How much ground Ferrari has really made up with its 2021 F1 car


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    Ferrari's mission for the 2021 F1 season was to repair the damage of its disastrous 2020. So now we've seen the car race for the first time, what can we tell about Ferrari's progress? In this video Edd Straw evaluates the gains made with the chassis, the engine, and even the driver line-up, to give a clearer picture of where Ferrari stands in its mission to get back to the front of the grid.
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    1. Michael Linner

      It was astounding how much Ferrari's "controlled oil leak" provided power to their cars and how much removing it killed their pace. Regarding Vettel I've always pulled for him and been a great fan but it's time, as it is for every driver at some point, for him to retire. 4 World Championships under his belt isn't a bad legacy.

    2. Michael Linner

      Binotto wins the prize for crazy hair just edging out that Georgio Tsoukalos nut from the Alien conspiracy shows.

    3. THE LOT

      Sebestian vettel should retire

    4. Rick Van Gog

      what is the music used at the end? sounds pretty nice and chill, even tho I can't listen to it well, obviously. Does anyone know this song by any chance? I mean the music since around 5 minutes till the end, Idk if it's the same song all video long but it's nice :)

    5. #PuraLeña

      Well, they made up some 5kg of fuel.....

    6. Arun Kumar Raju Kosuri

      Ferrari will end up 2021 season either 4th or 5th on the grid. Ferrari should change the Team Principal and bring back Maurizio Arrivabene

    7. R R

      The problem was Vettel.

    8. Rafael Oliveira

      Remember people, Bahrain in 2020 was hotter than in 2021 because it was a different season, it affects a lot, the same usually happened in Spain, the performances of some teams was very different from the testing season because of the season, temperature, etc. these comparisons are just speculation. people crazy without content. still better than the other channel, that we all know, by the way.

    9. Mike Payne

      Pulling hard for the boys in orange! Spank Ferrari.

    10. Deanna Kelly

      The waggish married greely jam because violin unfortunately consider over a lacking wood. sudden, left call

    11. 84 Ateo

      Don't make me laugh/cry, Ferrari won't win a world F1's title...Got it?

    12. Stevieb

      Aero doesn't makeup that much pace. I have no doubt they are playing with fuel again

    13. Aiden Whelan

      Wow so much people impressed with Ferraris improvement and bare in mind this was one of there worst tracks last season and they are putting more focus into 2022

    14. Aiden Whelan

      Bare in mind this track was one of there worst tracks for race pace last year so they could do even better on other tracks

    15. mahdi simegne


    16. The Tigeroza

      I just want someone to replace Binotto as a team boss already. Someone capable of this job. After 2018 everything went down for Ferrari.

    17. Theadore Snibblegoober

      I like Alex Albon because he is aggressive. I hope lecleur is more aggressive

    18. and others and others and others

      Man I love this guy's voice

    19. 1389

      Well i would mostly invest into 2022, just dont finish lover than last year

    20. Karthik Arumugam

      No ground 😂

    21. HirsheyX

      The fanatical soccer globally signal because vein biologically add for a scintillating garage. tart, obsolete coin

    22. James San Pedro

      Bring Back Fabio Arrivabene

    23. justin rinkema

      I’d love to see a team develop a car without any technical regulations against it to see what it can truly do (like what Porsche did with the 919 EVO)

    24. Nino Nucaro

      Great facts

    25. 5 Red Lights

      The Ferrari progress is good and the drivers will do a very good job. I think they will be on average the 4th or 5th fastest car on race day with McLaren or Alpha Tauri (or both) ahead of them.

    26. kpvarma

      No more interested in Ferrari, I support seb but he is a dead soul in racing. No interested in f1 anymore

    27. Dani Martínez

      Ferrari hasn't gained a FA. They run with a power cap last year. So They only had that cap back. That's It.

      1. Sadown

        luckily you are here to tell us the truth. Phew....

    28. Jim Elliott

      i think its the 4th best car at the moment

    29. Hyzri Sadiku

      That is a joke from Ferrari

    30. Ben Reed

      Might get some lucky wins,but a championship is light years away..

