Highlights: FINLAND vs GERMANY | 2021

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    Watch the Game Highlights from Finland vs. Germany, 06/05/2021

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    Julkaistu 17 päivää sitten


    1. gioyu comi

      It's honestly cool to see how many Germans are upset with this loss. A while back I don't think anyone would've cared.

    2. aola wili

      Congrats 🇫🇮 to the medal.

    3. abbsnn cose

      Congrats 🇫🇮 to the medal.

    4. Soinas Doyi

      What a great team Germany! 💪🏻 Super game super tournament !!! Danke Jungs / Good luck 🇫🇮🍀for the final 🍻

      1. gioyu comi

        BRONZE MEDAL MATCH 🇩🇪 VS 🇺🇸 Let's Go!

    5. mijuo roui

      Finland - Canada final - modern classics already.

    6. dueeh nyyu

      Finland - Canada final - modern classics already.

      1. aola wili

        Germany played really well. The future will be bright for you. Just keep up the good work!

    7. gtoss chddy

      GG to our finnish friends. But in my personal opinion, we played better, today. C'mon Suomi, beat Canada, tomorrow!

      1. Soinas Doyi


    8. foopyu nooui

      GG to our finnish friends. But in my personal opinion, we played better, today. C'mon Suomi, beat Canada, tomorrow!

      1. mijuo roui

        Kazakhstan has won both of them. What a shame we are not there !

    9. yaliso gioouy

      Germany can still get bronz

      1. gtoss chddy

        Yes, Germany was better in this game, but Finland won both matches.

    10. Sipuli

      nobody saying nothing about the fact that the names of the countries say finger?

      1. abbsnn cose

        Germany for bronze, let's go!

    11. mela män

      FinGer lol

      1. foopyu nooui

        call to give to ohtamaa. wouldn't been right if finland won that away. Hopefully you guys get bronze!

    12. Kassu 1000

      Finland Win😅

    13. Quincee 33

      Congrats to Finland on winning Silver today. Congrats to Canada on winning the Gold. I'm not sure who won the Bronze Medal game. Edit: Congrats to U.S. on winning Bronze.

      1. Quincee 33

        @yaliso gioouy U.S . Won Bronze.

      2. yaliso gioouy


    14. # 2022

      Tre kronor 🇸🇪 And Latvia 🇱🇻 final 2022 👍 And brons canada 🇨🇦 Vs Usa 🇺🇲

    15. Martin Martinček

      Good luck in final.... Slovakia is with you 🇸🇰🇸🇰🇸🇰🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮

    16. Kik Keli

      Gotta love the referees, im sure we gonna see same stuff with gold game

    17. Алексей Из России

      Немцы молодцы

    18. Tomi Valkonen

      BRONZE MEDAL MATCH 🇩🇪 VS 🇺🇸 Let's Go!

      1. Tomi Valkonen

        Yeah. 😩 Still can be proud of team germany. 🍻🌅

      2. TheOxux

        Well USA too strong it seems. That's a shame for Germany :/ but a great achievement still to get in top 4

      3. Tomi Valkonen

        🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪 🇩🇪 Come on GERMANY! 🇩🇪 🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪

    19. puupatsas

      Germany played really well. The future will be bright for you. Just keep up the good work!

    20. StronkGameReviews

      Germany for bronze, let's go!

    21. unlikewise


    22. Алишер Орынбек

      Kazakhstan has won both of them. What a shame we are not there !

    23. Mani000e

      You germans were much better in game. But sadly goals count. As a finn i didnt like our way to play it looked bad as a viewer. Good luck to you in bronze game, brons is yours. Best regards from Finland.

    24. Harri S

      Yes, Germany was better in this game, but Finland won both matches.

      1. Harri S

        US lost too, so stop whining

    25. ville koskinen

      Awesome game from germany, i'm glad that finland won but germany dominated us. Felt sick to my stomach in the end when ohtamaa filmed that cross-check, that was right call to give to ohtamaa. wouldn't been right if finland won that away. Hopefully you guys get bronze!

