How Weird Is My Audience? I Polled 15,408 People To Find Out

Tom Scott

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    I asked my audience six questions: some sensible, some ridiculous. I compared their results to the public. And the results were... interesting. • Graphics by William Marler: and his Lungs Podcast:
    Audio mix by Graham Haerther
    Owl photo credit: Amol Mende via Pexels
    Distracted Boyfriend photo credit: Antonio Guillem via Shutterstock, used under license,
    Chuck Testa is from Rhett and Link's Commercial Kings on IFC:
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    1. Tom Scott

      And that's it for the videos in 2020! As usual, there are some brilliant guest videos coming up in January: please give them a warm welcome!

      1. Elias Niwert

        I think the reason for the results of the "how weird are you" question is that YOU, Tom are a solid 5 on that scale. We watch your videos, we sympathise with the ways you think and behave so we must be ona similar wavelength here

      2. God's Gamer

        A banger of a video

      3. Kenny's Life Stories

        my guess for why tom's audience rates it's wierdness at five is because we are ussually well aquanited with the internet, where we find weird interests, but we see more weird interests that we don't have,

      4. Dan K

        peap pik

      5. The Cando Railfan

        I don't watch Tom Scott to see random people, I watch Tom Scott see Tom Scott.

    2. Imbad

      Ayyy 1 space gang

    3. Flinchous

      5:04 I didnt even know that there were people who would even think to use 2 spaces. I dont understand why you would either

    4. AstolfoIsMyHusbando

      i said henry •-•

    5. vogonp 42

      Let's create a mist challange.

    6. JY - 06PS 782412 Thomas Street MS

      i would have picked 5 on the scale too :| i guess it's true

    7. Lambogis

      Why would anyone use two spaces?

    8. Adrian Tam

      Animator at the end having a bit of fun

    9. Killian Brady

      It feels weird having always been two-space despite being terminally online for at this point literally more than half my life. It's definitely reflex, but I also think it looks magnitudes better in longer-form text, which is where my typing leans anyway. Just one of those things, I guess. 25-34 group, too.

    10. Neil Ghaskadvi

      this is a bit outdatEd bEcausE EveryonE is making an 📧 with youtubE polls

    11. BʟɪᴛᴛᴇʀBᴜɢ

      The owl is clearly called Horace.

    12. Skyquaky

      this owl is clearly an edric

    13. IT'S MEEE333M

      8:26 You plotted a middle finger thanks

    14. Steven Utter

      Wait people can make themselves smell things the same way we can imagine a picture in our heads? I smell something and am bombard with any memories or experiences connected to that smell, but the other way around doesn't produce the smell. I can't force myself to smell a fart that isn't there.

    15. Shreya Sanjay

      I've heard somewhere that smart people like cats more soooo I'm gonna leave that here 😉

    16. Ben Stanfill

      I would have put very normal. I think I'm interesting enough, I have plenty of random knowledge and I'm fairly personable, but I don't consider anything about me 'weird'

    17. Td Td

      When I saw that owl I immediately thought that's Henry. Wierd. The algorithm has us, the audience, down to a T.

    18. Jan Dudek

      What stuck me actually weird is the fact that you didn’t list Hedwig as definietly female name. My guess would be that’s the result of lack of articles in English, animals are by default addressed in neuter (it). I don’t think any Polish or German HP viewer would ever consider Hedwing to be anything else but female, despite her sex was never addressed in the books

    19. FEMBOY

      We all know that the best thing on the World is the Walter-Dog aka Nelson

    20. Slaps Only

      I can’t accept these findings as legitimate. Owl McOwlface wasn’t in the top 3 of owl names from Twitter results.

    21. Eris

      Wow. Does yt do that?

    22. Bo

      that owl totally does look like a henry

    23. Probably Maybe

      1:42 I suspect it is an introvert thing. Or possibly an indoorsy person thing. (They tend to go hand in hand, from what I've heard.)

