How To Make The Most Notable Fireworks In Minecraft

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    Happy 4th Minecraft fans! In this video, I will show you how to make the most notable fireworks in Minecraft. I'll also show you how to make a fireworks show machine as well so you can shoot them off in style. Stay Notable! Shoutout to Romania!
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    1. Kaleb Yeagee

      Luke your awsome from watching from home and have coronavirus and will you wish me to me to be better

    2. Stonk Man

      Damn gotta say Luke, ur lookin FRESH in that beanie


      Romania go brrrr



    5. Lildawg Gaming

      Yeah, the fireworks here in Illinois are trash.

    6. STRANGER romania

      hell yeah i am proud to be a Romanian

    7. SheriffHasPower

      Luke, why dont you use a real skin?

    8. Ethan Treece

      Yooo fellow midwestern!!!

    9. Oofinators

      You should play minecraft dungeons

    10. Ruben Ardelean

      YESS! I’m Romanian you the best Luke👍👍🇹🇩🇹🇩🇹🇩🇹🇩🇹🇩

    11. Jack burpee

      puts a redstone block in the front of a sticky piston puts down two redstone dust EASY LOOP

    12. Ştefan Parpală

      I am Romania!!!!!!!!!!

    13. Stealth The Unknown

      One of my favorite firework designs is a combination of yellow/orange large ball trail star and a green/lime burst trail star on one rocket. Yes, you can add multiple stars to one rocket - up to3. The result looks like a pineapple!

    14. Petter Larsson

      Face reveal :D

    15. slimy cat

      Hay centralia il ant to bad

    16. Andrei Miftode

      LOL im romanian

    17. Soviet Doggo

      My. Rocket launcher needs these

    18. Elisei _

      Love from Romania!

    19. Charlene Rushing

      Ayeee We’re both from Illinois and yeah the fire works kinda suck.... That’s why we go to St. Louis MO and buy our rent in fireworks 😌😂

    20. Gud Goose

      technoblade watched this

    21. Cheese Boy Plays

      "is pretty much useless" its called a crossbow!

    22. Acorn Acorn

      thanks now my rocket laucher can be more powerful

    23. A Lonely Doggo

      I cannot belive my favorite youtuber likes the colours of my country's flag

    24. Mana Harrison

      Thx luke I never knew how to do it!!!

    25. Noor Ilhan Noor Azhar

      HAPPY NEW YEAR! HAVE A WONDERFUL 2021!!!!! 🎈🎈🎈🎉🎉🎉🥳🥳🥳🎂🎂🎂🎊🎊🎊😆😆😆👏👏👏🍾🍾🍾🎶🎶🎶🕶️🕶️🕶️❤️❤️❤️

    26. simply gaming

      you can put multiple balls in one firework so video is not complete

    27. Theprobluex

      There is an easier way to make a repeater

    28. Itz Snow Wolf

      LTN: makes fireworks with blue red and yellow me: Philippine Flag OwO also me: watches more me again: omg he said philippines ahhhhhhhh


      You can also put mulitple stars in rockets making them more unique but also a very formidable weapon. You can also shoot them from crossbows when the fireworks are put in your off hand

    30. Yeet Train

      Hey you guys you can take multiple fireworks stores and couldn’t find them right before you make the firework so you put like a bunch of different firework stars paper and gun powder and it makes a really cool fireworks and it’s it’s a bunch of fireworks combined into one firework it’s really interesting

    31. Z.O.M.G

      There are a few other things you can do with fireworks, let me tell you them: - a firework can also fade from 1 color to another, after you crafted your firework star, put it in a crafting table again and put the dyes you want the colors to fade into - a firework rocket can have multiple stars, so you can have multiple different explosion shapes in 1 rocket. When crafting a firework rocket just add the stars you wish the firework rocket to explode into - you can shoot a firework with a crossbow, a normal one with no starts wont to anything, but adding stars will make it deal damage, a flight duration 1 rocket with 7 stars will make it do a lot of damage, being able to 2 shot an unarmored player. Firework rockets explode when hitting a player or a block. To load a firework rocket on to a crossbow load the crossbow while the fireworks are in your offhand - you can fly with fireworks rockets with firework stars, when used to propel yourself with an elytra it will explode behind you. Keep in mind that duration 1 firework rockets with firework stars will hurt you because of the explosion, so use a duration 2 or 3 when flying with firework rockets with stars.

    32. Bryony O5

      Loved that smug face during the whole firework show😊

    33. Bossnoopdawg

      You can also use them on a crossbow as a weapon it's one of my favorite pvp items as its like a rocket launcher

    34. Zarabatana Productions

      All of the other fireworks are used just for decoration technoblade disagrees

    35. ChinLim Travels

      Captions when he said elytra. Ally trousseau

    36. Best Of The Beasts

      I can't think of a funny way to introduce this comment without sounding weird so I'm just gonna jump in: IMPORTANT THINGS ABOUT FIREWORKS THAT WERE NOT TALKED ABOUT IN THE VIDEO: 1. You can put more than 1 firework star in the crafting of a firework rocket, leading to a few key details: 1a. More than 1 shape effect can be applied to the same firework rocket 1b. Every dye in the game can be applied to the same firework rocket 1c. The damage of each individual firework star is added to the firework rocket, so you can make a single rocket that does 9 hearts of damage to a player without any armor 2. You can add a fade effect to any firework star by putting it in the crafting table with as many dyes as you want. All the particles change to these dye colors right before they disappear 3. You can load any kind of fireworks rocket Into crossbows, effectively making a gun in Minecraft. This feature has existed for about a year and a half now, and it has only gotten a tiny bit more popular in the past 2 months. IDK why it's so unpopular, it is completely hilarious doing a surprise airstrike on a server and instantly killing 10 people in two shots because they decided to group together and take their armor off to roast smores or something. Also you can shoot the whither with this in its 2nd phase-only projectile that can do that. (I did some research about Fireworks over the summer because I had a sudden interest in them. You can make some pretty cool and unique weapons/shows.) I hope you are more knowledgeable after watching this video and reading this comment. Happy 2000 days :)

