GUESS HER AGE FOR A KISS 💋 ( Gone Wrong 😳 )

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    1. thenerd math

      Wait so shes 14?

    2. PRORyZeツ

      He said 15 She be 14 22- 8

    3. Micah Fletcher

      Bruh she is not 14

    4. Rachel Shaw

      Girlnyounslqppped him hard

    5. Something's Here

      This girl is savage 🤪🤪....

    6. Toast Too Turnt

      What did he saaaaaay!

    7. Fatma Gokce

      She is 14... 0_0

    8. Otaku-Sama

      If she's 15 then I would suggest her to visit a doctor...because she looks like 2p to 25 to me...


      Guys 22-8= 14

    10. Farid Zeynalzade

      Man really said !5

    11. Mary Anne

      Yeah you deserve it

    12. the joe

      Ladies and gentleman, we got him.

    13. Isha Loke

      The way she walked away 😂😆

    14. Kaif Anwar

      That's harassment 🤡. Arrest that joker and beat him up. 👊🏾

    15. Stella A

      Everyone thinking she’s 14 Me:- qUicK MaThs

    16. 👹

      So this girl be fourteen 💀

    17. Viva

      "I'm worried that youtube shorts are turning into degenerate TikTok cringe, please spread the word." - Some wise man on FIblock

    18. LovelyBella


    19. ajay yadav

      22-8=15. 👍

    20. FruitLoopZzz

      "Imma say you at-least 22" "Yeah minus 8 years" "So you're fiftee-" 22-8 is 14 smh

    21. Paul Kirwan

      The future of America. Right there.

    22. Toan Vu

      The interview guy the way he talk just like he is POS

    23. Kiki Williamson

      I would had slapped you just for saying she got Back😂😂

    24. TMF HITMAN

      They be lien about they age gotta be

    25. reham233

      Sheeee She is a lier 💥 how she can calculate the difference so fast !!!!!

    26. Zoe’s and Ana’s hype house

      She not 14 ~Ana

    27. Y E A H

      Cheez,no she is not 14 🙄

    28. chimichangas

      Yes like I will believe a 14 year old is as tall as a grown male...

      1. chimichangas

        @Jrz333 I was born in the U.S

      2. Jrz333

        I guess you're new to the u.s lmao. Youngins here males and females be looking grown af

    29. chimichangas

      If she was 14 that guy would be in jail

    30. Ana Machado

      it was obvious she was under 18 lol

    31. Peppa pig

      She's 14???

    32. yapyapyapyapyap

      It shuts up. It does this whenever it's told.

    33. keith lapointe

      I think i am losing brain cells

    34. Jadonis_pro

      So uh... she’s 14 years old?

    35. Chris Neely

      Was he about to say 15??

    36. Ms. Foxy

      She 14 lamo

    37. Chess Basics

      Next video Woman “How old you think i am” Him “um I’ll say around 32” Woman “No I’m 7”

    38. Amelia Chesworth


    39. Rawan Moalla

      22-8=14 He really said 15

    40. saki maajid

      She don't want to kiss him that's why she said am 8 year old🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    41. Kez fishing Uk

      So your telling me she's 12

    42. Error Unknown

      She’s saying she’s 14 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    43. Megan Jorden


    44. Sushant Kafle

      Champagne *CRINGEEEEEEEE*

    45. trumpfan 2020 fucdadems

      That champagne line is the dumbest shit ever

    46. Victor G

      I don’t get why the youth is in such a rush to be grown up now days . Be a kid enjoy being young

      1. Tushar Mishra

        That's definitely she just said minus 8 in air.....she isn't 14 hell no

    47. El Rubio

      she isn’t 14 lol

    48. Patrick Simington

      She probably 30

    49. wheillebhertt-jan montalbeu

      Do that to Asians, and you'll see Son Gokou in Snake road

    50. MiketheYung God

      If she is 14, her dad must be proud.

    51. JANNAH

      She is 14

    52. isn't it funny????

      She isnt 14 bro she can't be.. Lying

    53. Ken Kinman

      She slapped the math into him

    54. Mateusz Kurjanski

      Hes breaking hearths xd

    55. Wavy Sapphire

      That was bout to be a case

    56. Arig

      It’s the walk😂😭

    57. Mimeyobusiness 21

      Why he talkin into his phone tho??? 😂

    58. Raluca Maria

      Hold on a sec...this is Emily Brobowsky😭😳

    59. YESHUA’s ALIVE

      I would guess 25 Why does she look so mature

    60. Hashmi Gazala


    61. The Rorschach Imperative

      So she’s 30

    62. nobody likesme

      She’s not 14

    63. Maria Noah

      She isnt 14 lol…if she was to tell me shes plus 8, I’d believe..🤷🏻‍♀️

    64. Bow Nhur

      Those are the most unflattering glasses she could’ve possibly picked ... but yet wears that outfit? Ok

    65. Stephanie Phillips

      She is 14


      She is definitely not 14

    67. Kyla overland

      She 14 what


      14!!!!! STOP THE CAP

    69. Raul ł


    70. The Hidden Chapter

      I am gonna be honest with you , I only watch his videos for the comments.

    71. Jannat Begum

      Bro how the fuck she 14


      She 14


      She scammin,, shit these girlz r broke

    74. Abhishek Das

      looks like you havent got a girl in years

    75. Sarika Garewal

      Wut the heck

    76. John Kelleher

      Relax Chester she's 14

    77. PatchaChel

      So she’s saying she is 14?

    78. Sky Winn

      I mean 14

    79. Sky Winn

      She's 13?!!!!

    80. Mirjana Vukovic


    81. Dragonofgames YT

      He literally said so ur 15 when she said minus 8…smh 🤦‍♂️

    82. F41LZzZ FN

      My guy was about to say 15 lol

    83. BlackMarket DIY

      I know this is fake but let’s say it wasn’t... she slaps him? Did she not notice the literal man asking her to spin and commenting on her body 😂😂😂

    84. Heavenly Gift Paras

      You seem to have more make up than the girl.

    85. Viraj sindhava

      Wtf like some idiots not only boys girls to like they have nothing like a nose 🤢🤮🤬😡😠 the way he was talking like uhh shempian i was like my life is fuked up no respect wowwwwwwww 🤬

    86. Bina

      14? 😳

    87. First Watchman


    88. ALIS

      This is the funniest thing I saw today 🤣

    89. vor8cious

      that's kinda creepy

    90. tanatom

      Cringe alert 🚨

    91. the god of vibes

      wait...WHAT THE FUCK

    92. praveen sharma

      Wise man once said nothing 😁

    93. Official Skye

      She ain’t no 13😭

    94. Layla plays

      Shes 14 I dun dum

    95. Kami Marq

      She is not 14

    96. Nathan Calcutt

      I love how the guy was about to say “so you’re 15” lmaoooo my guy got the maths slapped out of him😂

    97. WILSHIRE25

      And post it.... Champagne!

    98. Rajput pride

      Her age is 22 /23 not 14 lol 😂