Grosjean's Insane Fireball Crash | Formula 1: Drive To Survive S3

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    Romain Grosjean's miraculous escape from a huge fireball crash at the 2020 Bahrain Grand Prix sent shockwaves across the track and through Formula 1 fans across the world. This is what happened.
    Formula 1: Drive To Survive Season 3 is now streaming on Netflix.
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    Grosjean's Insane Fireball Crash | Formula 1: Drive To Survive S3
    During a shortened 2020 season, Lewis Hamilton, Daniel Ricciardo and other top drivers pursue checkered flags as COVID-19 turns the world upside down.

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    1. Max Damage

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    2. hendra lima

      Kemana team pemadam api yg lainnya? Aneh

    3. Ezequiel Machado Dias

      bro, i wanted to see the entire reaction of the grid when he comes out of the fire

    4. Lunnaris01

      I saw the crash back then and knew it was bad, but seeing these pictues kinda made me realize how fucking lucky he actually was, not just to get out of that alive but to be pretty much unharmed. It's pretty crazy.

    5. tesk4a

      Netflix really milked every single second of that out...

    6. Etienne Lemay


    7. Marìa de Lourdes Vargas

      Milagro de Dios

    8. Gilvan Souza

      Awful doesn't begin to explain how bad it feels to watch this.. jeez

    9. The Bandala's Ph

      the heat is really hurt he survive his self the god save her.

    10. Hezz B!

      Literally... “how the fuck did he come out of there” 6:28

    11. Luís França

      I almost cryied because he's ok

    12. Gaming Trio

      Was this real pls tell me

    13. Robert Vazquez

      you are really milking this.

    14. Bryan A.Cal

      Fire pit...That is like the Paul Walker crash at least this guy had on a fire suit on... trapped like a rat on a burning ship🥵

    15. Georg Hillmeier

      1:24 What's the guy on the left side of video doing. That's not fire fighting. And what they want to do with 3 fire extinguisher? You need a fire truck with 2000 or more liters of water. Not only 18 Liters and 3 fire extinguisher!

    16. GUBES DSK

      Hembusan angin dari jin bawah roda. 👍

    17. Jay the protogen

      He thought he going die when he said fuck just before he hit the wall

    18. مُرتحل !

      My calls to the driver for safety Question at the minute 1:22 What is the rescue vehicle model? Is it a Mercedes or another brand? Thanks

    19. Alireza-JC

      thats and act of god

    20. Juan Pablo Parra

      Why you Netflix guys use audios from other fuking races. I mean, Romain didn't even had the reaction time to say fuck in the radio.

      1. ST H

        what? these were the audios from the other drivers as they were being told to expect a red flag.

    21. 323 2jz

      Fuck. Omg.

    22. theotis111


    23. Shane Canning

      Where did he go ?

    24. westside4lifebk

      When explosions like that happen there needs to be an automatic stop to all other drivers.....

    25. Arda Berjan Altıok

      What a huge crash!!!!

    26. Jürgen Rieger

      Formula 1 turns over billions of euros and then they come with hand fire extinguishers ...

      1. TwentyTwo Edits - Games & F1

        what would you recommend?

    27. Lirex Cosplay

      When you’ve watched this live. It just.. it really hits hard. Sitting there helplessly watching as you pray for his safety. Me and my dad were speechless. Ill never forget it.

      1. Bronco Balboa

        never felt so bad watching f1 live, never felt so good when they showed him the first time out of the car.

    28. Somnum Store

      The moment at 5:18 is so badass

    29. Aditya Kaushik

      The real heroes who should be credited for Grosjean's life are the engineers who designed a suit that saved him from not only from getting completely roasted but manage to survive with only a few burns and a car which prevented him from dying from the impact of hitting the barriers at 160 mph.


      I remember watching the race live and once I saw him hit that barrier I was like oh no I thought he died I’m glad he was able too walk out of that fire like that.

    31. EVE RODWAY

      I saw this on Netflix and it was terrible 😣☠️👀👀👀👀👀

    32. Hi Awan killyou


    33. Ankur Shah

      6:34 That is an act of the best technology and engineering done behind the scenes in Formula 1 no one talks about & Romain's (whom I don't know at all) killer attitude.

      1. Ankur Shah

        @TwentyTwo Edits - Games & F1 I stopped watching TV. F1 tennis football. Just stopped and started actually being active. Best thing ever. Things get monotonous on TV.

