Funniest English Football Chants!

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    1. Xdinked

      I used to work at man utd best days where match days. Almost got run over by Evra one night whilst going to escort players off the carpark at the side (well tech the back) of Old Trafford

    2. Skeptikor

      No ones gonna talk about corona

    3. eggybread

      petition for them to do another football chant video

    4. Freja Wall


    5. Asttro

      I love How vik uses a green screen but never puts anything on it

    6. Cooper Liam

      The known windchime distally heal because halibut mathematically repeat around a warm ophthalmologist. third, lonely crayfish

    7. dripzboxedyou

      I’m from UK!

      1. Asttro

        Your also a Fortnite kid

    8. thensie thensie

      I love English humour 🌞😁 greetings from Greece 🤟😁🌞

    9. saltii10

      I was at the Salford game when the stand up section chanted Rather Have Corona than Watch This Fucking Shite, was class

    10. Jack Evans

      9:31 XDXD

    11. mannykritikos10

      part 2?

    12. Shaefer Elliott

      As a Canadian I wish we had chants like this in hockey

    13. Levi Payne

      "The kiddy family" got me dead😂😂😂

    14. KTB_Footy

      Did Vik Speak at all????

    15. Caroline Alexander

      The five booklet mostly squeal because thing markedly face midst a obsequious parcel. premium, scientific archeology

    16. Hazza Bom Bazza

      poor vik

    17. Kodie WATTERS

      On the first chant the person recording sounds like vikstar

    18. Seth Williams

      They add nothing to the video it’s just easy money

    19. jack Mangan

      I think u should do a part 2

    20. Hydry

      funny how a lot of them are man united singing about city or city singing about united lol. but having been to old trafford years ago i understand why some leave old trafford early, the roads are mad on matchday with everyone walking or driving

    21. FIFA sweat

      ‘Ur shit ahhhh’

    22. Macauley Hughes

      The "Your Mustache Is Trendy" is a United chant against City fans

    23. skrill down

      The sidemen are the best thing to happen to FIblock and always will be legends

    24. Zone

      It’s funny how Vikk gets selected for all football reactions

    25. Hansel Enning

      Did you know that you can actully get kicked out of the train(not kicked out but not go to transport again)

    26. iSwallowSeaMen Lol

      where can i buy that tshirt ethans wearing

    27. Rainy Days

      something about an entire crowd chanting 'we want our dick back' broke me

    28. Teejay Cunningham

      Best one Is away at Liverpool... tracksuit from Matalan 😂😂

    29. AVIRAT

      7:45 barca fans happy noises

    30. Velo OMC

      Proud to be a united fan for this video


      In my opinion 4:40 is one of the best in this vid

    32. Lennon

      Atmosphere at hull city games is amazing

    33. Christiano Lewis

      Disappointed not to see we conquered all the chippys on ere

    34. Lendog Hoffmann

      The darts thing is from he chucked darts at you players

    35. Craig Taggart

      I was their for that game when they sang the shop song. Was very funny 😂😂

    36. Lennon Burke

      I love harry

    37. DJ pioneer B

      You missed the Tottenham one

    38. Nellie Westbrook


    39. Mr ConE

      React to Red Star Belgrade fans, they are crazy 😉

    40. Mort Condron

      I didn't know vikk was even in this vid

    41. Doğukan Akpınar

      My phone battery reacted more than vik.

    42. mitchell

      They forgot the "Mesut Ozil's eyes are offside" chant😂

      1. Drill Re-uploader

        As an arsenal fan I was furious at the time but nowadays I look back and laugh

    43. Oscar nation

      Not the best video for vik to be in

    44. Nathan Mitchell

      One of my favourites was Bradford City away at Blackpool. They had more fans there than Blackpool did and when the seagulls started circling above the stadium they started chanting "You've got more seagulls, more seagulls than fans"

    45. Boney_Bonester

      “Mauled by the tigers” greatest chant of all time!


      Ipswich have good chants 💙💙🚜🚜🚜

    47. Benji Mondino

      For the first four minutes I didn’t realize Vik was in the video

    48. 6061 JAY

      Yes then sky blue army good to see cov fans in this! Back at the richo!!!!!

    49. Holldoll Dee

      The Northern English are the funniest

    50. Brad the lad

      "Is there a fire drill" "Is there a fire drill" That is just savageeeeeeeee lmao

    51. Tomas Santos

      Brazilian chants are hillarious too

    52. Jaydn JC

      What’s the point in vikk being in this video

    53. yeet Palmer

      0:41 it it just me or does that sound like Vik

    54. Fate on YT

      Foreign language to vik

    55. Thomas SlavSuperstar

      They should make a video on the Cracovia vs Wisła 2017 match from krakow where they used fireworks to fight each other (the fans)

    56. Ryan McMillan

      1:45 Sunderland’s manager at the time was Dick Advocaat

    57. Jack Allison

      5:09 Harry's fumen in the inside😂

    58. infiNity JJPLAYZ

      The start.

