How To Beat The DEATH GAME In "Battle Royale"

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    You’re trapped on an abandoned island, forced to fight against your friends, and the only way you’re escaping is killing everyone you meet. What do you do?

    Thank you for watching Battle Royale explained and review of how to beat. I'm just here for the fortnite memes.

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    1. Afsara Tasnia

      İ love your videos keep up the good work

    2. Long pants789

      maybe he should have brought his death note if u know what im talking about ;)

    3. robert solimanm

      how is the transfer student Asian too

    4. Lieutenant NITEWOLF

      Exactly how the last three survivors survived or just keep hiding each day build new shelter and help those in need making sure they have no weapons on them.

    5. Mr bed

      Would you have the strength to kill your friends? If so could you live with the guilt?- i couldnt-

    6. That one Anime Lover

      Fortnite Professionals: *I have been training for this my whole life...*

    7. andre marques

      By the way you can make a sling. It's way better to trow rocks. It does require some practice to get accurate but it was a literal weapon of war and noone is wearing armour

    8. I luv grime

      The kids who were absent that day are LUCKY

    9. Marco

      5:10 I thought the hard reset killed him 😭

    10. Charles Burckhardt

      do how to beat stranger things plssss D:

    11. Xandra Alyssa

      I bet Gen Z would just end up shooting themselves.

    12. Geathers Jameer

      Anyone notice the actor for light on death note was there not the anime but the movie he was one of the classmates

    13. David Shibley

      People fighting: PUBG/Free fire/Apex character: This is just an average day in my life.

    14. Not Good

      Whether the girl with the poison, poisoned the right person or not, I feel like it would be the same situation lol; Either way they would think someone was trying to poison everyone in the lighthouse!

    15. Travis gale Frigi

      Me: *watches it* My brain: nah this useless

    16. Caffeine boii

      I would die first my memory is shit

    17. Patrick Meneses

      How to survive battle royale: A. Stay home. B. Hack Nuclear weapons.

    18. Travis gale Frigi

      Thumbnail: grenade in a mouth Me: eat the grenade

    19. Capital SedanInc

      Fortnite kids: THEY STOLE FOTNITE Movie: it was here in 2008

    20. Sydrome

      Kids in 2018: iS tHiS fOrTnItE?

    21. It's Shu

      i don't like you

    22. Svennotfound


    23. dominator

      I would not spare anyone if I saw this before I went there

    24. Eli Turley

      *noobslayer69 was sent back to the lobby*

    25. Theironken GG

      The luckiest guy in this game is: The kid who was sick and couldnt go to class

    26. goodwilltubing

      So basically, this is PUBG the movie: China Edition

    27. MondoJFly

      My mane. Keep your face out the video

    28. thai son vu nguyen

      am dont go to school and when am go a back am win lol

    29. Moonie

      Now drop them on a airbus

    30. Mr. BrownCookies

      Quite kid: allow me to introduce my self

    31. 99kx

      No one: Cinema summary: *human meat shield*

    32. Arsonist Simp

      Omg ed sheeran 🥵

    33. Mustafa Khan

      this is what people get for not following technoblades smart idea of no GOVERNMENT

    34. HiroBoy

      I’ve always thought that was a rock in his mouth

    35. Fireheart

      What should we do if the kid from bright burn showed up and started killing people, how could we fight back against someone gun proof, can fly and is incredibly strong.

      1. Apple and Pear

        Find his home ship take it and try and lure him to someone he likes such as the girl the ambush him with his ship peice of metal

    36. otisjoi

      They really just have all this stuff happen and survive and then just go on with their lives like nothing happened, like the previous survivor was just so chill lmao

    37. Shaun playz

      him: how to survive battle royale me: *who plays war games and a pro* me: uhhhhhh

    38. °Bubbles°

      Letz goooooooo!FoRtNiTe!!!!

    39. Nancy Zamudio

      I would trick them and say that there is something behind them when they turn I’ll take there gun and shoot them

    40. catherine

      these videos are SOOOOOO addicting. this series became one of my faves on movie youtube when i saw you covered as the gods will. cheers to japanese death games!

    41. Oofers

      my agentcy in hoi4 litery finished as soon as he said who then comes in and guns her down my agentcy is called bruh and thats what i was thinking when she gunned the dude who liked her down

    42. Oofers

      bro when i heard it was rebeelios students made me think oh so thats how your justifying it?

