How to Make Highly Detailed Cardboard Gun

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    How to Make Highly Detailed Cardboard Gun
    In today's video I want to show you how to make amazing highly detailed cardboard gun model with changeable cartridge. It looks just brilliand and not so dufficult to make. Enjoy crafring :)
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    "Artifact - The Dark Contenent" Kevin MacLeod. Creative Commons Attribution (
    "Pilots Of Stone" Audionautix. Creative Commons Attribution (
    "Aces High - Funkorama" Kevin MacLeod. Лицензия: Creative Commons Attribution (

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    1. THN vlog


    2. jay Kanani


    3. Sitsofe Lumor

      Good job

    4. ModelCone98

      War cardboard has started.

    5. gabriel chiu

      you know you can make templates and put them in the description

    6. Moses Shaam

      This is the chopper gun from cod mobile

      1. Moses Shaam

        @massimomaurice in which game.

      2. massimomaurice

        it’s an m60

    7. Edmf4 4



      this guy can someday actually fight for his country

    9. min rithisak



      look like an m249's gun

    11. Greyson Cooper

      I really appreciate Darklurd on telegram for the hooked of dumps I got from him after make my payment.

    12. Joseph Mcbride

      I wish the real thing was as light as the one you made

    13. Sesi


    14. Laavi Goyal

      U can sold that to Pakistan's Army but with instructions manual

    15. Samantha Bornea

      With this weapon I could excited to defend myself against bully (and I work as a bully patrol MPES)

    16. Massimo Bettelli


    17. Manoj K Dhundhwal

      True genius

    18. Marina Markovic

      Jou is ta 🤮🤢mi🤺💎👑⛑🧤🧣👖👕

    19. Marlene Torres


    20. Mary Grace Dalen

      Make a AK-47

    21. the broken CaMeRa .0

      i didn't see anything its private!

    22. lyudmila livshina

      i once tried building this and failed he has magic hands lol

    23. Nalannur Demirci

      Öf nekadar müthiştim.

    24. Dare Devil

      This what perfection is called💯💯

    25. جنى عبود علي

      N Mann,&

    26. Dale Ziegler

      Ur a Legend

    27. Prantik Borthakur

      Robber boss: You idiots have returned empty-handed... WHY?? Robbers: He had a M134 minigun... Boss: Don't try to fool me...Civilians can't possess minigun... Robbers: It's complicated...

    28. Fahad Kamran

      It's definitely not a tutorial

    29. rexweiser

      Quite kid in DIY project

    30. G-Mc Larry-exe

      Imagine the machanism inside breaks he has to tske the whole thing apart and its glued together 😂

    31. Süper Kardeşler

      Your gun is great, I recommend your hands, very, very nice

    32. ツBC Ákos



      4:41 😎

    34. Jayden Norwood

      shoot it

    35. عبدالله هواوي


    36. Snipersboy14


    37. KFR GAMING

      Easy Thing: Making the gun Hard Thing: Making the bullets

    38. Violeta Nicola

      I'love I don't now

    39. Arwan Putra


    40. gamecar


    41. Flight Dude

      The cardboard guy had no idea who he was dealing with

    42. Shinz'z Quỳnh


      1. Shinz'z Quỳnh

        Lùn thấp

    43. Ahamed salim

      Did anyone realize how slow the bullets are going

      1. AZ GAMÎNG

        But its creative,its better then do nothing

    44. Rogelio Villanueva

      who would win? Big cardboard warhead? or one watery boi?

    45. ItzOwensGameMania

      I think it’s a em249 machine gun or an m60

    46. shiv mittal

      not a school supplies joke .

    47. Vijitha Ganeshkumar

      Cycile horn video please

    48. ssb

      u owesomeQ

    49. Engraved Gaming

      my man literally built a cardboard barrett.

    50. Diego Araújo

      Coisa super Dolores coisas de papelão de metal ou de madeira você Supernatural

    51. Diego Araújo

      Eu sei que você queria que eu dizer feitas de madeira pura um dia de metal você desliga aquela bicicleta feita de madeira Foi incrível é uma pergunta você tem que se cuidar você eu queria poder te conhecer sei que eu queria muito sua casa😃😃👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    52. balaji tata


    53. Ultima Weapon

      Look like FN M249

    54. The Best Card Tricks

      Everyone: You can't build a gun out of cardboard! It won't wor- The Q: *hold my cardboard*

      1. Sitsofe Lumor

        Please like me sitsofe Lumor

      2. At0m

        But he needs his cardboard to prove it?

    55. Jabole Jab JAB

      nice video

    56. BladeMaster Crafts

      Wait how you gonna change the battery for the motor?

    57. Owl

      Мда, сколько всего можно сделать, когда нехуй делать


      He is my পথের thak thak

    59. Beyond X

      *Nerf Has Been Even Quiet Even Since This..*

    60. Chinnu Cp

      Give me that gun

    61. Andrew Seep

      The army

    62. Just a Shitposter Generico

      The silent boy of the school when have free time

    63. Rushana Mowlana

      Wow well done

    64. hjk l

      WoW so fast I think power of editing

    65. Mirari Engaged

      Imagine taking this to school.

      1. Spandan Pradhan

        Take all my money but leave me 😭😭

    66. Nabeel Ashiq

      Is there temeplates

    67. Rita de Cassia Plucenio Carneiro


    68. Rip N Tear

      This is what the USA use in military lololololoollloolol!!!!!!

      1. Aiden Does stuff


    69. Stroycom

      in the video everything seems simple, in fact, how much work. I like to shoot such videos

    70. Arnav Padamar

      this guy thinks hes cool but hes not bc hes making cardboard guns

    71. KVXZ Gaming 987!

      Is that m249

    72. sanjay kumar

      Very nice you are nice inventer

    73. Gamer Zane

      propabley making thiz weapon is harder thank a real weapon

    74. Athea Rafflesia F. Arcejo

      mag oagawa ako ng gun

    75. melvin kipkorir

      yo that bullet drop,uh! uh1

    76. Remya rajan

      That is awsome

    77. Sadaf Imran


    78. Sabarish M.R.


    79. Oliver El Nashef


    80. ItzPacosh

      Want airsoft LMG but don't have $500? This is the solution for you!

    81. mohamed aslami


    82. Michael Angelou Villarosa

      is that cool

    83. Michael Angelou Villarosa


    84. Mino 7x


    85. Ashafak Kalavadiya

      h8bf bhguyed3hoiuhhg8gg vvm .

    86. suryansh pratap deo


    87. Николай Димитриев

      What kind of glue he used?

    88. UltraGaming

      This man made an MK.42/M249 lmg customized Out of carboard what the *bubble gum gumdrop hit em from the top sorcery is this?*

    89. محمد الشيخ


    90. 송현종


    91. mr dude 2021

      Cool but it dosint shoot far

    92. conn McGlynn

      It's not how to make,it's watch me make



    94. Karmila eka

      2 tahun lalu

    95. Miki Castillo

      How do i make it

    96. Ezequiel Soto

      Chopper in cod mobile

    97. gursharankv


    98. danish rafael

      : ( I think noob

    99. bon

      Is this ur second channel?

    100. Anand Keshari

      Nice gun