How flight attendants treat nice vs mean passengers #shorts

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    1. Jeffrey Costa

      *loads 9mm* I hate your guts (Not you the passenger)

    2. Nova Gaming

      Why didn't you offer that to me before? "Oh that's because your a bitch". LOL

    3. John Raymond

      Your a bitc, that's so on point, when I travel I try not to be a burden. Just so hilarious.

    4. Quarantined Teen

      The late line though 😂😂😭

    5. Alyssa Cook

      Oh my God Haha lol

    6. Norma Anderson


    7. Heyman 135

      “bc your a b” that got me dead 😭😭😭

    8. xXCharlieRiverXx

      I can’t even eat beef and I wouldn’t be this rude Geezus

    9. Electric car & bike Norway Sweden Denmark EV

      Thanks 👍my friend. Hope we are friends?

    10. Black Apulo


    11. Tjyxedpfrm Eqifpurtrv


    12. Ralph Gomez

      That’s so funny 😂 im like crying now it so funny

    13. Swetha Asokan

      You know as Hindus we don't eat beef but we eat once the same this happened to us...they ran out of chicken and had only beef....but we would never behave like that....we just ate pudding and had juice🙂

    14. Difficult Hkomo

      You r so cute

    15. Natalie Anderson Cheatham

      Rn on this video there is 911k likes

    16. The Probinsiyana Diaries almaegarcestilan

      🤣😂🤣If you're working in a customer service, you'll definitely encounter such self-righteous bitch🤣

    17. Ire .o

      'Oh, that's because you are b****' -Jeenie,2021

    18. Kim Jisoo


    19. arlo247

      Well if it was available the first time she shoulda gave it to her obviously but I think the point is it wasn’t, otherwise it is the flight attendants issue 😂 cause they coulda checked if there was leftovers from first class. Just sayin classism sucks, grumpy behavior sucks.

    20. Just a Simp

      I can’t with the last phrase😭✋

    21. NJR HAZE

      Damn roasted

    22. Kay Ferretti

      I would take the beef...😁

    23. Agustin Leal

      She can talk!

    24. Eduardo Bogosian

      Yes yes yes yes YES

    25. Cassandra Diamondidis


    26. Call Me Chemzy

      Ahem in my opinion beef tastes 10 times better than chicken so I ain’t complaining.

    27. Shadows Bunny


    28. oakland venue management

      I hate Asian people, I hope the attacks on Asian people will never stop!!!

    29. Thomas DeLucco

      These videos are hilarious. Their content show her intelligence and creativity. And.....yes, she is attractive.

    30. selina nachtmann

      Its actually not being mean on purpose but rather a bad way of dealing with frustration.

    31. ツ Unicorn Vibes ツ

      I literally waited all to the end for that and she’s literally just like oh cause you’re a freaking Bi-

    32. Ferrium

      Hahaha that's how I talk to my enemies when they say "You're an idiot" I say in a calm and sincere voice, "Oh, well..thanks love ya!" 😂

    33. Mr. Oddie

      Omg a Karen how nice

    34. Mia the Maniac

      This is the first vid I have seen with her cussing in it

    35. house phone

      Oh well that's because you're bitch

    36. Aj


    37. Randomly swatching

      What if the passenger doesn't eat beef . I don't eat beef due to health problems,once chicken is over...i am starving then 🥺 with only water maybe. Damn i get severe gastrointestinal problems from beef

    38. Shadowkillerxx


    39. Cheryl Gordon

      Hahahahaha well that explains everything 😅 🤣 😂

    40. T. Elsa


    41. Andrea Coleman

      You called yourself a b

    42. praise afolabi

      ya a B but mosty a karan get NOOBED Karan

    43. Duong Nicole

      istg i want to just smack her in the face but i’ll just end up breaking my phone

    44. MelodyDoesArt

      *"Oh that's becuz your a B :)"*

    45. Angela Ossler

      I kind of think she is kind of what you call called her because you know she was getting mad at you so much that she didn't get chicken and someone wanted to give her chicken or he wanted to give her a man or whatever she she was but she like I'm going to call her he he wanted chicken and the other guy said oh you can have my chicken and then the other one and then the servant I think serving she she said oh you can have the rest of this chicken like he's like why didn't you give me the chicken she's like cuz you're a

    46. urfavbookworm

      It’s hilarious how accurate this is lmao

    47. cheska moreto

      BOOM SAVAGE!!!!🙊😵

    48. Shaleese Crozier

      I love the way you seid bich to your self

    49. Leanne Hanlon


    50. Webhost Tamago

      I wish you could really say that.

    51. 志瑜杨

      Yep. Treat those who are serving you well and you will get the best treatment. Treat them horribly and you definitely won’t.

    52. Sophie Becker

      This would be totally 💯 me if I was a flight attendant

    53. Cynthia Castaneda

      That's right!