    31. Britton Woodruff

      FER has done what it can from last year’s car. It’s not enough, but it will be better

    32. Nelson Luis Freire

      Now that the mightily overrated Vettel is gone, Ferrari has 2 decent drivers

    33. Mike Palermo

      The correct answer is none, its only a matter of time before we start hearing that they're getting ready for next years car and regulations.

    34. Jeff Wallick

      I think they're likely to finish fourth in the constructor's championship behind Merc, RB, and McLaren

    35. N Z

      Why in heaven do the Brits insist on pronouncing Charles LeClercs’ last name incorrectly ? Why can’t they say “LeClair” ? Im from Da Bronx and have no problem with it 😉

    36. Ser Garlan Tyrell

      I hate all these development freezes... They just serve to preserve the status quo.

    37. Mike Sanders

      I think Ferrari have made gains certainly. That being said I need to see a couple more races over diff circuits in order to get a real feel for where they are but to have Ferrari 4th best currently would be fair to say. And the one team who had a bad weekend was Aston, we don’t know where they are yet they could be the team that pushes Ferrari to 5th fastest, time will tell.

      1. Riccardo Belussi

        You also need to remember that on the same track just three months ago both ferraris got knocked out of Q2 and scored a signle point through pure luck after being lapped.

    38. SW3RVY

      They honestly will never return to the top given the toxic team environment. The only way they'll ever be a top 3 team again is if they change that whole organization they have there in Maranello.

      1. Riccardo Belussi

        Says the F1 engineer who lived through said toxic team enviroment i guess

    39. Chris Tamblyn

      The FIA gave them their fuel flow back.

    40. Mihai Serghei

      another year of frustration at Maranello

    41. Prad G

      As a lifelong Ferrari fan, it's sad to see them struggling. But to be honest they've had 2 former champs as drivers and failed to provide them with a car and strategy to win championships. 14 years since a championship and even 2007 was a very lucky. For a team with that history and resources they need to be doing a lot more.

    42. Jean Gagnier

      As an non-tifosi, it's exciting to see them drop back. They'd been perennial contenders for 25 years, they've had a colossal financial advantage, so seeing them struggle, therefore giving other teams a chance to compete for podium places on the regular, is very satisfying. I'll take advantage of it while it lasts. On the other hand, the struggle has made Charles Leclerc appear positively world class. I think there's a serious argument to be made that he's the fastest driver on the grid.

    43. Yk Low

      Just imagine kimi is driving last year 2020 ferrari car, kimi is gonna be fly cause his rally skills gonna pay of

    44. John Norris

      It will be less frustrating than it was last year.

    45. TheCeva

      Ferrari did well over the winter and changed to a better driver line-up but the gap to Mercedes & RB is still around 60 sec. I believe the better position in the standings is more a result of a poor performing AM & Alpine.

      1. Riccardo Belussi

        Everything is relative in F1 and the rules are the same for everyone. All the cars are slower this season but Ferrari lost the least time compared to 2020 and, all jokes aside, they didn't have THE worst car on the grid, yet in Bahrain Merc lost around 2 seconds while Ferrari only 0.500.

    46. Gp2 Engine Gp2

      It made up lots of ground look at the Alfa Romeo”s there back in the midfield battle.

    47. James Bittle

      I feel that Ferrari has definitely improved, but not enough to overtake Mclaren for 3rd. Ferrari's driver pairing looks good enough to finish ahead of the rest of the midfield, despite any of the cars' shortcomings.

    48. adrian wright

      I am subbed.if your not tut tut tut

    49. thymios tsilimparis

      I am happy to see that have made important progress, I am happy to hear from them that they will not spend much time on the SF21. During last year's championship, I was pessimistic about 2022. Now I understand that Ferrari will return strong. I can't wait for battles on the front. Until then, I am OK with races like Bahrain. With the token system, they did the maximum in my opinion.

    50. Esther Akeode

      Yes no problem at Ferrari this season and I think they will finish strong this year


      I believe what they can achive ther goal this year but will see

    52. Dylan George

      Me thinks: 1. Red Bull 2. Mercedes 3. McLaren 4. Ferrari 5. Alpha Tauri 6. Aston Martin 7. Renault 8. Alfa Romeo 9. Williams 10. Haas

    53. hector herbert

      Why not run/use the rear end of the 2019 car..???..Regulations apart ,it seems that exept the engine 'scandal' the 2019 car was doing well,every time something worked on the car was changed for a step-back solution...Also all those sisi winglets all over this car is ridiculous ,it was supposed to be streamlined this year and bring the aggressive driving back...!!!!Binotto needs a F@++ing clear his brain.

