"He Hung His Head In Shame!" | Weird NHL Vol. 49


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    A zamboni malfunction, premature celebration and a comical mistake from Tuukka Rask highlight the weirdness from the past few weeks
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    Julkaistu 2 kuukautta sitten


    1. Cody J

      After playing inline hockey for 6 years I really wish New Zealand had ice rinks all over the place, Ice hockey is way better

    2. Josh Harvin

      Is it a good thing the Dallas Stars miss out on these vids?

    3. Clarice Tayag

      The hideous high wound substantively charge because rise pathogenetically explain in a precious partner. protective, plucky tie

    4. Ashanti Anisha

      The dead uncle extracellularly match because smash empirically shrug until a versed sleet. holistic, plant morocco

    5. Jozef Radvanszki

      it seems to me that the risk/reward ratio of the goalie trying to play the puck behind the net is not very favorable

    6. Cam Streams1

      Hellybuck I fell bad

    7. Nightsgrow

      Hahah the haunted table!

    8. Brooks Neal

      I thought that was a child in the thumbnail.

    9. Clypser

      Matthews is the Goat

    10. The Cookie Legend

      so many fails in this one 😂

    11. Jessy Lapointe

      It's been a while my friend

    12. mark tantorelli

      cool to here john garrett and john hugson

    13. Matyáš Vít

      Rask Just dont want go to OT :)

    14. krusher167

      That gritty painting better be available online at some point

    15. 2wenty 7even

      *Weird NHL Vol.49 a.k.a The Unluckiest Goalies You Ever Saw*

    16. Taylor Dickinson

      I think the blues need to show Bennington some of these goalie fails when they try to play the puck so he doesn't get a embarrassing goal on him

      1. Nerys Ghemor

        LOL! Seriously, the goalies never get the idea...if your name is not Pekka Rinne, don't even try it! He is literally the only goalie I see pull that stuff off and actually get away with it the vast majority of the time.

    17. Bob The Great

      This isn't even because I'm an Islanders fan but the Rangers play by play commentator is *so bad*

    18. Daniel Irving

      Not even 2 minutes into the videos, and already 4 ads.

    19. cat Poe

      It’d be neat if they did a weird AHL/ECHL special. There were some funny ones at the ECHL games I watched

    20. Hauntti

      Sadly they cut out the "GET IN THE F***ING NET" part.

    21. Luke Malizzo

      As a Blackhawks fan, luck has never been better!

    22. Shadow Gamer

      when i saw that goal by tanev I knew the 49th was coming out soon.

    23. Jack DUTTON

      I love how the Yortes have more fans in their arena than they would in a year without Córöñä

      1. Mister Lumbago

        Wow that’s original

    24. Pierreboro

      Crosby actually scored a goal lacrosse style when he was playing for the Océanic in the Q. I remember Don Cherry complaining about it.

      1. Pierreboro

        Video: fiblock.info/face/videot/nqCEppF_dGmVi2k.html

    25. Hockey4life21


    26. Adam.Bro.

      I remember during one of the Vancouver v. Calgary games, geaudreau was on a breakaway and tyler Myers just reached over him to got the puck.

    27. John Andrews

      Why not recruit a goalie that is about 500 pounds to block the entire net?

    28. Freshair Fishing

      He really said ice resurfacing machine instead of zamboni

    29. Mark Litvar

      Half of this video: "That's a dang-it."

    30. jvear30 jvear30

      Love Weird NHL

    31. DanR

      You absolutely have to love Rask after his honesty. Lol.

    32. tate anderson

      As a Kraken fan my team for this year has been whoever’s playing the Canucks. And let me tell you, I’ve been having a pretty good time 😂

    33. a

      I knew Rask was going to be on here

    34. Mateo Shullio

      Even the Zambonis suck in Ottawa

    35. Leonardo Odoardi


    36. Dominic Schell

      This basically a video of Columbus Goalies turning the puck over

    37. MattyC YT

      weird nhl: columbus getting a penalty taken away but not the canes goal, -_-

    38. loltrip

      bro Markstrom needs to stop playing the puck

    39. C

      If they dint show the Tuukster skating out of his net... 😤

    40. Dieleh i


    41. Mo Alexander

      I think Tampa bay’s goalie (i for one cannot say his name, for my life, nvm spelling it) but their wicked goalie there, was tryna do some kuch moves but blew it.