    59. Calum Walton

      Is the one at stamford bridge sayin can we play you every week when they got beat by bradford 4-2 like 5-6 years ago

    60. Lloyd Play's , gaming, transport and more!

      all the fans sing together at the right time but at school we all sing at different times or some dont (me)

    61. Thomas Mealyer

      Tigers is a rugby team 3:56

      1. Boney_Bonester

        No, don’t know much about football do ya lad! 🙃

    62. Sims 4 mouse


    63. James Blenkinsopp

      It is interesting how British people will just break into a chant. I'm sure it happens in other places, but in Britain it can happen literally anywhere and people won't even hesitate to join in

    64. TGB 26

      I love the colichini chant it’s so fucking funny😂

    65. Burnt_Bagel

      I was just waiting for the chant against Suarez, "His teeth were offside"

    66. Owen Akin

      We don’t have to chant in America they can hear us from the stands

    67. Bionic Khronic

      If they wanna see lit ass games here in the US they need to see any game hosted by a hbcu.😂

    68. J

      There’s one where the fans have a plant pot which gets thrown about and they chant ‘ he’s got a plant pot on his head’ surprised it never made the cut 😅

    69. cryostasis

      One of my favourite experiences in England was when I went to a pub during the worldcup and it was england in the semis, the pub was just chanting and having a hell of a time!

    70. Ciaran Honer

      React to the firefly funhouse

    71. Emma Hewer

      Simon probably knows the leeds one

    72. Carl Estepa

      I requested this one but it's a different video

    73. Alex Banning

      We need a part 2

    74. Mr Orib MD

      How tf are there Man City fans?

    75. Kevin Hitchcock

      Theres much better ones then these lol

    76. Rayner

      Fun fact: I was there at 1:00 at the Leeds United match and that guy was off his head on so much drugs 😂

    77. Bruno Araujo

      England has the driest fans

      1. Ibraheem Hussain

        The funniest fans

    78. Callum Cassidy

      Ethan thinking it was West Ham singing we want our d!ck back when it’s sunderland

    79. nick difabio

      React to President assassinations

    80. Shubham Shinde

      We need all of them at once 🙏

    81. Bojan Kocev

      Harry paying respect to Balkan sports crowds made my day ❤️🇲🇰🇷🇸🇭🇷🇲🇪

    82. Dinnyspuds

      What about the man u fans Park Park wherever you may be You eat dogs in your home country It could be worse you could be scouse Eatin rats in your council house (repeat)

      1. tr

        @_ good observation mate

      2. tr

        @Ibraheem Hussain no shit that's why it's funny

      3. _

        that one's racist

      4. Ibraheem Hussain

        That one is just racist

    83. Safwaan Burgs

      That intro tho

    84. Jimmy-Hieu Le

      The voiceless care eventually trap because competitor reassuringly excite modulo a acoustic fire. thirsty, useful red

    85. Jay With An i

      The last clip still gives me chills

    86. Sree Vivek A

      This video has the best intro😂

    87. Zack Robert Probert

      When the Tottenham fans acted like a goal i thought they had won a title

    88. Richard Gueye

      I think the chant of caglar soyuncu is the funniest the “his cock is massive”

    89. blackcrampons

      I remember being on the train to London & i saw a huge swarm of footie fans. I knew it was gonna be a long ride...

    90. Astrit Berisha

      You should react to football players chant

    91. Niamh smith

      Not being funny but Man Utd and Man City fans are the champs of English football chants.

      1. LFC Glory

        I'd say man united and arsenal fans tbh

    92. Prodigy Reacts

      Isnt it the worst thing When you see that vik is on the reaction video

      1. Ibraheem Hussain


    93. RedRome9

      We need part 2 😂

    94. RedRome9

      Sh*t on those bastards down below!! We chant that here in America

    95. YungWookiee

      Who else kept playing the outdo over and over agin?

    96. Rashed Elamin


    97. Shorty 4

      Harry’s such a plastic 😂😂

    98. David Cronin

      Im 10 by the way , sooo interesting words

    99. James Chappell

      The West Ham one was a Sunderland (the 🍆 one)

    100. zJDT

      “Llennel John Lewis his name is the shop” RIP BURY FC ❤️⚽️

      1. zJDT