Full Replay: Starship SN15 sticks landing during flight test

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    SpaceX is performing a test flight of Starship SN15. The prototype will aim to be the first Starship vehicle to softly land during a high altitude flight test. Like the previous Starship prototypes, SN15 is expected to fly to approximately 10 kilometers.

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    00:00:00 - NSF Intro
    00:00:50 - Waiting Game Begins
    00:02:00 - Waiting Game Continues
    07:49:51 - Vehicles Leave Pad
    08:32:12 - Recondenser
    09:11:10 - Engine Chill
    09:23:02 - Launch
    09:28:47 - Landing
    09:31:26 - This is fine
    09:35:20 - Fire Extinguished
    09:38:10 - Landing Nominal, Vehicle Safing Continues


    1. SpaceLaunchUpdates

      9:23:02: Launch 9:28:25: Flap Cam 9:28:47 Landing

      1. Taejun Chang

        @Vernon Rink you’re cgi

      2. Vernon Rink

        Wow, great CGI guys...good job!

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      4. Berni Müller

        Sooo nice... Congratulations SpaceX!

      5. Taejun Chang

        @PiDsMedia Ah, ok.

    2. alecboi777

      hehehe….. Cinco De Flyo

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    4. Gift of Life

      Starship Landing All planes on earth land horizontally on TRIPODS, regardless of length of fuselage or weight from super light piper cubs to jumbo jets to military carrier planes that transport heavy battle tanks to HARRIER jets and F35 fighter planes that do vertical take off and landing. Why do planes land HORIZONTALLY on TRIPODS? It's the safest regardless of how smooth or bumpy the landing may be. AND, consider how tall the Starship is, AND how top heavy with its payload of 100 metric tons - where is the center of gravity? A little tilt, like the lunar lander of Apollo 15 in 1971 - the Starship could topple down. WHAT GUARANTEE have you people that the landing site will be truly flat and sturdy and strong enough to support the FULL WEIGHT of Starship PLUS PAYLOAD. AND YOU'LL BE LANDING A THOUSAND STARSHIPS ON MARS VERTICALLY?!? HOW SURE ARE YOU THAT EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM WON'T TILT. SOFT SOIL OR BLOWING WIND ON A SHIP WITH A LITTLE TILT COULD FALL DOWN.

    5. Jack theRimmer

      Amazing, been blasting rockets since the 1940’s. 80 yrs later and still doing it. Pitiful

    6. twist games

      5:47:00 aliens are watching lol

    7. Rachhanon Sam

      the launch took 5 mins

    8. Joshua Romero

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    9. FullFlow14

      Lol after the landing, the timeline thing said "this is fine"

    10. Loparce826

      9:23:07 Launch 9:27:14 Bellyflop 9:28:49 Landing burn/Landing

    11. gabriel Villegas

      This one is going all the way for sure

    12. Glenn Bonagua

      9:23:14 “Look at that she’s u-“ *EARRAPE*

    13. James Bomd

      Looks like a 1950s rocket with 2021 tech installed WOW !

    14. SpaceX super fan

      OMG they did it

    15. Gary Haley

      Got my Starship Landing Club mug today

    16. RustyDust101

      Kudos to SN-15 for sticking the landing. That is a very good, sucessful test. Now do it a hundred more times with the same rocket without crashing, and you might have a winner. But that fire after landing is not a good sign. Oh, and it might be nice to reach the same altitude as standard airliners, and do it roughly a million times a year.

    17. Manu

      My son always used to listen to NASA videos like this one. 👍

    18. Lowrider Lifestyle

      im still here

    19. miko foin

      For SpaceX, nominal = amazing. Thank you SpaceX for your astonishing achievements!

    20. kworkshop

      8:07:04 9:11:07

      1. miko foin

        among practitioners, allowing the practice to flourish in the younger generation worldwide.”

    21. peterkonow

      Finally! Congrats!

    22. Colin Everton ETID

      Brill video although very very long... Fast forward 9.22.00 to view the take off...

    23. sokin jon

      The coverage was simply amazing Thank You NSF and Congratulations SpaceX in a successful flight of SN15

    24. yuoop noke

      worth the wait😃

    25. Thomas Wright

      Time to troll the flat earthers in the comments!