    43. Booo

      Yooooo I sometimes play fortnite I would win

    44. LD

      This is an example of all the hardships in their country. It’s not about a film it’s a deeper secret message asking for help against with the tyranny of thier government

    45. InotNyx

      Lol at the beggining, cinema cummery guy said "THISH is the ultumate death match,"

    46. Reduxius

      Kowada was an absolute homie 'till the end :(

    47. Cian Padraig McAlister

      here is a weird but fun how to beat idea how to survive the suicide mission in suicide squad i know it nots horror but it be pretty cool idea also great channel mate

    48. Tomato Tomato

      Quiet kid be like in this: number one victory royal

    49. e n e activities


    50. RiceRiceRice

      That’s only post world war 2 this would not happen in the mordern day

    51. One Two

      Nobody: Fortnite players: o yeah, it's all coming together


      He should just use his death note to kill everybody

    53. Adam Blah

      Best part, this movie is a comedy as well, also old as fuck, why is this a video?

    54. Mystery


    55. Kota

      They survived a death game created by the government so now they are wanted fugitives? Makes sense.

    56. Kelvin Villalobos

      Want to beat battle Royale be a fortnite player or a call of duty player then u can win 😎

    57. Älêx Gåmêr

      0:26 Omg thats the actor for Light in deathnote live action-

    58. Mani

      Imagine if shroud was selected for battle royale

    59. Borna Balažinec

      Naruto got saved by Naruto run

    60. Doom Doggo

      How to survive the battle royal: step 1: Camp on a mountain lol

    61. Cream Cheeseeyz

      When your too broke to afford a free game

    62. Zenitsu

      Imagine if he had death note with him😏

    63. Josh Blake

      If fort nite was real 😂

    64. Yaqub Shahan

      my favorite character is the death note dood

    65. Yaqub Shahan

      this is kinda like fortnite... but better

    66. Jonathan Deering

      Me in my dream as the transfer student

    67. CJ-Justine Chen

      put a hidden bomb on collab to explosive the student per next turn to win

    68. Breezy The Kaiju

      The kid who skipped school : i am three parellel universes ahead of you

    69. Aramus Day

      Fornite as a horror movie

    70. skittle

      The bandana kid did a pro gamer 2000 iq play

    71. N!ghtriderr116

      i dont think the characters have played Fortnite

    72. Xan Snyder

      Isn't this kinda like fortnite?

    73. Daniel Camper

      You need to make merch that say Have a damn good day

    74. Nita Brahmbhatt

      Why does she look like kelly and she is athletic in game too game name free fire and the time 11:28

    75. xX Duck Lord Xx

      Flowey: *Kill* or be *Killed* Cinema Summary: This is *Life* or *Death*

    76. Jeremiah Salesa

      That one quiet kid in the corner:

    77. ✨Minomi✨

      Father explaining what he was doing at 5:

    78. eh ethan

      How would y survive in the battle royale me:AM A SWEATYBOY FOTNITE KID CRANKING 90S

    79. That One Dude

      Fortnite Fortnite

    80. Owen Crawford-Thomson

      Jokes on them I don't have any friends

    81. Tanjiro Kamado

      Me when I clicked on the video:Just in case

    82. VirashX

      A lot of fortnite, call of duty, roblox, and Minecraft skills could make you win this battle⚔️🔫💣⚰️🔪🪓✂️🪚🔦⚰️

    83. Imelda Dofeliz

      Victory royal ya fortnite we bound to get down (get down) 10 kills in the bored right now just wiped out tomato town my friends cut down i revive them in where heading southbound now we're at pleasant park street look at the map go at the mark sheet

    84. Imelda Dofeliz

      We got a number one

    85. Gamingwith Ghostquackkane

      Honestly they should stop using the same kid in death note and Kaji Bc he could just write all of his classmates names in the death note and he wins

    86. Yoshikage Kira

      "How to beat Battle Royale" TBag and Hope and pray they aren't sweats

    87. Luca sm

      PUBG in real life

    88. kklap

      ok i have a gun, the ultimate long range weapon. I will proceed to walk up to my enemy and forfeit every advantage i have.

    89. LanderL9

      a lot of stupidity at play in this battle

    90. RC-XD

      me: sees the words “battle royale” me 1 milisecond later:I don’t know who I am, I don’t know why I’m here *ALL I KNOW IS THAT I MIST KILL* note: (in cod yall)

    91. Rickinster

      Transfer Student is what happens when Frank doesn’t let Rodrick practice with his band.

    92. Nightmare

      ummmm...... i dreamed of this in 12 months in a row

    93. Lily

      If nanny was there disguised as a student….. she wins

    94. PhoeMIX

      Answer: Have Aimbot or be a 9-year old

    95. Mod Duregård

      1:50 you will not be analyzing anything, you would have panicked about having to kill or be killed by your friends.

    96. Asmylia

      Him: "What would you do if you have to kill all your friends?" Me, who don't have any friends: "I guess I win?"


      I watched the movie and was about to request when I found this

    98. zing zoo

      Remember that kid who said " I want to be in a real life Fortnite battle royal" they'll probably regret saying that.

    99. Heydrich Männ

      I would blow my own brains not killing my friend