Gojira - Amazonia [OFFICIAL VIDEO]


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    New album 'Fortitude' available April 30.
    Pre-order: gojira.lnk.to/fortitude
    Win one of a kind items from Gojira and friends and support the "Amazonia" fundraising initiative: propeller.la/gojira
    Proceeds from this song will benefit The Articulation of Indigenous Peoples of Brazil (APIB) who advocate for environmental and cultural rights of indigenous tribes in the Amazon who have suffered immensely - victims of deforestation, land loss, forced labor, violence, and harassment.
    Directed and edited by Charles De Meyer
    Cinematography by Maximiliaan Dierickx and Vincent Moon
    Produced by João Vinhas, Benjamin Honoré, Charles De Meyer, Chris Brown
    First Assistant Camera: Daniel Foeldes
    Steadycam Operator: Sven Joukes
    Monitoring Engineer: Sébastien Roblin
    Key Grip: Unai Duhalde
    Grip: Aitz Amilibia
    Gaffer: Fax
    Catering: Mirelen & Aize Duhalde
    On-Set Photography: Anne Deguéhégny & Gabrielle Duplantier
    Colorist: Xavier Dockx
    Amazon Partnership Liaison/Producer: Analuisa Anjos
    Assistant Producer Amazon Connection: Ivan Sawyer
    Contains Images Taken From The Project
    ‘Híbridos, The Spirits Of Brazil’ by Priscilla Telmon & Vincent Moon
    Additional Footage From Midia Ninja, Kumiko Hayashi & Hauxplay
    Gojira and the film crew would like to thank
    Adriana Varela, Emilie Barrucand (Wayanga NGO), Jaqueline Kaiowá, Fabiana Fernandres, Sônia Guajajara and APIB, The Tribes Of The Amazon, The Fulni’ô, Krahô, Mehinako, Xavante, Yawanawá and Yawalapiti People, François Maton, Sabri Bouchfar and everyone at Atabal, Kristen Mulderig, Ted Jensen, Andy Wallace, Johann Meyer, Jamie Uertz, Taylor Bingley, Vincent Moon, Fernanda Abreu, Duncan Russell and Patricia Motte-Lorente
    Incite a riot, put yourself in a trance
    You rotate the frame in a world you rely on
    A scar, a line has been drawn in the sand
    Behold the life, the boundaries fools will crush

    The greatest miracle
    Is burning to the ground

    Onto the next stage of the plan
    Mourn the witness of the wind
    A hand full of thunder
    Will rise one last time

    There’s fire in the sky
    You’re in the Amazon
    The greatest miracle
    Is burning to the ground

    Godly Amazonia
    Bloody Amazonia
    Mighty Amazonia
    Killing Amazonia

    Burn the land
    Learn the end

    Another Gold mine is unveiled
    The source of our sorrow
    Embedded in these walls of green
    Is the curse that we follow
    There’s fire in the sky
    You’re in the Amazon
    The greatest miracle
    Is burning to the ground

    Mighty Amazonia
    Killing Amazonia
    Godly Amazonia
    Bloody Amazonia

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    1. juan daniel sabogal suarez

      not just in Brazil, in Colombia, we suffer the same thing, f..ing deforestation.

    2. Ty Tr

      The world is beautiful lets not destroy it

    3. Ricardo Mouriño Remuiñan

      ... 👀🌲🌳🌴🐾🦂🐢🐍🦎🐜🦟🦗🕷🦇🦅🦉🦜🐇🦨🦡🦦🦥🐁🐀🐿🦔🐊🐛🦋🐝🐌🐞👣🐵🙈🙉🙊👀 ...

    4. Marcello Live Reynolds

      Ficaria melhor ainda se eles estivessem tocando no teatro amazonas. O cenário no clip. TOP

    5. Observer

      Rooooots Bloody Rooooots

    6. DarkMatterEclipse

      Maybe I just heard the wrong tracks for me from these guys before, this one hooks me though.

    7. zalezmetal

      like the message guys!!, super headbang song......

    8. Fernando Klinke

      Muito triste e vergonhoso o "desgoverno" do Brasil... a ignorância, a intolerância e o descaso acabarão com tudo...

    9. metal bean

      there t shirts ore so scary, people are afraid whaaa .

    10. Andrey Semak


    11. Олег Штрикуль

      Ministry approves too

    12. sYnchr0

      Never heard of Gojira before. 3:35 ... ok, I have to listen to all of their stuff now.