      1. Freeman 3000

        @Thomas Wright Blue Origin

      2. Thomas Wright

        @sokin jon Flat earthers probably.

      3. sokin jon

        who tf though it was a gud idea too give this 899 dislikes

    26. Mr. Honey Bee

      You mean spaceship? It’s not a starship unless it can skip between solar systems. NASA you jokers.

      1. Thomas Wright

        That's what I said. And frankly, I prefer the term "spacecraft" anyway.

    27. Francisco Moreno

      Philippines buy 10 of these. Use your corrupted money

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      923 blue origin employees disliked the video so far

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        @bilinas mini Hi

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        What a huge waste of time and resources.

    30. Evan McArthur

      Great stream, guys. Godspeed to the space community! ❤💖

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    32. Dux Drive

      Amazing! 9:28:49

    33. MPV GAME 2.0

      Flap camera : Starship Right now: ⬅️ From another camera: Starship: ⬆️ 🗿

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    35. Sebastian Andersson

      this is outrages!! not a single video shows the bellyflop maneuver, ya all cutting it out. What the hell?

      1. Myers

        Tim's cameras did manage to get some footage on the manoeuvre tho, you can follow him on Twitter and check that out ;)

      2. Willoughby Krenzteinburg

        @Sebastian Andersson you understand that clouds are not transparent, right?

      3. Sebastian Andersson

        @NASASpaceflight yes i know, but still it never shows how its piercing trough the cloudlayer.

      4. NASASpaceflight

        SN15's belly flop was obscured by the cloud layer. As seen on our beach cam (in the video) it was already in the landing position when it emerged from the clouds. -Das

    36. abbsnn cose

      I was up all night whaching the whole stream to see SN15 land

    37. Jaroslav Lajta

      I love the timestamps!!!

    38. buster_doot

      who tf though it was a gud idea too give this 899 dislikes

      1. abbsnn cose

        Nice work 🙂 🙂

    39. 2wi1elu

      Musk calling this rocket 'Starship' is like a neolithic man calling his spear 'inter-continental ballistic missile'.

      1. Willoughby Krenzteinburg

        @2wi1elu im entirely fine with that

      2. 2wi1elu

        @Willoughby Krenzteinburg Ah, a mansplaining Musk fan, though that's redundant, all Musk fans mansplain. Thank god I stop reading after "The purpose of--".

      3. Willoughby Krenzteinburg

        The purpose of vocabulary is to relay information. You clearly aren't confused as to what is being referred to when the popular noun, 'Starship' is used in this context, so the name serves its purpose perfectly well. The Saturn V didn't go to Saturn, the Falcon 9 isn't a bird, and Everlast batteries don't last forever. If you're going to start complaining about things whose names aren't perfect describers of what those things are, you will not have time to do anything else.

    40. bilishu aliss

      I was up all night whaching the whole stream to see SN15 land

    41. Romano Jansz

      O look like China made the v2 sonic rocket 4 of them with a war vs Taiwan in 5 year time ok

    42. Blue Dream

      UFO at 6:6:32 left frame

    43. Michael Miller

      What a huge waste of time and resources.

      1. Ezra Starkey

        Bit like you...

      2. bilishu aliss

        call it what you want... but the barely landed it

    44. Delta's World

      cut it apart wait what 🤔🤔 wont it be a painful process to build it back up gain? 🤣🤣

      1. Delta's World

        doge to the moon

    45. neil blockhead

      Looks like Hollywood SFX people have found more employment, with commentary by a bunch of teen geeks drinking plenty of soda.

    46. P C Kothari

      It actually loaded!!!!!!!!!!!!;

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      1. Shauka Hodan

        We have done the impossible!

    49. Jerry Brown

      Silly thing cannot leave earths orbit and they cal it a starship. Elon is such a bs artist.

      1. TimePro

        @Jerry Brown Engines are not at full thrust for the test.

      2. Willoughby Krenzteinburg

        @Jerry Brown why are you here then?

      3. FullFlow14

        @Jerry Brown it's literally a prototype without the booster. It's not a freaking ssto

      4. Jerry Brown

        @Marcus Sol it is tough to tell given the sycophant fanboys that fawn over him.

      5. Marcus Sol

        ^^^Obvious troll is obvious ^^^

    50. FHM Consulting

      In 2 years SpaceX have designed and created the 747 of rockets. In a paddock. In a construction site. In 2 years NSF has designed and created a virtual TV Network. As entertaining & informative AF. For tankwatchers and those who want inspiration.

