How to Play Star Wars: Squadrons Like a Pro

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    How to Play Star Wars: Squadrons Like a Pro
    In today's video I show how to turn dualshock into dual stick joystick HOTAS. It works almost with any flight simulator!
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    1. Ho David

      I like his idea.

    2. Paul Grote

      3:46 *pulls 2x4 out of pocket*

    3. Warren Walker

      Have you thought to patent that prototype before someone steals the idea !?!? I know many people who would buy this incuding myself

    4. scat dog


    5. MC Boromir

      Just get a joystick. 😂😂

    6. Yo Ha

      3D scanner and printer will make your work faster.

    7. Ivan Petrovic

      Genius idea thumps up but the deadzone of the sticks must be horrible? Or not?

    8. its igris

      I've never seen someone drop their gamepad so calmly

    9. Brian

      I hope Mars Inc paid you for that advertisement lol. Also thank you for making a video project that can be done by those of us that dont have 3d printers lol

    10. Manny Amato

      30 seconds in you lost me...just show it. I really don't wanna build one.

    11. Julián Dupuy

      How come nobody asked for PLANS! I'd love to make it.

    12. FluffyBalls

      I only looked in the comments and apreantly cocaïne is realy the way to go. I swear im so much beter.

    13. za ggy

      Mars gives you knowledge 👑

    14. Илья Баев


    15. Edge Mike

      Yes just random wood inside your closet

    16. 月

      amazing !

    17. Runeflinger L

      You on some meth that works nice

    18. Illicit !

      Well, aren't you a intelligent sapien!

    19. cabdragon333

      Squad Leader! Please release these plans

    20. MustafaPS5

      play it on psvr then ya playing like a pro

    21. Aydin Aslani


    22. Daniel Gzz

      Life hack: sugar improves your brain to develop anything you want

    23. Asikhunter

      can you give the measures please. I want to do it too but it's not precise ith no measures

    24. Frank Coley

      I love these "See how much Smarter I am than you all" videos. Yes we validate that you are smart, but you don't need us to do that! You're already cool man

    25. Shoto Todoroki

      Others: PS5 Him: Real life experience

    26. ȚHĘ JÀÇĶÁŁ

      what I admired the most, he's got tools 😏

    27. Evan Kees


    28. Aesthetic MIZO

      Dad : be a carpenter Mom : be a youtuber Uncle : be a gamer This guy : yes

    29. Bacon Pieces

      That’s gebius

    30. Filtiarn

      You should sell these, I would buy it.

    31. Leonardo Campbell

      If you guys are into 3D printing, look up for Akaki Kuumeri channel. He made not only a HOSAS (Hands On Stick And Stick), but also a HOTAS (Hands On Throttle and Stick) and a Yoke. There are PS4, Xbox and Switch controller versions available to download and print.

    32. James Morris

      This the Qanon guy?

    33. 따따따따봉

      you have genius ability!

    34. Alarismos

      Now i understand why my team always loses

    35. John Davidson

      You use a VR headset with the thrust master flight stick is how

    36. Samet Şahin

      Me without a gaming console or a pc watching this like: (•\_/•)

    37. Tucker Tailyang


    38. LionsHeart Ministries

      Hey Brother, I love the creativity behind this. Keep up the good work

    39. RizkyaGaming

      Mau engupulin orang yg dari 👇🏼indonesia

    40. Prinsa Moktan


    41. Hilmi Robbyn

      I just skip it till you play it... Cause it's imposible for me to make it hha

    42. river river

      Jajajaja nada más no le vallas a dar muy fuerte xq se quiebra

    43. abhishek sergei

      You must be a carpenter son:-)

    44. Shark Pog

      Yeah but how are you supposed to use left/right auxiliary?

    45. Serozja Reynolds

      This is sick but he should make one out of metal. Less prone to breaking.

    46. The hunt starts now Better run


    47. Aryan Narula

      when the quiet boy if the class is intelligent....


      Can it use for my ps5?

