How Vettel Went From the Most Hated to the Most Loved Driver In F1


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    How Good Was Vettel in his Prime:

    Sebastian Vettel is one of the most fascinating people in F1, he's had a very complex career both on and off the track, and one of the biggest differences over the years is public perception of him. There's no doubt that during his early years he was one of the most hated driver on the grid, so how did he get to where he is now being loved universally by the community?

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    1. Alok Lokhande

      I remember this when i started watching in 2013. I hated him. HATED. His comments after Multi 21 and stuff like that used to enrage me like hell. Trust me it's easy to start hating someone you used to like but it's just a million times more difficult to start loving someone you hated. I just can't explain why I went from hating him to becoming a huge fan- like whenever I see him smile it literally makes my day. Ferrari doesn't deserve a driver like him or Charles. Period.

      1. Dieter Eumann

        @Diego Villavicencio p

      2. Marcelino Mata

        Do you know, what hate his?

      3. Bruno Scarabelli

        @Firemarioflower im italian... I hate a big part of this country

      4. CPT.Jeevan

        @Princess Saki he doesn’t he is always hard in himself and cares for other drivers

      5. Andre Püchler

        @Tarun Suresh MW never helped Vettel, so why Vettel should let webber win if he was faster. Like you said, it was payback, i dont blame Vettel for this.

    2. Zachary Wigans

      Late to the vid, but I was a massive Webber fan, so the hate was absolutely real during Seb's years at Red Bull. Cut to last weekend at Hungary, never in my life did I want to see that hated finger more afterwards, I myself can't believe I turned around on Seb

    3. Santiago Vera

      It’s idiotic to judge someone by how they act on the field, or the track, or the circuit, or the court, you judge them by how they act outside those white lines

    4. Learn Math

      Moral: don't be a fanboy. Appreciate the talent.

    5. Dave Hansen

      Nobody in Germany takes him seriously anymore.

    6. Usr

      Bs title. Vettel never been most hated

    7. didickcheeseburger

      senna msc vettel hamilton. all drivers who are on top and in the spotlight have haters. and it always appears worse than it really is because the haters make it a point to have the loudest voice

    8. Θοδωρης Θεοδωρακακος

      I love vettel

    9. Jim Wood

      Simple. He drove for Red Bull. They’ve always been arrogant and felt entitled. Still do.

    10. Renata Stec

      HOW you win and celebrate is what gets you loved or hated. Nobody likes a greedy, narcissistic, arrogant person. And yes, Lewis, fans find dominance very boring to watch!! Verstappen's current attitude to win/lose is so mature that fans admire and respect him, compared to his tantrums when he started racing in F1. I believe that drivers like Lando, Charles and George will always race fair and win graciously, it's just their personality.

    11. V G

      A proud vettel fan

    12. burnzy3210

      It all went to his head after a couple of championship wins

    13. Ste98

      Is simple you win they hate you don’t win you became the funny guy

    14. Daniel Ali

      I've always liked Vettel and am happy to see him thrive at Aston. happy for his podium at hungary (edit: Oof)

    15. tambulee

      All the Drive to Survive f1 new comers need to watch some of these videos. Let’s them know F1 is a drama filled sport on and off track and it’s been going on for ages. This is why I don’t get caught up too much in the online fan drama 🎭 and toxicity. I just try to enjoy the races and keep it moving.

    16. Krishna B.A

      Love peak Vettel for the winning machine he was.

    17. ATPost Something

      I dont fell like that. i think seb was hated cause nothing but Redbull. redbull always have the tendency to let one driver do whatever they want while giving the other driver shit. i know merc also do things like that but merc's way of doing is quite different from redbull. And no one can hate ferrari lose win, doesn't matter. if ferrari starts winning like merc i dont think anyone will hate sainz or leclerc

    18. Ultra Violet

      Well I remember that fans in Germany thought it's boring since the red bull car was superior. When Vettel was going to join Ferrari, public opinion here immediately changed to "oh man, maybe he will be Schumachers legacy"

    19. Addhyan Malhotra

      People just those who win as long as theyre winning 😂 Schumi then seb now ham

    20. Davey

      This is weird. When you are the best for more years then thay hate you.. when they "losing" people like you!