      2. TwentyTwo Edits - Games & F1

        @Ankur Shah ah okay. well, i can tell you that every technological aspect that contributed to his survival was talked about and analyzed in depth. such as: the survival cell (the part that was stuck in the barrier) , the fire protective clothing, and the HALO that protects the driver's head. without it, Romain's head would have been severed from his body. Interestingly, Romain was against the halo when it was introduced because it is "ugly" but after the crash, he said that it's the best thing that could have happen to f1 safety. btw, why did you stop following f1? you missed 3 dominant eras

      3. Ankur Shah

        @TwentyTwo Edits - Games & F1 not since 1999

      4. TwentyTwo Edits - Games & F1

        the fact that you think that "no one talks about" the technology that saved Romain suggests that you aren't following f1

    34. Reddboi Corey

      I haven't cried in over a year but man this really moved some emotions & got me teary eyed watching this😢🙏🏾

    35. Steve P

      Pretty sick of Netflix to make viewers think he's roasting alive for 5-7 minutes to later see in the comments it was 28 seconds.

      1. ST H

        only an idiot would think it was 5-7 minutes.

    36. among us gaming

      I love the fact after a fireball he just walks out like it’s nothing

    37. Kitosumi Sumi

      It's a miracle thank you jesus.😢🙌

    38. Bukanseekorwibu


    39. Srebrnik Judasza

      I remember watching this race on Eleven Sports. I couldn't believe it. I stood up and nearly cried in front of the TV.

    40. Al Briano

      Even today, with the billions that FIA has, they fail at having a safety crew

      1. ST H

        I saw loads of safety crew. not sure what video you watched!

      2. S4D_C00K13

        Track Marshallas ? Medical car ? Safety Car ? Medics ?

    41. Obi_Wan Shinobi

      Leclerc: Is he okay? Engineer: I will come back to you. Leclerc: No... please... That hits different when you remember one of his best friends died in a racing accident a year before.

      1. Bronco Balboa

        and a few years before that his godfather jules bianchi as well

      2. Shimino

        Somemore,french driver…

    42. Tamanna Jahan

      Grosjean looked like a badass mc in anime walking out of the fire like that Mad respect 🙏🔥🙏🔥🔥

    43. Story Lee

      How did you survive?

    44. Uhi Shulz

      Hi, It is thanks to the engineering the bodyshell it withstood 8l blow error and that the inspectors passed the guardrail sure instead they had to put a wall of tires so the car bounced off the track


      I am confused... should I appreciate the quality of SUIT OR should I de appreciate the quality of car....

    46. عابر المحيطات

      الله الله الله إيش الحريق ذا أهم شي مهم المان الباقين عادي

    47. paulo luquez

      Grosjean!!meu deus tadinho que deus o cuide

    48. Kuro Kenshi

      5:23 dud that was so epic legend

    49. Marcos Pérez Raya


    50. Nando Fern

      Wholly Fuk, he made it

    51. Marek Sisma

      Meanwhile, was Grosjean coming out of the car. I make popcorn, I flew in the balloon, I travel to Japan and back. Make a drink and sit back and wait another 28 hours than he come out of the car

    52. Robert Stump

      The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. (2 Peter 3:9) Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God. (1 Corinthians 6:9-10)

    53. Alan Peters

      And the guy says he could not believe this can happen in modern Formula 1 cars, news flash, when you're carrying a full load of high octane racing fuel and hit a solid barrier head on at 160 miles per hour it's possible for fire even with self-sealing tanks if there's a great enough force involved, as long as there's flammable fuel involved, it can and still happen..

    54. Jens Gronning

      Lewis said he felt “very vulnerable in that moment”. It’s always all about you huh Lewis smh

      1. ST H

        @Jens Gronning I agree with you but he's not the only one who has gone mad. Millions upon millions of people are behaving in similar ways. I'm not sure there's anything we can do about it other than wait till it passes.

      2. Jens Gronning

        @ST H He needs to keep mouth shut about my country too. He’s meddling in things he knows nothing about. He wants to virtue signal. He needs to stick to racing cars, his lack of knowledge about the politics and culture of the United States makes him sounds like an idiot when he’s speaks about it.

      3. ST H

        Yeah that was weird. I think, like most British youth sadly, Lewis just speaks in woke PC soundbites. I don't think he means harm or is an especially bad person, he's just been brainwashed like most of my country. It's very sad.

      4. Kidzin

        @TwentyTwo Edits - Games & F1 well he worked hard for his shitty reputation

      5. Jens Gronning

        @TwentyTwo Edits - Games & F1 relax fanboy, your boyfriend Lewis gets constant praise.