    37. Agent Viper

      Nice button

    38. Lachlan Munn

      You can also have more than one firework charge in a firework. If you want all those effects

    39. Thomas Blaszka

      Fireworks with crossbows 😓

    40. Mason Bloss

      I’ve never seen anyone actually use a daylight sensor before wow

    41. L

      Hey man I don’t know if your gonna see this but I can’t seem to get your world downloads on Dropbox is there a tutorial or is there something you need to fix?

    42. Introverticies

      my man got pretty eyes

    43. Random Internet Guy

      11:00 hey Luke, that's called a clock. There are lots of much cheaper designs that don't use a piston. :)

    44. VoidCellCaptain

      1:03 uhhh *crossbow damages*

    45. Mew Mew

      Luke, you can make fireworks and put them in your off hand then you can shoot them with a crossbow

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      Nice beanie

    48. Gab_VedDev1

      In 8:39 did you mean phillipines?

    49. Oliver Buestan

      Luke: the fireworks suck in Illinois Me: *laughs cause the fireworks in New York are good and one time the fireworks were so close I saw it by my window but also feels bad*

    50. Jeongseok Kim

      4:21 Yeah... I think that is not supposed to happen Mojang...

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      im romainin

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      Am auzit că ești văr cu Popescu , deci salutări din București!

    53. TCN FoopyShroop

      Bruh Luke at the start looked like a og dantdm mod showcase

    54. Shifted Creeper

      Me : has been playing minecraft for long time Luke : makes a redstone contraption Me: what the hell is that and how does it work?

    55. Calensk My beloved


    56. ProHot

      Dude when he daid i live in illinois i freaked out cuz i live in illinois its real cold

    57. Blue-Maned Hawk

      There are 6 colors in a regular rainbow, and those aren't it. They're (in order) red, yellow, green, cyan, blue, and magenta, though magenta is only able to can occur as a combo of red and blue light.

    58. Aqua Acorn

      THANK YOU FOR THE VIDEO AT MY BIRTHDAY!!! Love your videos. 💙

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      Filinos where u at?

    60. zech

      When you said you live in illinois I flipped bc I live in wisconsin lol

    61. Noggie

      Pls make another hardcore video

    62. blake mollet

      When you've watch everything alot of things on FIblock you've rewatched a video about minecraft fireworks and your entertained four months after it was published

    63. Penguin 13

      Luke teaches fireworks better then my teacher teaches math

    64. Thomas Kerfoot

      No way u live in Illinois too?

    65. Michiel Hoeree

      Is no one going to point out the janky redstone clock?

    66. zhafif farhan Putra

      Hey Luke I just wanna ask, in your Minecraft hardcore video what do you mean by day ? Day in real life or day in Minecraft ?

    67. Calvin Ontimare

      it's been 1 year where's the 2000 day's in hardcore

      1. Calvin Ontimare

        @Z.O.M.G K

      2. Z.O.M.G

        its out

    68. GamerVlog

      You can use a redstone clock

    69. blue zebras

      Nice vid

    70. Flandre Scarlet & Madalin

      8:17 Romanian Fans i am glad to hear Fireworks in minecraft is awesome 👍🏻

    71. It’s JumaaPlayz

      When he gonna make 2000 days in Minecraft???

      1. Z.O.M.G

        it is out

    72. Cal-Jo 22 _

      Delete this redstone! LOL

    73. Cal-Jo 22 _

      Thanks for teaching me!

    74. BRATU Bogdan

      How is watching form romania like here

    75. Attempt Two

      Is it funny that I am watching this 4th of July special when it is 4 months old on the 4th of November at 10:41 am?

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      i live in LA cal

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      I am shure that everyone knows this but are watching this just becaouse of u

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      I survived deafness from a dope light show and this is how

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      Where’s 2k days

      1. James

        @Z.O.M.G no it’s not

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        @James its out

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      Thank you for the Romanian stars Appreciate it! Mersi

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      Ay! This came out on my birthday!

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      Are you still doing 2000 days? This is my only social app sorry.....

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      How many days are you at in 2000 days

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      do they have different blast radiuses if you use them with the crossbow

    86. pog champ

      pls 2000 and 3000 days in minecraft

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      i don’t like how he says philippines instead of the united states😂

      1. Peanutbenny Ben

        im half american and half filipino. are you mad or happy? how would you decide

    88. Nick24513

      thanks i didn’t know you could add multiple colors to a firework i thought it was only one

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      Like I live in Illinois to

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      He’s on day 1921

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      when is 2000 days on hardcore minecraft

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      When is 2000 days coming please do it

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      give me the world

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      I want to learn how did technoblade did the festival rockets

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      I try hardcore mode and day 19

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      What part of Illinois do you live in just curious

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