    54. Liam and Xaviers random things

      Compared to last season, how could Ferrari be disappointed?

    55. corvanphoenix

      P4 if they do well.

    56. Hugo Pickering

      They looked a lot quicker than I expected in Bahrain, I think they still probably finish below mclaren but for sure they’ll have a better season than last

    57. The Stig

      How they just know the figure horsepower of the engine deficit and gains, isn't the team always hide their power figure?

    58. scottgas1299

      Pretty much lost interest in F1 since they've tried to turn F1 into a spec class.

    59. Alen Green

      I think that Top 4 is possible this year for Ferrari.

    60. peteMTB

      Out of topic but does anybody know if the race is going to broadcast super gt this year?

    61. Vincent Yao

      Should have gotten rid of their engine department. Merc and honda concept is the way to go

    62. Necatrix

      I think it's safe to assume that Ferrari will do everything in their power to ensure a steady 4th place and focus all the development on the '22 reg changes as soon as the 10th - 11th race. I think Leclerc's ambition for 3rd place in driver's championship is way too optimistic with the Mclarens being so competitive this year. Anyhow, as said, it's just the first race, and I just can't wait for the next one 😎

    63. Nikoxion

      "Another year of frustration at Maranello." Needs to be a shirt desigb.

    64. Ronald Rice

      The grouchy thunder epidemiologically bore because fall eventually stir via a late ladybug. sulky, imported sea

    65. Ilija Vasiljeski

      The engine improved by 40hp not 20 according to Italian sources.

    66. Cedric Asdfghjkl

      I am a Ferrari fan and I don't think that we can judge the improvements made in 1 race. Although I think that we have made a lot of improvements but we'll need to wait.

      1. Aiden Whelan

        Bare in mind Bahrain was an awful track for them last year

    67. Giuseppe Maggiò

      I think we can expect them to compete for P3 in the constructors. We have to consider 3 aspects : 1) They still have to find the optimal set-up with the new rear sospension ; 2) They are going to copy the Mclaren diffuser within a couple races ; 3) They are stronger than Mclaren on qualifying and in many circuits it's going to be really difficult to overtake them. Bahrain was an exception

    68. Callum Burton

      Good video the race😃👍

    69. Flo Vi

      The teamleader is the whole problem of ferrari

    70. sledger2003

      Bonato is not up to the job. Simple as that.

    71. Robert Harrington

      In my fairly irrelevant opinion, I believe it's about 70-30 between everyone else going backwards and them actually improving

      1. Riccardo Belussi

        Everything is relative in F1 and the rules are the same for everyone. All the cars are slower this season but Ferrari lost the least time compared to 2020 and, all jokes aside, they didn't have THE worst car on the grid, yet in Bahrain Merc lost around 2 seconds while Ferrari only 0.500. You don't gain 1.500 seconds just with a new engine, the Scuderia did great with what they had, it was last year that was baffling.

    72. yoga jitsu

      Ferrari is not a mid pack budget team. They should be up there with Mercedes.

      1. Jo ka

        Ferrari is red

    73. Michael Nthodi

      Ferrari is and will always be the best team in formula no matter what. We are the envy of all

    74. ollie cane

      I think the midfield this year is close enough to be completely jumbled up at every track we go to, because some are better in low speed, some in high speed and some on the straights

    75. jean claude bertoni

      Ciao ciao Vettel..! Now Aston's problem.

    76. TheJaisah

      The questionable grammar in the title of this video hurts my brain.

    77. sam

      They were still a second a lap slower than the leader's, so not that good!