    51. Kevin Casey

      Just a thought. Video froze from SN15 due to the link (probably in the 20 ish GHz range) being absorbed by the clouds but since telemetry is carried in the MHz range the clouds had no effect and the signal was rx'd as normal. Perhaps Nasaspaceflight could confirm?

    52. bobbywalter

      Nice work 🙂 🙂

    53. CE Newton

      Looks like we might be flying 15 for a 2nd time! Wow. Exciting stuff.

    54. Tom Zart

      FLIGHT !! Man has dreamed of flying high Since birds first avoided his spear. Not until nineteen-o-three Was it done despite his fear. With gasoline and engine, Propellers and wings for lift The Wright brothers flew their plane And gave mankind their gift. Many countries built their planes As our world became insane. Planes were used in two world wars With bombs and bullets to rain. Now we fly in outer space In search of life's creation. Though most succeed, some will die Pioneers of aviation. Nothing else man can conceive Is more luring but God's sky. To be as one with the stars Is the wish of all who fly. THANK YOU FOR WHO YOU ARE IN YOUR HEART ! By Tom Zart Google = Most Published Poet Tom’s 1,650 Poems Are Free To Share! Google = George Bush Tom Zart

    55. Jim intheWeb

      My 2 cents; Long day, yet when the ventings began to happen, ooooo boy! -I was on the edge of my seat! Landing coming in @ vertical & @ higher elevation & slower followed with that final flash of umph just at near touchdown -I knew she'd "landed" (upright & in one piece). Then the nosecone peaked forth over the exhaust + dust. Successful Touchdown!!! . So yea, possibly have too weak a feed system via the (over)-pressurization & therefore why the pool of CH4 & fire. Could be??? Or the methane still spewing out post Raptor shutdown??? -is such possible? . Not a vertically plumb landing, yet she stuck. HISTORY done made. Congrats Elon. Congrats. fiblock.info/face/videot/gYmBqnpndZ_Qd6w.htmlstart=34127

    56. doire aintu


    57. J B

      call it what you want... but the barely landed it

      1. Willoughby Krenzteinburg

        I would assume you could use the same logic to reach the conclusion that you "barely" made it into your garage after you drive home from work since you parked 6 inches from the wall (assuming you aren't a 13 year old without a job).

    58. The coder Pro


      1. doire aintu

        0:29 what rocket is that?

    59. RelaxationMusicPD

      Congratulations SpaceX and Elon Musk . This is a Historic day.🚀🌌

    60. Borja Obeso

      Sooo, what’s the dark thing hovering in the clouds? 🤔

      1. Thomas Wright

        A L I E N S !!! * hair *

    61. Atmos360

      1:58:34 the point where the disk appears

    62. Benjamin S.

      To the stratosphere!

    63. Benjamin S.

      We have done the impossible!

    64. JY

      At this rate it won't be long before they're making 'actual' starships - complete with warp drive, transporters and mr. data.

    65. god sent


    66. Mark Å

      Everybody talking about that magnificent launch and landing. Did all of you including NASA miss the elephant in the room? a flying sacer hovering above the rocket for a good hour?

      1. Freeman 3000

        Conspiracy Theorist?

      2. Mark Å

        @Pyro_ MNL yes sure...

      3. Pyro_ MNL

        LOL It's a drone owned by SpaceX to take aerial footage of Starship

    67. Return To Monke At All Cost

      Time to conquer space!

    68. Brenda Havens

      5:30:15 "There's a nose cone through there!" - waiting for that smoke to clear and seeing the tip of the nose cone shining through felt like a 'watching for the star spangled banner to appear over Ft. McHenry' moment. SN15 was still there!

    69. Łukasz Puzder

      11 hours online. You guys are sick. ;-) waiting for more, waiting for space!

    70. Thomas Johnson

      This just goes to prove how inapt governments are. NASA spent how much money picking astronants out of the ocean and how many billions wasted on first and second stages? Musk did this in a couple of years.

      1. Thomas Wright

        But he didn't do it from scratch. He had the benefit of 60 years of technology already being developed by others to start with. It's like saying, "Look how much those Vikings wasted building longships when Carnival now builds cruise ships!" Everything has to start somewhere.

