Hydraulic Press vs Steel Weight!

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    1. Mizzayia Dort

      Lol the song hahaha lol

    2. The Biskee Boyz

      The tile needs a stress ball

    3. IsabelleTheStoop

      6:07, 9:36 "This effect requires GPU acceleration"

    4. ericseguin

      15 is a time

    5. Saad AlNaemi

      Chris probably got A+ in music lessons😂😂😂

    6. Leo Gaming

      I cried when christ sang 4:00

    7. badboynospill xd

      this effect requires GPU acceleration

    8. Damarcus Brown

      no it is this moce 1100

    9. Christina Demps

      I love the editor

    10. Ziagaming789

      We get it you can shout

    11. Marko Matic

      15.11 is time in Europe when it is 3 pm


      5:51 you've surprised someone, but at the cost of a hole in the wall

    13. super gamer

      in israel the clock can show up to 23:00

    14. Grady Hammer

      Im getting a nickelback vibe here...

    15. salmoneer

      Clocks do got to 15 in Europe that mean 3 oclock

    16. Alban AULONG-DOUNIAS

      Chris u should be a guitarist lol:)

    17. BassSaturn grandwally

      This looked like a light saber 1:25

    18. Rachel Cischke

      "15:11 isn't a time lol" It's actually military time

    19. Jaden Yang

      Nice music

    20. Troll

      15:00 o’clock is a thing in military time

    21. Brice Mauclaire

      there was glue on the duck

    22. Nora Wojchouski

      jake : skittles cube my brain : SKUBE

    23. Erick Pelissier

      he got $900 I want my likes

    24. Carin Swart 2.0

      New Video posted today: fiblock.info/face/videot/Z3qcnG5nfKDVn5g.html

    25. S Fry

      1:18 No they do, 24 hour clocks do, it's 3:11.

    26. BigPlayz_Mc

      15 o'clock does exist, it's called military time

    27. cjk_booey :P :D

      6:07 This effect requires gpu acceleration

    28. Esther Frederick

      Go back to the duck one It had glue

    29. Soviet Gamer

      I really thought that was a laser 1:26 😂 😂 😂

    30. Miller Thomas

      15:00 is military time dummy’s

    31. Fireball 56

      Did anyone else see the glue on the duck


      6.9m subs nice

    33. Baku Mhaku

      Stop yelling specs

    34. Pressenter Animations

      6:07 Nobody: The editing program: "This effect requires GPU acceleration"

    35. Nintendold

      this effect requires GPU acceleration

    36. jonathan assink

      Military Time XD

    37. my memories

      1:18 this man make that from vietnamese

    38. Jack K.B

      Bruh he should have won $1000 cus the skittles where GLUED to a rubix cube

    39. Moose Games and Rides

      15:11 is 3:11 its military time

    40. Oribe, Erica M.


    41. LazyGamer

      Can you make a full song from 3:35 to 4:28 please that would be cool

    42. The Gaming parkourist

      It’s military time

    43. ReddFrostYT

      Clocks can go to 15. Its called Millitary time.

    44. Jo Mama

      4:25 sounds amazing

    45. Sike

      F in the chat for anvil

    46. David Gwen Macallister

      i've done that

    47. Andrew Carpenter

      so he got 1000

    48. Andrew Carpenter

      he GUDED the skittles on the robix cube

    49. Mojo_Jinx

      The song in the beginning is limitless by elektronomia

    50. Mojo_Jinx

      That an anvil or a weight?

    51. Epic Duck Studios

      I have made green fire before

    52. Chiranth Bro

      They missed glue on skittles thing

    53. Daniyal Zafar

      editor... plz help me understand the popup at 6:07 and 9:38

    54. Marcos Alvarez

      This Chris and Jake combo is why I’m here🔥

    55. Goldstriker208

      6:07 “This effect requires GPU acceleration”

    56. Xxkillerxx XxtwinXx

      𝓒𝓱𝓪𝓲𝓻𝓼 2020 𝓼𝓸𝓷𝓰

    57. Brendon Eric EDWARDS


    58. Brendon Eric EDWARDS

      cris is a goat at singing

    59. Purple guy at 3am

      01:18 Chris...y’know europe exsists right? RIGHT?!

    60. Ebrahim Abdelrahman

      Pov : chris is acting like mr beast on his channel

    61. Jacob’s Gaming Station


    62. Kemalcan Korpe

      acctualy he needed to won 1000 bc the skitles were glued to the rubics cube

    63. Edrich Hufkie

      It’s actually 8 because there was glue on the duck

    64. Cheng Kai Chuen


    65. Kids Kackert

      It’s military time btw

    66. joel winter

      They missed the glue by the rubber ducky

    67. jakiie jack

      They forgot to remove the green screen at 9:19

    68. Daniel_ acht000

      1:06 forgive me for doing this but... Chris has no GLUE how much they'll end up winning.

    69. gabeplayzgamez

      That's 3 in the afternoon in millatary time

    70. Ned Hayman-Rubach

      Hes a good singer

    71. The Occasion


    72. R&D Gaming

      Jake was shorted 100 the rubber duck had glue

    73. Symple

      the editor was like ten whole minutes "RAGGGGEEEE" 😡😠🤬

    74. midnight 3147

      15:11 is military time

    75. no one needs to know

      10:19 Chris- oh he GLUED it to a Rubik's cube. he GLUED!!!! Jake gets another $100 3:18 too my guy you get another $100

    76. Srinivas Vijay Babu

      who else just wants to see how much money Weddle makes at the end

    77. kayd verret

      Why is nobody talking about the guitar though it's amazing CD

    78. leah morrill


    79. Natedog 470

      Chris is the new Kanye west

    80. OGKillerMiller

      *Them talking about Danny Phantom Chris: She’s hot His wife: *What*

    81. 29 STEEVEN WENG

      He actually was suppose to get 1000 because the rubber ducky had glue

    82. Etherious Laxus Dragneel


    83. Inita Slaidiņa

      The whole video :GLUE!

    84. V Torres

      How is he a idiot when he lives in Europe?

    85. Jake Tremblay

      I really liked the song about amazing glass

    86. Sheila Kelly


    87. Lerin John Acedera

      i like the song chris sang

    88. Sam_ seriously

      Chris 15:11 is in the Netherlands

    89. siam valte

      where is jimmy

    90. Among sus

      1:18 if it is 15 that means it ia 3o'clock

    91. GameStrawberry

      in germany there isnt am or pm we have 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24

    92. unlaughable YT

      Chris that's 24 hour clock 15 35 is 3 35

    93. Xflmes Sct

      why chris happy you losen money

    94. Trent Wuestefeld

      He actually had won 1000 $

    95. Caleb Wellman

      Can you please mak your screen smaller so you can see the video

    96. Chris Ambrose

      He GLUED skittles to a rubik’s cube

    97. Mary Howard

      Have you ever herd of military time?

    98. Abigail Tveter

      By the way I’m 9 years old!

    99. Abigail Tveter

      sorry if I spelled your name wrong

    100. Abigail Tveter

      Cris you are such a singer!!