    24. au7WeeNg

      I think Athena was because there's a literal genus of small owls called Athene, not _directly_ because of the general association of Athene with owls. IOW, the respondents wouldn't have said Athena to a picture of a big owl.

    25. CD80QL2

      i love the very specific names for the owl

    26. NotANameist

      I got to the answer for question 1 and I’m already going to peace out. I don’t want to be associated with *those* people.

    27. QueenEon

      I so glad Scruffy was in the top 20 for the owl because that was my immediate reaction to seeing it’s scruffy little face

    28. Christopher Briggs

      So when they teach typing in school do they say one or two spaces

    29. Xdroid19

      tbh i use 2 spaces so that it doesnt look like 1 sentence.

    30. Britasha

      if you think you're weird you're normal, I see.

    31. LeffeUP

      I love how you can be less weird than average, because weirdness is based on what is the average and normal

    32. Joe Dombrowski

      One space is definitely correct. Two spaces is a relic from fixed with type (think typewriters) where it made the space between sentences clearer. All modern typefaces on all modern systems correctly spaces both letters and space after punctuation, and using multiple spaces can mess up the result. Source: Am graphic designer.

    33. Phillip Kalstrup

      Om phone i always hit Space twice because it aromatily creates a . And 1 space

    34. GreenPepper 2

      I must say, If I send my vote in a survey and see what the result is, and its possible to change my answer afterwards.... I almost always change my vote to the most popular one.

    35. Lxcien

      Dude that owl should be called: Flappy mc Flappyface...

    36. Tim Tam

      Until seeing this video I have never heard of a single person putting two spaces after a full stop or period

    37. Shankar

      not Owlie McOwlface?

    38. Shankar

      did you mean imagine a smell or *remember* a smell?

    39. Chronic Doll

      I also wanted to call that owl Henry. Wtf makes that owl look like a Henry? I'm genuinely intrigued.

    40. FaerHazar

      Why did everybody want to name him Henry!? I said the same thing, taking the survey!

      1. FaerHazar

        Is it from something? Its just suitable.

    41. Lukas M

      You should've asked the UK. The US in general isn't smart enough to be compared with your audience. (Seriously, ever seen a young US Adult struggling with geography? I bet!)

    42. Josh Rennig

      i've imagined a smell once, it was so nonchalant, i only just recalled it now, i was playing music with my friend and we tried to simulate smells with the music, and we did like a grassy smell, vanilla, and citrus

    43. Maksim Kuzmin

      Hedwig. No other options.

    44. Clayte

      I thought the owl should be called Barny bc my brain is weird and it was scruffy

    45. Imrose Mahmood

      Well... seems like noone went for "Barry the Owl". RIP.

    46. Marco Castiglia

      You got us at the beginning

    47. Captain Yolo Waffle

      Tom, we aren’t normal, we watch some British guy who’s been wearing the same red shirt for 30 years and probably is cursed with looking 21 for the rest of his life talk about obscure things on the internet, what did you think?

    48. Aiden Bagshaw

      Did no one think pigwidgeon?

    49. Fantasy recenze

      I didn't get it. Why would you make two spaces?

    50. Robbie Violante

      6:12 i appreciate that lil pop-up :)

    51. Whimsy

      That owls name is Murphy.

    52. Avery Ratqueen

      All of these owl names are wrong, his name is clearly Henry Edgeforth the III

    53. Prashant Mani

      I could actually imagine sounds when I was a child

    54. Riley Carpenter


    55. Hiya, It's Elia

      Clovenhorn, Destroyer of Mars has my heart.

    56. WiggaMachiavelli

      French spacing appears to be an artefact of typewriting, or of being unfortunately French.


      I'm a cat person....hold up

    58. Ben Palmer

      Harold the Owl gang rise up

    59. Dan Dineen

      Tom Scott: You are more weird than you think you are. Me eating fish fingers and custard (inspired by Doctor Who): oh really?

      1. Dan Dineen

        Fish custard is surprisingly good!

