How India Conquered The World - Hearts Of Iron 4 A2Z

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    1. Wilberator

      India is the colour of a mild cream-based curry sauce. I would recommend ordering a side of lemon rice and saag/okra to offset this.

      1. Wilberator

        Some of them have pinapple.

    2. Wilberator

      Hypothetically, I would absolutely love to see what a communist post-war France would've looked like!

    3. Wilberator

      I will never understand how to play this game but It's an awful lot of fun to watch!

    4. it's dhule gamer


    5. Game Void

      8:38 CHINA AH MY EYES

    6. MadMeadyRevenge

      9:06 That didn't age well

    7. Daniel Herron

      He sounds like he always has a broken nose

    8. Rob Hancock

      Why is greece red please tell me

    9. Tunci

      I just like how Middle East didnt attack each other but every one did

    10. TM-Owl

      The iron stroke joke killer me

    11. Michael Henson

      Ah yes. The world's pre-eminent superpower. Belgium.

    12. John Phillips

      @10:58 Are you *absolutely sure* the US didn't get involved? 🤔

    13. Connor H

      Germany: loses twice Also Germany: gains land

    14. Craft_Cam GG

      How do you independ HOW?

    15. HMS P.

      Bloody Belgium went on a power rush

    16. Terell Chapman

      Step one declare independence Step two: *CONQUER ALL THE KNOWN WORLD*

    17. ShogoXT

      India just got a new focus tree in road to 56 too... I would love to see a 2.0.

    18. Archon

      ISorrow roleplaying as Gandhi from the Civilization series

    19. HardSalami_69

      Looking forward to you playing as Croatia : )

    20. Blade Kemats

      ISP- Invades Iraq nukes Baghdad I FOUND THEM Me-🤣🤣

    21. Paulius Smirnovas

      Don't bully Lithuania. Every country needs a focus tree. Just not Italy.

    22. polski tygrys

      WHen i saw this i was like ooooh... but i realizd it is the isp chanel and i said, amma get ready for some weard sh*t

    23. Spencer Jacobsen

      Congrats on 600k!

    24. Sindre Hanssen

      See you in 2040 when hevis finished with the series

    25. HexTwist

      Can’t wait for Uruguay

    26. IM A ORZEŁ

      Can't wait for Tannu Tuva game

    27. Halo I bims

      Nuclear ghandi from civ 6 says hi lmaooo

    28. Furkan Aslan

      Vic2 a-to-z

    29. Aquarius 2301

      Искаме България!

    30. Jayden MOENken

      Gandhi would be proud

    31. John S. Bodle

      3:14 POG

    32. Neder Hop

      How can you still keep on playin this aftet thousands of hours

    33. Neder Hop

      This shit stil going on?

    34. Zan Slart

      "I don't wanna live in this world so we must destroy it"- Mahatma Gandhi

    35. Joepro97

      Video 2 of asking isp to play new ways mod for iran so he can do the Allahu Akbar focus

    36. Shrek 46

      This is not ok it’s time to stop

    37. Matthew Melilo

      Real challenge CK2 A2Z

    38. Nathan alexander

      How about we all start playing vic 2 so paradox will finally make victory 3

      1. SStyle

        I have some good news for you!

    39. Denkku

      imagine ck3 A2Z

    40. Lost Spider


    41. Lord Cráneo

      This is the Most cursed world I ever seen

    42. Rade Ristic

      And just when you think it cant get any worse Belgium strikes.

    43. natural wizard

      you should do vic2 but you have to prevent any great war from happening

    44. Ballin_like_stalin

      Happy 600k subs !

    45. Alexander

      Victoria 2 strats

    46. Xguest273X

      I still don't know why they'd call a place after some British lad named Raj tho.

    47. Alex Müller

      crusader kings 2 a2z when?

    48. Colvion

      This is a world where everyone but Belgium ate crayons and were told to fill in the lines in their coloring book

    49. Plusxz

      Hello sussy baka >w< can you play woth banat onni-chan? UWU

    50. Crytica


    51. Ernestas Karalius

      Do not insult Lithuania. We are better than the Italians either way, so we deserved it

    52. Pure Evil

      The whole map got Chlamydia after ever single peace conference.