    42. Frank

      Not a happy boy

    43. 1 6


    44. Rosann Donaldson

      Still weird seeing Chara in a caps jersey

    45. NOOBMASTER 69


      1. 725 camper

        why do they play the puck

    46. Emma Skundrich

      Still not used to seeing Holtby in a Canucks Jersey 🥴

    47. Devin Aschenbrenner

      Poor Rask. First he thinks his team is down by one. Then the whole bench is yelling at him to get back in the net. And atbthe Press conference cracks a joke about the mishap and a dead read from the press. Come on that was funny.

    48. RIPapa

      Ice resurfacing machines? Jesus, who are you?

      1. Sneaker Peter

        I think Zamboni is trademarked so they don't want to say it on TV.

    49. Dylan Widner

      The whole bench yelling at Tuuka was the best moment of the season

      1. masssification

        Calling him "goalie" was weird, though. He's been their 'tender for 10+ years now, and they don't know his name?!? Common. Freaking Bruins...

    50. Tinner Tanner

      What’s more impressive about Crosby’s lacrosse is he did it on his backhand

    51. TheMacki95 TheMacki95

      popcorn time!

    52. Alexandre Ducharme

      The guy forgot that Crosby did the michigan in the juniors with Rimouski!

    53. Celebr8

      Crosby scored a Lacrosse goal back in the juniors with Rimouski.

    54. Vilpuri

      Haha this is great but at the same time i knew Kaapo kakko's trip will not be here :D

    55. Hi:)

      Love Tuukka

    56. Donato Ia__r_i

      Matty 2792 is the editor

    57. sylvainster30

      Tukka being dead honest 👍🏼 respect! ✌🏼😎👍🏼

    58. Colton Piercy 98


    59. Chris M

      Dear goalies. Stop playing the puck

    60. Matt T

      me when Tuukka goes off: *THIS HAS TO GO IN WEIRD NHL*

    61. Samuel Snider-Aya

      Imagine missing an open net.

    62. Aydin Thompson


      1. Lucifer Morningstar

        He did. He had allowed two goals, and believed that his team was down, 2-1, meaning that he had allowed two goals. Please do not type your comment on all caps, if makes you seem like an attention-seeking ten year old

    63. Alexandros Mograine

      The best thing i like to see in my sub box.

    64. Rick709 carv

      Thanks for the laughs, these were awesome!!!!

    65. Amm611

      It’s at a point where I just see something in an nhl game and just say “well that better be on weird NHL”

    66. Kernan Slease


    67. Mika Mythical29

      I love these series

    68. wenza Uhlíř

      Did Columbus get a normal goal this season?

      1. Theresa

        Sure. Here's one... fiblock.info/face/videot/qn6joHuZh2KUo3o.html

    69. Tetrachrome Dreamcoat

      Should've included the Arizona broadcast's audio screwing up right at the Blues' third goal. The horn became dubstep and the Coyotes got basketball announcers for a bit. "O'Reilly, he's got it, O'Reilly--" *bvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv*

    70. Scorpius

      They start with the headline of...."He hung his head in Shame".....and they never once showed the one person who should hang his head in Shame for what he has done to the NHL........... Gary Bettman! mea sententia 🦂

      1. Joe R

        Bettman has done a ton for the NHL. He's made decisions I hate, but it's never going to be perfect.

      2. Lucifer Morningstar

        They did... it was the Connor brown one, the announcer literally said, “and he hangs his head in shame.” Did you even watch the video? Honestly, some of these comments, man

    71. Confused Cas

      God i love tuukks so much 😂😂😂 he said time for my defenders to learn how to play Real Defense 😅

      1. ClockzTickin

        Nice catch

    72. alp2va

      Suck it Crosby, you'll never be as good as Svechnikov!