    26. David Lezcano

      I would have preferred this match to be the final. As a European, I always support the European teams, well done by both of them in these semis, and I hope that the Finns win again.

    27. Kirosana Perkunos

      Team Germany was the better team on ice in this game. But in ice hockey, being better does not guarantee victory. I sincerely wish they get the bronze medal, they have earned it!

    28. Paul J. Morton

      I seriously can't believe that IIHF went the whole tournament without fixing the intro card audio in these highlight videos.

    29. Frozz Blizz

      Interesting was, how fast the behavior auf fair play changed in the games against Canada and Finland, when this former superior teams stand with their back to the wall: diving was in both games the appropriate solution for them... especially for this fu**** Atte Ohtamaa.

    30. Average Stegosaurus

      Germany played better overall this game but those mistakes in 1st period made it an uphill battle. Thought 2nd period was the fins best atleast at offensive but germanys goalie came back in the game with great saves. The 3rd period was stressful but in someway finland survived germanys offensive. Gg ill cheer for 🇩🇪 against Usa. I think germany got a bright future in hockey. Finland needs to step up their game in the final. It will likely be a 1 goal game but Finland likes those

    31. Filip Pšenek

      Finger nice

    32. Riku Ruonakoski

      finland perkele

    33. Riku Ruonakoski

      finland perkele

    34. Huitase

      Fin-Ger final would've been nice to watch.

    35. Joona

      GODDAMNIT Im fucking terrified of the finals underdog Canada just coming in.

    36. 408Magenta

      Based on the highlights I would say the Germans came damn close to going into overtime. Unfortunately.

    37. Игорь Федоренков

      Где красная машина? Бля убитый запарожец! Пазорище!

    38. KalmoK

      Good game Germany! I hope you win bronze! It's better than silver because you actually win it, no matter what people say.

    39. Arvo Pohja

      Ok. i do like our team to win and succes but this game really needs a new title winner. This particular game was very even and once again could go either way. Too bad our both goals was result of opponents mistakes not due the good playing. I dont know if this comfort anyone but germany is very close to the top teams and that is very welcome addition to ice hockey. I sincerely hope they win championship very very soon. Now i hope our team to win final since canada has enough cold medals.😉

    40. ÄSSÄ X

      Im finnish and oviously supoort finland, but damn, i realy hope and think you deserve bronze.. plz win usa

    41. Matthew Salazar


    42. OO


    43. Grand Royal Tokyo

      Who'd thought this year that Finland and Canada would make it...not me absolutely not me. Theses both teams has built themselves to reach the final, incredible. The "magic" of sport !

    44. s0ikk3li

      There´s some good years ahead of team Germany. Giant leaps in a short period of time already - after the sponsors, etc. start to really notice hockey, besides football - we are all fucked. :) Good luck to the bronze game guys!

    45. Mehakpreet singh Sohi

      Germany played really really well. Anyways, congratulations Finland. See you in the gold medal match. #revenge2019

    46. henri stiller

      Unfortunatly the finish coach in the german team could'nt decrypt the amazing defence of the finish team. But what a fight really well played both of you.

    47. Maskijaebae

      Jaa torille huomenna vai?

    48. Faktor Kinx-Muzik

      Ich denke das DEB team hat ein ganz starkes turnier gezeigt ...da is ne menge potenzial in der truppe ...danke auch unser finnisches trainerteam !!!!! War ein wirklich Sagenhaftes Turnier 🤩👌🤙 DEB ❤

      1. Mika Hamari

        Yes, great tournament, and you have still chance to win bronze!

    49. Alex High

      Finland you are the best! With LOVE from Russia

    50. Adrian Atkins

      Fuck gerrmany. I don't care who won but fuck the nazis

      1. B La


      2. Mika Hamari

        Finland won. Germany played a great game. Leave WWII behind, it is year 2021.

    51. xnire

      What a boring hockey from finland.

    52. Fart Squirel

      the "deserving" generation at it again in the comments..no one deserves jack until it wins the game.