    55. Nathalie Peyrat


    56. Hemoglobin

      5:01 I wonder what was going through the guys head that helped him out him seemed so shocked to see him stand at I’m glad he was okay

      1. Alexblenb

        First he thought that this accident is unsurvivable and then he thought that Romain was in critical condition and had a deep concussion on smth like this and he started to speak to him as to someone in coma: "Siiiiit down Siiiiiiit down" until the moment when Romain told him: Shit, talk to me normally!😂 I need a help, my hands are burned, my foot seems to be broken!

    57. MemoryZone

      When i watched this live i genuinely thought i witnessed my first death on motorsports ever since i started watching it.

    58. Richard_ correia5


    59. gameing

      God help

    60. gameing

      How can he survived

    61. Brucknerian

      His guardian angel said it's not your time to go yet, you've got more races ahead of you.

    62. Josef Knecht

      And then some say that God doesn't exist

    63. Pers Abdulrahman

      Did he made it out???!!

      1. Pers Abdulrahman


      2. TwentyTwo Edits - Games & F1

        did you watch the video?

    64. Samko Vendelo

      My tears 😥😥😥

    65. Jamie Goodwin

      Oh he’s not dead after all

    66. Saukingalpha

      That driver was definitely t1000 terminator

    67. Salmon Van der Wath

      Miracles do happen! Go on your knees brother!

    68. Pratheek Dhananjaya

      It’s moments like these that makes you realise your life’s worth

    69. matthew Williams

      netflix are seriously good at bringing the suspense levels to the extreme

    70. Ahmad Aldi

      Luar biasa, penyelamatan yg bagus dan cepat

    71. petix

      thats the demostration that f1 is more than speedy cars

    72. ROBINHOOD 1990


    73. adam adaś

      Zdecydowanie zbyt długi czas gaszenia.

    74. Nobody Ffs

      Kinda reminds me of lauda 1976 nurburgring crash

    75. Fluffy Sheep

      God touched him and he was like “nah”

    76. Common Sense

      I really love the way no one gives a sh*t about the driver burning to death. They took a long time to try to save his life. If those are his friends I can only imagine how his enemies are!

      1. S4D_C00K13

        Do it bether my man. Should they jump into the car than or what ?

    77. Junge

      He lives!

    78. Keith Fulgar

      Death be like: bruh wyd here? Get outta my place

    79. WilmaFingerdoo

      Wasted bitch

    80. Auko.

      I hope people can agree on the decision to input the halo now

    81. Bryan Salto mendoza

      Súper dé yo y tú

    82. Nicholas Martins

      Eu assistir esse acidente ao vivo no dia

    83. Bryan Salto mendoza

      Súper yo

    84. Electric Eye Media

      Grosjean is a bad ass!

    85. RED FOX

      I cannot believe it hw can out of 😳 god love him 🙏🏽 it is so miracle 💯 %

    86. Alster

      Miracle is an understatement

    87. NAT

      When the main character of the story has a very great plot armor 😂. You gonna be like "he's to OP" even a big fire can't touch him

    88. morris green

      Why aren't there fire engines at these events?

    89. Tenyomz

      allhamdulilah he's ok and safe

    90. rip juice wrld

      if i was a driver i wouldnt think 2x and stop

    91. Parker Ferguson

      What I cant figure out is why the fuck it took so long to get to him from the rescue crews. There was so much walking and standing around with no anti fire measures. The crews had the same suit the driver did. Pull the driver out of the car instead of spraying it with cows milk and letting him burn.

      1. Alexblenb

        The heat was unbearable and they didn't have full face helmet.

    92. David Borsman

      The amount of times they said fuck though

    93. Ren Grant

      This is why racing in Germany was canceled because of 8 deaths in 2021

      1. Alexblenb

        8 deaths in 2021? Really? In motorsport? Do you have a names or a link?

    94. Serpent 977e that possible???

    95. Lukq T

      Support from Serbia!

    96. dinkyemg

      Even though I know the outcome... every single time I watch this accident I still tear up.

    97. gOsHtFaCe Ballaz

      30 seconds roughly to get to him to extinguish the fire too slow maybe

    98. ᘔᑎᗩᑭ ՏTツᗪIOᘔ ❶

      I don't regret my last 6 minutes and 48 seconds

    99. Nunya Bidnis

      The most amazing thing I have ever far.

    100. Oliver Klausen

      Godt han kommer ud fra😪😀👍