I Am DOMINATING In Battle Royale!! | MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty

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    My road to flawless continues in MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty Battle Royale!! This might be the squad....

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    I Am DOMINATING In Battle Royale!! | MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty

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    1. Tripp Malone

      Love the content

    2. Wesley Freeland

      My goodness. raking the ball.

    3. Eonthe RISE

      what camera angle do you use

    4. Linsey Murphy

      I actually played baseball with Troy Glauses son Ty glaus

    5. Christopher Lake

      That Brad Miller card is actually a cheat code.

    6. Wehttam Gnir

      Submarine pitchers are nasty

    7. hunter wiggins

      The merch is fire but I need some 5 inch inseam shorts next drop

    8. jke

      I still hate auto correct.-Jkerl

    9. Caleb Rutkoski

      Are we not gonna talk about the first guys name 😭😭😭

    10. Michael Patrick

      Swan is to good I’m still learning my pci

      1. nxghtmxre-lxst

        Learning pcis are difficult to work with but once you get the hang with adjusting parts of it you do so good I started using it recently and im getting used to mine and its really good

    11. Cantaloupe

      If you do more br I will give you a big kiss 😚

    12. PVO ay

      I just pulled a mike trout out of a show pack today

    13. Nick O’Halloran

      shoutout swan

    14. Cole Barnes

      Do you power or normal swing?

      1. dansterstuff

        Power on vet, normal on all higher difficulties

      2. Jacob Brown


      3. Ben Bowen


    15. DaddyDimmuTV

      Long live Big Bad B Rad!

      1. GracefulSwan

        The legend we didn’t know we needed

    16. mikebolick6

      more BR content for sure

    17. Bill Hudachek

      Keep killin it Mark you are putting out great VR Content..

    18. Jacob Brown

      Swan only has 2 types of thumbnails. 1. He looks like he is taking a massive dump. 2. Looks confused like he is trying to figure out where the last chicken nugget went.

      1. GracefulSwan


    19. The_Beast _Christian

      Love the vids GS!!!!

    20. Jaco Sel

      what is that music at the end? I love it

    21. Juicebox

      Swan has WAYYY too much fun saying "Big Bad B-Rad" lmao

    22. Alex Correa

      Wow I'm extremely early on accident

    23. Zachary Smith

      Haha I was the 69th like

    24. Keira Cook

      does anyone know how i can get better at MLB The Show ? I am having a lot of struggles ! thank you :)

      1. slizzy on top

        @Keira Cook i have some tips for hitting and pitching. so pitching, so you wanna get to see what your opponent is getting at hitting, or what he’s bad at hitting. tunnel your pitches which makes it harder for them to guess what’s coming. for hitting i recommend sitting in custom practice and practice on legend difficulty and mess with the settings and practice a pitch that’s hard for you to hit. divide the plate. watch the ball. be patient, learn how to take pitches, not just balls take strikes too, just wait for your pitch and boom destroy it. i hope this helped

      2. Keira Cook

        @Casey Hostert thank you !!

      3. Casey Hostert


      4. Casey Hostert

        Just practice

    25. Dezy

      hi swan

    26. CHuBBz

      Who here early🙋🏻‍♂️

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    28. Benjamin Jamieson


    29. Boomer Tyler

      Hey graceful on the way to hopefully 100k your growing fast

      1. Boomer Tyler

        @Jacob Brown eh doesn’t matter it’s not school it’s FIblock

      2. Jacob Brown


    30. ryan griffiths

      Love your vids man

    31. Eli Abbott

      First. Love the vids keep up the great work.

    32. Tate Conley

      Yo Luke are you watching this

    33. Benjamin Jamieson


    34. James Butler

      First hey swan

    35. Tate Conley

      Sup I’m early

    36. trose292003