    71. BanBoy

      there is disc shaped object in the sky at the left side camera from 3:24 until 7:49 at the same exact spot for over 4 hours 🛸🛸🛸🛸

      1. Clark Williams

        I noticed that too!! I was looking in the comments to see if anyone else spotted that.

      2. Thomas Wright

        You'd think the Veraxxians would have developed better cloaking technology by now.

    72. raoulman1

      Ouais, tout ça pour ça.......

    73. Freddy

      0:29 what rocket is that?

      1. Jack Whitlock

        Delta IV

    74. Zain Trook

      What the hell is that on the top right of the screen?

      1. Clark Williams

        I saw that too. I thought it looked like a hole in the clouds at first, until I noticed it hasn’t moved at all in hours...

      2. Zain Trook

        @Atmos360 Clouds dont move in front or behind dirt.

      3. Atmos360

        @Zain Trook dirt maybe

      4. Zain Trook

        I'm talking about the thing on top right of the rocket, hovering perfectly stationary for about 3 hours.

      5. Jack Whitlock

        Wind speed and Temperature

    75. gijbuis

      Does anyone know why the video freezes? The body flips and the engine restarts are what everyone was waiting to see! But now that SpaceX has recovered the 3 Raptor engines without the rocket going BOOM - they have a much better chance of discovering the cause of the methane leakage....

    76. ashemgold

      Earth just became a speck in the rear view...

    77. foxyplush64

      This was the best launch that I have ever seen, good job SpaceX, you made a lot of history

    78. Elaine Kommenge

      Lol protractor on the screen... Thanks for sharing. :)

    79. Jeff Howard

      9:54:07 Robot Dog "appears" walking past base of Starship from right to left. Follow him walking to the left of Starship (from this view). Super cool!

      1. Jeff Howard

        You can really see him at 9:54:41, to the left of Starship's base, as a plume of white gas creates a great silhouette.

    80. marymoe77471

      Made it watching all day worthwhile. Beautiful!!! Keep up the great work SpaceX and thanks for the coverage NASASpaceflight, you guys rock!!!

    81. Kelly Weingart

      Congratulations Starship 🎉🍾

    82. Mbongeni Nyathi

      More Views here more than on the SpaceX channel. Thanx for the huge dedication to the NSF team. Cheers from RSA

    83. Im Tired16

      "Did it do IT?" 😂

    84. Fajar Siregar

      Alright,let's go hunting Santa Claus with StarShip 😈

    85. kirky rc flyers

      Well done space x, give yourselves a big pat on the back.

    86. Give Bobux

      Literally today I saw the news on pearl and see space x spaceship doing a flip

    87. NoobyKnife

      Space Pog moment

    88. Christopher Calloway Brooks

      There were a series of small explosions under the engine skirt after the landing. What were those???

    89. Tyrdiel -

      Humanity just got one step closer to Mars

    90. Zatheris

      I was working that day but luckily made sure to get on break to watch it live

    91. Diogo Souza

      Any idea what those small explosions under the raptors were after landing?? You can see them clearly on SpaceX stream (at 13min 13s). My guess is that they did something to clean the engines and avoid a RUD... maybe the engines spit whatever was still inside them?

    92. bharath shanmugam

      Looks like we are ready to fly to moon very soon.

    93. Dash SS

      The smoothness of the flight along with how well the skin looks, SpaceX has really upgraded things on the starship. A few protypes models back you couldn't tell tell if they were making progress. Now you can.

    94. whatthefrerejacques

      The technical difficulties in this video are perfectly timed for flat Earth truthers.

      1. whatthefrerejacques

        @Jack Whitlock yep.

      2. Jack Whitlock

        Flat Earth is a hoax

    95. XZT TZX

      В тот момент когда происходит то что на видео Роскосмос празднует долгий период в запуске в космос чего бы то ни было без ЧП,более 30 лет без происшествий) p.s Вот где профи а не ваши эти Илоны маски.

    96. Ben Graul

      There will be no fire suppression systen when they land on Mars. What will they do then?

      1. Jake McKee

        There’s a natural fire suppression system. The atmosphere. It’s almost all CO2 and it’s very thin. It will put any fire out.

    97. Krzysztof Wiszowaty

      anyway, allways on fire

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