    13. Влад Скобляков

      this song like mantra

    14. David Vincent

      Surpuissant, super morceau🤘

    15. Savda Savda

      Grosse grosse claque ❤️

    16. Cícero

      Wtf Mario has a shirt on

    17. ThePalomaRoja

      I like it, the sound of the album is perfect, it's tribal and it totally communicates content.

    18. christophe foucart

      pourquoi max n est pas dans la vente d objets pour la foret amazoniene.

    19. Nebuchadnezzar

      environmental comments vs boingboing comments vs musical comments hmh.

    20. Digital Mayor

      to stop the amazon from burning what do we as individuals do? The deforestation for farming is only going to increase as population continues to rise. I mean, its a good song and all,... its great that we are aware of the problem, sucks seems no solution.

    21. seiom jvony

      hm, now I realised Gojira's vocalist sounds a lot like Jaz Coleman from Killing Joke

    22. lunardestruction

      The hu anybody?

    23. Braian Chozas

      Groove as fuck


      Vibes of the Tribe 2021.we are still alive.

    25. Obi Kenobi

      If you look closely the one dancer is wearing a house arrest bracelet... this is fake news

      1. seiom jvony

        que se vê vídeoclips sobre nosso país. Estamos tão focados no que existe em outros lugares que esquecemos a importância da nossa própria terra!

    26. William Robertson

      Amazonia do BRASIL

    27. Kris Machado

      Esse é o perigo quando boas bandas entram na opção: "Lacrar sobre algo que Ibope!" Lamentável...

    28. Diêgo Pessoa

      MÚSICA MUITO BOA! 🤘🇧🇷 Os caras são fãs do Sepultura !

    29. Airton Junior

      Seu país tem boas condições ambientais? Venha para o Brasil e conheça a Amazônia antes de criticar o q nem conhece. Saia daqui se for atacar nosso país. Admiro muito o som mas cuidado como trata nossa terra.

    30. Hogo

      2:04 to 3:26 probably one of the best moments on gojira's discography

    31. gravydog1

      Holy fuck they are ungodly heavy. That sound, just nails it. And hey, Charlie kept his shirt on in this video so bonus.

      1. Massive Cunt


    32. Jim Portis

      Love that they're all playing natural finish guitars,/bass and Mario's kit is black and tan...

    33. Fernando Espinosa

      live Sepultura!

    34. yannick lebel

      Mario and abe mix drumming c'est top!

    35. Lionel ANDRES

      Comment c'est possible de n'avoir "que" 119k de j'aime sur ce morceau qui te prend dès les premières écoutes et qui en plus délivre un message extrêmement puissant. C'est peut-être parceque nous sommes si peu à apprécier ca que les forêts sont toujours brulées... How is it possible to have "only" 119k of likes on this track which takes you from the first listenings and which in addition delivers an extremely powerful message. It is perhaps because we are so few to appreciate this that the forests are always burnt ...

    36. dude erdna

      I am not gay, but Joe Duplantier is hot.

    37. Eddie Toruno


    38. Sick F. Machine

      The more I listen to this song, the more I listen to this song. It just gets better with each listening.

    39. Emanoel Luiz

      Amo meu idioma então vou escrever em português mesmo! hahahahah, quem quiser que traduza (como eu faço). Muito bons, eu pessoalmente gostei muito! Não é sempre que se vê vídeoclips sobre nosso país. Estamos tão focados no que existe em outros lugares que esquecemos a importância da nossa própria terra!

    40. Tonda Zivny

      Finally, one thing that France can be proud of. I like them much.

    41. emmanuel boitel

      Un titre un peu biscornu de gojira !! Je crois pas que ce sera un de leur top. Clin d œil à roots...

    42. ΑΛέξανδρος Τουλιόπουλος

      Thrash has been a gift to our generation. In the 80s and 90s it become a voice when we started witnessing so many injustices in the world but media kept silent (and the music industry was talking about hair and glitter). It became the focal point for bands to establish this voice like my beloved Sacred Reich. Talking about contemporary issues and raising awareness is a necessity. I am glad to see Gojira ( and some other like Body count) taking the challenge to continue this great service and speak up. There are no countries anymore or national issues. Issues are now global and effect everybody. We need to address injustice wherever it roots...

    43. Sven

      anyone else wants to shout " ROOTS, BLOODY ROOTS"???

    44. andivax

      Try Andy Wallace for producing next album

    45. Ji Cé

      Génial comme d'hab / Awesome as always

    46. Tedi rahmat

      have sound music equipment karinding etnic from my country

    47. Marcelo Scafi

      Sounds like Jaz Coleman !!! Amazing !!! Killing fucking Joke !!!