    21. George Schumacher

      Its the same with hamilton

    22. Iron Horse Media

      All we want to do is see him win again

    23. Exa

      Nah most of the haters were Italian's He joined their team hate stop

    24. Nitram.

      At least he was not shy about it.

    25. Hersencell

      But weren’t the red bull domination years way closer than the merc dominance?

    26. Billakos Papas

      And how correct Alonso was...

    27. 1234 qwerty

      Now fans hate Hamilton, why can't F1 fans just appreciate drivers for how good they are. British fans even booed Nico for winning a race controversially, but no driver deserves that kind of disrespect. F1 fans really need to stop being so salty.

    28. Femi Falase

      Damned if you win, damned if you don't???

    29. Cynical Miscreant

      Christian looked so sad when weber was talking

    30. Deltahaze

      I hate when announcers tell fans not to bill like they did on the podium

    31. Ben t Axelrod

      Who said he become the most loved?

    32. Cristiano Lopes

      I'll like Hamilton if he ends up going to Ferrari one day. Until then, nope...

    33. cringeylazy

      Ngl I've always a Hamilton fan since I was 8 so I hated Vettels dominance especially because of his clashing with Webber (I really liked Webber and Massa). However I absolutely hated the booing he got all the time it was disrespectful and childish and made me feel so embarrassed to be an F1 fan.

    34. Spike S

      I dont think he was ever the most hated. He certainly raised my eyebrows when he got his single race seat in the BMW Sauber. When he got his full season drive for TR, I cheered him on when he won in Italy. I loved his style when he was winning with the main RB team, I just wished he was dressed in a red suit when he was doing it. In 08 when he won the Italian GP, I seen he was going to be something special in the right team. He certainly proved it as well.

    35. Christopher Carstens

      Hamilton is Not winning. Mercedes is winning After they changed the rules.

    36. Skippy 4077

      So true, all of us in Australia hated his guts back then (the Mark webber no 2 driver thing )

    37. itz-_-capツ

      lmao lewis hamilton cant talk about boring dominance

    38. Nexsz

      Funny how Michael Schumacher didn’t get hate here was a ledgers and got back to back wins but I’m happy he didn’t get hate

    39. Stan Phipps

      Of course because he was winning championships the

    40. Vipin V Lokesh

      Mark - feels Seb is favoured over me. Valteri- YOU KNOW NOTHING MARK!

    41. warnom

      As a German(y) admirer I never hated Michael Schumacher or Sebastian Vettel during their dominance, I was a big fan of Schumacher and little fan of Vettel. But I really hate Lewis Hamilton these days as he keeps breaking all records of Schumacher :( Today I support Max Verstappen even I don't like him because he is the only driver who can stop Hamilton winning :) PS : I like RedBull too not only racing team but the drink itself as well :)

    42. AuroraKs53

      I hated him to where I liked his Germany crash. Now it’s 2021 and I’m now a fan of him and feel bad for his Germany crash

    43. David Villa

      he stopped winning simple. people always go against the dominant and the winner now is lewis the hated man and in the future will be rusell or verstappen.

    44. Teal Projects

      Now, I am quoting that: "Lewis' dominance will always bore fans, unless someone else takes his place, which in that case we'll like him more." - Teal Projects, 2021

      1. Teal Projects

        Even though I kind of like Lewis Hamilton, I can get why others dislike him; Because he's winning all the time, which bores all fans.

    45. MaybeCream ??

      Vettel From Hate to Love Hamilton From Love to Hate (+Healthpercentage) -Hamilton 40% -First Win +20% -First Champion +40% -Sign For Marcedes -5% -Win Second Champion +5% -Dominate Whole Hybrid Era -50% -Valteri, its James -10% -Colide with Verstappen -40% Soo Hamilton only loved for current population of Great Britain and hated by ((Great Britain - Whole World Population) + little bit kids around world) the percentage is like 0.25% people still love and 99.99% people lied about loving hamilton *JK*

    46. José Juan

      Easy,nobody hates losers.He's not winning anymore so nobody hates him

    47. William Curtin

      “Seb showed a lack of class and accountability. Something you can’t say about Lewis in his era of dominance” 8:07 Okay buddy. Lewis is the epitome of lack of class.

