Happier Than Ever

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    Billie Eilish - “Happier Than Ever”
    The new album, out July 30
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    1. Kaylee Bayne

      can you release a whole song to this it’s so beautiful 😍😍😍

    2. Kat Mer

      Peace friends, I am looking for someone to help me buy a computer🙏

    3. Sheena Aquisha Eigh Enriquez

      *confused frog twerking*

    4. Ariana Grande


    5. Ariana Grande



      I feel so sorry for this lost girl.

    7. Cathelline Anne


    8. Suna’s Wifu

      Her voice is so angelic🥺😭 Billie as grown so much as a person and I can’t want to see what she is yet to become! I’m proud of her❤️ Billie truly is a amazing role model 😭

    9. TimeInnit

      Happy Billie Eillish.

    10. Nella Phia

      Release this song please !!!

    11. Møçhî

      When you're just doing something and randomly start singing this snippet and get sad because you want to hear the rest instead of saying that One part over and over :( Billie I love you with 100% of my heart but you're killing me with the suspense lol.

    12. Arc Style


    13. elston gunn

      это же ОСОБА из Лапенко)

    14. ••••Your Potato ••••

      This song is finna hit hard on late nights

    15. AltxKxmi_

      I'm gonna cry rn

    16. Jonna Wa

      twer...no justworking at home doinmythang

    17. André Henson

      She just made millions for 15 secs

    18. Dee Creem

      This kinda sounds like Creep by radiohead

    19. killuacore'


    20. Zemjata

      Bi curious Twerking

    21. Lexi Marie


    22. trisha kayla

      I’m gonna love this sm, I know it

    23. Loopy

      You? Happy? Nah

    24. Geovanna neves

      Beille, you are beautiful in your own way, you don't care what stupid people say♡ BRAZIL

    25. A Qeen

      I am Iraqi why the video has a lot of views I am waiting that it is not very nice it is normal

    26. Jodie Jones

      love this


      Me to all my homework be like :

    28. daisy

      I’m obsessed I cant wait for this song ❤️

    29. Herix Rivas

      Me Breaking up with my Ex😎✨

    30. Luna Girl


    31. Jmz

      Pretty twerking

    32. Jmz

      Pretty tweking

    33. jada fobister

      **Aggressively starts twerking**

    34. Jmz

      Pretty twering

    35. Lila 3k Before Corona is Over

      Me to my mum and dad:

    36. Zaharich - Gaming

      ох уж этот взгляд 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

    37. Slushy planets

      This song is literally me talking to reality

    38. sophia alea

      we needed this song years ago- thank u billie

    39. XXXTETACION 2.1


    40. Marycris Hinampas

      Cant wait till billie eilish release this song and download it😍i love you billie eilish

    41. Estefanii Benitez

      I need this to come out already

    42. Nicole Bennett

      This came out at the absolute perfect time

    43. your MOMMA

      This song is so good so excited

    44. Greycie Lundberg

      i can't explain the way this makes me feel

    45. The metal guy 94

      Why would people dislike this. THERE IS NO REASON!!!!!

    46. kayla o

      “why is the same audio playing over and over again kayla?”

    47. Elene Calderon


    48. Dea Nada Safitri

      Please create a full song of this one please Billie,ilysm 😭❤️

    49. Keyla Mishell Vargas Chavarria

      [felicidades has encontrado un comentario en español]

    50. ONI

      Falei que ficou a cara da gina da caixinha de palito kkk


      60,s vibes anyone else

    52. AvaSparkles

      Me when I’m away from my emotionally abusive father

    53. Summer Davis

      me on a diet and crying to ice cream:

    54. keyla lol

      ig im twerking to

    55. The Shiniest Golden Egg

      I not happy and don't think I will be for a very long time and their is nothing that can change the way I feel right now

    56. Sophia Gordo

      *bisexual twerking*

    57. madstar

      fiblock.info/face/videot/oXKbnYKKZmaclJg.html ‌😂

    58. SMEEEXXX жизненные и игровые приколы


    59. Alpha S2

      Amooooooo S2

    60. Music and Lyrics


    61. sarah aljaenah

      me to my assignments? #collegelife

    62. Bobby Gutierrez

      "Goldeen Goldeen....-Goldeen"

    63. descry

      goddess ?

    64. lunna

      Alguém traduz pra mim plis ?, mó preguiça de pesquisa no Google kkj

    65. Charming nowhere to hide

      suicidal twerking

    66. natsveryspecial


    67. Random Person

      *Can't wait for the album twerking*

    68. Aesthetic Sunflowers

      *confused twerking* Why is everyone twerking?

    69. Aesthetic Sunflowers

      She went from: *I wanna end me* To: *im happier than ever*

      1. Aesthetic Sunflowers

        @Charming nowhere to hide same

      2. Charming nowhere to hide

        i just want this whole song it’s literally the prettiest song ever

    70. Slowed & Reverb Clean Versions.

      Listen To A Extended Lo Fi Remix Of This Song On My Channel! Regular Version: fiblock.info/face/videot/i5yAl35fZ4fIaZw.html Instrumental Version: fiblock.info/face/videot/iaKhh2tphWm7nI4.html

    71. Sarah Hobbs

      but u r my fav

    72. Pauldren

      This will be recommended again by the FIblock algorithm in 10 years. See you all again.

    73. Sarah Hobbs

      why i like your old look

    74. Miona Ivković

      * mcyt stan twerking *

    75. c. v

      Why is everyone talking about twerking? I don't get it 😭😅

    76. quitted ig

      When you are so hyped but try to stay chill infront of people:

    77. Sofia Hviid

      Why is everybody talking about twerking all of a sudden? What have I missed?

    78. Chishti Shams

      She is hurt in side deeply

    79. Liya Karwan Muhamad KGS

      I have ur merch

    80. Helen Montiel

      Solamente la musica de billie elish sirve para que a alguien le de depresión una semana

    81. Pau PC

      Mira billie, ya me tentaste mucho, metele nitro😭😭💗

    82. la_tête_dans_les_aires sky

      Why are you twerking ??

    83. chloe rose

      i just want this whole song it’s literally the prettiest song ever

    84. schema boy

      *happier than ever twerking*

    85. lilxspaz

      *vigorously twerking*

    86. Kate-Robald Funk

      It’s been a week and this has only 10 mil views. Her hype is going 📉📉📉

    87. PATdoesrandomshityt

      Me to that fake freind that thinks im still his freind

    88. marianne flores

      When she sing "When I'm away from you, I'm happier than ever" I felt that.

    89. John Bohrer


    90. YoRHa

      *Lesbian twerking*

    91. Sudenaz OPENEYE

      Bak beni lezbiyen yapmaya çalışıyorsan yeter artık Billie Eilish. Dayanamıyorum yakında o hayranlık istemediğim şeyler yaratacak . Lütfen azıcık çirkin ol çok güzelsin nedeeeeeen ?????

    92. Charlottenotfound

      Just me that thinks iy sounds like over the rainbow

      1. Charlottenotfound


    93. Mika Playz

      Me to my younger sister:

    94. Cyrus

      why is billie eilish cosplaying near from the 2004 series death note?

    95. It’s Greta Marie

      can everyone shut up with the twerking? it doesn't make sense its just annoying. just watch the amazing video

    96. Angie

      **aggressively twerking**

    97. Mohab Fata

      Guys what dose twerking mean my main language is not english and iam confused af 🙂

    98. العاشق المجنون العاشق المجنون

      احبج بيلي ايلش 🖤😭

    99. العاشق المجنون العاشق المجنون

      احبج بيلي ايلش 🖤😭