    53. Mnr Black

      Jukka Jalonen (Finland head coach) NHL needs that man

    54. ReAppear89

      "The Win it´s not about huge amount of goals. One is enough with great puck control game" The Finnish recipe of victory

    55. What happens when ?

      Kanada ei tuu finaaleihin

    56. Véurr

      Well played Germany, greets from Finnland!

    57. Jiggy

      Good luck to Germany in your Bronze medal game from Finland 🇫🇮

    58. Paul

      1st Finland goal should Niederberger normally have had. 2nd Finland goal was a defensive mistake to let someone all alone in front of the goal. Germany could have got to OT against this Finland team.

    59. Matt Thompson


    60. Leifi Plomeros

      I remember good old times back when Marjamäki ruled finnish team, dragging them to shit with his tactics. My good old swedish brotha Marjamäki. OH how i enjoyed every single tournament back then. Well now we swedes are crying. Garpenröv sinked swedish hockey to the lowest possible bottom and HE GETS TO CONTINUE COACHING?? IM CRYING. HE IS GOING TO DESTROY OLYMPICS AND PROBABLY IIHF 2022 AS WELL BECAUSE HE WONT GET FIRED WHEN WE LOSE AGAINST CHINA IN THE PLAY IN ROUND.... Enjoy Finland. You WONT see Sweden in top 4 for a looong time now.

    61. Kofe_in _

      Great performance by both teams, hope both will win the next match. 🇸🇰♥️

    62. Pekka Nikkinen

      Omg sweden reporter is say they want jukka Jalonen Coach sweden mm teamates

    63. Giorgos Rusinov

      Both Germany and Finland played very well in this tournament..wanted both in finals.Hope Finland win the gold they deserve it

    64. amiLli257

      Only the loss vs Russia Olympia 2018 in the last seconds of the final were worse... Quite disappointing to see a loss with that good quality of play from Germany.

    65. Schamil Inojatov

      Финам респект! Так играют чемпионы

    66. Nobody Important

      If I could bet on one of 2 teams winning bronze, I would bet on Germany. Not only because I think they could beat the USA, but also because I hope they will

    67. Fx786

      Let's go Finland ❤️🇫🇮 Gl from Czech Republic

    68. Ilkka K

      Suomi pelaa lähes kuin ruotsi 98. Voitto Kanadasta 1-0?

    69. Ja Ga

      FINLAND:KANADA 3-1 !!! FISKFISK ,......

    70. Adam Sokol

      Germany played very well i hope they win the bronze! They deserve it for sure! And good luck Finland for the gold, Slovakia supports Finland always 🇸🇰🇫🇮 love from Slovakia!!!

      1. yaliso gioouy

        Finland beats Canada Germany beats USA and its ok

    71. jeroxfin

      Good game Germany, looks like we had the upper hand. Good luck with your Bronze game!

    72. MSH Beatbox

      By judging of the video Germans were bit unlucky. Allowing that 2nd goal and missing bunch of amazing chances to tie the game. Great fight!

    73. Anthony

      Thank god it wasnt Nigeria

    74. Sami Rantanen

      If Finland wins even one more these games, the rules must be changed! Fortunately, I've heard they also play this game in Canada.

    75. Tomi Valkonen

      2:36 I think my 💓 skipped a beat Oh man, to be honest we were lucky to get out of this fight victorious. I know Germany will take bronze tomorrow. 🇺🇸 2-3 🇩🇪 Ill raise 🍻 for your bronze already! Lets go!

    76. Vilppuri

      Thank you Germany for great opponent and i wish Germany win bronze medal 🇫🇮🤝🇩🇪

    77. Dick McCarthy

      Well idk.. Germany dominated the game when they wanted but because of 2 mistakes Finland went to the finals. Germany deserves a medal from this tournament! Bring US down! Let's see how we do against Canada. 🇫🇮🇩🇪

      1. Trump Jong Un

        Finland also dominated when they wanted a goal, but after a lead they just defended like on earlier games...

