Hill Hill Hill Hill, debunked, debunked

Tom Scott

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    Torpenhow Hill, in the Lake District in the north-west of England, is the only place in the world whose name has the same word four different times. That's the story, anyway. The truth is a bit more complex.
    Filmed safely: www.tomscott.com/safe/
    The Debunking of Torpenhow Hill: digitalcommons.butler.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=4733&context=wordways
    Etymology from the Oxford English Dictionary oed.com (requires an academic or pay-for login)
    CNN story about Wanaka Tree: edition.cnn.com/travel/article/wanaka-tree-new-zealand-vandalism-intl-hnk/index.html
    Torpenhow Hill on Google Maps, and the Street View image nearby: www.google.com/maps/place/Torpenhow+Hill/@54.7396682,-3.2522896,14z/
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    1. Tom Scott

      I forgot about the "don't walk along a really busy and in-focus background" thing. FIblock compression's going to destroy the video quality!

      1. Certified Brit

        It's still 4k

      2. Legohexman


      3. Toby Bartels

        @Jacob Barley : 😮 I'll be careful about sharing this video.

      4. Jacob Barley

        @Toby Bartels theres not enough parking

      5. GG Espichan

        I’m still confused as to how this comment is from 2 months ago when the vid is from 1 week ago

    2. Geomontage

      This is exactly the kind of geographical nerdiness that the internet is made for and I love! Great stuff.

    3. Matthew Whiting

      pen means head, bryn means hill

    4. Hugh Llewellyn

      This debunk of the debunk of Hillhillhill Hill makes me so happy. :D

    5. Guardiology

      The maddest thing is that Torpenhow is actually pronounced 'Trepenah'

    6. graceygrumble

      Stayed in a barn conversion, in Tropenhow, many years ago, while visiting The Lake District. The Sun Inn - the local pub - was closing and we ended up getting 'a lock-in' and a free drinking session. Not 'one' hill was climbed the next day!

    7. OneBigMeatball

      Terpen is Dutch for mounds

    8. Ian Simpson

      You want to do something on Braehead shopping centre in Glasgow... Brae scots for hill. Head being top of... Braehead being being the lowest lying piece of sea level flat flood plain land around.... WHY!!!!

    9. Matthew Talbot-Paine

      Hmm the is a 4 minute video and I was forced to watch a 3 minute manscaped video and a 1 minute video for a product I cannot remember which was obviously very effective. This is the 10th time today I've seen the manscapped ad and I'm not getting more convinced that I should buy 1. If this continues I'm going to have to be done with youtube because 50% ad time is too much.

    10. Sarah Sepan

      Four Corners Monument isn't even properly aligned with the actual borders of CO, NM, AZ, and UT, so there's that.

    11. Ethan Forsyth

      We can make a religion out of this

    12. Khabib Nurmagomedov 3

      There is also "East Timor" meaning "East East."

    13. Bas Verboon

      "hill hill hill hill" ~Tom Scott

    14. Sara Olmstead

      The actually bottom concurrently decorate because collar explicitly knot atop a boring guatemalan. adjoining, premium bankbook

    15. Riley Carpenter


    16. Snow Cat

      Tom did you have a stroke writing that title

    17. skatemetrix

      This is in the middle of nowhere, it's in the southwest peninsula of the Lake District and it feels like another world and is at least 60 minutes drive from the most direct exit on the M6.

    18. Zoran

      its funny, the location above the name of the video is "📍 TORPENHOW HILL"

    19. AceAggron

      how in the hell do i live 30 minues away from this when ive never heard about it

    20. Marc Seegers

      See you in 5 years when the whole village is just a giant resort

    21. Sam Erens

      Mt. Huangshan, China = Mt. Yellow Mountain

    22. Sauron Gorthaur

      "why am i out of breath" because you need to get more exercise, tom

    23. Cargo_Vroom

      Does this video exist to question it's own ethics? That's very Tom Scott.

    24. Sleksin

      Double/Triple names remind me of a city in Australia called Townsville. Townsville City. Why.

    25. Gustavo Felício

      So, is this a case of a hill that refuses to be a hill...?