    48. aldo carvalho


    49. Mario Reese


    50. MrAtomicDon

      i hope the haters perish by wildfire.



    52. Kody Peklar

      Here from buttsimpson

    53. maryam carymi


    54. KB7

      This beat is sic!

    55. aola wili

      So this is what people must have felt like witnessing the way Metallica became one of the biggest metal bands of all time. We get to see it with Gojira.

    56. David F

      The chords in the chorus sound so grunge-e. Love it

    57. Ricardo Rigal

      Gojira hace que sus sonidos vuelvas a tus instintos primitivos

    58. Eduardo Gentile

      This like what if Gojira fuses with Sepultura?

    59. Eduardo Gentile

      Mario is the Dave Grohl of technical death metal, PERIOD

      1. aola wili


    60. Nicolás Camacho Moncada

      First time listening to them. The last one won't come soon.

    61. Andressa Bonecher

      I'm not crying. You're crying.

    62. Nikhil Sharma

      Boing boing boing boing boing....

    63. Edgar Rodolfo Lezama Hernández

      Rotota d Gojira!!! Muy Sepultura 💀

    64. The liqour Is all around

      “MeTaL mUsIc Is SaTaNiC aNd EvIl” but the people who say that fail to realize metal is more about being yourself and treating everyone with respect along with the very planet that houses us and just uses satanic imagery cause it’s badass and to piss off old white people, god I’m glad to be a metal head

    65. Jeff Kocsis


    66. Sergio Deodato

      Muito loco esse som cara kkk gostei

    67. Brian Schurr

      Only Gojira could make that Boing Boing riff work as well as they make it \m/

    68. Zach's World

      I love how the intro drum beat is chill and yet there's Mario still headbanging and going hard. That is one of the 3 million reasons this band is gonna last forever.

    69. Filipe de ÁvilaPorto

      Faltou o Max tocando berimbau

    70. ste vo

      Anyone have the balls to say it or is it just me? Gojira have gone shiiiiiit since that volcano rubbish.

      1. Massive Cunt

        It's not having balls. It's being objectively wrong.

    71. laerdson

      Fucking crazy!!!

    72. Kojiro Vagabond


    73. J Quinton

      *Greta enters the chat*

    74. Bacon SoGood

      It's a good message but a bit odd coming from guys playing guitars, basses, and drums with mahogany, rosewood and ebony in them. Kickass band and all, but just saying, if you want change, start in the mirror.

      1. Massive Cunt

        Wtf are you talking about?

    75. roberto malone

      Nice tribute to SEPULTURA🤘



    77. Jeoff59 Nord

      I m French and i'm proud of his band from south French country.One of the most métal stuff in 2021!!!

    78. Κιμωνας Νικολτσης

      Is the only good thing happened in 2021

    79. birolha

      Learn with gojira greta thunberg

    80. Julien Bedu

      Gros respect sur ce putain de son + cet engagement pour le futur 😘

    81. Andrew Farthing

      Sounds very familiar Killing Joke Millennium

    82. ripley8 aliensmom

      I'm lovin this 👆💯

    83. Thiago Meneghini

      SEPULTURA!!! 🤘🏻

    84. eddie salazar

      No disrespect. But Sepultura called and said " stop ripping off our style" it's cool to borrow but this is to much !

    85. Shifty McGee462

      That intro gives me Soul Fly and Sepultura vibes. Love it.

    86. Chase Dahl

      When did Jaz Coleman become Gojira's lead singer?

    87. Geddy Lee's Owl Nose

      They got clown to hit the keg at the end!

    88. Zac W

      Its really weird to hate 1.3k people I dont even know. Who TF would thumbs down this amazing song and message. From the bottom of my metal heart F U!!

    89. Armando Oropeza

      boing boing boing

    90. alida flus

      Gojira for doing so

    91. Bernard Zeyherr

      Sepultura ? No, Gojira !

    92. Max Piredda


    93. A. T.

      Badass song to keep me mothafucking motivated!!!!!!! 👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹

    94. marcelo perrone

      Reminds me Kilking Joke . Great protest song

      1. alida flus

        Unreal talent!

    95. marcelo perrone

      Right On !!!! Save our amazônia !!!

    96. Edgar Morinfen

      This is beyond perfection!!!

    97. UF

      Make sure to support this band. They deserve it and it helps them helping others.

    98. Robert Tallent

      This band is SICK !!

    99. Gunner Kelsey

      This song is fucking awesome 🤘

    100. nicko mc

      Doufám jen , že Greta není jejích kámoška což by mě hodně nasralo!!!!😜Jinak good song! Uvidíme celé album,zvuk super!!!!