    78. Spice Of the stars

      Germany you played well, But unfortunately there were some mistakes ... but please winget bronze, I support you! From Czech republic

    79. GP VS

      Germany really have taken big steps in ice hockey. Very cool to see!

    80. Nikita


    81. hans wurst

      Im Gegensatz zu den Schweizern haben die Finnen keine Minderwertigkeitskomplexe gegenüber den Deutschen.

    82. Urkki

      Finland has to take players from mestis next year so enemies have a chance to win

      1. Joona Luomala

        Jalonen penkin taakse niin Suomi voittaa vaikka alakoululaisten joukkueella.

      2. Trump Jong Un

        Soo soo soo. Tuollainen ylimielisyys usein kostautuu ennen matseja. Vittuillaan sitten jos voitetaan :)

      3. Jeu U


    83. Ľudovít Konečný

      This has to be the most thrilling game of the tournament so far :) !

      1. dueeh nyyu

        Greetings to Germany for a fight like hell.

    84. Maxim Olehash

      I really thought Germany is gonna win and to be honest totally deserved gold medal after everything they went through. Best of luck with the bronze medal

    85. CitsVariants

      go Suomi!

    86. Vinester The Trotube

      the first thing i saw is Finger

    87. Anna-Clara Cloudlet

      That was a game where you don't really know what to say. Or maybe: Congratulations Finland. You can play nicely, i know, but also efficiently. That's the way it is in ice hockey. Now get your gold, my friends. :)

      1. Anna-Clara Cloudlet

        @go asthma go I think you are right. And....the finn goalie was so huuuuge....and unfortunally also very good. :D

      2. Arska77

        I hope you guys win tomorrow 👍💪

    88. Sebo McMonnem

      Hockey stays boring.. CAN - FIN.. not really exciting :(

    89. majsTTer

      Great game Finland, I support you in the final match. Congratulations from Slovakia, I support Finland always unless it plays against Slovakia. Hyvä Suomi 🇫🇮

      1. Tomi Valkonen

        🍻 from Finland 🇫🇮 Ďakujem, priateľu

    90. Hansim Glück

      great game by germany the fins were just so efficient and capitilized off of 2 tiny mistakes

    91. 27st

      Great to see so many positive comments from fellow Finns to the Germans, who completely deserve all the praise. I hope they're showing those blocked shots on prime-time TV news in Germany because they should be proud of their brave guys!

      1. Taekatanahu

        @Crish :D Do you pick other berries than cherries as well?

      2. Kombucha King

        @Crish :D coming from a half german half swiss guy with a finnish name: finland is absolutely amazing

      3. Crish :D

        Well, Germany has always been our best supporter! They helped us to not be commies in the finnish civil war, protected us against the Soviets, helped our economy etc. I've watched a lot of german opinions of Finland and they have always been positive

    92. Eisik

      canada will win finale!!! finalnd sucks imahine losing to kazachstan

      1. Panaramaman

        @Eisik braggin bout winning a finnish A league team l0l

      2. Eisik

        easy canada won

      3. Panaramaman

        @Eisik someones salty

      4. Eisik

        @Queen fan this year they will lose

      5. Eisik

        @Queen fan finland sucks the 2019 win was coincidence

    93. Tomáš Homolka

      Awful hockey by Finland, totally undeserved

      1. Tomáš Homolka

        @go asthma go Ty se nejdriv nauc, jak spravne psat a pak teprv neco komentuj kide

      2. ULULI Rekka

        how is it awful to roll 4 lines, 7 d man all game and use the opponents mistakes?

      3. zaap umastyck


    94. Diljabar


    95. Finn Duo


    96. Александр Казаков

      самый галимый чемпионат мира из всех на проходивших на земле

    97. Mud Tungishbaevich

      Фины хвалю за вас в финале

    98. Олег Васильев

      По русски пишите

    99. Damián Štibraný

      Great job Germany just unlucky u were great i bellieve in u againts the US