    53. Lukas Hulst

      Ok so how tf is that hammer in the intro not broken already? I mean cmon someone been mashing it for Y E A R S

    54. Djani Tafra

      10:31 whatever happened there ? I'll tell you what f*ucking happened: this piece of s*it's cousin put six bullets in the kid without any provocation, what so ever.

    55. Ian Nebraska

      This was so cursed that I'm speculating about liking

    56. Spartan

      All of the countries: no you can't just take over the world Ghandi: haha world go brrrr

    57. dfg fgh

      You will have to play Malaysia ,one day

    58. John Klug

      iSorrow: we need to protect ourselves from this mad mad world me: ALL AROUND ME ARE FAMILIAR FACES

    59. Chase Cotton


    60. Chase Cotton

      1000th comment lets go

    61. Chase Cotton


    62. Chase Cotton


    63. Chase Cotton


    64. RC Zalathor

      Is Bhutan Teal or Peacock Blue?

    65. Zal Motafram

      Is Bhutan Teal or Peacock Blue?

    66. Brenden Zimmer

      ISP should try Imperator again, it’s more like CK3 with the new updates How much you wanna bet he won’t do it?

    67. Austin Reed

      Next Country: Bulgaria

    68. Bruh Moment

      Don’t think we forgot about Bhutan

    69. Hey Hey

      I like the upload rate.

    70. Malcom Sheppard

      Could we get an "Astrakhan" playthrough (a formable nation through the cossacks in EU4

    71. hedgehog brawl stars

      Oh my god, funny number. Subscribed

    72. Joshua Partridge

      you are the best hoi4 game tester

    73. Ultra-Papa Smurf

      Can't wait for Crusader Kings III(TM) a-z (county edition)

    74. Sksksks Runt

      Congratulations on 600K Subscribers my man!

    75. Max Flug

      Hello, this is 2 days after the upload, congratulations on 600k !

    76. Virginia Chattaway

      Y'know when I started watching this... War crime of a channel it was around 300 thousand of was it 200 thousand I can't remember but still it's just as good

    77. Hailong Zhang

      Bro you should play as Belarus (the releasable nation, not using modern day mod) And conquer the USSR For Ukraine it's pretty easy it's the strongest USSR releasable nation Try Belarus

    78. Naruto Uzumaki सातवां होकागे

      "A nuke for a nuke makes the world a better place" - Gandhi

    79. Will Longley

      I wonder if anyone got that ‘I found them’ joke that was golden lmaooo

    80. borko macuzic

      Yay u got 600k subs good job

    81. Shayne Craft

      Artillery only again

    82. Rajina Aneesh

      I am from india we have plans

    83. Isaiah Belter

      Demonitize your video and play as Released Israel!

    84. Jonas Hansen

      this was a very bad video sir, next time please include more hinduisme and maybe several pictures of ants. thank you better luck next time!!!!!!

      1. Plusxz

        I don't agree

      2. Jonas Hansen

        i agree

    85. Dragoneye

      I miss when ISP would do creative intro with the Ironside intro

    86. Filip Kopec

      Thos game is shit

    87. Shadow Sport

      Man I have straight up been conditioned to clap during the Ironside intro ever since the Planet Coaster Video.

    88. Vojtěch

      Ck2 A2Z when?

    89. BelovedShitposter

      >Doesnt turn on Ironman Nice cheats bro

    90. Jodie Browne

      0:21Love you I recorded a new video

    91. Jumbo Cheese

      Planet war

    92. NCG Gaming

      plays on one of the best geographic country and still says i dont a a hill dessert or any tanks oooooffffff

    93. Ian Fahey

      Imperator start grand campaign at 600k?

    94. Alex

      Sup king

    95. Chepry

      Do the star wars mod

    96. Lordvaderiffic

      I’m a New Zealander, it is my job to bad mouth Australia

    97. Rd son

      france only exist in elass loraine is the biggest troll the AI have done

    98. person on youtube

      For our next country, we are going to be lead by a balding egg.

    99. GamesGisrael


    100. john olsen

      I love how even with all the expansion, he never got Bangladesh back