    48. Echt APgefahren

      Before making a video, you should be able to pronounce the name correctly. Not Sebastin Wettel but Vettel. V is pronounced in German like an F in English. Just like Mercedes is not called Mercidis. And Adidas is also pronounced in German just like Porsche. We in Germany pronounce English and French brands correctly. Thank you.

    49. Acewhip

      Nah, he's still hated. Always been an angry little selfish road rage bitch. Ze angry liddle german (note small g)

    50. Claudio Bryan Moller

      Alonso was so right..

    51. Emanuele Casali

      I watched a formula 1 grand prix for the first time in 2012, looked at the grid and picked a random driver, after 9 years I'm still a huge fan of his.

    52. MustafaBeAuto

      With all respect hamilton show the lack of accountability way worse than seb, yes i get your are british and everything but you need to be honest

    53. chaz

      Vettel never deserved any hate, I hope he isn't depressed from all of the hate. We need Aston Martin to step up their game and Vettel to win again!

    54. Zhoume Han

      Bruh No one hates Hamilton. People hate his attitude when he loses.

    55. Derek1978

      I can explain this in 5 letters and 2 numbers..

    56. Francesco Marino

      Vettel showing the fingers reminds me of Eric Cartman's douchbaggery so much. I fucking love it

    57. Elliott Ball

      I haven't liked Hamilton since 2007 so I don't have any guilt in not being a fan, I was one of the only people who cheered rosberg at a grandstand in Silverstone when I went

    58. GianB

      I don't hate Lewis. I just really really want to see him lose for once

    59. Bruno Scarabelli

      Hamilton: Vettel dominance could bore fans Also Hamilton:

    60. Bruno Scarabelli

      Vettel :-)

    61. Aaron Howard

      Alonso predicting the future

    62. Khaldoon Abdulmalik

      Still hate him...

    63. Dinesh Thakur

      Lewis winning but he is so calm and not aggressive.

    64. William Harrison

      I also think a lot of people dislike/hate Christian Horner. He unapologetically picks favorites in his own team, covers for them and praises them without fail, and lambastes other drivers for doing the exact same thing he praises his drivers for doing. Just look at how this is playing out with Verstappen now. If not for the "Dutch Army" I think Verstappen would easily be the most hated driver on the grid.

    65. Danny Derks

      I am a Vettel fan for 11 years now ✌🇳🇱

    66. The Cognition

      Time heals

    67. Juanca Sanmartin

      07:30 ALONSO WAS RIGHT

    68. Unitforce

      I loved him all the time, who i hate is hamilton

    69. LimaNLD

      6:39 and that says lewis???

    70. Anders Lilienberg

      Every one get hated when they dominate

    71. Thomas Potgieter

      Funny how my opinion Sebastian is the oppositely yours . I was a big Vettel fan from before he started winning. Four in a row. Wow To me he was an excellent driver with a great sense of humor. At one point I heard he studied English and discovered some of the best of British humor that was off beat However as started losing and as he felt he was not the number one driver at Ferrari, his become more of a grumpy and a sore loser. I still like him but not as much. I’m rooting that he makes a great comeback

    72. Arminia Fan

      I am sorry, but i´ve gotta admit: HIS FREAKIN NAME ISN´T PRONOUNCED "WETTEL"; IT´S PRONOUNCED "FETTEL"!! LIke an "F"! I, as a random german guy, am always freaking out about those simple and irrelevant , but nevertheless somehow still completely annoying, things about our beatiful language...

    73. T G

      Gosh f1 sucks.

    74. Lapachi_428

      4:05 Alonso's face is crazy

    75. Schlars

      As a German F1 fan I never really noticed that he was getting hated on that much here in Germany we've been loving seb from the beginning of his career (for obvious reasons) :D

    76. Pranjal Sinha

      Alonso was damn right 😂😂

    77. LordDeath

      The way I see it, Vettel grew up once he was gone from Red Bull, that's why some people started to love him. In some way is like Hamilton when he left McLaren, he grew up and left the arrogant attitude behind him to become a better driver and public person.