    78. Alejandro Fernandez

      the good thing, if ferrari this years fights for 3-4 in the championship will be seen as a success. That's good to better focus on 2022 and give time to carlos and charles to find a good dynamic between them. Plus they will have more wind tunnel time than if they fought for the champ, so in overall this could allow them to better start the new era

    79. sianne ribkah meliawaty Handayani

      May be, because they didn't knew others cars progress. Except someone from McLaren giving their car data to Ferrari, they will confident to tell Media that they can fight for podium. It is like Aston Martin last year who gain benefit by copying Mercedes car and gain more points and win 1 race and go strictly to trash bin this year. They still thinking Alpha Tauri and McLaren had better progress than them. So, the only one way to claimed the progress is the result in IMOLA and Hungary GP (because they put high down force to car so their cars faster in corners, bit slower in straight). The simple reason is Bahrain is NOT good track for their car performance. Why Leclerc gain P4 again? Because purely his skill, NOT his car.

    80. Matteo Milanesi

      Vettel is almost done. He needs to show the world if, without the RB airplane he had, he is still a WC

    81. BULLDOG

      Ferrari will finish 3rd by the end of the year Next year will be second Year after will win the construction

    82. schwaze neggro

      Thats a very sloppy paint job why don’t just put stickers to it

    83. Abhijit Deo

      I still believe Ferrari management didn't extend Seb's contract because of their own weakness. Seb was the scapegoat.

      1. Hwero26

        Why scapegoat? He is not that good simple as that, the guy has temper problems considering he is a 4times champion. Nobody knows what happened between him and Ferrari management. Look how he crashed into Ocon last race , silly silly mistake and blaming other driver - I am glad he is no longer at Ferrari. He looks like a nice guy, but sometimes his actions are hard to justify.

      2. sianne ribkah meliawaty Handayani

        NO. They love Seb. Media stirring it deeply to gain fans attention like WWE. The main problem is budget cap that cut off in 3 years (started from 2020 because Corona virus). Vettel just grilled by Italians Media (they did to Charles Leclerc also). He didn't able to worked under HIGH pressure, i think. For Ferrari (whom supported and funded by the state like French to Renault Alpine), it is double pressure when they are hiring Seb with 43 millions payment while the budget cap cut off almost half of the regular basis. To remaking SF1000, they will using whom money? The only way to solve problem is firing Seb and hiring Carlos. With Charles and Carlos in their side, they just need to pay drivers 16 millions. They can remaking SF1000 by that way, even not fastest cars like others in long STRAIGHT lines, but the car go faster in corners. Seb is NOT scapegoat, he is just victim of the shit system. Now he facing the same 'dull' disaster in Aston Martin.......i wish they can fix the car.....SOON. Otherwise Seb will return to his 'SF1000' nightmare but this time in GREEN CAR.

    84. heretustay

      4:48 anyone else pause here trying to tell between the four shades of blue?

    85. SydneyPhotography2019

      Wowww Ferrari "Threat at the front.... of the midfield" Strange times

    86. Choopremo

      So Vettel was sting to Ferrari?! His performance in Aston reflects so

    87. Robbert

      Yeah Mr Millisecond is back!

    88. zno3

      As expected

    89. JC Lasala

      Link to graph comparing 2021 to 2020 lap times by team / driver ?????

    90. lakshmivallabh


    91. Vishal bharadwaj

      Ferrari needs to get on top of tyres, race pace and their strategy. Then they have better chance than any team to finish in p3 with the best lineup they had on the grid

      1. Jo ka

        Ferrari is red

    92. Alejandro

      Dont get yall hopes too high for this season. It has been leaked that they will upgrade this car untill Spain and then thats it, all focus on 2022. So basically we can say that we are in Spain but without the S 😔

      1. Jay Borah

        All the teams are doing the same (maybe not merc and red bull).

    93. Just Josh

      This is well made

    94. Bruce MacKenzie

      It’s all about 2022 and any team not focusing on that will be so far behind.

    95. gabb05

      ferrari's engine last yr was a result of that secret agreement, its obvious i think...probably like a way to sanction them in a more subtle way...they probably had a lot more power on tap since last yr but weren't allowed to use deduction at least

    96. Guia Gaston

      That new token system for upgrades on the car is the kind of BS only the F1 comes up with and every fan hates. Yet we all still watch. Imagine how many would watch if it wasn't run like a circus.

    97. Ry Al

      They will finish at no.4 in the constructors.

    98. MBonny02

      If you want to be the highest racing league then get rid of tokens already

    99. MBonny02

      They don't effing care about this year

    100. Dan Amante

      Ferrari must pass Mclaren first...