    60. Nav Jordaan

      I feel like internet people are more likely to like cats

    61. Mango Smoothie

      I feel like I can imagine sounds faces and smell.....but to a limited extent? Sometimes faces are blurry, the tunes fade out quickly and the smells are I can do these stuff but not perfectly

    62. Skin Mush

      im sorry "Jimmy Tallon"😭?????

    63. John Southfield

      The sassy cook temporally mate because soup superficially box during a zany jeff. whole, tame newsstand

    64. Nico K

      New line after a full stop. Full stop.

    65. Anders Robertsen

      Woah woah woah. I immediately named the owl henry before you revealed the results. That's freaky Idk where that came from.

    66. Colin Few

      1 space is objectively wrong though. It's not even a conversation.

    67. spuddude7

      as soon as i saw that owl i knew only one name would fit it, Henry. but then i kept watching and freaked myself out lmaooo

    68. Henry Riley

      This video has me reconsidering my life

    69. Translaterino Kripperino

      That owl is definitely called Clark

    70. Mark L

      I think people thought the mist challenge was the ice bucket challenge

    71. NKND

      Knowing the internet, I was expecting owl McOwlface

    72. ArcticaQuantum


    73. Four Slot Toaster

      I'm a 2 on the weirdness scale

    74. emotionally unstable crab

      I was struggling to find a suitable name for my pet owl, and the responses from the Owl question has helped me out. My pet Owl, XxX_The_Mouse_Killer_69_XxX, is now happily hooting in her cage.

      1. EakiTurtle


    75. Samwise Gamgee

      J. K. Rowling, I have to tell you something. Generations of owls named Hedwig hate you! 😂😂

    76. Rian

      The “can you imagine a smell” made me remember my time driving a trash truck :(

    77. Netkid

      *Former UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon*

    78. Jaki Roge

      The thankful bandana virtually peep because brother-in-law positionally frame onto a spotless sister. annoying, tidy drive

    79. Joey Wild

      I’d call the owl Harold! What the heck it’s the second most popular in your audience!

    80. Joey Wild

      For the spaces after full stops, your audience is normal. What kind of alien puts 2 spaces after a full stop???

    81. TeutonicWatcher

      Was your animator at the end still that bored?

    82. Willem Maas

      I've never heard of the one/two space thing. I genuinely don't understand why you would put two spaces after a period. That's so wild.

    83. Lord Feish

      Whoever gave the owl a gamertag has my respect

    84. FrankPujo

      Serious question: why would you put two spaces after a full stop? Isn't it just wrong?

    85. The Wandering Gamer

      If I used 2 spaces after a sentence. It wouldn't look right.

    86. AdvFix

      Cat people are mostly online inside, dog persons are you know... outside walking their pet.

    87. Azeres the eye of the storm

      Me a cat person: I have never been so offended by something I 100% agree with Edit: I think I'm very weird 7 out of 7

    88. MikeyMonkey

      One spacers clearly never struggled to reach a page goal for an essay in school.

    89. The Baker

      When I saw that owl photo, before you even asked the question, I said: “That looks like a Henry.”

    90. Noah Sanders

      8:25 Tom Scott's viewers: *I'm not like the other girls*

    91. Karkaranos Builds

      I felt ‘Sir Fredrick, Eater of Universes’ would be a good name for that owl.

    92. Sven-Arne Quist

      Okay, I did not think of Henry or Harold when I saw the owl. Should I unsubscribe now?

    93. Paris

      I called the owl Jared

    94. SQUIDBOY

      Well, I use double space

    95. Charles Lavoie

      Sorry... But why the hell would you put two spaces after a period, just why? I never see it anywhere, no one writes like that.

    96. Cédric Rüfenacht

      who puts two spaces after a full stop?

    97. N0tL4nc3

      Me a cat person 👁👄👁

    98. Tay tay

      I-i-i I'm not used to the internet after all these years...

    99. Emron A

      5:34 I was thinking of barn owls so I immediately said "Barney".

    100. halcyongeezer

      If most of your audience are from the US, is UK no.2? It would be interesting to see how weird your British audience is!