    78. 60ms Hexa

      Yes the 9 wins in a row was because of the boos in spa

    79. Adrian Knopf

      6:40 Lewis SHUT UP YOU ARE BORING

    80. Martim Vieira

      In my opinion i never hated sebastian vettel. He will also be my fav driver of F1 career.

    81. Vishnu Nandanan

      He won a race in Toro Rosso car😎😎😎

    82. Mike N

      Such a BS from the 1st second, the same out of context can apply to any WS in F1.

    83. Wild Mountain Gwendy

      ‘Seb had an arrogance to go along with his supreme confidence…’ IN FORMULA 1 DRIVERS?!??? NEVER!!!! AN OBSCENE COMBINATION!!

    84. Dew Hackler

      The receptive columnist intialy walk because flag synthetically glow to a dull flock. well-off, needless blowgun

    85. micheal murphy

      This guy talks as if he’s saying new idea ya it’s called rooting for the underdog

    86. Metal Morphine

      I've never hated Vettel ever since his Red Bull day. Compared to Lewis, his dominance isn't as boring as Lewis is.

    87. Philip Grice

      Vettel is NOT loved in this house. He can still be a jerk, witness moving left and taking himself and Raikonen out at the end of the Austrian GP. He makes stupid decisions and does not focus well on his driving. He panics too much and his arrogance lets him down. I'd put him on par with Ocon currently.

    88. Nick Knee

      This is so true, Seb was so hateable when he was winning for Red Bull. But I think personally when he went to Ferrari that we might see a Schumacher like performance from him and more championships for Ferrari, which for me a huge Ferrari fan, I had high hopes. And the same can be said for Hamilton's dominance, I hated him to a point but I just ended up saying fuck it, lets see how many records he can break and by how much, then I started pushing for Hamilton.

    89. Chris Bee

      i can tell you he wasnt the villan in germany guys... and what lewis said is quiet funny isnt he... Seb never was hated... always admired his honesty in the interviews beside the world press. ;)

    90. Assoluta

      7:37 Fernando was definitely right about that…

    91. The ToeCutter

      SeB has always had that smirk likes he’s trying not to laugh or he knows something the competition doesn’t.

    92. Goated At NFS

      The main reason why people hated him because they were tired of him cleaning the field, except for the seasons that were close (during his time at Red Bull). I liked him the whole time, especially when with Mark Webber. It was basically the sliver arrow wars before Lewis and Nico wars begun. Bandwagon fans will start hate Max Verstappen when he starts winning constantly like Lewis/Vettel/Senna/Schumacher did.

    93. Fa Phanachet

      His character really showed when he kept smiling and joking even when he wasn’t winning. I think that made a lot of people realize his attitude was from his personality rather than his wins.

      1. sgtpepper

        Very underrated take, most probably true! Vettel himself has said he loves a British sense of humour, and that never comes across when you're on top, would say you are pretty spot on!

    94. Krisztián D.

      "Sebastian Vettel dominance could bore fans." Now it's the same situation, but with Lewis Hamilton dominance

    95. nirjon blur

      Sebastian still the best.but he needs a good car

    96. Fabbz

      Funny Hamilton says vettel dominance can bored the fans ^^

    97. Holden Cross

      *Tropical Tree has entered the chat*

    98. No Mercy

      So If you are correct here which i feel like it isn t true then Vettel was hated because he was arrogant and winning? A little Bit of Showboating or showing off is normal after winning in F1. And after winning a couple Times you get more confident, inyourself, the team and in the car. But for the fans if you win every Race, it gets boring, just like now for me with Hamilton winning every Quali and Race ... its annoying af. If that is what you meant in the fist half then yes, agreed.

    99. Jayanth Vasupilli

      feel like this will happen to Hamilton

      1. GregVal 73

        and will happen to max 3-5 years later from now

      2. Chris Bee

        already did outside of UK ;) years ago buddy ;) Difference will be, Lewis will quit after Merc. ;)

    100. Baronarx V

      You mean a F1 driver used a number one finger after wins and had a little arrogance? Shocking!