    26. OzixiThrill

      On the flip side, it's entirely possible that the place's name does originate from those three hills, but over time the pronounciation of the village's name changed.

      1. Causeablewe57

        Tor Pen and How are all old Welsh or English for hill. So if English and Welsh settlers arrived there in the 10th century then it's very possible.

    27. SoapCanMan

      or detective comics comics, well actually no DC as it's now known is its name it is no longer detective comics DC is the name detective comics has not been used officially in years so the name DC comics because DC is the compony stop saying detective comics comics your wrong.

    28. aeyu

      "So, who decides that?" the sin of pride, maybe

    29. Eric Twers

      Nice explanation about making the truth.

    30. Chris Woods

      “A few geography nerds”, oh Tom.....we are many in number, just....biding our time

    31. Jobie 2ench

      Now split Britain into two countries, name one of them "Hill", and it would be "Hill Hill Hill Hill, Hill"

      1. Causeablewe57

        Britain consists of 3 countries already.

    32. Ezra Barry

      I’d like to say, I really appreciate the shadow for the Google Maps marker you added. :)

    33. Ratzyukar

      I once knew about a guy named "Alejandro Alexander..." and something else which the three names where different languages versions of "Alexander" Which made him be called "Alexander Alexander Alexander".

    34. chicklechives

      So Pendle hill (hill hill hill) doesn't get a video?

    35. James Simmons

      But does it refuse to be a cliff?

    36. Christopher Lehnert

      A Greyhound dog is a dog dog dog.

    37. Christopher Lehnert

      Your videos are amusing and enjoyable :]

    38. almostfm

      That's much grander than my previous favorite: The Los Angeles Angels baseball team has a name that translates into English as "The the Angels Angels"

    39. Mikosch2

      Schloß Burg meanwhile: Nervous romanticism noises!

    40. Blue-Maned Hawk

      Introducing the Apple DeBonk DeBonk!

    41. Benjamin Phillips

      Pen isn't Welsh for hill 😂 it means top or head 👍

      1. Causeablewe57

        Do not attempt to correct our lord.

      2. Benjamin Phillips

        Bryn is hill**

    42. Dominic Hill

      Well, I know what I'm naming my firstborn.

      1. Causeablewe57

        Hillary Hill

    43. Thomas farquhar

      HillHillHill Hill

    44. Ahmed Arafa

      This guy can convince me it's a hill or the north pole and I'll believe him. One hell of a guy.

    45. etherraichu

      Why do people always vandalize things like this?

    46. Johnny Carcinogen

      2:07 Tom, an Englishman: "I'm not gonna do a colonialism and tell the Lake District's locals who've literally been there, some of whom for centuries & centuries, how they should be naming things..." Me, not an Englishman: "Well, that shows remarkable restraint & is a nice change of pace for somebody who's English. ... Wait - it IS the English we're talking about here..." Tom, an Englishman: "But..." Me, not an Englishman: "THERE IT IS!"

      1. Causeablewe57

        You didn't have to state you're not English, we can tell.

    47. Lord Knightyme

      Soooo, is this a name change, a hill to die on?

    48. The Spherical Beanbag

      Let get Tom to colonise the Lake District.

    49. Mustafa Khan

      or naan bread

    50. Bibi Mizrah

      3:36 - “If your dog(s) are caught attacking or worrying livestock on this land they be shot!”. I think this gives us an idea what the locals think haha.

    51. Buntingz

      2:20 that is the most depressing shot I've ever seen. They're all there for attention, not to enjoy the surroundings.

    52. Woody Woodster

      There's a triple near me, Breedon on the Hill, aka Hill Hill on the Hill. That one really is quite steep cos I've walked up it and driven up it. Lovely old church right at the top

    53. MrTsiolkovsky

      great coppice of trees bhind him

    54. kookeekwisp

      I live next to Cuyahoga river, which is short for Crooked River river

    55. cody collins

      Sounds like a ww2 battle ground to me

    56. Mistah Fox

      The "Hillhillhill Hill" is just an alleged hill, which I just think is funny.