    73. Alex E

      I felt so bad for elvis

    74. Ben

      Bad week to be a goalie huh? 😂

    75. Stayd Gamerr100

      As always “whoever wakes these deserves a raise”

      1. Cottage Cheese 77


      2. Jordan Capello

        @Jérémy Larouche shhhh they're still sleeping

      3. Jérémy Larouche


    76. Lucas Martin

      Best videos on FIblock

    77. gamergunk

      Rask reenacted his latest playoff run.

    78. Timo Nuotio

      This is the funniest episode of Weird NHL to this point..

    79. JoeBeanBob

      it's not a weird nhl episode without gritty

    80. GDD Games

      there back!

      1. Ella Enman


    81. Gem Laker 97

      There was one play where Victor Hedman took a penalty against Nashvillle and started skating over to the penalty box, said something while smirking at the ref and the ref gives him the most blank expression I've ever seen before announcing the penalty like he's at a car auction. Funny clip if someone can find it from that game.

      1. Katie Reed

        YES that was hilarious!

    82. Micter Studios

      Matty needs more credit!

      1. Donato Ia__r_i


    83. Landon Newman


    84. Shaun Anderson

      Braden Holtby's death stare for first ballot NHL meme hall of fame

      1. Lucifer Morningstar

        Your comment deserves more commas, but I’ll give it a rest

    85. Memes for The Gamers

      In that rangers v bruins game I’m happy the rangers can say they went to ot with the 2nd best team in the league

      1. Confused Cas

        Bruins fan here! Obviously I was happy to win, but I’m also happy your boy got his first NHL goal, that’s a huge accomplishment for him :) you guys played well

    86. Tricia Frantz

      Look, I’m not a jets fan but can we take a moment to realize how bad their luck is

      1. Shawn Michael

        @Tinner Tanner who ever is winning right? 😂😂 Band wagon

      2. Lost Wrld

        As a Jets fan, it is TERRIBLE

      3. Tinner Tanner

        Well I’m a canucks, jets, penguins and habs fan but I agree

      4. Lawson Currie

        *New Jersey Devils have entered the chat

      5. Kiwi

        @Ian Kemp I thought the Jets were going to thump the Canucks last meeting, they have so much more depth (All we have left is hope for our teams lol to be fair I like the Jets as well!)

    87. TheJokerit19

      Where did that giant cap come from considering the absence of spectators, LOL?

      1. marc Chamberland

        From our lord and saviour gritty

    88. RassiOutdoors

      Connor Brown one killed me. Pure shame

      1. Brick World

        He looked so ashamed. 😔

      2. Jarrad Bruessel

        Just a pure dang it.

    89. Vmade

      Ottawa needs a new arena :P

      1. Vmade

        @Andrew Dunflop also them. I think they're getting one soon though.

      2. Andrew Dunflop

        Calgary does

      3. Liam Senechal

        I'm so pissed that the LeBreton flats arena didn't get approved

    90. 52forlife

      My favorite series

    91. Brandon Patel

      Ilya Mikheyev

      1. Ashter _

        Ilya mikeyev

    92. Irishhockey

      Finally weird NHL is back

      1. Storm


      2. Tiffany Csomos


      3. Quade Vellacott

        A month

      4. Andrew Banocy

        It’s been back g

      5. Harrison Kobus


    93. Stupid Carrot

      the zamboni had diarrhea

    94. BNG Hockey

      Rask in a 2-2 game “Imma head out”

      1. a

        I saw that live, and I was rolling

      2. Devin Aschenbrenner

        You guys got this right? Ima take a break

      3. Mason’s Hockey World


      4. T0rche

        He wanted to go home again...

      5. cereal boy

        @TheNeonShaman same

    95. Eli Piper


    96. Ryan Isler

      i meant indeed sorry

    97. Ryan Isler

      this was weird indead

    98. Its Strikers

      GO HABS GO !

    99. Spin That Wheel

      No views 97 likes, now that’s an upgrade

    100. Manuel Elliott

      who is the new york rangers commentator?

      1. AwesomeZach

        Sam rosen.