Hardball, Series 1, Episode 19

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    Ore Oduba hosts the high-tension quiz where contestants battle to outrun the Hardball.

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    1. Ron D'Avilar

      BBC is too cheap, this prize money need to be more.

    2. Ron D'Avilar

      That jackpot is such a big joke lolololll

    3. Ron D'Avilar

      Muslim is a major world religion?

    4. Ron D'Avilar

      Money too lil bit

    5. Ruu matera

      Who is this man???😍😍

    6. croose agnus

      Ema brilliant 😮😮

    7. Joseph Seabourne

      Should be on ITV. At least then they’d get more than 3 grand.

    8. karon mcgregor

      What a stupid game - absolutely no chance really of winning anything. Not watching this again.

    9. Kerri Coulter

      Host: "Each contestant will be playing for thousands of pounds" My American brain: "Pounds of what???" lol

    10. Robert Lopresti


      1. Paul Williams

        No one would buy it. They still have the option to air the episodes on like BBC America or sell it to Game Show Network.

    11. hinks

      37:00 Harry related question 💚🍉🥝

    12. RA JO

      The host does not have the personality to carry off a game show. He’s sleep-inducing. Just dreadful

      1. Phyllis Black

        Chad and the other than a year ago and have fun with the help you with your new place to live with the

      2. JJ

        @RA JO I just now saw this comment though

      3. RA JO

        @JJ of course. Criticizing someone for not having the adequate skills for a certain job is fine but as long as they’re not white...such criticism is racist. And you don’t see how that in and of itself is truly racist. So as long as you’re throwing insults at total strangers (2 months later by the way) here’s one for you: simpleton.

      4. JJ


    13. 890mikes

      Love trivia games. Not this though.

    14. Drew Conway

      Contestants are too focused on the track, watching where the hardball is.

    15. Scott Meckley

      I like this game it reminds me a bit of The Chase. I wonder if this game would go well in the USA.

      1. Paul Wright

        @Drew Conway "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" has been in regular syndication for nearly 20 years. "The Weakest Link" also had a decent first run (both in broadcast and syndication) and is now back on NBC. THAT being said... I agree. The bells and whistles are decent, but with no studio audience, this would be a tough sell. I'd assume the prize money would go up dramatically, but I still don't see the audience for it. Maybe pair it with "The Wall" on NBC? We could have a night dedicated to balls?

      2. Drew Conway

        As an American, I can tell you that it would not. Other than Jeopardy, trivia-based game shows do not do well here.

    16. ᆞGalliumG

      In a year the jackpot will be a 50% discount at bed bath and beyond

      1. Paul Wright

        Applied to the least expensive item in your cart. Some exceptions apply. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offers.

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    18. DEP

      Appalling prize money for a gameshow... beating just the 1st game of The Cube gives you £1,000! Hardly worth it or life changing isn’t it!

      1. biz

        Well, it's the publicly funded BBC. They don't give away large amounts of money.

    19. kelperdude

      They really are excessively cheap with their prize money.

      1. Charlie Manual

        @Videoman R but their was a time clash it was at five against the chase

      2. Videoman R

        My thoughts exactly. This would've been much better if it was produced by ITV; they're not NEARLY so cheap.

      3. Robert Lopresti

        875 Euro pounds = 1062 US dollars

      4. Kodiak1234

        I never thought I would see pointless given as an example of good prize money.....

      5. Drew Conway

        @Jay Orton But game shows are among the least expensive programming to produce. They’re cheaper than scripted series, news broadcasting, talk shows.... They can use some of that money to pay better prizes, especially on shows like this where most people leave with nothing.

    20. Shinichi Sakai

      (Sorry,following message is Japanese...) これ面白い! 時間との戦いのクイズショーだけど、見せ方が良い。 もし日本でも放送されたらクイズのマニアには面白がってくれそう。 でも賞金が少ない気はするな。公共放送だから仕方ないのかな?

      1. 1


    21. Rick Silas

      Some of these questions are hard. They should give a 100 pounds per question, in the money maker. That doubles the jackpot, if there's a win.

    22. Youtuberman

      Oh boy. On the bonus round, she uses boost to get pass the Hardball. Unfortunately it has this stupid penakty: you lose half of the jackpot. That makes it unfair.

      1. Cathy T

        Oh wow.. big deal 875 pounds.. whoopie

    23. OJD Creative

      18:19 its eggs not chickens surely

      1. Joanne H

        It's chickens because the eggs haven't hatched yet. That is the point of the saying.

      2. OJD Creative

        @Romeo Olivo apparently it can be both so we are both wrong

    24. Mike Servini Davenport

      As someone who has participated in, and won this show, I have to say, 'Emma' is a very smug character.

    25. Wheatley the core

      loved this

    26. Dzko

      It’s great game show but they need studio audiences

      1. Quintessential Rocket Otter

        Dzko well, not gonna happen now

      2. Greg Besso

        This would be a great game here in the States.

      3. Drew Conway

        Dzko They need more prize money. £875?! The BBC is so cheap....

    27. Joel Hess

      Interesting, but not the most scintillating game show I've seen. A bit cheesy.

      1. Rognik

        I think I have to agree. It was fine during the competition rounds, but it needed a bigger deal when the jackpot was actually won. It was kind of anticlimactic when she finally reached the end of the track.

    28. Arminca Goodwin

      I like this gameshow

    29. Cody Natof

      Phantom of the Opera was released in 1986.

    30. ELA FAHD

      Six contestants have to beat or outrun the Hardball. If they outrun the Hardball, they will win big money. If it overtakes them, it is game over. Contestants must get as far as long and come out on top in the game. But have they got what it takes for the money to think big? Ore Oduba hosts.(1 ep19)

      1. MrMosobbir


    31. C Dean

      I’ve seen this

      1. Drew Conway

        Do you want a medal?