    49. jv m

      Nofap day 1000-

    50. Fightrec

      Change the sensitivity

    51. Syed The Funny Guy

      This is not even a tutorial, this is just showing off

    52. LittleBigVathole

      Fake and gay

    53. BIJOU IN TAS

      Com medo de quebrar o controle deixou muito curto

    54. Cassie Chiedu

      You have to be an engineer because who tf

    55. Jason Zacarias

      Im a mechanical engineer. Love the idea but lets be honest, we still suck at gaming.

    56. IHIill

      This guy is a cheater on a different level 😂😂😂😂

    57. Music Plus

      Wow I love this video

    58. Adilbek Moldabek

      Can you make for the FIFA

    59. hood954

      No VR? not quite there yet

    60. Tresean Williams

      Change your name to Life Hack Thanos

    61. Alesmaster

      Please doit whit doom eternal!!! PLEASEEEE

    62. 玩樂阿咖

      so cool

    63. Laughter Therapy

      Why do u look like ELON MUSK???😂

    64. Warsito Otis

      It's a complex idea but it's a wonderful job

    65. king_ fatsew

      What are these and how tf do you make them

    66. Ze Bunker

      Video starts at 5:16

    67. Carlos Uzhca

      👌👌👌👌 Té quedo genial .... Felicitaciones amigo ....

    68. Mizuchi -

      Where is the VR headset tho?

    69. Dragon shiryu naciente

      Waooooo comercializar brooo imprecionante

    70. Nathan Novak

      Leonardo davinci

    71. Kim Toan Nhan

      This is some kind of Cyberpunk sht 🔥

    72. Marcelo Reis

      This guy can make better joystick's than Nintendo...that's a fact.

    73. Emnems

      How do I get one?

    74. Soupy Gamez

      Can I buy this

    75. IxUr LiFe

      That right there is dedictaition to the cause 100% 😎 nice work

    76. ThetaX55

      Is there a product that is similar to buy? I don't have a wood shop to make it myself. Looks cool thou.

    77. Mr. AntiSocial

      The Q, u should sell these I'd definitely buy one and think others would too if marketed properly and not too expensive, it's fire🔥

    78. Yannick Plouette

      Is it pattened what you made now? No, do it quickly Love what you made

    79. Phonon Maser


    80. Niu Cha jianfan

      Step one: own a workshop

    81. Dweeb Ghost

      Are ya watching Sony Playstation!? Get a fucking note pad and magic marker..

    82. Alexander Sugiharto

      Technically, you can make in 3D Printer and mass produce

    83. ekimolaos

      "How to make a controller usable"

    84. darkhalf81

      Epic work you did there Mate! \m/

    85. Jaime Maldonado Jr.

      i was about to sub and then realized im already subbed

    86. Sam Young

      I'm surprised that the gaming companies haven't just made controllers like this when they come out with certain games. I know that there are steering wheel controllers but this is nice.

    87. Jerry Ramirez

      i wish buy from him

    88. A M

      Really impressed w the build NGL. I could imagine 3D printed versions being ultra popular

    89. Curtis Baker

      where were you when i needed a prototype done for a XBOX hybrid VR controller??? Awesome build man!

    90. Cameron Smith

      Imagine playing star wars rouge squadron on the 64 or gamecube like this, this is awesome

    91. gav

      just play the damn fucking thing i’m not tryna sit here and watch u build it lmao

    92. もちお


    93. cody Hansen's life

      Make them self centering with springs or elastics.

    94. Cooper

      Next level force!

    95. Stagrov

      First I wanted to ask, why he is not simply buying a Hotas. But I realized, he was making it, because he could. But more important is: why playing Star wars squadrons on a 2D monitor or TV, when you can play it in VR ;-)

    96. King David's Art Studio

      RIP controller

    97. JS de Andrade


    98. Clover

      This is equivalent to the dude who made an immersive Among Us controller

    99. Waffle

      Jokes apart, this guy is a fucking genius!!!

    100. Waffle

      3:45 as you can see, theQ is non other than the one and only: ELON MUSK!!!!!