    57. Hwang In-yeop

      The accent😃

    58. Robert Brown

      Ima walk there

    59. Clark Gartrell

      Ok so I got this as a paradox and ho jeez

    60. edmundscycles1

      Pen in Welsh does not mean hill . It means head . Pen-y-bont for example is head of the bridge or Bridgend.

    61. Noah Collins

      So rebunked

    62. L0

      are hills used by flat earthers to prove that the earth is flat?

    63. Aquarius

      why are "locals" always thought of as grumpy-ass old farmers

    64. MogX34

      We have a 'three hill' not far from us - Bredon Hill . Bre = Celtic Don = Old English

    65. NerdKnight66

      Bro this video needs to be at 0.75x speed to sound normal

    66. Marcus Clarke

      The hill that refuses to be a hill?

    67. warcraftkid

      one of the videos where you get the title joke twice

    68. oduvijekPlavi

      "Torpenhow Hill" - brought to you by the authors of ATM machine, HTML language, and many others

      1. RichConnerGMN

        wow i love TAS speedruns

    69. Francis Joshua Robedillo

      So Requiem Sharks are called Shark sharks then because Requiem in French means *Requin* or Shark

    70. Ava

      I love how considerate Tom is. Absolutely refreshing.

    71. Pensive Haze

      I think the Welsh word for hill is 'Bryn'. 'Pen' translates more to 'top' or 'head'.


      Hill Hill Hill Hill Debunked Debunked Debunked Debunked

    73. Lefteris Mplanas

      It's Intresting how we don't have this kind of thing in Greece We've been in battles yes, but our language was mostly the same from then to now so double place ages are not common (or don't exists). to my knowledge

    74. mtrybu

      You must be fun at parties

    75. Eu, a Rainha e 3 princesas.

      Yes :)

    76. RovingTroll

      "I probably shouldn't bother the locals by asking how they feel." Is the most British sentiment I've ever heard

      1. valleywoodworker

        Best not to, especially when you're planning to colonize them. It's a British thing.

    77. Anders Axmark

      Go to that place in Finland that’s lake lake lake, or was when ze Germans were there, Jaurajärvisee

      1. seneca983

        As a minor correction, it's Jaurujärvi in Finnish.

    78. Roland Katsuragi

      Nonstandardized English at its best

    79. 31 Villanda, Dun Hill

      oh hey, hi

    80. NickEvershedMusic

      Looks like a great place to go metal detecting

    81. Jim Bridger

      im watching this so youtube will stop showing it to me

    82. Matthew Richardson

      Shout-out to Castle Law Hill Fort just outside Edinburgh, for being nicely symmetrica in it's repeated naming...

    83. Goro Majima

      Anything can be torpenhow hill if enough people say so 👁👄👁

    84. Meursault

      Is Tom in his late 40s or mid 20s?

    85. Stephen Johnson

      I lived 4 miles from here :)

    86. Helohel

      The wanaka tree is novel and isnt that great. All it does is make queenstown worse and wanaka (it's alternative sister town) worse too

    87. jimmy dempsey

      As Benny Hill once said A hill is a hill. Hilarious.

    88. Sammikins

      I love Tom Scott's weird obscure videos.

    89. Chief Mike

      Its weird how the fps is 50

    90. Lone Crew

      New name: Torpenhowhill Ṭilā (টিলা)

    91. April Jefferson

      compromise: trapenna hill

    92. itsJacob72

      Sharia Law also just means Law Law hahahahaha

    93. Nabre Labre

      If that was America someone would buy the land and build a hill, then set up a gift shop and do guided tours

    94. Audio Maverick

      I want to roll around in that grass

    95. franta vrubel

      Roblox shirts and pants catalog was something similiar...

    96. N D

      I also like the Australian "City of Townsville"

    97. thelaking100

      Pendle hill in Lancashire is a triple place name for a hill.

    98. 8A Benaiah Dandel

      East Timor means East East

    99. David Lee

      In a city in China, there is a subway station at a train station so it's called xxxx Station Station

    100. Reilly1444

      my favorite is Table Mesa in Arizona