was entertaining.

    93. bigfloppa1619


    94. Soul

      I just might have to watch the show now

    95. Sports Theory

      Wisecrack is gonna love this one

    96. ZEN


    97. IHAULM2

      F*** off I'm a Time god 😂😂 so Funny

    98. Row Low

      morty is rick

    99. NoName

      I did see this yesterday, before geoblock in Germany 🤣😂