    54. Shannon Rath


    55. Munawar Ahmad


    56. T_M_R_O_T_R


    57. NatureTube

      Oh Asian Karen

    58. Felisha Watkins


    59. Nevaeh Holtzhausen

      Cool ❤❤

    60. Netta

      Why Didnt you offer me that?! Me: Because your a Karen we dont serve your kind

    61. Killjoy0329

      My mom went on a flight once from Tw to US. Her seat was double booked. The other passenger came and caused a scene to the flight attendant on how there’s no seats here and why this always happen and such. So my mom got up and offered the other passenger her seat. My mom being my mom asked for another seat if it’s available, if not she’ll book another flight as she’s in no hurry and they can refund (according to her past flying experiences). The flight attendant who saw this went to the front maybe to the senior attendant or the captain idk, came back after a short while and said to her “we have a seat available but it’s up on the second deck, will that be ok?” My mom did know what second floor is (she never flew first class on a double decked planes) so she said sure, why not. She proceeded to follow the attendant and ended up to a first class seat (with all the other things that comes with it) for the price of economic with kindness and a smile on her face. Moral of the story, even if you’re having a bad day, it’s always best to try to be kind to those around you. As you’ll never know what will become of that person in relation to you in the future

    62. Sofia Bentes

      One time I was super sick on a flight, I had a bad bad flu. Then my ears starting hurting so so much, because of the pressure of the plane, and a flight attendant noticed I was in pain and went over and gave me saline water and some compress to clean my ears. She was so helpful and nice, and I was just like oh no I don’t want to bother anyone, and she was seriously the most considering person ever. Flight attendants are the best

    63. Sunshine_gypsy_0

      Her : Of course its always me ^^^^^^ Me as a flight attended : Oi watch ur mouth ma'am r should i say "Karen" * in a calm and sincere way*😂

    64. pesto98

      It is annoying tho 😂

    65. April 2228


    66. Ruben Sandoval Medina

      haha be like😖

    67. The Gamer Within

      Jennie is a savage dude

    68. Bev Carr

      😂😂😂😂 They say you get more with honey than you do with vinegar 👌🏽😉

    69. FunGarage

      People forget that they pay the ticket to get from A to B. They didn't pay the license to be assholes :D

    70. Alijah Shelton

      Imagine the reaction on the mad passengers face At the end

    71. Aston Lau in Sydney


    72. Sage Noxon

      This was beautiful

    73. thomas the dank engine

      This is true people are always rude to flight attendants for no reason haven't people heard of the saying "don't bite the hand that feeds you"

      1. thomas the dank engine

        @A K thanks I didn't notice lol

      2. A K


    74. Joris Ivanauskas


    75. Dave Wright

      Hey lady stopped at Asian hate

    76. Fritzov The Animator

      That ending :D

    77. shadowsspawn

      Oh, well that’s because your a *bish*

    78. David Sankey

      Every customer service job

    79. Tricey Thomas

      Love it

    80. Marsean Towns

      😂 the ending doe

    81. Roblox Vibes

      I would also be on the Karen side but don’t take it personal it my opinion becuse I love chicken and she could have just gave the leftovers to Karen


      When i said: BICTH IN PUBLIC PUBLIC BE LIKE: :|

    83. Anne-Lise Ellis

      Your mean say lays ok

    84. b and Beyond Obrien

      Hahahahaha hahaha hahahahahahahahaa

    85. AtomicChance World


    86. Evelyn • The milky fruit

      Me: *Who actually likes beef better than chicken*

    87. Rossandra Ortiz Torres

      Lol love her.

    88. kettle _-

      As someone that used to be a server, dealing with rude ppl is common in the job. I just don’t understand why she said she ran out of chicken of there was left over chicken in the first class in the first place. Like she wouldn’t have been a bitch if you would have stated that in the first place smh.

    89. Adebowale Oluwatobiloba

      Oh..well that's because you're a beach😂😂😂

    90. Caylynn Animal Crossing

      Her oh that bc your a bish me: lol

    91. Lila Dockery

      My anger issues could never with these types of people

    92. Elijah Smith


    93. sauceyTURTLEXD

      I would have been pissed too.... GIVE ME MY CHICKI NUGGIES

    94. Jessica Helm


    95. Blu ee

      She say Beach in the proper way where only one offended 😂😂😂

    96. Tara Bodroža

      And that's why I am never gonna do jobs like to be nice to someone cause I am allways be like: Bitch you ain't got a chicken so YOU ARE NEVER GONNA GET IT AND YOU CAN JUST JUMP OUT OF PLANE THANK YOU

    97. Blue Sky

      I get the point of this vid, but is unrealistic. 1st, they would ask everyone what they want before serving and sometimes at the moment the plane ticket was purchased; therefore, the plane is well stock. 2nd, that b%*/h part is in our head, bc you don't want to escalate the issue. If someone is nice, we might sneak an extra cookie or something we give it out to 1st class passenger. 3rd this rarely happens bc we are stuck in a plane for 8-15 hrs. No one wants the pilot to say to us, "don't make me have to land this plane, so behave!".

    98. Nedd Ludd

      I’m polite, sY please and thank youwhere appropriate complement. I’m alsoa good tipper 20 to 25% and-never below $5. Get great service! It not about being a suck and being polite. These people work hard and don’t deserve bad behaviour. Love you guys

    99. Zayn Zayn

      So honest 😂